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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Yu Chu took out his cell phone, found Zhou Mu’s number, but didn’t dial it. After staring at the screen for a few seconds, he finally put the phone back into his jacket pocket. The dinner guests had already gathered in the garden, the band was playing on a small stage, and the famous female singer was singing passionately.

Yu Chu looked at the door and saw Zhou Mu. He avoided Zhou Mu’s sight and went to the hall, grabbed a maid and asked, “Where’s my father?”

“Mr. Yu is resting upstairs, he hasn’t come down yet,” the servant answered him.

Yu ShiQing was avoiding the people and took the other way. Yu Chu ran towards the right side of the garden and bumped into several people on the way. A young man, who was quite decent, was courageous enough to come towards him, but when he shouted ‘Young Master Yu’, the two glasses of wine he was holding were rudely pushed away.

“Get out of the way.”

The young man stared at Yu Chu’s unturned back, stood for a moment in frustration, tilted his neck, and poured both glasses of wine down his throat.

A few guests were standing by the rockery chatting, and when they saw Yu Chu running towards them, they were stunned at first, then greeted with a smile, “Good evening, Young Master Yu.”

Yu Chu ignored them, climbed up to the top of the rockery in a few steps, then leaped at the fence next to them, stepped on the top of the fence, then jumped, and landed in the soft lawn.

Several guests watched the scene in awe, holding their glasses for a long time.

Yu Chu went into the woods on the side of the road, and ran towards the sea. The island was crowded today, there were many guests walking around. If Yu ShiQing and A’Bang really wanted to trade, they would definitely choose a trading place where no one would go.

He familiarized himself with the topography of the island these days, and knew of a hidden place, close to the reef beach where he often walked. Yu Chu soon arrived at the reef beach, but found no one there, and was about to leave when the phone in his jacket pocket vibrated. He took it out and saw that the caller was Zhou Mu. After staring at the name for a few seconds, he pressed the answer button.

“The ball is about to start and he hasn’t come down yet. How are you doing there?” The sound of Zhou Mu’s deliberately low voice vibrated in his ears.

Yu Chu also made his voice very soft, “He’s still sitting in the study.”

“Where’s Uncle Wu?”

“He just sat down.”

Zhou Mu hmmed, “Then you keep watching, and notify me immediately if there’s anything unusual.”


“Be safe.”

“Yes, you too.”

When he hung up, Yu Chu put his phone on silent, the blue light of the screen reflecting the cold expression on his face. He and Zhou Mu were grasshoppers tethered on the same rope, but when he, the grasshopper, had a chance to escape alone, he wouldn’t hesitate to leave the other grasshopper behind.

He grew up in a crisis-ridden environment and had an innate sensitivity to danger. Although he and Zhou Mu had formed a temporary alliance, he could detect that the other’s purpose was very complex and secretly deadly.

He just wanted to get off the island and escape from Yu ShiQing’s control and sphere of influence, not interested in what Yu ShiQing had actually done. To catch Yu ShiQing redhanded and exchange that to go far away.

It wasn’t worth getting involved in Zhou Mu’s plan to put himself in crisis.

Yu Chu pondered for a few seconds. Since Yu ShiQing didn’t trade here, then the remaining hidden place was Broken Heart Cliff.

The cliffs and the reef beach were at the north and south ends of the island, and it would take more than half an hour to run there, but Yu Chu couldn’t care less and ran towards the main road in the woods.

Hazy starlight outlined the shadow of the woods, a car wound into the distant night, and Yu Chu ran behind the car. His ears were filled with the whistling wind, and his own violent heartbeat was the only noise. Although he put his cell phone on silent, there was a bright light coming out of his coat pocket from time to time, and it should be Zhou Mu calling him continuously.

He didn’t answer it, and let the phone lie in his coat pocket.

At this time, a snowy light was cast behind him, and a battery car came and stopped beside him.

“Second Young Master, where are you going?” The person driving the car greeted him.

Yu Chu heard the voice was familiar and asked, “Zheng Bao?”

“It’s me. I’m going to the pier to pick up a guest.” The man poked out his upper body so Yu Chu could see his face.

Yu Chu gasped, “You… get out of the car.”

Zheng Bao didn’t know why, but immediately got out of the car. Yu Chu jumped on it and let go of the brake and stepped on the gas pedal, the battery car whistled and rushed out.

“I’ll return the car to you later!”

Zheng Bao stood in the same place, the battery car ran out of shadows in response, mumbling, “I was to pick up guests ah.”

Yu Chu made it go as fast as possible. The road went forward, and not a few minutes later, he could hear the waves slapping the rocks loudly. He didn’t dare to go forward again, so he parked the car on the side of the road, hidden in the night, where Broken Heart Cliff quietly sat.

Yu Chu didn’t take a closer look and was ready to find a place to hide first.

The area was a large W, and the cliff was in the middle of the W, with the surrounding area blocked. He couldn’t go directly to the cliff, so he went around to the left and the cliff parallel to the place, hiding behind a half-high reef. From here, Broken Heart Cliff was just a few dozen meters away, separated by a deep and narrow canyon, and he could clearly see the people from above.

In the middle was the cold-faced Yu ShiQing, behind him was Uncle Wu and a few hired thugs. They weren’t talking, only silently looking at the sea, like they were waiting for something. He crouched behind the reef, following the line of sight of Yu ShiQing stared at the sea, a few minutes later, the dark sea suddenly lit up two columns of light, bright and flickering three times.

Yu Chu was in awe, knowing that this was the distant ship sending signals, and then saw Uncle Wu raise the searchlight in his hand, and flash three times toward the sea.

A speedboat appeared in his field of vision, breaking the wind and waves.

Yu ShiQing saw the speedboat at the same time, his tense look slightly relaxed, and the two cronies behind him moved under his command. They lifted a bundle from the ground and raised the soft ladder. The end was fixed on the cliff top, and the other end was thrown down the cliff.

The speedboat soon came to a stop at the bottom of the cliff, and from Yu Chu’s angle, he saw that there were four people standing up there, two of them carrying backpacks. They grabbed the soft ladder and climbed up, and seemed to be good at it, since it took less than two minutes to climb to the top of the cliff, which was tens of meters high.

Yu Chu could see clearly that the man in the middle was A’Bang.

A’Bang nodded to Yu ShiQing, and without saying much, he took off his backpack and threw it in between the two. Uncle Wu took two steps forward and opened the backpack for a closer look, and after a moment turned to Yu ShiQing and gestured.

Yu ShiQing’s face relaxed, so the hired thug took the command and two people turned to go to the woods behind them.

Yu Chu knew that the transaction between them began and according to the information provided by Zhou Mu before, the two backpacks should be filled with drugs. He leaned back against the rocks and took out his cell phone, burying his upper body to block the light and pressing the screen.

It showed three missed calls, all from Zhou Mu.

He turned on the phone camera, the screen went dark, and then carefully reached out from the reef and started filming.

Two hired thugs soon came out of the woods, each carrying two silver coded boxes that looked heavy. They both walked back to Yu ShiQing, opened one of the boxes and spread it out on the ground.

Yu Chu turned the camera closer to see that it contained stacks of cash, which he had just recognized as U.S. babyars. Yu ShiQing and A’Bang looked quite satisfied, and the hired thug behind them each took a few steps forward to exchange the backpack and the combination case.

Just as they were touching each other, Yu Chu’s phone suddenly lit up and a message popped up on the screen.

“Hello, the sea cloud weather forecast is warmly reminded, tonight there will be light to moderate rain. The city temperature will drop 3 to 5 degrees, day and night temperature difference is large, so please remember to add clothes in time.”

When this message popped up, the pale light reflected on Yu Chu’s face. Before he had time to retrieve his phone, he saw A’Bang in front of him on the screen, abruptly turning his head to look in his direction.

Not good!

In that instant, A’Bang pulled out the gun at the back of his waist and pulled the trigger at Yu Chu. In a flash of lightning, Yu Chu jerked his head back and the reef in front of him made a popping sound, followed by splinters.

Bang, bang, bang!

Connected with a few more shots, Yu Chu curled himself into a ball, allowing the splash of dirt and debris to hit his head and back. He strained to see what was around him, ready to dash into the woods in between shots, when the gunfire finally stopped and the sound of a round being loaded came from above him.

Someone had rushed behind the reef where he was hiding and pointed a gun at his head.

Yu Chu’s heart stopped at that instant, his whole body was like being in an ice cellar, his blood had frozen, his mind was only floating with the thought: I’m going to die!

With the sound of gunfire, he trembled and closed his eyes, but after a few seconds, he didn’t feel any pain, only felt a warm liquid flowing into his neck, and then dripped down to the ground.

There was a thumping sound, a black shadow wavered over his head, and then something hit the ground heavily.

By the light of the stars in the sky, Yu Chu saw a man in a black trench coat lying on the ground, staring straight into his eyes, holding a gun in his hand, with a black bullet hole in his temple, gurgling with dark liquid.

A series of gunshots rang out in the woods next to him, mixing with the gunshots on the cliff behind him, blossoming in the darkness with a number of sparks.

Yu Chu wasn’t happy with the aftermath, while the two sides were fighting fiercely, the person went down and took the gun from the body in front of him.

He didn’t know who was in the woods, nor did he know how many people were there, but instead of making a move on him, the man in black was shot down. No matter what the purpose was, they were now on the same front, grasshoppers on the same rope.

At the thought of grasshoppers, Yu Chu suddenly heart moved, and a suspicion surfaced in his mind. Could it have been Zhou Mu?

Zhou Mu knew that Yu ShiQing had left, so he followed him?

On Broken Heart Cliff, Yu ShiQing stood by A’Bang who suddenly pulled out a gun to shoot the left side at the same time, quickly ran away, hiding behind a rock. Uncle Wu’s right hand also had an extra gun, the left hand lifted up the backpack on the ground and followed him step by step.

A’Bang’s hired thug quietly went to the left, while Uncle Wu asked Yu ShiQing in the sound of gunfire, “Sir, who can be there?”

Yu ShiQing narrowed his eyes, staring at the stone behind which the man was hidden, and returned, “There are so many people that came to the island today, there will always be someone mixed in. Let these Burmese finish him off, and finish the deal.”

The words didn’t even finish, when not far gunfire rang out from the forest, and the Burmese man who was already standing on the boulder shook his body and fell heavily.

“Let’s go.” Yu ShiQing looked over and instructed Uncle Wu.

Successive shots rang out, A’Bang and his men immediately dropped to the ground, and the two Yu family hired thugs, who were still standing, were each shot in the chest, and blood spurted out like a spring, then they fell down soundly.

“Ten o’clock.” A’Bang fired into the woods while crawling quickly, trying to find a piece of shelter. The others followed suit, shooting and crawling forward.

“It’s just people in the woods, I’ll draw fire and cover. One of you, go around the back and kill him.” A’Bang flipped to the right and ducked into a depression, just where he was lying on his back was instantly hit by a bullet, “Just crawl forward with this depression.”

The Yu family’s hired thug just wanted to get out of this Broken Heart Cliff, so when he heard that he said, “I’ll go.”

Yu Chu, holding the gun that he picked up from the corpse, leaned his back against the boulder behind him and identified from the sound of gunfire where A’Bang was at the moment. As he was about to turn around and get up to shoot at a certain point, a sneaky figure suddenly appeared at the edge of his retina.

The figure had just risen from the ground and catapulted into the woods, presumably to the left to go around to the rear and sneak up on someone in the woods.

Yu Chu didn’t hesitate to turn his gun toward him, squinted his left eye to aim, and calmly pulled the trigger.

After the bang, the bullet whistled through the man’s chest, bringing up four splashes of blood, and he slowly flopped to the ground with angry eyes.


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