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Chapter 89: Sixth World (13)
Translated by Shiya after extensive brain cell necrosis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Many people couldn’t understand Lestrot’s invitation towards Bai Duan to join his team. Even Professor Zieger, who knew Bai Duan’s actual level, thought it was too risky. However, even Zieger was unable and not qualified to change Lestrot’s decisions, so he had to catch Bai Duan and give him extra lessons, trying to make sure Lestrot’s ‘impulsive’ decision would not go wrong.

Bai Duan really benefited from this mending. After all, Professor Zieger abandoned his usual step-by-step education policy and gave him a practical and effective flow of knowledge in a hurry, which made Bai Duan’s knowledge base expand a lot again.

In such a busy study life, the final examination arrived soon. Bai Duan met with his “teammates” after following behind Lestrot, and they were then airdropped to another primitive planet where no residents lived. Here, they would have a three-month survival training. On the basis of ensuring the safety of their own lives, they would have to explore the planet as much as possible, and kill the remaining insect-type beasts.

Insect-type beasts and the insect race were not the same kind of creatures, while the latter had developed intelligence and civilization, the former was still in the stage of ignorance and survived by instinct — just like human beings and monkeys, although they belonged to primates, they could not be compared.

Today, the insect race had become a widely accepted cosmic race — though they were naturally greedy and aggressive. As for insect-type beasts, they were the common enemies of all the intelligent races in the universe. Even the insect race would not be kind to these ‘fellow relatives.’

The insect-type beasts had strong adaptability and reproduction ability. They could survive no matter how bad the environment was, and they didn’t know how to protect the environment and sustainable development as the insect race did. They just satisfied their desires. They ate, destroyed and breed until the destruction of the planet. When the planet was destroyed, they would migrate to another planet.

Wherever this group of cosmic locusts went, let alone the organic race, even the inorganic race could not survive. Therefore, after the temporary truce between the intelligent races of the universe, most of their troops were sent to various planets to exterminate the insects. Even the star thieves sometimes joined in to fight against this group of cosmic enemies.

The planet where the students were conducting the field combat assessment had just been cleaned up by the army, after the soldiers had killed the leader of the swarm with their strong fighting ability, the rest of the swarm had no leader, which was just suitable for students to exercise here.

Bai Duan packed his tools, climbed out of the airdrop cabin, looked up and watched the strange environment around him, even though he was still cool and calm, he could not help but show some curiosity.

Unfortunately, the rest of the team members who had seen similar scenes in virtual simulations in the last academic year had no curiosity to share with him, and they soon came together to discuss the direction of their progress, while Bai Duan stood aside quietly. There was no meaning of participation for him.

The rest of the team didn’t show any disgust to the unqualified mechanic, Bai Duan, on the surface, but Bai Duan was aware of their real rejection and dissatisfaction.

Of course, Bai Duan didn’t care about that because he knew — facts spoke louder than words.

At the beginning, the team had sufficient preparation and strength, and made smooth progress as they explored many areas safely. Bai Duan also sat in the copilot’s seat of the mecha Lestrot operated, quietly acting as an invisible person, without any publicity or trouble.

However, the field combat assessment was absolutely impossible to be so simple, easy and calm. Soon, when they began to dig deep into the forest, trouble followed. Bai Duan finally stood up after people were injured, weapons were damaged and machine armor was broken. The rest stumbled to find a suitable camp to rest.

Having been taught how to use mental power by Eddie, Bai Duan never neglected exercise even though he was quite preoccupied with his academic research. After a year, he was able to control his mental power freely and even applied it to the inspection and maintenance of the equipment.

Without the need for professional large-scale testing instruments, Bai Duan’s mental power could be extended to every tiny unit of the machine. Sometimes it was more flexible and efficient than the instruments. It didn’t take him much time to find out the problem and repair or even improve the machinery according to the knowledge he learned. For something as precise as armory, the problem that often gave technicians a headache was to find out which parts were damaged.

After an overhaul, the team-mates’ eyes on Bai Duan changed completely, and Lestrot even raised his mouth and smiled with pride. This time, Bai Duan’s action changed not only the attitude of his teammates, but also the people who were connected to the STAR Net to watch the live broadcast.

Although it was only a final exam, its attention among the public was not low at all. The students of the Royal Academy of Delmo were all the top students in the world, especially those majoring in mecha piloting. They were all the stars of the future, they had thin waists, pretty legs and extremely standard figures. After wearing military uniforms, they were even more handsome. They were so much better than the white vases in the entertainment industry. What’s more, Lestrot, a noble and talented son, was a feast of vision. Whether it were those who liked bodies and beauty, weapons, or just watching, there would always be a large number of audience members pouring into the live channel of the Royal Academy of Delmo. They would be very interested in the students participating in the assessment.

As a man of God level, Lestrot must be the focus of attention. People paid attention to Lestrot’s team. Naturally, it was inevitable that they would notice Bai Duan’s new face, and soon his identity would be picked out.

Although Bai Duan was beautiful, this time his situation was not pleasing. After all, what one wanted to see was the new star of the future military department, rather than a simple decoration vase. The perceptive masses also noticed the unusual care Lestrot gave to Bai Duan, fueling their malicious satirizing, they even began to think Lestrot was blinded by lust.

However, when Bai Duan proved that he was qualified to join the team, the wind on the Internet immediately changed. Although Bai Duan didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, even if no one knew that he used his mental power to check the armor of firearms and machine tools, as a first year student, he was on par with the third years. That was eye-catching enough.

This was a power oriented society. Even though a Beta’s social status was lower than an Alpha’s and Omega’s. If a Beta had talent, they would not be ignored and buried.

When Bai Duan proved his strength, the slander on the Internet was quickly replaced by admiration. At first, the people ridiculed Bai Duan for relying on Lestrot, but now even those people thought that they matched each other. One was a talented mecha pilot, the other was a talented mecha technician. Bai Duan was really a good partner for Lestrot’s career and life, plus their looks matched as well; they were pleasing to the eye.

Lestrot had always cherished people, and he had never been with anyone except for a brief farce like marriage. Except for that incident, Lestrot had no scandals with anyone else — this was the first time he has shown his care for a person publicly. Lestrot’s childhood Omega ‘wife’ and ‘his accidental death’ must have been very hard for him. Now it was not bad that he could have a like-minded Beta to get out of his depression.

The audience was very bored, so watching the ‘interaction’ between Lestrot and Bai Duan in the broadcast, people began thinking whether the O’dean family could accept a Beta as the head’s wife. After all, due to the small number of Omegas, the marriage between an Alpha and a Beta like Bai Duan was permitted by law, but very few noble Alphas would marry a Beta.

As for Bai Duan, who was a little bit indifferent, his mood was not considered by the public. In their eyes, a commoner Beta would definitely regard someone like Lestrot as a God, and being cared for by said God could be described as great fortune accumulated from eight lifetimes of great deeds. How could he refuse the other’s affection?

Bai Duan, who was conducting the field combat assessment, didn’t know of this. However, Eddie, who had been learning about Bai Duan’s movements through Lao Lin all this time, had also been watching the live broadcast on the STAR Net from the early morning, and he saw it clearly. After the sound of metal clashing together, the armrest of Eddie’s seat twisted and deformed in a frightening manner, eliciting the fearful gazes from the other star thieves working under Eddie.

Mental power filled with anger permeated the whole ship, which made the stars thieves keep silent and they dared not breathe in the tense atmosphere. Unlike the pheromones that could only work on human beings, mental power would play the same role towards other interstellar races, even inorganic races.

The star thieves looked at Eddie, who was gloomy, afraid and compassionate. After all, as Eddie’s subordinates, they also learned bits of the past of their leader and the ‘emotional entanglement’ between him and Lestrot.

Lestrot had cold feet because he disliked Eddie as a Beta, but then he quickly fell in love with another Beta. Even if they put themselves in their leader’s shoes, this kind of face beating couldn’t be tolerated no matter who they were, let alone their arrogant leader.

Seeing the leader’s mood was out of control, a star thief had to speak carefully for his companions in order to avoid being overwhelmed by the leader’s mental strength, so even under pressure, he said, “Boss, if the one named Lestrot doesn’t like you, that’s his problem! Here on Hobian, there are countless Alphas who like you, for example, Kaleid. He is strong, beautiful and has a good personality. The key is he has always taken good care of you too. Isn’t he way better than that blonde brat?”

Eddie looked down at the speaking star thief with a measured smile, “Are you hinting that I could only sit where I am now because of Kaleid? Or are you saying that I only got to this height with Kaleid’s graces?”

“Of course not! I don’t mean that!” The misunderstood star thief was so scared that he shook his head and waved.

No matter gender, race or age, whoever had a hard fist was the boss. Eddie’s thin, small and soft appearance was despised and defied at the beginning. Now he was the leader of this group of star thieves, all because of his own step by step struggles and abilities. Even if he had been in the business for a short time, he didn’t look like a star thief at all, but Eddie’s strength was really intimidating and he had many underhanded ideas. The young star thief had led them into several ‘big businesses’ and really won the full support and respect of the other star thieves.

“In that case, don’t associate me with Kaleid,” Eddie’s eyes were cold.

The star thieves silently added the rule in their hearts, and at the same time, they had to lament about how strong Eddie’s long-distance love was. Even though Eddie loved the wrong person and was severely hurt and abandoned by said person, he still cherished his love for them. Not only did he not care for the rest of the Alphas and Betas, but he refused them all on the pretext that he had a sweetheart for a long time, and even watched that person’s assessment broadcast on the STAR Net. It was really…one’s feeling was as deep as the ocean.

“Boss, if you really like him, just grab him!” He couldn’t bear to see his leader suffering from love.

Another star thief suggested loudly, “Yeah, it’s a small O’dean family, we are not even afraid of the whole human alliance! We are star thieves. If you like it, you can take it back. No problem! Even if the boy is unwilling, there are ways for our brothers to make him serve you loyally!”

Eddie was staring at Lestrot, who had made no trace of his courtship to Bai Duan on the screen, and when he smiled, his dimple was deep, “Hmn, you’re right, I think so too. Originally, I was going to do that later, do it step by step. Now it seems it’s better to rush him to my side earlier to be at ease.”

The spirit of all the star thieves were boosted, they immediately began to rub their fists together. This was the first time for them to kidnap their leader’s future wife. They were really excited when they thought about it! Just think about it!

“…But let’s not be hasty now.” Glancing at the star thieves who were eager to go to the examination planet right now, Eddie said, “If we are going to kidnap him, we should do it vigorously so everyone knows about it. We also need to make sure that their hands are completely tied. Right now, our strength is still a little weak. We must expand our power and improve our reputation as soon as possible.” Eddie raised his hand to close the live broadcast window, then he clicked to open another tab. His fingers were sliding on the floating screen, and quickly he found a record, “So, let’s get things rolling!”

The star thieves shouted loudly, and quickly moved under the direction of Eddie. At the same time, they secretly looked at each other’s eyes and understood. Their leader was making preparations for a grand marriage! What’s more, they were going to kidnap the wife straight from his home. That was really awesome. It was completely in line with their identity as star thieves!

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