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Chapter 74: Fifth World (15)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Samuel and the Knights went to the Holy Church in light clothes and at the fastest speed. At the same time, the demons were getting closer to the holy city and were ready to go.

The huge demon rose into the sky, in response to the saying ‘the black cloud is crushing the city.’ Even the holy light on the high tower of the Holy Church looked dim and weak, as if the wind would dissipate it.

The Holy Church had never been attacked by demons. Even with Samuel’s early warning, it was hard to organize effective defense measures. It could only be temporarily resisted by their solid walls.

Some people huddled in the Holy Church and prayed to the God of Light hopelessly. Unfortunately, their murky voices could not be conveyed to the God’s ears. Some people were overwhelmed and tried to leave the city and escape. However, just after they escaped from the Holy Church, they were surrounded by demons and swallowed by them. Even though they were afraid of the burning of the holy light, their favorite food was the fresh food refined by the holy light; flesh and blood.

Seeing the end of those fleeing from the Holy Church, whether on their own initiative or under duress, the congregation and the knights had to climb up the wall and forge barriers to guard the Holy Church with their weak strength, and flesh and blood. At this moment, they realized, for the first time, the strength of the demons. How ridiculous it was for them to be complacent and arrogant because they were deceived by the demons. They learned a profound lesson. Unfortunately, it was too late, as they stood there waiting for their future to be engulfed by darkness. 

But, they still had hope.

Samuel’s Knights appeared on the horizon. The church and knights on the wall seemed to see the coming of gods. They wept with joy and sang praises, and their will, which had been covered by the shadow of despair, was restored with light and their fighting spirit was renewed.

The horizon was full of demons, and the Holy Church had no expectations of their survival. But now, the demons who were attacked by Samuel were running away in a hurry. Although Samuelhad  promoted the division of the Holy Church, he had also wiped out the unqualified ones, and established a strong, pure and indomitable cavalry. The balance of victory naturally tilted slowly in the course of prosperity and decline.

Samuel, who was the leader of the team, raised his long sword. The holy light in the sword blade flickered, as if a light came from the sky and split the dark cloud of evil demons.

Behind him, the Knights in silver armor also drew out their weapons and laid out their positions. Under Samuel’s order, they bravely rushed to the demon camp, just like a light arrow, where the demons retreated.

With the help of Samuel and the Knights from thousands of miles, the believers on the wall also increased their confidence. Under the attack of the two sides, the biggest battle of light and darkness in the history of the Holy Church began.

This war was later sung and praised by numerous poets, adapted into a drama and became a legend. It was deeply engraved in the historical books of the Holy Church. It constantly reminded the successors to keep their faith pure and holy, and to guard against the changes of demons. They must not repeat the same mistakes because of their infatuation with money, making the tragedy come again.

In this war, the old and rotten Holy Church collapsed. On top of the ruins, the New Holy Church stood tall, more pure, devout, noble and humble.

People commemorated this war; praised the collapse of the old Holy Church; praised the brave and fearless Knights; and the most revered was the one who used the holy light to guide the way and turn the tide to completely smash the plot of the demons, and save the Holy Church from the dark claws of the demons, the Son of God, Samuel.

Without the Son of God, Samuel, the Holy Church may not have realized it until the demons invaded. Without Samuel, most people would have lost their lives in the fierce fight against the demons. Samuel, who supported the wall of the holy light with his own strength, showed unparalleled strength and unyielding pure faith, and made the world realize the power, transcendence and necessity of the holy light again. It made the believers, who were once confused, crawl under its dazzling brilliance and pray devoutly.

This war lasted for several months intermittently. As a result of early prevention, it did not spread to the whole continent as quickly as the other timeline after the fall of the Holy Church. The only victims were the Holy Church and its surrounding areas.

When the dark cloud of evil finally dissipated from the area around the Holy Church and the blue sky reappeared, all the people breathed out a long sigh of relief, with happiness and emotion, knowing they would be okay for the rest of their lives.

Samuel stood on the ruins, looking at the Holy Church, which had once been brilliant and white, but was now scarred. His expression was not only a wistful recollection, but also a vision and expectation for the future.

Before the beginning of the war, he was seriously injured because he had gone deep into the demon territory. Now, after months of war, he had consumed all the power of the holy light in his body, and Samuel looked gaunt and emaciated. He came down from the ruins, his body shaking because of the loss of power. Andre reached out and tried to help him, but Samuel smiled and politely refused.

Andre, who was rejected, retreated to one side, looked at Bai Duan who walked quickly to Samuel’s side. Samuel leaned on his shoulder without any politeness, calm and intimate. He whispered something in his ear, causing Bai Duan, who was not in a good mood, to blush, as if he was ashamed or helpless, and glare at him with anger, which restored his normal attitude. 

Looking at the interaction, Andre’s expression was slightly strange, but he didn’t say anything more. Instead, he turned to the wounded Knights and began to arrange post-war affairs.

Although countless people were taken away by the God of Death in this war, they were thankful that the demons did not successfully cross the high walls, invade the Holy Church, or hurt those hiding in the Holy Church such as those unarmed attendants, the Pope who was seriously ill but had a strong life force, and some bishops.

After settling the wounded and caring for the deceased, they returned the Holy Church to its original order and operation. Samuel, against his habit of being kind and gentle and not interfering in the Holy Church’s affairs, took a tough attitude to surpass the Pope. He sent Andre to lead the Knights to capture and push the two ‘only remaining’ bishops to the trial court, and was held in the hearts of all believers and Knights. Under his service, he made a decision to withdraw his power, expel the bishops from the Holy Church and send them to the frontier.

It was no matter that the rest of the bishops who died in the battle were greedy, corrupt and disobeyed the doctrines, they were able to face the crisis and lead the church and the Knights to fight against the enemy at the time of the invasion.

Even though it was human instinct to protect themselves, these two bishops were so cowardly and timid that they could only hide in the rear to receive protection. However, they claimed the merit even though they had no blood on them. They were not qualified or able to continue to serve as bishops.

In this way, all the bishops were judged with reasonable and ‘legal’ means, and no one could criticize it to call it a conspiracy. Compared with these disappointing bishops, the image of the Son of God, Samuel. was more glorious and powerful, and his prestige was bright. 

After knowing that the bishops had died or were removed, the Pope, who lost his successor, had no choice but to accept it. However, it was not a big deal. Although the Pope was usually succeeded by the cardinal, the history of the Holy Church was not precedent without the Son of God.

Samuel was powerful, well-known, and had the merit of saving the Holy Church. He was respected and trusted by the church, Knights and even the people of the mainland. He was the best and only person to succeed the Pope.

In terms of seniority, status and strength, Samuel was at the top of the list. No one could match him. Besides Samuel, the public would never accept another Pope.

In order to celebrate the great victory of the Holy Church in the face of demons, the Pope took the opportunity to announce the candidates for the next Pope and unloaded his burden. He was too old and weak. He was gathering his last bit of energy after the siege of demons. He couldn’t continue to gain strength. He had been thinking about his successor for a long time, but he didn’t think that the bishops he had promoted and raised one by one had to fight one after another, as if there was a hand in the dark that manipulated everything and exposed the dirty corruption that the Holy Church tried to hide under the sun.

This was about…God’s will?

Now that all the dust had settled, his successor stood the test and finally came out. The Pope breathed a long sigh of relief and could not wait to hand over the power in his hands. He thought it was a normal and popular thing, but there was another problem in the middle of it. Someone raised objections, firmly opposing the Son of God’s succession as Pope. This person was none other than the Son of God Samuel himself.

The Pope was so weak that he had to lean on the throne, which symbolized the supreme position of the Holy Church. The Pope looked at Samuel with a firm face. He doubted that he was hallucinating, and the other bishops, Knights and members of the church were also at a loss.

“Why?” The Pope, who was seriously ill, had a hard time speaking. He looked at Samuel deeply and was puzzled.

Samuel shook his head slightly, “Because I am not qualified to inherit this position.”

The Pope grasped the armrest of the chair and said forcefully, “No one has the qualification except you.” 

Samuel smiled frankly, “No, I don’t, because I have also violated the rules.”

As he spoke, he turned his head to catch Bai Duan in the corner. He did not hide the affection and love in his eyes.

“I fell in love with a man and am deeply attached to him. I couldn’t leave it as a friendship with him at all.” Samuel met Bai Duan’s shocked, unprepared and deeply touched eyes with a soft and firm voice. “I have violated the canon and lost the right to inherit the papacy. Similarly, I do not want my feelings to be buried in my heart, and the person I love has always followed me as a servant. I hope to be with him in a fair and simple way.”

Taking back his gaze, Samuel looked back at the old Pope. He kneeled on one knee, took off the crown for the Son of God on his head, and put it respectfully in front of him. His long blond hair was scattered, winding and touched the ground. “I have already made my decision that after solving the crisis of the siege, I will leave the Holy Church. Please… Your Majesty, the Pope, accept my wish.”

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