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Chapter 88: Sixth World (12)
Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Due to the sudden change in emotion, Lestrot’s attitude towards Bai Duan was gradually changing, from the previous treatment of a valuable person to something else. The calm friendliness of the students had turned into a kind of ambiguity with ‘above friends and not a full lover.’

It was a pity that either Bai Duan was born dense, or his whole life’s sensitivity to love was all used on Eddie. When he saw Lestrot, he was constantly thinking about Eddie who was forced to go away to Hobian star and who he did not know whether he was suffering or not. Naturally, he didn’t have the leisure to observe Lestrot’s sudden change in manner. Just looking at the man made Bai Duan annoyed.

Bai Duan was not aware of Lestrot’s gradually changing attitude, and still kept a friendly and polite distance from him, which made Lestrot rather anxious but helpless. Lestrot had always been chased by people, and he had never expressed his preference to anyone at all. The only exception was his fiancé Eddie, but that was just because of their families and natural order of things. As for caring for someone… there were very few.

Lestrot would not mention such a ‘black history’ at all, plus, pursuing a delicate and naive Omega — although it had been a Beta disguised as an Omega — was totally different from pursuing a cold and arrogant Beta. On the one hand, Lestrot didn’t know how to skillfully change his relationship with Bai Duan; on the other hand, he couldn’t really lower his price and offer to make love to a Beta. So even though he was irritated, Lestrot had to look at the relationship between himself and Bai Duan with depression. He secretly complained about the coldness and politeness of the Beta student, and doubted whether he really didn’t understand his pursuit or was he trying to play hard to get.

Of course, although he was dissatisfied with Bai Duan, an Alpha’s arrogant and tough nature still made Lestrot count Bai Duan as his from very early on — an Alpha was used to occupying and protecting all things belonging to him, not only Omegas, but also his territory, property, vassals and so on.

Although today’s Bai Duan was still not up to the level of being his own exclusive mecha technician, Lestrot had a deeper willingness to cultivate him. He hoped that Bai Duan could grow up faster and catch up with his own pace. To this end, at the end of the semester, he even invited Bai Duan to join his team as a mecha technician for a field combat assessment.

The entry threshold of Royal Academy of Delmo was very high, and the requirements for a students’ graduation was also very strict, and Lestrot’s mecha driving major was a leading one. In the first academic year, their term assessment was an actual combat for machine armor, the second was the virtual field survival simulation, the third was the real field survival assessment, and the fourth was directly into the army where they would be working together with real soldiers.

For such a strict and even dangerous final examination, the school had always said that it was for ‘responsibility’ — these students majoring in mechatronic driving were bound to enter the army in the future and become sharp knives in the battlefield. This was why things were so strict even when they were just students, as they demand that they not only be responsible for the lives of these students, but also for the security of the whole country.

In order to prevent cheating, the school would broadcast the assessment process of the first three academic years live on the Internet, hoping that all the people who were interested in it would exercise the right and obligation of supervision. As for the assessment of the fourth academic year, the live broadcast was stopped to avoid military secrets leaking, but the soldiers around each trainee would observe and judge the trainees, which was more professional and strict than the supervision of the public.

Therefore, every final examination was not only related to graduation and achievement, but also related to future development for the students majoring in mecha driving in the Royal Academy of Delmo. Noble children like Lestrot also needed to bear the reputation of the family and the reputation of individuals. After all, there were examples of people who were always arrogant, only to expose their weakness in the examination, making the family lose face big time, and making oneself also be beaten to the bottom of the school.

How important was the final examination? Everyone had to be careful when choosing their teammates. So when Bai Duan was invited by Lestrot, his first reaction was whether the other person’s brain was broken.

Of course, whether Lestrot was crazy or not, it didn’t affect Bai Duan’s outright refusal, but it was not because he was worried about his incompetence.

It was true that the field combat was an extreme test of the basic quality, professional quality and adaptability of a mecha division. After all, the field was no better than the research room. Without professional testing equipment and complete replacement materials, general new students couldn’t cope with it. But Bai Duan was different. His understanding of machinery was far beyond that of his peers. He not only received the orthodox education that Professor Zieger devoted to teaching and pointing, but also learned many wonderful and practical wild things from Lao Lin and his friends. It was not a problem to deal with a field practice assessment for students.

But Bai Duan refused to join Lestrot’s team in the field practice assessment, just because he didn’t want to be involved with him. Inviting an ‘incompetent’ junior student into such an important examination meant that in the eyes of others, Bai Duan would surely be put into the camp of Lestrot and become his vassal. Even if Bai Duan performed well in the future, people would just change from seeing him as Lestrot’s lover to Lestrot’s vassal.

Neither identity was what Bai Duan wanted. He didn’t want to be exclusive to someone, and even if he had to compromise, that person must not be Lestrot. Otherwise, Bai Duan really couldn’t be sure if he would violate ‘professional ethics’ and use a black hand to secretly kill this guy.

As Lao Lin had said, Bai Duan was naturally cold-blooded. He could think calmly about how to kill the annoying self-care and self talking Alpha. The only worry was how to deal with the endless annoyance after killing him.

In the face of Bai Duan’s firm refusal, Lestrot couldn’t understand it. After all, in his opinion, it was a profit without any harm. In truth, it was Lestrot’s ‘sacrifice’ of his own interests in order to fulfill other people’s interests for the first time.

“This is a very good opportunity for you. Why do you refuse it?” In the face of the first Beta that he appreciated, Lestrot showed rare patience.

Bai Duan lowered his eyes to cover the impatience in his eyes, and said, “I have no such qualifications.”

“You’re worried that you won’t be able to finish the task, causing me trouble?” Lestrot’s eyes brightened. “You can be rest assured that I know your standard will never be inferior to that of the third grade students. You’re a genius, and you don’t grow at the pace of ordinary people. It’s just a waste of time for you — even if you can’t do it, it doesn’t matter. I will be fully prepared and never let the assessment go wrong.”

“If that’s the case, then I won’t go.” Bai Duan pursed his lips, frowned, and his tone grew colder. “I don’t need to pave a way for myself in this way.” He knew Lestrot was trying to persuade him, but he was too lazy to continue arguing, directly and definitively ending the topic, “I won’t go, you don’t have to say anymore, senior.”

Lestrot helplessly looked at Bai Duan. Although he was refused, he was surprised that he didn’t feel dissatisfied. In other words, Bai Duan, who was so proud and clean under his eyes, was in line with his image, which made him more appreciative and eager. As an Alpha, he could tolerate his Beta’s ‘cute’ temper. After all, he was so excellent and talented, wasn’t he?

Because of Bai Duan’s tough attitude, the topic did not continue.

Bai Duan thought this was the end of the matter, but the list of third grade field practice assessment teams was released a few days later. The list ridiculed Bai Duan’s innocence and stupidity, which made him realize an Alpha’s arrogance and willfulness once again.

Looking at his name on the list, which was right after Lestrot’s name, Bai Duan was not very happy. His face was gloomy and unhappy. For the first time, he took the initiative to find Lestrot and ask him what was going on. Lestrot had expected Bai Duan’s arrival, looking at his eyes with a hint of connivance, was like looking at a grumpy child, “I knew that you would be very dissatisfied with my self assertion — but please believe me that I did this for you, and you will understand this later.”

Bai Duan took a deep breath and tried to resist his impulse to punch the Alpha’s nose in. He knew that he was not able to fight with Lestrot, and the list he had registered on could not be changed. Now that it was done, he could only continue to endure, and then find a chance to get rid of this Alpha.

Bai Duan couldn’t bear this interference in his life in the name of it being good for him. Well, it had only been because of Eddie’s old grudge that he didn’t like Lestrot, but now a new one had been added. Bai Duan didn’t know why he was so dissatisfied with Lestrot’s actions; it was just like someone had crossed his line, and it made him furious. Obviously, he would not normally be so easily angered.

It felt like déjà vu, as if the same thing had happened before. He once had his life altered by a person in the name of ‘his own good’, and that person knew that he would never agree with his decision.

Unlike with how Lestrot’s behavior was unbearable, Bai Duan was angry at the behavior of the man in his ‘memories’, but he could not really hate that person, and even faintly pitied him with feelings that he could not give up — the complicated emotions made a mess of Bai Duan’s mind.

He felt as if he had caught something very important, but when he thought about it carefully, he thought it was just an illusion — after all, Bai Duan clearly remembered that no similar thing had happened in his life, and there was no such a person whom he both loved and hated, then made him angry by making decisions behind his back.

This moment of wavering made Bai Duan miss a good opportunity to refute, which seemed to Lestrot to be the acquiescence of obedience. He clapped Bai Duan on the shoulder with relief and woke him up from his trance and recollection, “I know that you are very smart and can definitely understand my pains.”

Bai Duan who looked indifferent, was actually confused, “Uh…?”

At the same time, far away in another star region, Eddie, who had proved himself and won the leadership of a small group of star thieves, was about to show his strength, sneezed heavily. He felt that his back was a little cold, as if he was possessed by some resentment.

Hmn, his lover that was suffering from love sickness must be thinking about him sadly ~ = w =

Eddie, was very thick-faced and cheeky.


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March 17, 2020 8:02 am

Thanks for the chapter! Poor MC stuck between 2 arrogant idiots…

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Thank you for the chapter! I almost feel bad for Lestrot. His world view is going to get blown up. Maybe literally, LOL.

April 3, 2020 12:14 pm

Oh god, this Lestrot is so annoying.

July 24, 2020 9:48 pm

Just hit his face, to hell with the issues for later

August 4, 2020 2:32 pm

Wow it’s good to know that Lestrot can still care about Bai Duan even if he’s not an omega because he can be his property.

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If it was me i would be angry as well if someone decided something about my life without my permission even though its for my “own good” the man in his memories is an a**hole and i think that “man” is the ML.

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I’d be furious!
Thank you for the chapter!

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Okay, but I’m quite angry at BD, he hurts Eddie and now he keeps letting himself be entangled with that idiot?!
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Hmmm so ML did the memory erasing without the MC’s approval? Or did they have some other problem we’re not being made aware of?

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