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Chapter 9: A Ger Needs to Marry

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


At dusk, there were still many people in the town, and those who wanted to go back to the village also started to rush back. Few people were reluctant to pay the fare since they could only carry a few things. Lin Mo bought all the things that needed to be prepared, and the three carried everything in the bamboo baskets as they waited at a designated place and waited for the donkey cart to go back to the village.

When they got back to Daling Village, the sun was half set and it was time to cook dinner. Lin Mo put down his things and went into the kitchen. He looked around and went out.

He took out the precious medicinal materials he had found in the morning, washed them and cut them into pieces. He then put them in the earthen pot, added rice and water to make porridge. In order to make the herbs fully effective, Lin Mo dripped a drop of his spiritual water into the pot.

Two of the most serious injuries that Lin Cheng had were his stomach injury and his head injury. The stomach injury would recover after time, but blood stasis in the brain was hard to fix. In recent days, Lin Cheng woke up once or twice thanks to the spiritual water.

It was the medicine that sped up the healing of the wounds on the stomach but the wounds on the head could only heal slowly. The spiritual water was too strong and even for Lin Mo, who had been drinking it for four years, his maximum limit was one mouthful. Those who were not that spiritual space host could barely deal with one or two drops.

Since they were precious medicinal materials, Lin Mo took part of them and left them in his spiritual space in case someone was injured in the future. Lin Mo divided the land in his space to leave a small part for planting.

Moreover, with the fast growing effect, the plants could also be used to make money by planting and selling the herbs in drugstores.

Sister-in-law Lin’s cooking skills were very good, which was what Lin Mo thought when he ate the first dish in this world. Although it was not as amazing as Lin Mo’s cooking, it was also appetizing.

Since every meal for Lin Cheng contained some spiritual water from Lin Mo, Lin Cheng woke up in the afternoon. Now, he would not sleep again until after supper, but because he was still weak, he could only lie in bed and be fed by sister-in-law Lin.

After dinner, Lin Mo stopped Mama Lin when she was about to go back to the house to rest.

“What’s the matter, Mo’ger?” Mama Lin asked as she walked into his room and sat by his bed.

“Mother… Do I have to marry?” Lin Mo’s head was slightly lowered, and she couldn’t see his face.

Mama Lin was shocked. She remembered that because Mo’ger seldom went out because of his body, he didn’t know much about his situation, and she didn’t have time to talk about it with Mo’ger. Mama Lin touched Mo’ger’s head and said softly, “Yes, don’t you want to find a husband to take care of you?” 

Lin Mo’s body froze for a moment because of her contact, but he also relaxed quickly, which made her think that his discomfort was an illusion.

Find someone to take care of him? Perhaps this idea had existed before the end of his previous life, but Lin Mo didn’t tell his family about his sexuality. He had considered the position of the Lin family in Shangjing and the future of his eldest brother in the army. Because of his personality, even if he liked a man, he could only fall in love with him secretly. He didn’t dare tell him. Lin Mo’s brain was in a bit of a trance. Now he had forgotten the face of the senior who he had fallen in love with secretly in high school.

If he didn’t deliberately search for memory, Lin Mo didn’t even know that he had loved someone secretly. The man had had a bad attitude towards him. Lin Mo couldn’t imagine why he secretly loved that kind of person in high school.

In Lin Mo’s opinion, that handsome man, in the eyes of schoolgirls, couldn’t live for long in the end of the world. At most, they would live for a year. After all, people like him were taken into the Research Institute for slicing research a year later. If he did not have his spring water, he was afraid that people like him, who had no power to bind a chicken, would not live for such a long time.

What’s more, after the end of the four years, Lin Mo’s broken heart had become numb. Did he still have the ability to like someone with his heart? Even now, his kindness to the Lin family was based on his previous family. Otherwise, how could Lin Mo open his heart to strangers so quickly, even if he now had their son’s body?

The betrayal and hurt from his previous life made Lin Mo understand that no one but his family would love him. Even if some were good people, Lin Mo did not want to be hurt because of a small probability.

“Then… What is the unified distribution from the government?” Lin Mo asked after a long silence.

Looking at her child’s lowered head, Mama Lin did not know what he was thinking. She sighed and began to explain to Lin Mo.

When the former Emperor was still a child, because of the war between the state of Yu and other countries, the country’s population suddenly shrank a lot. Although they won, the state of Yu also suffered a lot. Therefore, a new law was issued in court, that is, men, women and young ger and children must marry when they reached a certain age. Those who had not married by the time limit would be centralized and handed over to the local government for random distribution. After distribution, they would marry whether they wanted to or not.

At the beginning of promulgation, this Law attracted the opposition of a large number of people, but the opposition was invalid. In order to rapidly increase the population, in a short period of time, the state resolutely implemented this law. The people gave up after knowing the result of their opposition. Anyway, the age limit for marriage was almost the same as that of the previous marriage law, except for the fact that ‘when the time limit has been reached, the marriage will be arranged by the government in a unified way.’

However, after two dynasties, the population of Yu gradually increased, and the ‘time limit’ law also changed a little.

One could marry when they were an adult, but the ‘time limit for being single’ was twenty for men and sixteen for women and young gers. However, some large families or relatives of the royal family could postpone marriage until the age of eighteen, as long as they had money or power. Since they didn’t want their marriage to be arranged by the government for a person they didn’t like, many families would find a good family for their children as long as they had grown up.

Until now, the unified distribution of the government was used for gangsters, widowers or divorced people with children. However, only a few people know about this inside information, at least the farmers or the people who had no money or power did not know. Therefore, no matter what, there was no one who did not stay unmarried for life. Even if they were divorced or their loved ones died, they had to find another partner within a few years.

Of course, these hard rules had little impact on the rich and powerful or the relatives of the emperor. After all, many men not only had a wife, but also concubines.

“In the past, Mother didn’t know that the people in the ‘government distribution’ would be these people, so I didn’t worry much. But now I know, Mother doesn’t want my Mo’ger to get married to those families to suffer. Mo’ger has been held in our hands from childhood to adulthood. Even if you want to marry later, you need to marry into a good family.”

Lin Mo lowered his head further and let Mama Lin hold his hand as she talked. Although there was no expression on his face and no emotion could be seen, Lin Mo’s heart was turbulent at this time.

This sentence was very familiar to Lin Mo, which made him want to cry.

[Our little prince is afraid of falling into the wrong hands and melting. Hahaha! Come on, Second Brother, grab him…]

[Second Brother, are you going to give me a hug?]

[If someone bullies you in school, tell me, Brother will help you beat him…]

[Brother, they all bullied me…] 

Lying on the operating table all day long, there was only a glimmer of expectation in his eyes, everything else was replaced with numbness and emptiness, but it soon disappeared…

[Mommy’s darling, smile again. Mommy will take a picture for you…]

[Mom… I can’t smile again. Sorry…]

Lin Mo was in a trance. He seemed to hear his mother and brothers talking and laughing.

“… We are not in a hurry. We have more than a year to go. Mo’ger can look for your partner carefully. If you find someone you like, you can marry. But we need someone who will not hurt you. Mo’ger needs to be spoiled for a lifetime. Before marriage, the family spoiled you, after marriage, your husband will spoil you.”

[Our little Mo’er is going to be spoiled all his life. He is so soft and cute! Forget it, even if you don’t get married, mom and dad will keep you all our lives!]

Lin Mo felt that his heart was being strangled for a moment, and he could hardly breathe.

“…  okay. I’ll look.” Lin Mo couldn’t find the words. Lin Mo didn’t hear what Mama Lin said after. He just gave a low answer when Mama Lin asked him. Even when Mama Lin left, he didn’t realise it.

Mama Lin went back to the house, took off her shoes and lay on her bed. Father Lin turned over and lay on his back. “What did Mo’ger ask you?”

“Old man, it’s time for us to find a good family for Mo’ger.”

“Huh? I haven’t heard you say that before. What happened?” Father Lin opened his eyes and looked at his wife lying beside him, wondering what happened.

Mama Lin sighed, and then told him the news that she heard today, as well as some unusual behaviors from Mo’ger just now.

“Ah…” When Father Lin heard this, he was a little angry, but he was more grateful that they knew it now. It was not too late… It was not too late.

“There is still more than a year to go. We should pay more attention. If we find a suitable family, let Mo’ger have a look. There will be a suitable one.” Mama Lin said.

“Ah, let him have a look.” Father Lin added.

“In fact, I would like to have Mo’ger marry close. It’s better for us if they live in Daling Village. I’m afraid he will be bullied if he marries far away. No one can help him.” Mama Lin was worried. Mo’ger was too soft and didn’t speak very much. He wanted to carry everything on his own. Mama Lin was worried about what to do if Mo’ger was wronged at his husband’s house.

Mama Lin felt that it was useless for her to worry, so she said her worries. It was better for two people to think about something than one.

Father Lin thought for a long time and said, “I think I know a man whose age is almost the same as Mo’ger’s and whose conditions are basically in line with what you said.” 


“Cheng Yan.”

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