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Chapter 87: Sixth World (11)
Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Since that meeting with Lestrot, Bai Duan had noticed a significant increase in the frequency of the other’s visits to the lab. As an excellent mecha warrior, Lestrot often operated various kinds of mecha that were still in production in the virtual system to help researchers find defects. More often, he would come to Bai Duan and talk with him about the ongoing mecha transformations.

As the successor of the O’dean family and an excellent student of the Royal Academy of Delmo, Lestrot was not a man with only good looks. He had a very rich knowledge of mechas, and would often give Bai Duan advice and help from the perspective of a mecha pilot, so that Bai Duan could understand and solve problems in a more comprehensive and detailed way.

Thanks to Lestrot’s status and help, Bai Duan couldn’t avoid him, like he would with other people. Even if he didn’t want to get involved with the other, he had to compromise with reality and maintain a friendly appearance with Lestrot. Even Zieger, the respected tutor of Bai Duan, hoped that Bai Duan would be closer to Lestrot, because it would be very beneficial for Bai Duan’s future development.

As a mecha fighter, Lestrot needed to train a mecha technician of his own. It was true that there were many machinists working for the O’dean family, but the internal relationship of the family was complex. In some cases, even the technicians who were dedicated to their own family could not be fully trusted. It was safer to cultivate a technician who was only loyal to himself and only for himself.

Since entering the Royal Academy of Delmo, Lestrot had been looking for suitable Mechatronics and had been in touch with many people on and off. But he didn’t know whether his vision was too high, or whether those people just couldn’t meet his requirements. In short, after Lestrot contacted them, that was it, nothing came after. Lestrot had never found a partner that suited his heart.

Professor Zieger was closely related to the O’dean family, and even his current research was based on the advice from the O’dean family. After contacting Bai Duan, Professor Zieger thought he was a good candidate and introduced Bai Duan to Lestrot. Lestrot was obviously very satisfied with Bai Duan. He was very active in contacting Bai Duan.

Although Bai Duan was just a new student, his talents had been recognized by Professor Zieger and Lestrot. What was important was that Bai Duan’s background was simple and easy to control. The position of O’dean family head’s exclusive armor technician was a big deal already for a Beta, even more so for a commoner like Bai Duan, that also meant he would more likely be appreciative and devoted to serving Lestrot for all his life.

This relationship was a win-win situation for both Lestrot and Bai Duan. Lestrot could find a mechanic who could make him feel at ease, while Bai Duan could also rely on the O’dean family to get more research resources and go higher and farther than other mechanic technicians.

To be honest, Bai Duan had no interest in being the exclusive mecha technician for Lestrot, but people have to bow their heads under the eaves. At present, if he wanted to continue to study in peace at the Royal Academy of Delmo, he had to accept such a relationship temporarily.

The only thing to be thankful for was that Bai Duan had not learned enough to help Lestrot. Before that, Lestrot only approached him as a friend and understood him, rather than directly inviting him. It has to be said that Lestrot, who was raised as an heir since childhood, knew how to socialize with others, even though Bai Duan, whose impression of Lestrot was bad from the beginning, had to admit that it was not unbearable to get along with him.

No matter what he thought, Lestrot was very elegant in appearance. He never showed contempt towards Bai Duan’s commoner status nor towards his gender as a Beta. He also never deliberately showed off his status. He was all in all extremely respectful and friendly to Bai Duan. It seemed that he was treated in an equal position, which made him feel comfortable.

It was no wonder that even someone as vigilant as Eddie was tempted by him. Even knowing that he was a Beta, Eddie still took a liking towards him and married him without hesitation, only to be betrayed by his love. Even though today’s Eddie had moved on from his infatuation with Lestrot, Bai Duan was still deeply envious of the guy who once won Eddie’s trust and was his first love. He was also full of hatred for him, hating him for betraying Eddie’s trust and love and forcing him to leave for Hobian.

However, despite his hatred and jealousy for Lestrot, Bai Duan showed no sign of that — he never knew that he was able to disguise and control his emotions so well, which seemed to be an innate talent, so that he could put on the false mask anytime and anywhere.

In this way, under the fakeness of both sides, Bai Duan and Lestrot got closer and closer. Although this made Bai Duan grumpy, it was not without any benefits. At least, after he and Lestrot ‘got along’ and were often seen in and out together, the rest of Bai Duan’s pursuers gradually disappeared — and it was much easier to deal with Lestrot alone than with a large number of pursuers who would suddenly come out. As for the rumors that he and Lestrot were lovers, Bai Duan totally ignored them.

“Say, am I disturbing you?” On the way to a meal, Lestrot suddenly asked.

Bai Duan glanced at him faintly and answered ‘of course you are’ in his heart, but his mouth was another response, “Why do you suddenly ask?”

“Because, since I’ve known you, you seem to have fewer pursuers, don’t you?” Lestrot chuckled, half joking and half serious, “Everyone seems to have misunderstood our relationship. If I delay your love, it’s my fault.”

“That won’t happen,” Bai Duan looked down, his voice was cold. Fortunately, Lestrot had been used to his attitude for a long time, and he didn’t feel treated coldly. In other words, compared with Bai Duan’s attitude towards other people, Lestrot felt that he had already gotten Bai Duan’s great enthusiasm, “I have no interest in love.”

“Why?” Lestrot was a little surprised. He felt that with his relationship with Bai Duan, he should be able to talk about personal issues and get closer to the other. “Do you have someone you like? Or a type you like?”

“…I have someone I like already,” Bai Duan raised his head and gave Lestrot a deep, meaningful look, “I have someone I like, so other people’s pursuit only bothers me.”

Lestrot was shocked by the look in Bai Duan’s eyes. His steps that were steady and orderly lost their due frequency in an instant. Left a little behind, Lestrot couldn’t help but look carefully at the Beta near him, and felt the charm of the other side that made the whole academy restless and chase after him for the first time.

Bai Duan was really beautiful. His beauty was not only based on his appearance, but also on his own talent and temperament. He didn’t look like a Beta from a civilian background at all. He was elegant and decent in every action, every word and deed. Even if Lestrot thought critically, he still couldn’t find any defects or flaws worthy of criticism. Bai Duan had outstanding and amazing talents. Even though Lestrot was named as a genius from his childhood, he was still amazed at the speed of Bai Duan’s progress.

At first, Lestrot was only able to bear the thought of being polite and virtuous to have contact with this student, but he didn’t expect Bai Duan’s quick thinking and designs would not only not bore him, but Lestrot even enjoyed the feeling of discussing and communicating with him. Although he was an arrogant Alpha at heart, Lestrot didn’t hate Bai Duan, who was a smart and hard-working Beta, because of their step-by-step contact and since he also had a good feeling about Bai Duan.

Originally, this good feeling was only based on simple appreciation. But just now, Bai Duan’s words and inexplicable gaze made Lestrot’s heart move. Subconsciously, he looked at the relationship between himself and Bai Duan from another perspective.

Lestrot was born with many pursuers, and he had no doubt about his excellence and charm. He believed it was just natural for others to like him — and this Beta student who had been in frequent contact with him recently was no exception. Otherwise, why would he look at himself with such meaningful eyes? Why would he stress to him that he already had someone he liked? Why didn’t he mind the rumors that the two people were lovers?

Although he never noticed affection from Bai Duan’s behavior, Lestrot thought more and more firmly, and also attributed the cold attitude of the other party to his personality. Although such personality lacked some interest, it was very tempting, making people want to conquer and tame it. At this moment, Lestrot’s simple appreciation of Bai Duan quickly turned into a kind of ambiguity about his admirers. Lestrot had to admit that he really had a good feeling for Bai Duan beyond his ordinary feelings, even though he was just a Beta commoner.

When it came to Betas, Lestrot thought of another Beta teenager who was related to him. He pretended to be an Omega and was married to him. Lestrot used to like the boy named Eddie, but his liking was only based on his appearance, gender and the Flynn family behind him. If Eddie was not a Beta disguised as Omega, he would have indeed been a good partner in Lestrot’s mind. Eddie had a unique appearance and a gentle and obedient personality. Lestrot would also give him love and respect, making him the only one who would ever stand right beside him.

However, all of this was destroyed after Eddie’s real gender exposure, and the O’dean family could not accept a Beta as the family head’s wife. Lestrot couldn’t understand the insults and deceptions he had been subjected to — he was a noble Alpha, he deserved a perfect Omega with a pure pedigree, not some Beta that was almost like an Omega.

All the advantages Eddie had in Lestrot’s eyes disappeared after removing the halo of an Omega. The advantages Bai Duan had, who was also a Beta, would not be affected by gender at all. It could even be said that if the O’dean family didn’t require him to marry an Omega, Lestrot would actually prefer a Beta like Bai Duan, someone who was self-confident and talented, and speaks the same language as him, rather than an Omega that only played coquetry and contended for favor all day long.

Except gender, Lestrot found no defects in Bai Duan, and since he was young, he was also the first to have such a simple heart and love for a person. Looking at Bai Duan, who walked in front of him with a straight and slim body, Lestrot only felt that his heart was beating more and more violently in his chest.

If Bai Duan liked him, he was willing to accept and respond to this feeling. Even if they couldn’t get married, he was willing to truly love him and take care of him for his entire life. And as long as he married an Omega on the surface, then his family wouldn’t care if he had a Beta lover.

In this way, they could be good partners in name but in fact, lovers. They could face challenges and threats together from all aspects.


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March 16, 2020 10:22 pm

Here we can see a good example of what people call being retarded narcissist

April 3, 2020 11:59 am

What kind of cycle is this? =u= Come back soon Xiao Eddie wuw

Aifa Phoenix
Aifa Phoenix
May 8, 2020 3:25 am

Sorry he is taken

June 11, 2020 8:20 pm

You know he’s a bad guy when the first thing he considers is having you as a secret lover. Also jeez, this dude has no shame just straight up assuming someone likes him just because they said they like “someone”. There’s nothing wrong with thinking it, but it’s like he’s already confirmed it inside his head.

July 14, 2020 8:58 pm

I reaalllllyy hate O’dean ,, so full of himself uggh

July 24, 2020 9:41 pm

haha dear, u are day dreaming

August 18, 2020 4:32 am

LMAO he did really consider Bai Duan as his secret lover! Look at this narcissist dumbass

October 15, 2020 7:03 pm

…….what scumbag

October 8, 2021 8:47 am

Therefore, narcissism is bad for one’s health, Lestrot. Stop thinking that everyone must have a secret crush on you.

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