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Chapter 73: Fifth World (14)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Finally accepting his feelings for Samuel, Bai Duan’s worries about him became more and more profound. He didn’t want Samuel to take a risk at all, but things didn’t change with his will.

A day later, the Knight Commander who followed Samuel sent a message that the Son of God was suddenly missing for no reason. Therefore, they had to change their original schedule to return to the camp, and search near the location where the Son of God disappeared instead. At the same time, he also transferred most of the Knights from the camp and expanded the search scope, leaving only a few guards in the camp.

After all, the disappearance of the Son of God was no small matter. In the era of the degradation of the Holy Church, His Highness, the Son of God was the only hope for the revival of the holy light.

When receiving this news, Bai Duan did not know whether he should feel that the dust settled or be more worried. Without Samuel by his side, he seemed to be a small animal whose owner disappeared suddenly. He was at a loss.

Obviously, he grew up alone in Black Street and should be a tenacious weed, accustomed to the wind and rain and being alone. But ever since he met Samuel and moved to the Holy Church where Samuel took good care of him, Bai Duan would never be able to leave him or return to the days when he was alone and be at ease.

That was probably Samuel’s intention, wasn’t it?

Bai Duan smiled bitterly, but still couldn’t restrain his feelings. Even though Samuel’s camp was comfortable and safe, and even if he left enough delicacies for Bai Duan to enjoy, Bai Duan still couldn’t eat or sleep. Even the Knights who were not close to him noticed his abnormalities and often took time to comfort him. Their relationships with Bai Duan had made great progress because of their concern for Samuel.

After more than ten days of restlessness, there was finally ‘good news’. After receiving the message, the Knight, Derek, rushed to find the Son of God who was seriously injured. He was now on his way back to the camp.

After receiving the news, the Knight guarding the camp immediately informed Bai Duan. When Bai Duan arrived at the entrance of the camp, he happened to see Samuel carefully supported by Andre.

Having gone missing for more than ten days, Samuel looked pale and haggard. Although his white leather armor was dirty and his blonde hair was no longer dazzling, it did not affect his holy and noble temperament. He looked at Bai Duan and smiled softly, and it was the most graceful and warm statue.

Bai Duan’s nose was slightly sour. He sped up his steps, plunged his head into Samuel’s arms, but heard the other side’s slight groan.

Suddenly he thought of the message that [His Highness the Son of God is seriously injured.] Bai Duan was in a panic. He immediately wanted to leave Samuel’s arms, but he was held tightly by the other side.

It was obvious that Samuel didn’t expect Bai Duan to be so enthusiastic. He was flattered for a while. Although his chest was hurt by Bai Duan, he did not want to let go of the benefits ‘falling from the sky’. For the first time, he hugged his beloved attendant in public and watched him look up and stare at him.

Soon, however, the ripples in Samuel’s heart were replaced by discontent. He looked at Bai Duan’s face carefully and frowned, “What’s the matter? Why have you lost so much weight?”

When Bai Duan was brought back from Black Street, he was too thin. Samuel had just fattened him up, but he lost all that weight again in just over ten days, which made Samuel sad and dissatisfied.

Hearing Samuel’s question, Bai Duan licked his lips and almost retorted, ‘You look like a ghost, why are you worried about me?!’ But fortunately, he still remembered his tsundere setting, turned his head to one side and refused to answer. 

The Knight, who had been in camp, was worried that Bai Duan’s ‘little temper’ would cause the Son of God displeasure. He hurriedly stepped forward to explain to him, “Attendant Bai was worried about His Highness’s safety. He couldn’t eat or sleep, and inevitably became haggard.”

This was why Samuel’s dissatisfaction and annoyance was not so much toward Bai Duan, but toward himself. He had just wanted to complete his plan, but he had to ignore Bai Duan’s feelings in the process, which made the last ten days so hard.

With a slight sigh, Samuel touched Bai Duan’s hair. Although his heart was full of pity for Bai Duan and blame for himself, he still didn’t forget to glance at the Knight who just spoke for Bai Duan. He secretly remembered his appearance and name, and planned to separate him from Bai Duan in the future, so as to avoid being accidentally dug into the corner.

You know, Templars aren’t forbidden from love, marriage and children. He must be careful!

Although he wanted to hold Bai Duan in his arms until the end of time, Samuel couldn’t go too far. After all, the temporary hug could be explained by emotional excitement, but the holding time was too long and would be criticized.

Reluctantly, he released his hand and saw Bai Duan quickly bow his head as he stood to one side. Samuel stroked his chest and gave a light cough. He was stunned by his ‘lover’s passion’. He calmed down a little and remembered the ‘serious business’ he had just left behind.

When his face suddenly changed, Samuel turned to Andre and said in a hurry, “By the way, send someone to inform His Holiness that the demons have changed plans. They will attack the Holy Church next!”

Andre was also horrified to hear Samuel’s words. Although the news came so abruptly, his trust in the instinct that the Son of God wasn’t lying made him not hesitate. Immediately a Knight quickly ran to the communication room to speak to the Holy Church with the aid of Summoning Magic.

“Son of God, this news…is it true?” When he heard the news, Andre turned to Samuel. The Holy Church had been located in the mainland for thousands of years and the demons had never dared to attack. Andre was unwilling to believe this and admitted that the Holy Church could not defend themselves at this point in time.

Samuel gave a wry smile, “I don’t want it to be true either.” After a pause, there was melancholy on his brow. “In this period of time, I believe you have also realized the changes in the holy light in your hands. Even though we are not willing to admit it, but the truth can not allow us to deceive ourselves.”

All the Knights were silent and felt the mixed bitterness in their hearts. Since they came to the frontier, they could clearly feel their holy light becoming powerful and dazzling, which meant that under the erosion of the extravagant life of the Holy Church, their faith was no longer pure and clean, and the holy light had gradually turned away from them.

“The light and the demons are Yin and Yang. The weaker one is, the stronger the other is. But even in the most dazzling and powerful period of the holy light, the Holy Church could not completely suppress the demons. Now the holy light has been declining for a long time, but we still have the upper hand in the fight against the demons. Don’t you think it’s really strange?” Samuel looked up at the sky, his voice heavy.

Andre and the Knights were speechless. They had been used to the situation where the demons never came close, so they had not thought about the details at all.

“This time, I went deep into the demons territory and realized that they are not as weak as they appear on the surface. In fact, due to the decline of the holy light, they have become much stronger, but only because of dormancy and weakness, they are not paralyzing us.” Samuel sighed. “As for their purpose, anyone can imagine it. At present, I have been aware of their plans, but it is also unfortunate to shake the grass. The demons are not willing to prepare, so they will take action. Now, the Holy Church is in the critical moment of an internal power struggle, and our departure made the defense weak, which gives the demons a chance. Once the Holy Church falls…”

The following words, Samuel didn’t finish, but the meaning of his words was well understood.

Even though the prestige of the Holy Church was not as good as before, it was still the holy place in the minds of all believers, and it was known as the most guarded, most inviolable and invincible castle. Once upon a time, the more powerful the boasting was, the more powerful and fearless the image of the Holy Church in the hearts of the people. If defeated by the demons, the greater and more unbearable the blow to the people.

Once the Holy Church fell and the popular sentiment collapsed, it would be more difficult to rebuild.

Soon, the Knight in charge of the information rushed back, with a rather ugly expression on his face. Obviously, the arrogant Holy Church, which had been suppressing demons for a long time, didn’t pay much attention to the messages that were delivered. What’s more, the people in the Holy Church were distracted and the Pope was too ill to control the overall situation. The bishops were busy competing for power and profits, leading their followers to fight with each other, and no one could gather the strength to fight against the demons.

Knowing the current situation of the Holy Church, Samuel’s face was heavy. He was silent for a moment. Then he made a decision, “Get dressed now, and we’ll go back to the Holy Church!”

“Son of God!” Andre looked at Samuel, who was pale. Although he was also concerned about the situation of the Holy Church, as the Guard Knight of the Son of God, he was more worried about his master’s body, “Your injury

“I’m fine.” Samuel coughed a little, and his face, which was not very healthy, became as pale as paper, but his face was resolute. “My body is no more important than the safety of the Holy Church. In any case, even if I give my life, I will never allow the demons to step into the Holy Church!”

The bloody setting sun lit the whole sky red, and also cast a warm and unknown light on Samuel, making him look like a stoic and unrepentant saint who took the place of the suffering of the common people. No matter how difficult the road ahead was, he couldn’t obstruct his holy faith.

A group of Templars felt that their eyes sting and their hearts were so heavy that they wanted to shed tears. They clenched the weapons in their hands and began to pack in an orderly manner. The whole team was driven by Samuel and filled with solemn and resolute atmosphere.

With the threat of demons invading the Holy Church, they must put all their eggs in one basket. What they face will be a hard battle. But even if they get hurt, even if they sacrificed their lives, they will never be confused or timid!

Bai Duan, meanwhile, quietly looked away from Samuel and dared not look any further. All he felt was that his dog’s eyes were going to be blinded by Samuel’s Holy Father light. At the thought that it was all Samuel’s arrangement, Bai Duan almost threw up. It can only be said that His Highness, the Son of God was good at acting!

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