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March 10, 2022 9:42 am

Of you only read the very beginning, no you shouldn’t. I’ve read novels that turned South in the middle of it, or others that had a mind blowing twist by the end. So, rating without finishing the novel can be misleading.

If you drop it, you can leave a review with reasons why you drop it, but please don’t overrate/underrate the novels.

I tend to use the rating to decide which one I’m reading next.

March 10, 2022 12:37 pm

If someone loathes a novel and finds it impossible to finish, then they should be able to rate that fact.
Personally, I prefer to finish it if I want to rate it.

March 10, 2022 2:38 pm

To be fair, they should finish the novel before they rate it. Some novels have slow start in introducing the story and getting interesting along the way. If they still want to rate it, they should mention till what chapter they read it and why they drop it. Unless it won’t be fair and can be misleading.

March 10, 2022 4:00 pm

They can absolutely comment on a book they haven’t finished. 100%.

Sue R
Sue R
March 10, 2022 7:25 pm

I wouldn’t rate any novel that I stop reading before the end. Just to be fair to the author but of course I think they can.

March 20, 2022 7:10 am

I wouldn’t rate a novel I haven’t finished but I might leave a review or comment of why I didn’t continue and try to read it again after a year, see if my perspective about it has changed.

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