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Chapter 23: Cheng Yan Wants to Build a New House

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


After all the questions had been asked, Cheng Yan got ready to leave. Father Lin knew that Cheng Yan had not come just to find them, but also Mo’ger. So Father Lin asked Mo’ger to send him out.

They went outside and Cheng Yan stopped to look at him.

“Er… What else can I do for you?” Lin Mo doubted.

“Do you have any requirements for the house?” Cheng Yan asked.

“Huh? Why do you ask?” Lin Mo thought that as long as the house was liveable, he didn’t care about the small things.

“I bought a piece of land near your house. I’m going to build a new house in the next few days. I wanted to ask you what you think.” Cheng Yan looked at him and replied earnestly.

He currently lived in the most remote place in the village, and it was far away from the Lin family’s house. Cheng Yan was worried that Lin Mo would have some trouble going home to see his parents in the future with his health. What’s more, the house he lived in was too simple. It would’ve been fine if he was going to live alone but it was not good enough if Lin Mo was going to live with him

So Cheng Yan was going to build a new house. A few days ago, he bought a piece of land near the Lin family, and this land was for him and Lin Mo to build a house and live in. Cheng Yan wanted to ask Lin Mo what he thought about the construction of the new house.

Lin Mo thought for a long time and replied, “… I’ll go back and think about it. You come to me tomorrow morning. I’ll go with you to see how the place is.” 

“Good.” Cheng Yan nodded.

Then, Lin Mo looked at him fixedly. His eyes didn’t blink. Cheng Yan was a little nervous. After a long time, Lin Mo’s face slowly showed a light smile, and the smile really reached the bottom of his eyes.

Cheng Yan looked at him and was stunned.

“Cheng Yan…” Lin Mo said suddenly.

“What… What?” Cheng Yan came back to his senses and pretended to be calm.

“I found out that I like you, too.” Lin Mo finished and turned back before he could say anything else.

So Lin Mo didn’t see Cheng Yan’s ears turned red as soon as he turned around.

Lin Mo found that when he remembered Cheng Yan’s confession, he had a moment of palpitation in his heart.

The next morning, as soon as Lin Mo finished breakfast, Cheng Yan arrived. Cheng Yan’s timing was very accurate.

Lin Mo stood up and took the bowl to the kitchen, glanced at Cheng Yan and said, “There are some steamed buns on the table. Please help me finish them. I’ll go get something.” 

“Brother Cheng, morning.” Lin Xing, who was sitting at the table for breakfast, saw Cheng Yan and waved to him.

“Cheng Yan, why have you come here so early? Have you had breakfast? Sit down and eat.” Father Lin insisted.

Cheng Yan bought a piece of land near their home. Father Lin heard about it a few days ago. He also knew that they were going to see it today. Father Lin was very satisfied with Cheng Yan’s behavior, which showed that he attached great importance to their Mo’ger.

Cheng Yan nodded and didn’t refuse. He sat down to have breakfast with them. When Lin Mo came out of the kitchen, he took a bowl of porridge and put it in front of Cheng Yan and went back to his room.

“Is the new house to be built soon? Have you found the materials and people yet?” Father Lin wondered.

“The materials have been found. I haven’t found workers yet. What’s Uncle Lin’s suggestion?”

“My suggestion… You can find some people in the village to help you. Now that there is a period of time left before farming, all the people in the village have free time.”

“Mn.” Cheng Yan nodded in response.

“I’ll help you find someone. You haven’t talked with the villagers for this entire year. I’m afraid that you won’t be able to find anyone to help you on your own.” Father Lin laughed and scolded.

In the past, Father Lin didn’t agree with Cheng Yan’s attitude, but this was after all, because he was not familiar with him, so he didn’t say anything. Now that they were going to be father-in-law and son-in-law, he could mention it.

“Then… Please, Uncle Lin.” Cheng Yan’s eyes showed some embarrassment, but he didn’t say anything more.

Lin Mo went into the house and changed his clothes. He took what he had prepared last night. Since he and Cheng Yan were going to live together in the future, and Cheng Yan asked him about his requirements for the house, Lin Mo naturally needed to be more attentive.

Lin Mo prepared a simple charcoal pen for drawing drafts, and took several pieces of paper that Lin Xiu could not use. The charcoal pen was the coal left by Lin Mo after burning the fire at home. It was simply wrapped with an old cloth to avoid dirty hands.

After Lin Mo went out, Cheng Yan finished breakfast and his conversation with Father Lin had just ended. Cheng Yan saw that Lin Mo had packed up a bag, so he took over the things and left with him.

They left the Lin house and turned right. It was a five or six minute walk before they reached their destination. Lin Mo was very satisfied with the short distance, since he wouldn’t have to go too far if he wanted to find his family later. When he arrived, Lin Mo looked at the land and Cheng Yan told him about the property lines.

Lin Mo was very satisfied with the place selected by Cheng Yan. There were not many people around and Lin Mo preferred a quiet place instead of having neighbors. There was also a stream not far from here.

Lin Mo simply drew the location of each room on the paper and asked, “Is there anything else you want besides a master bedroom, living room, storage room, kitchen and bathroom?” 

Cheng Yan thought about it and said, “Add two more rooms. They may be useful later.” 

“Mn, how about planting some fruit trees and flowers in the yard?” Lin Mo inquired.

“Mn… You decide.” Cheng Yan didn’t have any idea about that sort of thing. Lin Mo could add whatever he liked.

“The yard should be larger, half for vegetables, half for fruit trees and flowers… When the house is built, we will see how to do it in detail.” Lin Mo drew the final simple structure, then looked up at Cheng Yan, with some light in his eyes.

This was his future home. Lin Mo wanted to make it warm. Around the house, there would be some climbing flowers. In the middle of the yard, the trees would have branches covered with fruit. In the corner of the yard, there would be some grapes, which could cool down the area in summer.

Living in such a place every day was one of Lin Mo’s dreams during the end of the world. Now, this expectation could be realized. He would have a family and live with someone he liked.

“Good.” Seeing the expectation in Lin Mo’s eyes, Cheng Yan nodded in response and raised his mouth slightly.

People who didn’t laugh often, seeing them smile was a very rare sight, just like Cheng Yan at this time. Lin Mo saw a light smile in his eyes and was stunned seeing this Cheng Yan.

Lin Mo had figured out the general layout of the house. After going back, he drew a detailed picture and explained it to Cheng Yan.

It was a few days before the Lantern Festival and the Lin family had already done as much as they could. Now it was time to finalize everything. Father Lin left the house after Lin Mo and Cheng Yan. When Lin Mo got home, Father Lin hadn’t come back and he didn’t come home until lunch time.

“How was it?” Asked Mama Lin.

Father Lin sat down and said, “I’ve already found a good man. He can start tomorrow and finish the house in at least four days.” 

“The Lantern Festival starts in six days. We can do other things after their house is built.” Lin Cheng said.

Sister-in-law Lin heard this and offered, “My mother and I can help or we can call Aunt Zhang for lunch within these four days.” 

“What about me? What can I do?” Lin Xing asked excitedly. He also wanted to see it. He had never seen how a house was built.

Mama Lin looked at Lin Xing and frowned, “Don’t make trouble. Stay at home with A-Chen and watch Xiaonan and Xiaoya.” 

“All right.” Lin Xing hung his head and sighed before he continued to eat.

Lin Xiaoya looked up at them and then looked at Lin Xing. She scooped out a piece of meat from her bowl and put it in her uncle’s bowl.

“Fifth Uncle, eat meat!” Lin Xiaoya’s childish voice cooed.

“Xiaoya is still the best. Fifth Uncle will bring you some vegetables.” Lin Xing touched her head and scooped her a piece of tofu from his bowl with a spoon.

In the next four days, both Father Lin and Lin Cheng went to help, and Mama Lin and sister-in-law Lin started preparing their lunches in the early morning. The ingredients for the meals were bought by Cheng Yan from the town early in the morning, and they were enough for four days.

Lin Mo would go to see the progress every day and bring them mint tea to relieve the heat. Lin Mo even put a drop of spiritual water in it, so that they would be more energetic after drinking it.

Today was the fourth day, and the house was almost built, only the garden walls around the house and other places were left.

Lin Mo walked over in a straw hat with a small bucket of mint tea and put the bucket on the stone table. Lin Mo poured two cups and took one to Lin Cheng and one to Cheng Yan.

“Mo’ger came again!” The other villagers working on the side naturally saw Lin Mo and laughed.

“Mn, I’ve brought some tea. You can have some as well.” Lin Mo offered.

When the other men heard Lin Mo’s words, they all put down their things and walked over, poured out their own cups of tea and sat down to drink while chatting. Lin Mo regularly brought the tea to quench their thirst so now the first thing they looked forward to at noon was Lin Mo’s arrival, and the second was eating.

In the past few days, they also found out that Cheng Yan and the ger of the Lin family were going to get married. They would probably get married soon after the house was built.

Everyone in Daling Village knew that Cheng Yan was going to build a new house. At the beginning, many people came to have a look. Later, someone spread the news and the whole village knew that Cheng Yan was building a house so he could marry his wife. The person was the ger of the Lin family.

At the beginning, other people had their doubts. After all, Cheng Yan was cold-blooded. He would not look at other ger in the village, let alone talk to them. But after waiting for a long time, they didn’t hear of Cheng Yan denying the rumor, so a ger whose brother was helping asked him to ask Cheng Yan.

The man asked, and Cheng Yan nodded to admit it. The point was that both Father Lin and Lin Cheng were at the scene, and the Lin family nodded to show that it was true.

The other ger in the village, who were looking forward to wooing Cheng Yan, were totally broken hearted after knowing it. After that, some ger said that Lin Mo was lucky. To this end, when Lin Mo heard this, the words went into his left ear and out of his right ear, and he didn’t say anything to their comments.

“How is it going?” Lin Mo inquired.

“It will be finished this afternoon.” Cheng Yan wiped the sweat on his forehead and took a sip of tea. The coolness of the tea went down his throat into his stomach and dissipated the heat of his whole body.

“Tomorrow I’ll clean up the house with you, put in the furniture and let it air out for a few days.” Lin Mo uttered.

“Good.” Cheng Yan nodded. At the same time, he had to prepare some things. After the Lantern Festival, he could go to the Lin family to propose his idea.

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