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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


When Uncle Wu carried Yu Feng back, Yu Chu was bored and was pulling apart a red rose. The ground was covered with broken petals, and the branches around the red rose were bare.

While Yu Feng was carefully carried by the crowd, his left calf showed an unnatural bend, apparently the bone had been broken. From time to time, he let out two howls of pain, interspersed with angry curses.

“What’s going on here?” Yu Chu tugged on a hired thug and asked curiously.

The hired thug replied, “Eldest Young Master was attacked on his way back and his left leg was broken.”

“Ah! How could that happen? Who would attack my elder brother on the island?” Yu Chu was so shocked that the flowers in his hand fell to the ground.

The hired thug hurriedly reassured him, “Second Young Master, don’t be afraid, we have searched the whole island. Wherever he’s hiding, we’ll find him.”

“Oh…” Yu Chu nodded worriedly, his two beautiful eyebrows tightly knitted.

In the middle of the night, several specialist doctors were led out from Haiyun City Hospital by Uncle Wu, then exited Yu Mansion’s gate and boarded an electric car bound for the pier. As the vehicle left, Yu ShiQing lowered his hand that lifted the curtain and slowly turned around.

The room was full of people, and as Yu ShiQing’s scrutinizing gaze slid past their faces, they were all more or less frightened, except for Yu Chu and Uncle Wu at the front. The former was looking at his brother on the bed with a worried and anxious face, and the latter was staring down at the carpet in front of him, keeping his sight low, unknown to others what he was thinking about.

“Has everyone arrived?” Yu ShiQing asked, his voice revealing neither anger nor joy.

Uncle Wu replied, “Everyone who was on duty tonight is here. Those who weren’t are in the dormitory and haven’t left.”

“Hmm.” Yu ShiQing nodded noncommittally and looked at Yu Feng who was screaming on the side of the bed, “Did you see what your attacker looked like?”

Yu Feng’s left foot was wrapped in a cast and hanging in mid-air, while his long, thin face was deformed by anger and pain. He gritted his teeth and said, “I was dragged on the ground and knocked unconscious before I had time to see.”

Big Scar, with gauze wrapped around his head was standing by the bed, frowning, “I didn’t see them either. The fallen tree trunk was blocking the road, and when I went to drag it away, I was hit from behind, and I don’t know anything else.”

“You useless trash!” Yu ShiQing spat out the words.

His voice was soft, but Big Scar went down on his knees with a weak leg and started slapping himself one hit after another. He hit hard, and within a few slaps, the gauze wrapped around his head fell apart and his cheek swelled up rapidly.

The room was full of people, but it was as quiet as a tomb, only the sound of a crisp slap could be heard. Yu Chu stood trembling at the front of the crowd, his fingers fidgeting restlessly, his face a little pale.

Yu ShiQing glanced at him and asked in a cold, hard tone, “Xiao Chu, what are you doing here?”

“I’m worried about my brother.” Yu Chu answered in a timid whisper.

Yu ShiQing eased his tone, “Go back to your room, and come back to see your big brother when things are settled here.”

“Mhm.” Yu Chu hung his head and turned around, heading to the door, but just before he lifted his foot, he turned back, glancing at Yu Feng like he was worried about him.

Yu Feng was lying on the bed, whispering something, but when he met Yu Chu’s eyes, Yu Chu mouthed something him, and while he was dazed, the corner of the other’s mouth was curled with a smile that looked like a mockery or a provocation, and with that white, harmless face, it looked extraordinarily weird.

It wasn’t until Yu Chu walked out of the room and closed the door that Yu Feng came back to his senses from the sound of the door and realized that the word Yu Chu had just used was the word “trash”. His pupils suddenly shrank and he frantically shouted at Yu ShiQing, “Dad! It was him! It was Yu Chu, that bastard! He attacked me and broke my leg! Ask Big Scar if you don’t believe me! Big Scar, tell him, it was Yu Chu, that son of a bitch, who did this to us!”

Big Scar stopped slapping his own face and mumbled a little fearfully, “Eld-Eldest Young Master.”

“You saw him, didn’t you? I remember seeing a black shadow before I passed out. It was Yu Chu! Yes, although I couldn’t see the face, but the body size was the same as Yu Chu’s!” Yu Feng’s eyes were red and wide open as if they were about to come out of their sockets, and his nostrils kept opening and closing out of anger and excitement, “Dad, it was that bastard—”

“That’s enough!” Yu ShiQing interrupted him with a loud shout, his face also became ferocious, “At a time like this you’re still thinking of picking a bone with your brother?!”

“It was really him! Just now when he went out, he turned around and smiled at me, and… and called me trash!” Yu Feng looked at the group of hired thugs, “You all saw it, right?! Ah? The look on his face just now, as he called me trash, you all saw it, right?”

Yu Chu just turned his head to look at Yu Feng with his back to everyone in the room, so after Yu Feng asked this question, except for Big Scar who was nodding desperately, the other hired thugs including Uncle Wu didn’t answer, only looked at Yu ShiQing with a troubled expression.

“Dad, Yu Chu is a sinister monster! Last time he pressed Big Scar’s head into the water and almost drowned him, and even made a shooting motion at me, meaning that he wants to kill me! He’s just pretending to be a little lamb in front of you guys, but he’s actually a poisonous snake…”

The more Yu Feng barked, the more ugly Yu ShiQing’s face became. He pressed his fingers to his temples and turned to Uncle Wu, “When Yu Feng’s leg recovers, he will be grounded for three months, during which time he will not be allowed to come to see me, nor will anyone else be allowed to plead for him.”

Yu Feng abruptly stopped talking and looked at Yu ShiQing incredulously, “Dad, he broke my leg, and you still want to punish me?!”

Yu ShiQing also ignored him, as he strode out of the room with a sullen face. The hired thugs hurried to follow him out. Uncle Wu walked out last, closing the door with a complex expression, “Eldest Young Master, you also know Second Young Master’s character. Why would you drag him into this?…”

“Get out! You too, get out!” Yu Feng bellowed angrily. Uncle Wu turned around helplessly and closed the door with a shake of his head.

On the third floor study, Yu ShiQing dismissed everyone, leaving only him and Uncle Wu in the room.

“So, this matter was indeed done by people on the island?” Yu ShiQing leaned back on the wide leather sofa, his gloomy eyes staring at a qilin ornament on the table.

Uncle Wu stood across from him and cautiously replied, “Sir, the employees have searched the whole island and found no one hiding. There are no ships at the pier, apart from one cargo ship to Haiyun City that hasn’t returned yet. Unless that person can turn into a bird and fly around to get away from the island.”

“Where are the employees from that night?” Yu ShiQing asked.

“The ones who weren’t on duty were in the dormitory and the gate monitor could see that no one entered nor left. The ones on duty were in that room just now, and you have interrogated them, each of them can testify about each other. Sir, when I arrange people for tasks, I make sure that they can monitor each other. I basically won’t send a person alone, even when picking up Eldest Young Master. I had arranged for Zheng Bao and Chen Gang to pick him up.”

Yu ShiQing was silent for a moment, lifted his eyes to look at Uncle Wu and asked lightly, “What do you think about Yu Feng’s claim that Yu Chu did this?”

“How is that possible?” Uncle Wu flatly denied, “It’s not in Second Young Master’s character to possibly do such a thing as attacking Eldest Young Master.”

Yu ShiQing pulled out the silver chain around his neck, held the small silver ball and the small wooden cross in his palm, and asked in a very soft voice, “Is that so?” 

Uncle Wu hesitated for a moment, his face began to look solemn, as he tentatively said, “Sir, do you mean…”

“Wolf cubs fight in the den from a young age in order to grow sharp claws. That’s why I’ve been turning a blind eye to what happened between the two brothers for so many years.” Yu ShiQing slightly narrowed his eyes, but a cold aura flashed under his eyes, “Although Yu Feng is a bastard, he’s my son and I know him. He wouldn’t dare to continue to lie to me and make me angry. But this second son, I seem to be more and more impervious to him.”

Uncle Wu looked down and thought for a moment, but still shook his head, “Tonight Zheng Bao sent Second Young Master to the door of Yu Family Mansion. If it was Second Young Master who went to attack the Eldest Young Master, he didn’t have that chance.”

Yu ShiQing tucked the silver chain back into his collar, leaned back and closed his eyes, then slowly said, “Right, he didn’t do it. Not only did he not have the chance, he also didn’t have the skills.”

“Yes, the Second Young Master has always been timid.” Uncle Wu said.

“Timid? Not really.” Yu ShiQing slowly shook his head, “Yu Feng and his mother have always been uncomfortable with Xiao Chu and I used to think that if it wasn’t for my protection, Yu Chu would’ve been torn to pieces by that mother and son pair. But Old Wu, I’m often not at home. If Yu Chu is really timid and dull, after all these years, how can he still be here? If he was really timid, could he still deny that he had the key in his hand after I demanded it many times?”

Uncle Wu’s eyes widened abruptly, “The key? Sir, so you mean…” 

Yu ShiQing waved his hand, “Although Yu Chu has denied it, I always suspected that the key was in his hands. As long as he doesn’t hand over the key, I can’t let down my guard even for a single day. You can arrange someone to live with him 24 hours a day. The situation is getting more and more tense now, so there can’t be any more mistakes at this juncture.”

“Yes, sir.” Uncle Wu answered, and then hesitantly asked, “Who should I arrange?”

The room fell silent, and Yu ShiQing thought for a moment before answering, “Zhou Mu.” 

“Zhou Mu? But he’s Second Young Master’s—” Uncle Wu swallowed the rest of his words in time.

Yu ShiQing said, “I can see that Zhou Mu has great ambition. This kind of person is the most untrustworthy, but also the best to use. As long as he can be given what he wants, he will not hesitate to give up anyone and betray anyone. It would be perfect for him to watch over Yu Chu.”


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November 22, 2021 4:04 pm

That was a very risky thing for Yu Chu to do. Now it’s drawn attention to him.
Is Yu ShiQing right about Zhou Mu? I can’t see it / hope not.
Thanks for translating and editing.

November 22, 2021 8:19 pm

Guess it must be YC and ZM plan in injuring the Eldest Young Master😎😎😎

November 22, 2021 11:19 pm

Well, Yu Chu was just repaying his elder brother and Big Scar’s ‘kindness’.😏 And Mr. Yu, giving Zhou Mu to Yu Chu (or perhaps the other way around 😉🤭) is the worst thing for you to do and the best way of doing it for them. Looking forward to more power struggle. And what is that key for?

Thank you for the chapter!!!

November 23, 2021 12:54 pm

Things are getting interesting, let’s see how YC plays with them. Thanks for the chapter!

January 3, 2022 10:43 pm

After reading about the dad’s skepticism of Yu Chu, could it really be possible that Yu Chu somehow has amnesia?

And then there was one room… Well, that was convenient! I love it. 😆

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