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Chapter 75: Fifth World (16)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Samuel’s voice fell and the entire hall was quiet. Everyone couldn’t believe that the Holy Son of God would also be affected by love, desire and fall into the world. Similarly, they couldn’t understand Samuel’s willingness to give up his papal position because of this. Although contrary to the canon, it was clear that it had become a hidden rule that those in the church were no longer required to strictly keep their bodies and minds pure. As long as he didn’t reveal it, Samuel would still be able to rise to the top of the Pope’s office and feed his lover in secret.

However, if he did reveal it, Samuel would no longer be the pure and clean ‘Son of God’. Even if he made a ‘mistake,’ even if he couldn’t ‘repent,’ he was the kind of person who would never hide his mistake and choose to be frank and face it up front instead.

The Pope opened his mouth, but he didn’t know what to say.

In public, it was impossible for him to say, ‘It doesn’t matter if you raise a lover’. On the one hand, he was extremely annoyed with Samuel’s lovesickness, and on the other hand, he couldn’t help admiring his frankness and innocence.

“… If you give up this ordinary love, God will forgive you.” The Pope spoke with difficulty, trying to keep Samuel and ‘lead him back to the right path.’

But Samuel was still determined and totally unable to understand the Pope’s ‘pains.’ “I’m sorry, Your Majesty, I can’t control my feelings. But even if I am attached to others, my faith in God will not change at all.”

Everyone believed in this promise. After all, Samuel had shown the purity and firmness of his faith in the fight between light and darkness, as powerful and dazzling as the holy light in his hands.

Seeing that the Pope didn’t continue to speak, Samuel, who had already made his decision, fell down and gave a deep salute to the Pope. Then he stood up, walked firmly and fearlessly to Bai Duan, smiled at him and held out his right hand.

Bai Duan puckered his lips and felt that his heart was beating fast and his brain was dizzy. Not because of the different meanings in his eyes, but because of Samuel himself.

Originally, Bai Duan was ready to serve as an underground lover who could not be seen all his life, and follow Samuel as a servant. But he didn’t want to leave his lover. Samuel exposed everything to the public without any preparation. In front of all the people and even the Pope, he admitted his existence without any concealment, and even admitted their feelings that were not allowed by the doctrines.

Bai Duan knew that Samuel attached great importance to his reputation. Otherwise, he would not have hidden his true nature, pretended in the Holy Church for more than twenty years and deceived everyone. So when he learned that the church’s doctrine did not allow one to know the pleasures of flesh and desire, and Samuel had even used this as an excuse to punish a bishop, he had to think about what was going through Samuel’s mind.

It was a necessary compromise because he didn’t want to embarrass Samuel. Once Samuel had no high ranking identity, Bai Duan would be a life-long existence that could easily be abandoned anytime, anywhere, without half a guarantee. The best result would be that Samuel still cared about his old love and had to take care of him after his enthusiasm subsided, so that Bai Duan could still be an attendant without worrying about food and clothing.

Bai Duan, who had endured a lot in his whole life, never even dreamed that Samuel would give him such a big ‘surprise’ and directly declared his identity to the world. For him, Samuel gave up the position of Pope that was at his fingertips.

But even the secular monarchy could override the Pope!

Wasn’t Samuel’s reason for staying in seclusion for so long and pretending to be harmless in front of everyone just to get this position? He used to say that. Why did he give up all of a sudden?

Bai Duan’s eyes were dazed, unable to respond because of the huge impact. He subconsciously took a few steps towards Samuel, and then put his hand into the other side’s palm. Until he was held tightly by Samuel’s warm and firm hand, Bai Duan felt everything was a little unreal, and his consciousness suddenly woke up.

Looking down at his dizzy, happy, helpless and confused lover, Samuel, though unable to know all his emotional changes, could probably guess his thoughts, and could only blame himself.

Because of this body’s original wish, Samuel had to try his best to improve his reputation in the Holy Church, and there had to be no reproachable blemishes. So he had to temporarily burden Bai Duan, and let his name not be beside him.

Now, however, the plot of the destruction of the Holy Church by the demons had been destroyed, and the demons had also suffered a great loss of vitality. It may take hundreds of years for them to recover. In addition to the aging and sick Pope who had little time to live, the other high-ranking bishops who were dead and had been banished were destroyed, which destroyed the old Holy Church that was hated. Instead, the bishops were led by Samuel and baptized by the war of light and darkness, just like the new believers.

Even without Samuel, they would gradually build a new and cleaner Holy Church, and the second wish of the original body was just around the corner.

Since the task was on the right track, Samuel would no longer hide his relationship with Bai Duan. First, he was reluctant to let Bai Duan continue to be a servant. Second, he wanted to be fair with him and let everyone know that Bai Duan belonged to him.

Of course, Samuel didn’t give up his papacy entirely.

He didn’t want to be the emperor in the ancient world because the emperor was too busy and restrained. Family and state affairs, such as war disasters, needed to be handled by the emperor, and the trivial grievances of courtiers also needed to be brought before the emperor. Even a group of people in the back palace stared at him, and they would ‘remonstrance to death’ if they could not move, which made Samuel want to go away if he could not have two days off.

But the Pope was different. If the Pope was ambitious, he had the right to take part in the secular monarchy. But if he didn’t have this idea, he could be a master in charge of affairs and ceremonies of the highest standard in the Holy Church. Obviously, such a Pope was more popular and loved by the royal family.

Who would not like such a high-ranking but free ‘career?’ For the rest of his life in the world with Bai Duan, Samuel naturally coveted the position of Pope.

Of course, this premise was not to prevent him from falling in love (key point)!

Nowadays, all the people who were qualified and powerful enough to to be Pope in the Holy Church were cleared away by Samuel. No matter who knew, only when he inherited the position of Pope could he serve the public and quickly lead the Holy Church back to glory.

Samuel tried to brush his prestige away and eliminate the ‘political enemy’ without any hesitation, so that he could make a last move and force the Holy Church to give in when no one could inherit the papacy and admit the existence of Bai Duan. Samuel could also change the ‘bad habit’ of the Holy Church that did not allow love and marriage, and ‘liberate the freedom of human nature of the church.’ Of course, this was not the case. It was not his original’s wish, it was Samuel’s selfish desire.

Although he felt that he had some success, Samuel was not sure whether his plan could be realized. However, it didn’t matter if he lost this time. Anyway, he had ‘filled his own pockets’ with many good things. In addition to his reputation, strength and status, it was enough for him to take Bai Duan with him without worry.

Smiling at Bai Duan’s placation, Samuel walked out of the hall slowly with his sweetheart in front of the crowd’s eyes and went down the stairs. All the people in the hall couldn’t help but gather at the entrance of the hall with their steps. Some people wanted to say something to keep them there; some people were struggling in their hearts; some people seemed to have expected it, and sighed, showing a helpless expression. For example, Andre, the Knight who had been accompanying Samuel.

At the same time, the news that the Son of God Samuel refused the papacy and voluntarily confessed his ‘sin’ and applied to leave the Holy Church spread to the whole Holy Church as quickly as if it had wings. After learning this, some of the attendants rushed to the front door of the Holy Church, shocked and disgraced. However, because of their low status, they did not have the right to stop the Son of God.

Seeing Samuel holding Bai Duan about to step out of the Holy Church gate, one of the attendants in the crowd finally couldn’t bear it and shouted out the name of the Son of God.

Samuel stopped, but did not look back. Instead, Bai Duan took a look at the owner of the voice and found that it was Devon, the fan of Samuel who was once mentioned by Hope.

Bai Duan was very impressed by Devon because his feelings for Samuel were too hot and he was full of malice toward him. Bai Duan thought that he would tear up Devon and remove himself from away from the other in the future, but he didn’t know Samuel would protect him. He didn’t give the other party a chance to contact Bai Duan at all. He didn’t even appear in front of Bai Duan for a second time.

Without the interference of the ‘rival of love,’ Bai Duan lived a comfortable and carefree life in the Holy Church. At last, even Devon was left out until now, when he was finally remembered.

Devon’s eyes on Bai Duan were extremely complicated, which were mixed with hatred, pain and jealousy, but was was pleading. Pleading Bai Duan to stop Samuel from leaving, pleading for him not to hinder Samuel’s brilliant future, preferably… to walk away from Samuel.

Bai Duan faintly glanced at Devon, and soon looked away. He looked sideways at Samuel and whispered, “If… If you’re doing it for me, you don’t have to do that.”

Samuel didn’t make a sound, and the pace he moved his feet didn’t change at all. When he stepped out of the Holy Church’s gate, he stopped and smiled at Bai Duan, “No, I’m not doing it for you, but for myself.”

“For yourself?” Bai Duan was stupefied. Although he was lost, he quickly accepted the answer or, in his cognition, it was the most normal explanation. “Are you tired of pretending in the Holy Church, or do you have any other plans?”

“Not at all.” Samuel shook his head and sighed in his heart that the lover of this life always unconsciously refused to believe his feelings and always lowered his position to the dust. Bending down slightly and kissing Bai Duan’s lips in full view of the public, Samuel’s kiss was clean and simple, but full of treasure and affection. “Because it can make you more happy. As long as you are happy, I will be happy too. Isn’t this for myself?”

Bai Duan looked at Samuel in a daze, only to feel that a bright and dazzling flower was suddenly blooming in his chest, and his eyes were red, almost bursting into tears.

Even though compromise had been firmly established and he constantly hinted that his feelings may not have good results, his heart’s defense collapsed at this moment. Bai Duan could not describe his feelings at this moment, but he stepped forward instinctively, plunging into Samuel’s arms and held him to death.

No matter what, even if this sentence was just a casual ordinary love talk for Samuel, Bai Duan chose to ignore it and believe it all. Since Samuel admitted it to him in front of everyone, Bai Duan would stick to him all his life, and would never let go, even if he finally became a bitter partner!

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