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Chapter 11: Cheng Yan and Lin Mo

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


After processing the grapes, it was almost noon. Lin Mo went to the vegetable garden to pick some vegetables. Lin Chen went into the kitchen and began to cook. Lin Xiaoya was sitting on a small stool, holding a pear in her hands, gnawing on it and looking up at Uncle Cheng Yan standing in front of her.

Lin Xiaoya who buried herself in the pear saw that Uncle Cheng Yan was walking towards the gate. When Lin Xiaoya saw this, she was a little worried and didn’t care about the pulp in her mouth. She turned to the kitchen and shouted.

“Fourth Uncle! Come on! Uncle Cheng is leaving!” After shouting, Lin Xiaoya looked down at the fruit on the ground, and then chewed the fruit in her hand. After chewing, she stood up and ran towards Cheng Yan.

Lin Mo heard Lin Xiaoya’s voice coming from the yard. He put down his things and went out.

“Don’t you mean to stay here for lunch?” Lin Mo asked. He said it clearly just earlier. How could he leave now?

“I’ll leave for a while and come back later.” Cheng Yan said, chuckling.

Lin Mo nodded. After Cheng Yan left, he led Xiaoya into the room. Lin Mo touched the child’s head and said, “Stay here with your brother and accompany your father while Fourth Uncle cooks.” 

“Mn…” Lin Xiaoya’s mouth was bulging, and she nodded when she heard Fourth Uncle’s words.

Lin Mo looked at Lin Cheng, who had just fallen asleep after drinking his medicine, and left the room.

“Brother, when will dad wake up?” Lin Xiaoya slowly moved to Lin Xiaonan’s side and asked in a low voice. Lin Xiaoya still had some fear in her eyes. She could still remember the blood on her father a few days ago.

There had been more blood than when they killed chickens at home. Lin Xiaoya thought her father was going to die at that time, because in her impression, the chickens died after they lost that much blood.

Lin Xiaonan thought about it and said, “Um… I wake up when I am hungry.” 

There were a lot of ingredients in the kitchen. The pork and bones were bought by Father Lin early in the morning. There were families in the village who had pigs and would sell them in the town every day. Some villagers who didn’t want to go that far to buy meat could order it to be set aside from the families before the pigs were killed.

If it was preparing lunch for just the Lin family, the meat and some vegetables from the garden would have been enough, but now with Cheng Yan joining them, there would obviously not be enough.

Lin Mo thought about it. He went into the storeroom and took a larger piece of bacon from the row of hanging bacon. Some of these bacon slabs were small prey that Father Lin and Eldest Brother Lin hunted in the mountain. They had bought wax from the town and then hung them. In winter, there were not many people who sold meat in town. If they wanted to eat meat, they could only store it in advance.

Sometimes the Lin family would add some to the stir fry to satisfy the children’s appetites.

Taking the bacon to the kitchen, Lin Mo put it in the basin and soaked it in warm water for an hour, removed the floating dust on its surface, and reduced the saltiness.

“I’ll go to the garden and pick some vegetables. You can watch the fire here.” Lin Mo moved the pot of preserved bacon aside, took the basket, and told Lin Chen before going out of the kitchen.

“I see, Fourth Brother.” Lin Chen nodded and continued to stare at the fire in the two stoves. It would take a long time to stew bone soup with white radish and cook rice.

Lin Mo went into his garden and picked some vegetables, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes and other seasonings. He picked several kinds of vegetables and melons that he could eat in the garden and left when the basket was full.

When Lin Mo returned to the yard with a basket of vegetables, he saw Cheng Yan squatting as he cleaned up some fish, and there was also rabbit meat in the basin.

When Lin Mo thought about it, he realised why he had left earlier.

“You hunted the rabbit?” Lin Mo went over to put the basket down and asked.

Cheng Yan paused for a few seconds and said, “Mn, when I came over, I saw some fish in the river and caught some.” 

As Cheng Yan knew, most gers liked rabbits very much. Lin Mo didn’t like rabbits, did he? So now he was cleaning up rabbit meat in front of Lin Mo

“Oh, please help me cut the rabbit into pieces. If we have wine in the kitchen, we can put it in for a few minutes and marinate it. If you have fish, it’s better to slice it up into thin pieces. If it doesn’t have bones in it, just cut the rest into pieces… Is that okay?” After Lin Mo finished speaking, he remembered that they two didn’t seem to know each other very well. It was not good to bother him like this

“Mn.” Cheng Yan responded, cleaned up the fish quickly, and flushed the blood on the big stone board before taking it into the kitchen.

Lin Mo took the vegetables in the basket into the kitchen after washing them. When he entered the kitchen, he heard the voice of Father Lin and Mama Lin outside the door. It was almost time for lunch.

“I’ll go out and help.” Seeing Lin Mo coming in, Cheng Yan already felt a little cramped in the narrow kitchen. Fortunately, hearing the sound of them coming back from the door, Cheng Yan said this and went out.

Lin Mo nodded and gave him space.

“A-Chen, is the fire ready?” Lin Mo asked as he cut vegetables.

“Almost. Just a few more sticks.”

“Mn, wait a minute and then we will start cooking.” Lin Mo quickly broke the cucumber and cut it into pieces before adding seasonings.

With the help of Cheng Yan, Father Lin carried several baskets of fruits from two carts into the yard, and Mama Lin and sister-in-law Lin carried them in together.

“A-Xing, go back to the house and change your wet clothes,” cried Mama Lin.

“Yes, ma’am.” Lin Xing had no energy to answer, dragging his tired body into the courtyard, but the smell of meat from the kitchen lifted his spirit in a moment.

“Fourth Brother, Fourth Brother, will we have meat for lunch today? I smell the scent of meat.” Lin Xing ran to the kitchen. He put his hands on the door and took a deep breath. He was excited.

“Don’t you already know? Go change your clothes quickly, and then come to help watch the fire.” Lin Mo sauteed the dishes neatly and looked back at him.

“Okay, wait for me, I’ll be right back!” Lin Xing ran into the house before he finished speaking.

In the house, Lin Cheng, the eldest brother of the Lin family, and the two three-year-old children were sitting on a small stool beside the bed. Lin Xiaonan held his chin with both hands and stared at his father seriously. Lin Xiaoya sat beside him, but looked at the door.

“Brother, I can smell meat.” Lin Xiaoya grabbed Lin Xiaonan’s clothes and pulled.

“Mn.” He smelled it, too.

“Elder Brother, Grandpa and Grandma, they came to make trouble.” Before long, Lin Xiaoya pulled Lin Xiaonan’s clothes again.

“Oh.” He heard it. Lin Xiaonan continued to stare at his father, but his head was full of the smell of meat.

When Lin Cheng woke up, he saw his little son staring at him, but at the first glance he knew that the boy’s thoughts were elsewhere, and his little daughter was facing the door directly.

“Elder Brother, we can smell dinner. Did Dad wake up?”


“Cough… Dad is awake. ” When Lin Cheng saw his son open his mouth to tell lies, he opened his own mouth to inform them that he was awake.

“Ah? Father’s voice! Father is up.” Lin Xiaoya heard the voice, looked back and saw her father on the bed had opened his eyes.

Lin Xiaonan returned to his senses and hurriedly stood up and walked over. He was embarrassed.

Lin Cheng got up slowly, got out of bed, and walked out of the room steadily under the nervousness of his son and daughter.

Smelling the familiar fragrance, Lin Cheng was in a trance. It seemed that he hadn’t eaten the meal made by Mo’ger for a long time. Unexpectedly, he was not taken away by the ghost messenger after his death, but returned to five years ago.

Yes, five years ago, his Second Brother was still a scholar, his family was still in Daling Village and his two children could still smile carefree.

“Dad, it’s better to eat meat made by Fourth Uncle.” Lin Xiaoya grabbed her dad’s clothes tightly and walked out of the room with him.

“Is it better than your mother’s?” Lin Cheng laughed.

“It’s delicious, too,” said Lin Xiaonan.

“Yes, both are delicious!” Lin Xiaoya agreed.

When sister-in-law Lin moved things into the yard, she saw that her husband had come out of the house and was sitting in a reclining chair with their daughter clinging to his stomach.

Sister-in-law Lin looked at her husband and said to her daughter. “What happened? Xiaoya, don’t press on your father’s wound.” 

“It’s okay. It’s not under pressure.” Lin Cheng shook his head.

Outside the door, after carrying the fruit from the cart, Father Lin took Cheng Yan and pushed the cart to the orchard to move the rest.

Both Father Lin and Cheng Yan were strong men. They pushed these baskets of fruits more easily than ordinary people. This time was exactly when other people came back from the fields or town to eat. When they pushed the two carts of fruit, they were more eye catching.

“Isn’t this Brother Lin? Why did you pick these fruits?” A man of the same age as Father Lin, carrying a hoe, walked by, then slowed down to talk to him, followed by some old men, but they didn’t talk to him.

“I’m not familiar with it. My ger, Mo wants to pound some things. Anyway, they will rot in the orchard. It’s better to bring them to make him happy,” said Father Lin as he pushed the cart.

“You and sister-in-law Lin really love Mo’ger as always. But what about a husband? Are you going to find a husband for Mo’ger? Is it Cheng Yan?” The man, with a hoe in one hand, looked at Cheng Yan in front of the cart and asked in a low voice.

Cheng Yan was famous in Daling Village. He was rescued from the mountain by Father Lin a year ago and then lived in the village. But he was so cold that he could freeze people and drop ice dregs in front of others. Usually others greeted him, and he didn’t answer or nod, so they would leave him on his own. Because he was a migrant, he lived in the most remote place in the village, and he had no land. Usually, he went hunting in the deep mountains. People in the village often saw him carrying his prey to the town.

It was reasonable to say that people with this character were the least popular in the village, but because the Lin’s were basically saved by Cheng Yan when they went to the mountain to hunt, and he had a good relationship with Lin family, so his life in Daling village was relatively peaceful, which probably had something to do with the simplicity of Daling Village.

“I want to ask, but I have to see what he thinks.” Father Lin lowered his voice. This kind of thing was still in its infancy, which was not easy for too many people to know.

“It’s true, but you don’t know what’s going on with Cheng Yan’s family. You’d better think about it more. My ger is almost too old. Fortunately, he found his partner this morning, and it’s estimated that he will get married at the end of the year.”

“So fast? Congratulations first.” Father Lin laughed.

Father Lin and Mama Lin did consider the situation with Cheng Yan, but at present, it was only because the situation with Cheng Yan was suitable for Mo’ger. Father Lin was thinking about whether he should ask his daughter if she knew of the right person in town next time.

Although their conversation was pretty quiet, for Cheng Yan, who had a strange martial arts, it was no different. What he should hear was heard, and what he shouldn’t hear was also heard.

Understanding their meaning, Cheng Yan subconsciously had a young figure emerge in his brain.

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