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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The next morning, Yu Chu got up early, changed into a sports outfit, and ran around the island, following his usual route. The morning breeze was refreshing and the sun wasn’t too strong, and within a few minutes, a man was beside him, running along with him.

Half an hour later, Yu Chu stopped and held on to a tree to catch his breath. Today, he ran ten minutes longer than yesterday before reaching his limit, so he improved by exercising.

A bottle of water and a bony hand appeared in front of him, and Yu Chu glanced at it, then averted his eyes away and continued to pant while holding on to the tree. The hand took the water back, unscrewed the cap, and handed it over, and Yu Chu took it this time, gulping it down.

The full bottle was drained, and he handed the empty bottle back, eyes half-squinted at the sea in the distance, as he asked, “Are your whip wounds all healed?”

“Long gone.” Zhou Mu put the empty bottle back into his backpack.

“Since they have long been healed, how come I haven’t seen you for a few days?”

“I didn’t want to move. And anyway, Uncle Wu didn’t rush, so I laid down for a few more days.”

Yu Chu continued to walk forward and asked in a casual tone, “Oh? So Uncle Wu is pushing you today and giving you new tasks?”

Zhou Mu seemed to be a bit surprised by his perceptiveness, and looked at him sideways for a moment before saying, “It’s not really a new task.”

“If it’s not a new assignment, then you’re still my bodyguard, just a change in the content of surveillance.” Yu Chu said indifferently.

This wasn’t a question, but a statement, that Zhou Mu neither refuted nor responded to, just silently pulled the corner of his mouth. The ecological environment of the island was good, birds flew by in flocks, chattering and chirping. Neither of them spoke again but walked in silence with a leisurely and relaxed gait, both enjoying the tranquility of the moment.

When they reached a wooded area, there was a sound of running water, and Yu Chu went into the woods, following the soft grassy path.

The water was so clear that they could see small fish about an inch long swimming around in it. Yu Chu squatted at the edge of the stream and watched for a while, then stretched out his finger to poke, and the small fish scattered playfully, not swimming far away, but stopping for a while and swimming back. He suddenly became playful and wanted to take off his shoes and socks and go into the water to catch the fish.

“The water’s very cold and your feet have just been injured, and can’t stand the cold.” Zhou Mu lifted him to his feet, disapproval written all over his handsome face.

Yu Chu didn’t bother to care that he was carrying him like a chicken at all times, he just said impatiently, “You’re so nosy.”


“Do you remember that you’re my bodyguard?”


“I think you don’t think of yourself as a bodyguard, but as my wife.” Yu Chu said in a vicious voice.

“Not really.”

Yu Chu was silent for a while, then looked up again with a smile on his face, as he rested his head on Zhou Mu’s shoulder and said in a sweet tone, “But I like those little fish… Since I have injured my ankle, you go catch them for me.”

“No, I’ve been whipped.”

“It’s on your back, and you’re not allowed to swim.”

“Still no.”

This time, he didn’t even give a reason.

Yu Chu had little interest in catching fish and knew it was impossible to go into the water. He couldn’t beat this man, and he might get picked up and restrained again. He didn’t want to make a fool of himself again and again, so he sullenly walked out of the woods, and Zhou Mu followed suit.

Their footsteps rustled on the lawn when Zhou Mu suddenly asked, without any warning, “Did you do that last night?”

Yu Chu instantly understood that he was asking about Yu Feng’s broken foot, but his face first froze, then he stopped and stared, surprised, as he replied with a question, “Are you talking about the attack on Yu Feng? How is that possible?” Not waiting for Zhou Mu to answer, he sneered, full of gloating, “I wish I could’ve broken his leg myself, but unfortunately I didn’t do it.”

Zhou Mu stared at him without saying a word. His obsidian eyes were dark, hiding all the thought in his head. Yu Chu locked eyes with him, his face full of honesty.

“You did it.” Zhou Mu slowly spoke, his tone quite certain.

Yu Chu didn’t retort this time, only asked, “The reason?”

“Because when you weren’t allowed to go into the water, you got upset. But when I asked if you did what happened last night, with my knowledge of you, you wouldn’t answer this question, but ignore it, and sneer at me twice.” Zhou Mu narrowed his eyes, “Of course, that would be on the basis that it wasn’t you who did it in the first place.”

“So what you mean is, I didn’t act well in my reaction just now?”

Zhou Mu thought seriously, before replying, “If you weren’t lying to me, but to others, you’re doing well enough to get by.”

Yu Chu stared at him for a while, then suddenly laughed and said, “I wouldn’t talk like that if I was lying to other people.” After saying that, he took a step back, his face quickly switched to a timid and naive look, and a layer of hazy moisture rose under his eyes, as he bit his lips and whispered, “Don’t… don’t say nonsense… What happened to big brother has nothing to do with me.”

Zhou Mu looked at him with complicated eyes, and after he raised his head with a smile, he suddenly asked, “Did you always pretend like this before? And fooled everyone?”

Yu Chu shrugged, “Whatever you say, after all, I lost my memory and don’t know what happened before.”

“You shouldn’t have done that to Yu Feng.”

Yu Chu’s face, which was still smiling, sank, “Should I just let him hit me over and over again as if I can’t fight back at all? Just be drugged by him and then find some random guy to fuck me?”

Zhou Mu said, “You can tell me.”

“So what if I tell you? Let you help me tell Yu ShiQing?” Yu Chu sneered.

Zhou Mu said, “No, it’s easier for me to do it than for you. I would leave no trace and would make him unable to stand up on either legs.”

Yu Chu didn’t expect to hear such a reply and was stunned for a moment, the rest of his harsh words were blocked in his mouth. He narrowed his eyes and looked at Zhou Mu in front of him, and seeing his serious face, he didn’t seem to be telling lies, so he finally started to feel better and said with a hooked mouth, “Okay, you can do it next time.”

The two men tacitly closed their mouths and no longer mentioned the attack on Yu Feng. After exiting the woods in silence, Yu Chu continued to run with Zhou Mu following behind him, handing him a water bottle when he stopped for a short break.

After returning to the mansion, Zhou Mu didn’t turn his head in the direction of the staff dormitory, as he always did, but continued to follow Yu Chu. Yu Chu thought he was going to find Uncle Wu or Yu ShiQing, so he didn’t pay attention until the other person also stopped at the door of his suite, only then did he ask, “What? Are you going to follow me into my room?”

“Yes.” Zhou Mu replied.

Yu Chu tilted his head for two seconds, but unlocked the door. Once the door was opened, the first thing that caught his eye was a lone suitcase in the middle of the living room. He circled around the suitcase curiously and asked Zhou Mu, “Yours?”


Yu Chu looked at Zhou Mu’s still calm face and suddenly smiled, “Did Mr. Yu send you to my bed?”

Zhou Mu paused for two seconds before replying after a rare two second pause, “…Maybe.”

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November 23, 2021 9:42 am

I wonder if he is spying for Yu ShiQing, or if he’s on Yu Chu’s side. I’m a littke surprised that YC isn’t more guarded around ZM.
Thanks for translating and editing.

November 23, 2021 12:34 pm

ZM and YC..really a pair made in heaven..their bantering…tsk tsk🙈🙈🙈

November 23, 2021 9:36 pm

It is not possible to predict what will happen to these two. Thanks for the chapter!

November 23, 2021 10:25 pm

I wonder how many broken legs it would take for the brother to change his ways?

Is Zhou Mu a real spy or is he not, this situation is very interesting. One thing for sure, with Zhou Mu living in Yu Chu’s room, Yu Feng has zero chance for taking revenge.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

Jiato u.u
December 30, 2021 12:25 am

ZM doesn’t seem to be carrying a bag so where does he stow all of his water bottles? Or did he magicked them into existence 😂😂😂???

Thanks for the chapter ☆☆~~

January 3, 2022 11:00 pm

“”MAYBE”” 😂

Also, the tension between them isn’t as bad as before!

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