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Chapter 71: Fifth World (12)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Hearing about the Bishop’s scandal, even with his serious illness, the Pope was furious, and even forced his body to punish him. He not only deprived Doleck of all his honor and authority, but also drove him out of the Holy Church and sent him to the remote parish where the demons were rampant, so as to clean up his guilt.

Hearing this news, Bai Duan gave a little tsk and looked at Samuel curiously, “The result of this punishment was even more severe than I thought. Do you need to stay abstinent inside your Holy Church?” 

“Yes.” Samuel glanced at Bai Duan and said casually, “The Holy Church exists to serve the gods and should keep the body and mind clean and pure. Not to mention the bishops, even the attendants.”

Bai Duan raised his eyebrows with a delicate expression.

“However, it was a long time ago. Abstinence is a difficult thing for most people. Later, with the higher status and more luxurious style of the Holy Church, many of the Bishops’ attendants broke the precepts, and the rules of abstinence are no longer as strict as before. Even if someone breaks the precepts, as long as they don’t make it clear, most people will turn a blind eye.” Samuel’s eyes narrowed slightly, and his tone was sarcastic. “It’s also with mutual help and a tacit understanding.”

Bai Duan sniffed, remembered the ‘Son of God’ who stayed in bed as if he would never be satisfied. “Do you have the face to talk about others?”

Samuel’s scoff stopped midway, and he was so flattered that he grabbed and rubbed Bai Duan’s soft waist. “At least I’m single-minded for you. I’ve never met anyone else, unlike other guys. They want to turn to a bed when they see beautiful boys and girls.”

Hearing Samuel’s explanation, Bai Duan was instinctively happy and hurriedly pressed down his smile.

“If he didn’t go so far and have such a negative impact, the punishment for Doleck would not have been so serious. It’s a pity that the Holy Church has been in constant trouble recently. It’s at the forefront of the storm and is suffering from the doubts of the people. The Pope has no energy to clean up such a large scale blemish. He can only make an example and warn the rest of the people to keep back and make less noise.” It was obvious that he was the culprit of all the disputes, but Samuel’s tone was as innocent and casual as an outsider. “It’s a pity that it’s too late for others to get the warning and settle down.”

On the second day after saying this, His Highness, the Son of God, who was upright and strict and devoted to the Holy Church, asked the Pope to verify the origin of the demons, so as to prevent more demons from invading the Holy Church and endangering the safety of the Holy Church. After all, such powerful demons could penetrate the holy light wall around the Holy Church and quietly avoid the close guard of the Templars. It was not a small thing to appear suddenly in the residence of the bishops. If it was impossible to find out, the Holy Church will have no peace.

This proposal was naturally supported by all people. After all, if they couldn’t find the reason for the invading demons, they couldn’t go to bed safely; this included the Pope, the bishops, and the servants.

However, even though Samuel organized the Templars and explored the holy light wall around the Holy Church inch by inch, he still didn’t find any omissions, even a trace of the invasion from the demon was not found. The demon had appeared out of nowhere, or…it was originally inside the Holy Church.

For thousands of years, the holy light wall sheltered the Holy Church, and there had never been any mistake, and the demons could not appear in the Holy Church without any traces of invasion. After all the impossible factors were eliminated, even though it was unbelievable and many were unwilling to admit it, the last reason was the only likely possibility.

For the first time, the Son of God, who had always been gentle and kind, showed a strong and decisive attitude, sending the Templars to search the whole Holy Church.

Unexpectedly, they found a secret passage full of prohibited things in the residence of another bishop, and at the other end of the passage, there was a research room that kept demons and used them to carry out various experiments.

The Son of God was furious that they had such audacity. Before he seized the bishop and escorted him to the Pope’s bed, the bishop tried his best to explain that he was only doing these things in order to further understand the demons and find a more effective and more thorough way to eradicate them. However, his behavior still seriously threatened the safety of the Holy Church, which was unacceptable and unforgivable.

In a few days, another bishop was expelled by the Holy Church. Since his infractions were more serious, he was punished more severely. He had the holy light in his body destroyed so he could never use the holy light again. He changed from a noble bishop to a humble mortal who would always be despised.

Without the holy light, it meant that the hopes for recovery was completely destroyed. The bishop was unable to accept his fate as calmly as Doleck, and began to bite at other bishops like a mad dog. Now that he was in hell and had nothing, his old rivals would not be allowed to live in heaven too. After all, he would never believe that the demons he had safely imprisoned could break through the prison and ravage the Holy Church unless someone did it intentionally.

More bishops were exposed, exposing a variety of crimes. No matter whether these crimes were true or pure slander, no one would believe that they were completely innocent once they had the first two bishops as ‘role models’.

For a while, the whole Holy Church was full of smoke and turbidity, and Samuel, the only one who kept pure in the mud, finally couldn’t bear the filth of the Holy Church he had always believed in. He had no choice but to ask the Pope to leave. He would rather go to the front to fight against the demons than watch the holy light of the fallen Holy Church.

Samuel’s determination made the Pope unable to retain him, while the rest of the surviving bishops were busy cleaning up their own stains, hoping to drive the righteous Samuel as far as possible. The Pope was worried that he would become his competitor in the Holy Church, so naturally he would not refuse Samuel’s request and even tried to encourage it.

So Samuel left the Holy Church smoothly and took away a large number of knights who were also extremely disappointed with the Holy Church. Of course, he also took away his servant, the actual ‘ancestor’ Bai Duan.

This time, the ‘frustrated’ Samuel abandoned the comfortable chariot and luxurious robe, and instead put on the simple and capable soft armor, and rode on the noble and well-trained horse. But Bai Duan, who had learned how to ride a horse, was still unquestionably pulled on his horse’s back with Samuel’s arms circled around him.

Obviously, His Highness, the Son of God still felt jealousy from watching his lover sitting on someone else’s horse. He urged his horse to go to the front of the line, then he put his chest close to his lover’s back, blocked other people’s eyes with his body, and bit Bai Duan’s ear, “How about that? Is it better in my arms or in Andre’s?”

Bai Duan had long been used to Samuel’s frequent disease — after all, even a few words of chatting with other attendants in order to help him find out the news would make Samuel ill. For this, Bai Duan had given up the hope of treating him completely.

He relaxed and leaned into Samuel’s arms. Bai Duan was not bothered at all — he couldn’t do anything to him in public anyway. Bai Duan was completely confident in this.

Looking back at the Holy Church becoming further and further away, Bai Duan could not help but feel a little disappointed. He could still remember the shock and awe when he first saw the Holy Church, but now looking back again, he felt that the white and dazzling buildings seemed to be covered with a layer of ashes, as if they were falling.

Samuel, who was ignored by Bai Duan, was depressed about his lover. His body was very skilled as he adjusted his sitting posture and made Bai Duan more comfortable. “Why the long face? Can’t bear to leave?”

“…There’s nothing to be reluctant about, but it’s a pity.” Bai Duan shook his head. “I loved your yard.”

“Don’t worry.” He raised his hand and touched Bai Duan’s head. Samuel grinned. “Soon, we will be back. And then I’ll give you a bigger and more beautiful courtyard — or, in other words, a big garden as big as the Holy Church?”

Bai Duan rolled his eyes and despised Samuel’s bluster — but he had no doubt about what he said.

“Hope told me that you made the yard for me?” Bai Duan turned his side. “Really?”

“Of course.” Samuel praised Hope in silence, and decided to wait until he returned to the Holy Church to promote that extremely discerning guy.

“I don’t believe it.” Bai Duan’s heart was sweet, but his mouth was completely opposite. “How can you know what I like?”

“Of course I know.” Samuel chuckled. “I know everything about you.”

Bai Duan was silent for a moment and didn’t know whether he should believe it or not — it was so illogical, but he did realize that Samuel knew everything about him.

He liked the food and drink Samuel prepared for him very much; the room Samuel arranged for him was very suitable for his preferences; even the fragrance of the body soap was always his favorite — let alone when they did it, Samuel could easily control all his sensitive points…

Such familiarity could never be developed overnight, but he and Samuel had never known each other before.

“In the end, why do you know me so well?” Bai Duan was full of confusion.

Samuel smiled mysteriously, “Of course it’s because of a dream.” He took a nibble at Bai Duan’s neck and said, “You are my dream lover.”

Bai Duan tolerated it, raised his hand and pushed Samuel’s head to one side. His expression was disgusted, but…no further questions were raised.

The Son of God led the Templars to the front line, and the people who had been paying attention to the movement of the Holy Church did not miss this event.

In recent years, the Holy Church had been in chaos, which had greatly hit the people’s reverence and trust in the Holy Church. Although the Holy Church tried to block the news, it was still uncovered. The hypocrisy and the dirt inside was revealed under the guidance of the long-planned leak.

People were extremely disappointed in the Holy Church, but in contrast, they admired the Son of God more. He was the only one who came out of the mud and didn’t get stained, and they poured all their hopes, dreams and dependence on him.

As for the Son of God’s unwillingness to tolerate the other fallen bishops, they were both compassionate and angry. Of course, the object of their anger was not the Son of God, Samuel, but the sinners who polluted the Holy Church and drove the Son of God away.

Without the only pure Son of God, the appeal of the Holy Church plummeted, and this was pointed out by thousands of people. As for how the seriously ill Pope and the bishops wanted to ‘turn the tide’ and wash away their bad reputation, it had nothing to do with Samuel.

In any case, no matter how desperate his opponent was, it didn’t affect Samuel. He had arranged his last trump card to wipe out the corrupt and degenerate Holy Church completely.

He loved the gods and the Holy Church all his life, and the deeper he loved, the more he hated.

He wanted to save the Holy Church, but he deeply felt that there was no remedy for the Holy Church. Therefore, only the thorough destruction could usher in a new life. This matter, the original body had no chance to do so, so of course Samuel would naturally do it instead of him, and give him a new, flawless, holy and noble heaven on earth.

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