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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“Shit! We need to get that guy behind the rock first!” One of A’Bang’s bald men quickly crawled forward, “You guys cover me!”

A’Bang fired in the direction of the woods and aimed his gun at the rock where Yu Chu was hiding, “Go ahead, be careful.”

The sound of gunfire in the woods began to slow down, with longer and longer intervals, always firing a series of bullets before a shot was fired from this side. A’Bang’s mind moved slightly to the man lying behind him, “That man should be out of bullets.”

The Yu family’s hired thug heard this, stupidly was about to get up, just arched his back, and heard a muffled sound of bullets hitting flesh. His shoulder instantly exploded with a bloody hole. He screamed and covered his shoulder and went back down.

“He’s pretending to be out of bullets, trying to bait us,” the hired thug said, full of resentment.

The gunfire in the woods stopped, but no one dared to straighten up, only the bald man, who was slowly approaching the rock where Yu Chu was hiding.

Yu Chu’s back was against the boulder, the ground had been shot with numerous holes, and he couldn’t look to aim. He could only stick the barrel of the gun out from the side of the stone, and listen to the sound as he shot at the back.

When he heard the sound of gunfire in the woods was getting less, his heart began to sink and he began to quickly calculate the way back in his head.

Only if it was the last resort would he let Yu ShiQing recognize him. Although he would certainly face unimaginable punishment and be more tightly controlled, he may not lose his life, but he would lose any opportunity to escape from the island.

As for the temporary ally hiding in the woods? Sorry, you’re on your own.

A’Bang released a volley of bullets into the woods, ready to replace the empty magazine. At the moment he lowered his head to eject the magazine, when he suddenly noticed a slight flow of air to his left. Years of being under gunfire made him keen, so he suddenly rolled to the side of the half circle. At the same time, a foot wearing short leather boots appeared, and from mid-air, it stepped on the location where he was just lying.

The foot used a lot of force and gave a sound of muffled impact. The ground seemed to shake.

The man landed followed by another kick, A’Bang knew that if this kick landed on his sternum, it would be broken. He didn’t dare to resist and rolled twice on the ground to avoid it. But next to him, one of the hired thugs failed to dodge, and had a kick land right in the chest. His mouth spurted blood and he fainted.

The remaining one Burmese hired thug quickly raised his gun, but the man’s speed was faster than him and no one was clear how it happened, but he felt pain on his wrist. The gun fell into the hands of the other person. While the sound of gunshots rang in his ears, the man behind him cleanly pulled the trigger.

Uncle Wu flashed out from the boulder, just raised the gun aim but then he screamed. The pistol fell to the ground, and he covered his wrist, which was dripping blood as he hid behind the stone.

“Well? Did you see who it is?” Yu ShiQing asked, holding a backpack in his arms.

Uncle Wu gritted his teeth against the pain, “Zhou Mu.”


The clouds parted and the sea reflected the light of the full moon, illuminating the entire cliff as clear as daylight and the three men standing face to face on the cliff.

A’Bang threw away his empty gun and drew his dagger from his boot, its shiny blade reflecting the cold light. He stabbed at the back of Zhou Mu’s neck, but Zhou Mu tilted his head to the left and the blade narrowly missed his ear, but the Burmese hired thug leapt up and kicked the gun in his hand.

A’Bang followed with another knife stab, Zhou Mu had to lean back, the gun in his hand that the hired thug kicked out arced in the air and fell off the cliff. In this short moment, the cold blade arrived in front of him and killing aura seeped into the skin. In the nick of time, Zhou Mu simply fell backwards and kicked his opponent in the shins while his back touched the ground.

He was hit with a crunching sound, and nearly fell to his knees in pain, but Zhou Mu took the opportunity to get up and slammed the dagger out of his hand.

The Burmese hired thug pounced on him, and his fists and kicks brought the wind and the three of them instantly entangled in a fight. Yu Chu heard no gunfire behind him and carefully peeked out to look behind him and he recognized a tall familiar figure in the melee, which surprised him, but not too much.

Zhou Mu? It was indeed Zhou Mu!

The two men of Zhou Mu were both tall and strong, and their fists clashed with each other giving off a chilling muffled sound. Yu Chu was a bit dazed and didn’t notice the bald-headed hired thug, who had leaned over silently.

Yu Chu came back to his senses and raised his gun towards the other person, but the three were tangled up together, constantly changing positions. He squinted to aim, the muzzle followed the left and right movement, but hesitated to fire.

The unconscious Yu hired thug on the ground woke up in the cold wind, turning his head around and feeling for the dagger that A’Bang had dropped beside him. He sneaked up, holding the dagger in his hand to stab Zhou Mu, who had his back to him, Yu Chu saw clearly on this side and immediately turned his gun and pulled the trigger.

The three were close together, but this was a ready-made target.

The hired thug just stood up and fell down, so Yu Chu continued to turn his head to target the three. But at that moment, his angle of vision suddenly caught a black shadow on the ground, standing next to the stone, slowly raising the gun at him.

Yu Chu didn’t hesitate to lunge forward, at the same time, the metal firing pin very lightly clicked. With a bang, the bullet burst out of the chamber. He rolled along the ground. He connected with the ground, before he could adjust the focus of his eyes, he maintained his supine position and fired one after another at the rear.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

With the sound of gunfire, Yu ShiQing’s shocked voice rang out at the same time, “Yu Chu!” 

Yu Chu fired three shots in quick succession. The bullets whistled out of the chamber, knocking the rock to shreds and smoke, and only then did he stop with a gasp. He was now lying on the edge of the cliff, half of his body hanging in the air. Beneath his head, the angry white waves rolled and the cold wind whistled from below, pouring through his shirt collar.

He was about to roll over and get up, but he suddenly froze in his tracks, only to see a blackened gun pointed at him in the gradually dispersing smoke. The bald-headed hired thug wasn’t dead, but had multiple bullet holes in his shoulder and was bleeding out. He spat out a few words to Yu Chu with a grimace on his face, “Go to hell.”

“Stop it! He’s my son!” Yu ShiQing let out a shout, stopping the bald hired thug from moving, “He’s my second son, stop!”

Uncle Wu covered his right wrist and also stood beside Yu ShiQing and called, “Yes, that’s right, he’s our Yu Family’s second son.” 

The bald hired thug heard this, was first stunned, then seemed to wake up. His face showed an angry look. He shouted out to the other man fighting Zhou Mu, using the Burmese language. Yu Chu didn’t understand, but it was clear that he was very emotional, the veins in his hands were bulging as he clenched the gun.

A’Bang hit Zhou Mu with a punch, dared not be distracted, and only said a few words back briefly. The bald-headed hired thug immediately turned his gun on Yu ShiQing and yelled angrily, “It’s you! It’s you who sent them both here, trying to rob the goods and kill us.”

Yu ShiQing raised his hands and hurriedly explained, “It’s not me. If it was me who wanted to rob the goods and kill you, how could I send only two of them here? Besides, we have been working together for many years, why would I cut off our future business because of this cargo? A’Bang, explain to him quickly! A’Bang!”

The bald man listened to the explanation with some half-heartedness, but when his eyes glanced at the corpse of the Burmese hired thug on the side, his expression immediately turned fierce, and he turned his gun on Yu Chu again.

Yu Chu wanted to take the opportunity of their conversation to get up, but now he didn’t dare to move.

The bald man stared at him with eyes full of hatred, but he was talking to Yu ShiQing, “Because of your son, A’Hui died. I don’t believe you. I want his life to avenge Ah Hui.”

Yu ShiQing saw the gun pointed at Yu Chu, gritted his teeth, “Don’t kill him. This time I will only take half of the goods but you can take all the money. How about that? “

The bald man’s eyes were bloodshot and sinister, “So what if you give us the money? A’Hui will never wake up again. Your son caused his death, so we should be compensated. The money should be paid, and a life should be paid.”

At this moment, across a deep stream by a cliff, Zhou Mu was dealing with an attack by another Burmese hired thug from A’Bang.

The hired thug swung his fist, he quickly retreated two steps, the fist with the wind slid past his ears, A’Bang had broken one leg tibia, but that didn’t affect his fierceness. Seeing Zhou Mu being forced to retreat, he punched from the side, straight at Zhou Mu’s throat!

Zhou Mu dodged to his left, and the finger spikes on A’Bang’s fingers grazed his throat, just inches apart. He quickly crouched down and swept his leg to the side. A’Bang knew the power of his leg. If he was hit, his other leg would be fractured, so he gave up pressing on and took a step back.

Zhou Mu seized this opportunity and backhanded an elbow, hitting the hired thug’s chest behind him.


The hired thug’s sternum made a frightening cracking sound.

Zhou Mu didn’t hesitate and turned his hand and threw a punch, hitting his lower jawbone hard. The hired thug instantly spurted blood from the punch, a few of his teeth flew out, and his Adam’s apple moved an inch. His face was deformed, and it looked hideous and horrible.

Zhou Mu followed up and grabbed his neck and twisted it, and the man fell down, lying on the ground and twitching.

At this time, A’Bang’s fist also smashed into Zhou Mu’s back. He only felt a boom in his ears first, and the pain of ribs hitting his chest. He swallowed the fishy sweetness that rose in his throat and stumbled forward two steps to avoid A’Bang’s following punch.

“Son of a bitch!” A’Bang looked at the dead hired thug and squeezed out four angry words from between his teeth.

Zhou Mu was about to step forward when he looked for Yu Chu on the cliff next to him, only to see him lying on his back, half of his body nearly falling off the cliff, while the bald-headed hired thug was raising his gun at him.

“Ah—” A’Bang let out a roar and rushed at Zhou Mu, who gave a kick, which A’Bang tried to avoid by moving. Zhou Mu took advantage of the momentum of the attack, turned to the side and rushed out.

His speed was fast, like a cheetah, and in just a few seconds, he increased his physical speed to the maximum. He flew to the edge of the cliff, didn’t stop, then suddenly jumped up in the air, leaping across the deep stream between the two cliffs, lunging towards the opposite side.

The bald man’s finger was on the trigger, and he gave Yu Chu a cruel smile, “See…”

“Don’t—” Yu ShiQing reached out his right hand and cried out in shock.

Yu Chu’s eyes were dead set on the bald man, fingers groping on the ground beside him. He didn’t want to give up the opportunity to beg, just wanted to throw something, even if it was sand.

The bald man was about to shoot when a figure suddenly appeared in his line of sight. The figure rapidly enlarged in his vision and instantly came over.

Zhou Mu was like a cannonball, instantly knocking the thug out. Both rolled several meters on the ground, and got up at the same time, pouncing on the gun that fell on the ground.

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Explosive x2 with a vicious cliffhanger of fighting for a gun. Ahhhhh… I hope Zhou Mu will come out of it unharmed. I just wonder how will Yu Chu and Zhou Mu pull out of the situation of being spotted, recognised and with all the possible consequences awaiting them on the island.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

December 5, 2021 1:39 am

Oohhh…my heart is going to drop😲😲😲

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I like that Yu Chu is actively part of the fight

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