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Chapter 2: The Most Outstanding Emperor.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


After coming out of the Star Tower, Gu YuMian boarded the public suspension device.

In the interstellar age, land transportation was completely eliminated, and the satellite popularized the hovercraft. At present, the only regime in interstellar space was of the mysterious, feared Emperor. There were three galaxies, one Capital Star and forty-seven satellite auxiliary stars. The star Tukuxi, where Gu YuMian was now located, was a satellite auxiliary star on the edge of the galaxy. Industry and technology were not developed on this star.

There were more advanced means of transportation on the Capital Star.

Ten minutes later, Gu YuMian stood at the door of his home.

The apartment was originally rented and it was in the middle of a residential building, so the lighting and basic settings were not satisfactory. He didn’t have time to clean up yesterday and Gu YuMian spent an afternoon cleaning.

It was evening by the time he finished so Gu YuMian ordered take out.

While he was waiting for the takeout, he decided to watch a few live broadcasts to study. Although he went for the minimum wage, he was not in love with this business. But since he received money from others, he could not slack off doing his job.

“Little A, please connect me to the Star Network.” The built-in AI of Gu YuMian’s optical computer was called Little A.

“Okay,” Little A replied, “please verify with fingerprint and wear the sensor.”

A light screen appeared in front of Gu YuMian and he pressed his thumb on it then stuck a small metal disc-like sensing device to his forehead and closed his eyes.

The next second, a magical world unfolded in front of him.

It was like a VR game, but it was much more realistic than that. Gu YuMian floated in a vast Starry Sky broadcast, looking left and right. Once again, the indigenous person from ancient Earth was shocked by the advanced level of science and technology.

There were several small squares floating in front of him, with many different titles such as ‘information,’ ‘entertainment,’ ‘communication,’ which were a bit like apps from the mobile phones of his time. Gu YuMian pointed at the ‘entertainment’ section and chose Star Live.

The Star Live platform was really popular. He only entered the server located on Takk Star, not all servers. The number of online people had reached 200 million. The total number of permanent residents on Takk was 500 million.

Gu YuMian didn’t know what to do with his live broadcast and the platform would not restrict the live content of the anchor. The original must have had some talent to become a contracted anchor, but Gu YuMian knew nothing about it.

From childhood, he was good at caring for animals, which needed a series of special skills — good at mixing delicious feed, good at feeding babies, good at coaxing small animals to sleep, but these skills could not be used for the live broadcast.

Gu YuMian randomly selected a partition and entered the live studio to see how it worked.

The anchor of this studio was a beautiful Maine coon cat 1 and the background was a warm bedroom with wallpaper. This was its home and there was a small cradle beside it. Four little Mainecoon cats keep coming out and looking at the camera curiously. The host licked their foreheads one by one.

The live broadcast of the interstellar era was also holographic. Gu YuMian felt that he was standing indoors and he could smell the sweet milk fragrance on his nose. He could see, hear, smell and touch, but he couldn’t hold anything.

Looking at the scene of the five cats in the family, Gu YuMian’s heart was suddenly warm.

However, there were also shortcomings. The hair of the host Maine coon cat looked messy. Besides, its nails hadn’t been cut for a long time, and they were almost going into its paw pads.

The Maine coon anchor looked at the camera and said, “Hello everyone, I’m the anchor, Banana. You can pay attention to what you like.”

Gu YuMian, “…”

“Today, I’m going to teach all the novice father cats,” the host said, licking his paws.”When your wife is not at home, how to use a bottle to feed the kittens milk.”

Gu YuMian glanced over and found that what he clicked on was the ‘parent-child channel.’ The most popular courses here were live feedings, live playing with children, and live tutoring.

“Let’s put the milk in the bottle first.” The host had become a man with an apron on. He held the milk container in one hand and poured the milk into the bottle that was in his other hand.

Gu YuMian, “…???”

Wait, the milk was for the kitten, right? It was not even diluted yet??

Then, the host put the bottle directly in front of the kitten. As the kitten’s nose moved, Gu YuMian could almost see their faces as if they were resisting and rejecting. At last, they meowed twice and began to drink involuntarily.

The host smiled happily, “The babies are also very happy, have you learned?”

Gu YuMian: Where were they happy?!

If there was no cat’s milk, the most suitable drink for young cats should be goat’s milk, 2 because many young cats were lactose intolerant. And with such a rough feeding method, the kitten would be uncomfortable to drink. Fortunately, the physical and mental abilities of the animals in the interstellar age had been greatly improved. Otherwise, it would be very difficult for the kittens to grow up healthily with such an unreliable feeding method.

Gu YuMian looked at the bullet screen 3 and thought that everyone had the same idea as him, but he never thought that the barrage would be full of praise.

I’ve learned. The anchor is very careful! The kittens look very happy.

The anchor’s feeding position is good. Unlike my father’s feeding before, he almost choked me to death.

The milk is good. I used to give my kitten frozen yogurt. It vomited.

Gu YuMian:“…”

The milk was not the worst thing? Someone even fed a baby frozen yogurt!?

Looking at the live broadcast and the barrage, he suddenly realized a very serious problem. Gu YuMian thought about it, closed the broadcast and changed to another studio.

This was the live room set in a living area and the host was a golden retriever. He was teaching, using his companion, how to comb hair. He directly took a plastic comb for human use, put it on his companion, and began to comb from head to tail. The level of force was not controlled. Gu YuMian could see that his companion’s skin was pulled red.

Anchor, “Everyone pay attention to my technique. It’s very comfortable to comb like this. The pain is reduced a lot.”

Bullet screen comments:


How clever the anchor is! I used to use the method that others taught me. It’s really painful to comb.

Gu YuMian: “…”

Food channel—

“Today, I’d like you to join me as we eat at Takk’s most famous restaurant.” The giraffe anchor said, “There are dishes for all races here. Now let’s start ordering.”

Since the live broadcasts were in holographic mode, the audience could smell and taste the food here. In order to satisfy more audiences, the host ordered famous dishes for many animal recipes, such as for cats and dogs.

Gu YuMian was a giant panda zookeeper, but he had kept cats and dogs since he was a child. He had taken care of all kinds of animals in pet hospitals and zoos. He looked at the food professionally as a zookeeper. It was not ‘extremely delicious’ for animals.

If the meat was stirred too much, it would lose nutrition. If the vegetables were added too soon, they would be fried as well. Cats were carnivores, but there was nearly forty percent vegetables in this bowl of ‘advanced cat food.’ 4

This dish for cats was worth 200-star coins and was totally unqualified in Gu YuMian’s eyes. If he gave it to the ancestors of the cats he used to have, they wouldn’t even smell it.

Ah, ah, eat well!!

It’s worthy of being a high-end restaurant. I’ll save money so I can eat there once in the future.

It’s much better than a small restaurant.

Gu YuMian, “…”

He found that the animals in the interstellar age couldn’t live correctly or take care of themselves at all — the best alternative to cat milk was the basic knowledge, goat milk, and no one in the whole interstellar world knew about it.

Combined with some of the history he roughly understood yesterday, Gu YuMian could understand it if he thought about it a little.

In his last life, about twenty or thirty years after he died in the car accident, an apocalyptic catastrophe hit the earth. In that catastrophe, there was a lot of knowledge and culture that could not be preserved. In addition, people and animals became enemies because of resource conflict. Even if someone knew this knowledge, it would not be passed down.

Moreover, after the awakening of animals, whether originally wild or domestic, they began to blindly imitate human life and aesthetics. This was, of course, beneficial to avoid too long-term development from the original — animals based on the scientific and cultural basis of human civilization expanded to the universe and ushered in the interstellar age in advance. But in fact, the human way of life was not suitable for them.

This had created the current situation.

As he was thinking about it, the doorbell suddenly rang. It was Gu YuMian’s take out. He took back his thoughts, took the takeout and sat on the balcony to eat.

Although the rental apartment was small in area, it had a small balcony. Takk’s industry was not developed and from sitting on the balcony, he could see the vast sky.

Gu YuMian ate beneath the starry sky. After eating, he went into his room and brought out a bottle of mineral water to water the half-withered plants on the balcony.

He was a little homesick.

Thinking of his parents, his friends and colleagues, as well as his chubby little pandas…

Gu YuMian did not realize that while he was doing these things, in mid-air outside the balcony, a super micro camera was flashing red.

The camera was aimed at him and in working condition.

At the same time, Star Harbor One.

As the largest starport of Takk, there were tens of thousands of starships and spacecrafts parked there, and hundreds of thousands of passengers were received every day. But generally speaking, the traffic would be greatly reduced after nightfall.

Tonight was the exception.

It was eight o’clock in the evening, but Star Harbor was crowded. There were animals of all races, leading families, old couples supporting each other, some holding flowers. With so many people, it should be noisy, but the huge star harbor was very quiet.

At the front of the crowd were the media reporters, who were also very quiet, and even the cameras were not turned on.

“Mom,” one of the kids finally couldn’t help asking, “who are we waiting for?”

“Shh.” The child’s parents picked up the child and whispered in her ear, “We are waiting for His Majesty. His Majesty saved our lives, you know?”

Twenty years ago, when the Zerg attacked, the frontier satellite Takk Star took the brunt of it. Had it not been for the twenty-year-old Emperor himself leading the troops to the front, Takk would have fallen into the cruel ways of the Zerg. Therefore, despite the mixed reputation of the Emperor over the years, people who had experienced the war were deeply grateful to him.

A few minutes later, a fleet arrived at the Star Harbor suspended in the universe. Thousands of stars were shining, and the scene was grand and magnificent. Each starship had imperial and royal patterns on its body, and the largest one opened.

A man surrounded by guards walked down.

There was dead silence among the hundreds of thousands of people in the harbor. No one spoke.

The Emperor did not like to be talked about. There were few photos of him floating around on the Internet, magazines, and news and it was only his human form, none of them featuring his animal self.

This was the most outstanding Emperor of the Empire for thousands of years. His ferocity was as well known as his excessive mental power. He was only twenty-years-old when he succeeded to the throne. When a normal being lived to the age of 500, he was too young to be coveted by all forces.

Under all the pressure and criticism, the young Emperor went to the front lines in person. In seven years, he wiped out the Zerg that had plagued the Empire for hundreds of years. In less than one year after returning home, he cleaned up the Zerg with iron-blooded tactics and eradicated the forces with an indifferent heart.

Mental power could be divided into E-level and S-level, and the official data that had been published showed that the mental power rating of the Emperor was SSS level. But he had as many bad rumors as merits and one of the most shocking was patricide.

At this moment, Star Harbor was silent.

The Deputy Executive Officer of Takk Star came up cautiously and offered his bouquet, which was ignored.

“Your Majesty,” the Deputy Executive Officer wiped his sweat, and went up again in fear, “we have called together the marriageable noble men and women of Takk star, and are waiting for your choice—”

Just after listening to the first half of the sentence, the Secretary beside the Emperor immediately pinched a sweat drop in his heart.

Sure enough, in the next second, the Emperor stopped and his indifferent eyes rested on the Deputy Executive Officer’s face.

When the Deputy Executive Officer saw the Secretary’s expression, he immediately realized that the matter was not good. He took a half step back with a dry smile. Seeing the indifferent look of the Emperor, he thought he was lucky enough to escape.

Then, he was thrown out by a huge force!

The Secretary and the guards behind the Emperor closed their eyes, while the people on both sides of the road took a tacit step back at the same time. The chubby Deputy Executive changed back to duck shape in mid-air, fell heavily on the ground and passed out.

There was total silence.

The Emperor looked away and went on.

Seeing that His Majesty didn’t have the intention of further attack, the Secretary and the others finally relaxed, followed up and escorted the Emperor to the exclusive suspension device. When the sound of the levitator took off, the atmosphere of the Star Harbor was quiet like the afterlife.

In the hovercraft.

If others had seen the appearance of the Emperor, they would have been surprised. He had broad shoulders, long legs and his beautiful appearance didn’t match his gloomy and irascible temperament. Looking at his two eyes could slow people’s heart rate.

Uniform, silver hair, thin lips, and grey-blue pupils.

Many noblemen and women in Capital Star would go on and on, but their Majesty was an anti-marriage man. The cabinet urged for many years, but it was destined to be disappointed.

As soon as they got on the hovercraft, a light screen spread out in the mid-air, and the light music that was out of line with the tense atmosphere sounded.

“Your Majesty,” the Secretary explained, wiping his sweat, “this is a video taken by Takk to welcome you.”

After the light screen unfolded, the voice of the hostess, frightened and trying to maintain her composure, came out, “We warmly welcome Your Majesty to visit Takk, for which we…”

——Warmly welcome?

The Emperor’s face was slightly mocking.

The Secretary observed His Majesty’s mood and switched channels.

“This is the aristocratic youth’s of age from Takk star,” the picture turned into a group of men and women with outstanding looks, sitting in a reception room and waiting quietly. The reporter said in the voice-over, “His Majesty will be able to choose from…”

The Emperor’s face turned overcast.

The Secretary’s forehead was sweating, so he quickly switched channels. What’s the matter with this Takk star? It was too bold, right from the Deputy Executive Officer to the public, wasn’t it?!

Who didn’t know of His Majesty’s non-marriage doctrine? Even if asked to come by the cabinet, he was always most disgusted to hear ‘dating’ related topics.

A few seconds later, a small balcony appeared on the screen.

At a glance, the Secretary found himself scrambling to press a completely unrelated channel.

Takk was not a planet inhabited by human beings, but a single-digit human being. Because of the ethnic particularity of human beings and the extreme events that had happened before, every human being on the planet would be specially ‘observed’ during the period when the Emperor stayed in Takk. In other words, surveillance.

Of course, this kind of surveillance would not infringe on privacy, but they had to install ultra micro cameras outside their houses.

The Secretary just accidentally switched to the human surveillance channel.

In the picture, the white and handsome young man was eating a box of rice. He straddled the windowsill with long legs, facing the vast Star River on his side, his eyelids drooping. They didn’t know what he was thinking, but it seemed a little sad.

The feeling of the young man was very special. Even the Secretary, looking at the screen, was also distracted for a moment, and there was a soft heart feeling. It was so strange. It was a human being. But he didn’t feel any disgust, and instead, he wanted to be close.

The Secretary quickly returned to his senses. In the event of such a mistake, he was extremely embarrassed, “Your Majesty, I’m really sorry.”

He wanted to turn off the light screen directly.

Unexpectedly, the Emperor who had been silent suddenly raised his hand and stopped his action, “Don’t turn it off.”

The grey-blue pupils watched the young man on the light screen. The Emperor’s face was cold and lazy as if he was watching to pass the time.

But he watched the human for two hours.




Addis here again. As said in Chapter One, this novel will be released every other day. These first two chapters are now out and chapter three will come out on March 17th, 2020 at 1PM PST (LA Time).

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Translator Notes:

  1. Most veterinarians will discourage feeding goat milk to kittens because there are better kitten formula options available that are complete, balanced and a good fit for a kitten’s digestive system.
  2. You can make cats fresh food as you would a dog, however, feeding cats raw fish is actually unhealthy. You can cook fish and give it to your cat, but it cannot survive off of just that. Fresh fish lacks a vitamin called thiamine as do a lot of canned cat foods. If you’d like to learn more, click HERE.


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