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Chapter 12: No Matter Who Lin Mo Is

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


After Father Lin and Cheng Yan pushed the things back, the meal was ready. Lin Xing squatted aside to wash the dishes, while Lin Chen and Lin Mo moved all the dishes for lunch to the table. Two children ran between the baskets in the yard.

“You two go stay with dad. Don’t run around. What will you do if you fall?” As soon as sister-in-law Lin put down the basket and wanted to turn around, Lin Xiaoya ran into her leg, and sister-in-law Lin bent down to help her.

“The fruit is fragrant. It’s important!” Lin Xiaoya grabbed her mother’s thigh and sucked in her lips.

“Fourth Uncle’s meat is delicious. Go there and wait for dinner. Don’t run around. Xiaonan, take your sister.”

“Oh.” Lin Xiaonan nodded with a serious face, then stretched out his little claws and took his sister’s hand and walked into the room.

By the time everyone came into the room, Lin Mo and some of them had finished their meals. Now they were helping the two children with their vegetables.

“Grandpa and grandma, you can eat the food.” Lin Xiaoya chewed and chewed, looking up at her grandfather and grandmother who came in.

“Grandpa and grandma, have a meal,” said Lin Xiaonan, who was grabbing the bowl in one hand and taking the spoon in the other when he heard his sister’s voice, looked up, and saw his grandparents coming in.

“Brother Cheng, have a meal.” When Lin Chen saw that Cheng Yan had been missed by the two children, he said quickly.

“Today’s food is so rich?” As soon as Mama Lin came in, she saw several dishes of meat and vegetables on the table, which were only available for the Spring Festival.

A pot of stewed bone soup with white radish, which looked milky white, a plate of fried bacon with garlic sprouts, fried rabbit meat, fried fish slices with garlic, fried fish with chili peppers, cold cucumber, etc. There was basically meat in every dish, as well as fish porridge specially prepared for Lin Cheng and the two children.

Lin Chen sat down and said, “The rabbit and the fish were brought by Brother Cheng.” 

“Didn’t he come to eat our meal? How could he bring these?” Father Lin was a little disagreeable.

“It was meant to be used for food.” Cheng Yan found a place to sit only after the others had already sat. Fortunately, the place was next to Lin Mo. Cheng Yan took a step, looked at Father Lin and found that he had no reaction, so he sat down.

In fact, this position was purely coincidental, because if Lin Xiu, Second Brother of the Lin family, was at home, he would be sitting in that position.

Father Lin and Mama Lin were sitting next to each other. On one side was Lin Cheng’s family of four, and on the other side were the two youngest sons next to Father Lin and Mama Lin. On the opposite side was Lin Mo and where Second Brother, Lin Xiu would sit was now Cheng Yan.

Cheng Yan saw that they all began to eat, and also grabbed a bowl. Before he smelled it, he thought it was very fragrant. Unexpectedly, it tasted even better.

“It’s much better than my cooking.” Mama Lin took a bite, her eyes brightened, looked up at Lin Mo, and smiled.

No matter how many times she had eaten before, she thought that the taste was amazing from the very first bite.

“Mn, indeed,” said Lin Cheng suddenly.

Lin Mo heard his voice and stopped eating his meal, but he soon recovered. Lin Mo didn’t speak, just looked up and smiled. His smile was light, but it was the result of his practice for a long time.

Lin Mo’s tiny action just now couldn’t be hidden from Cheng Yan next to him. He wanted to say something to praise him, but he gave up thinking since he couldn’t say much now. 

After dinner, sister-in-law Lin cleaned up the dishes, and Lin Mo and the others began to deal with the several baskets of fruit in the yard. There were many ways to eat fruit, such as canned fruit, dried fruit, jam, etc., but Lin Mo still chose to turn all fruits into wine.

Lin Mo was good at wine making. Although other methods for the fruits were simple, they were troublesome. In addition to storage, wine making was better. Father Lin and Cheng Yan went to bring back the special wine barrel when they started to deal with the fruit. In addition to the injured Lin Cheng and the two three-year-old children, other people helped clean the fruit. Cheng Yan didn’t have to go hunting in the mountains today, so he also joined in.

Lin Cheng sat in a chair, with his son and daughter laying on his lap, watching their busy figures.

He was still in shock after getting his second shot at life. Lin Cheng didn’t understand why he could go back to the past. He thought it would be Lin Xiu, his Second Brother, or Mo’ger, the Fourth Brother who would have the chance.

In his last life, Lin Xiu had a great official position before his death. Although Lin Cheng didn’t know what his specific position was, if the chance to come back was his, the disaster that his family suffered in the last life should be avoided.

But at the thought of his Second Brother’s involvement with that strange woman, Lin Cheng had a headache.

But for Mo’ger, Lin Cheng still had some feelings of not knowing how to face him. Most of the ways to make money in their family in the past life were from Mo’ger. At that time, they all thought it was the gift of the immortal, and Mo’ger had also said so.

But before Mo’ger’s death, he had told the truth.

Lin Cheng’s eyes gradually gathered to look at Lin Mo, who was busy on the side. From Lin Cheng’s impression, Mo’ger was a person who didn’t like to laugh and was stubborn, but was very gentle to them. They had long regarded him as family.

So now Lin Mo was actually the one he was most familiar with. His family was weak and sick then… so now they were gone. No, it was time to retry. In the past, when Lin Cheng had come to know the truth, the first reaction in his mind was a blank, but he could not say what he felt except being relieved.

Was it disgusting? No, after all, Lin Mo had been a family member in their hearts, and now Lin Cheng realised that if Lin Mo hadn’t entered their brother’s body at that time, their parents would probably have mourned over the loss of their child.

Both the original and present Lin Mo’s were his younger brother. Now Lin Cheng couldn’t really alienate his younger brother intentionally. Moreover, in the end, Lin Mo didn’t have to die in his last life, but because he had been injured… Lin Cheng still couldn’t help shivering when he thought of his brother’s tragedy.

After struggling for a long time, Lin Cheng finally made a decision. He planned to wait for Lin Xiu, his Second Brother, to come back and tell him all of this. If he was the only one that had to think of all this, Lin Cheng really would not know what to do. He was not smart. If he wanted to avoid the tragedy of his family in his previous life, he must tell Lin Xiu.

After all the barrels were used up, there were still one or two baskets of different kinds of fruits left in the yard. Lin Mo planned to make them into other snacks for the several children at home.

After all the fruits had been processed, it was getting dark. Mama Lin and sister-in-law Lin made dinner together. In their eyes, Lin Mo’s body was weak and he had been busy all day. It was time to have a rest. If he used excessive force then it would regenerate the disease, and he would suffer.

After dinner, the Lin family gathered together, and Lin Mo opened his mouth after listening to them talk about today. “Dad, have you picked all the fruit in the orchard?”

There were a lot of fruits delivered today, but Lin Mo was not sure if there were any more in the fruit orchard. In addition to fruit wine, Lin Mo also wanted to use the fruit for other food.

It would take some time for the wine to be brewed. At least one or two months, it was impossible for them to profit from the wine now. If they made other fruit products, plus their novelty, they may still make some money.

“No, we only picked the ripe ones and left the others on the branches.” Said Father Lin. “We’ll pick the half ripe ones in a few days.”

“Don’t we have enough to brew more than ten barrels? Do you want to continue?” Mama Lin hesitated a little bit and said, “Can we sell so much wine?”

What would they do if no one bought their wine?

“It’s not wine making, it’s something else. It’s going to take at least a few months for the wine to be made. During this period, we’ll sell other things.” Lin Mo shook his head.

“Fourth Uncle, do you want to make sweet water?” Lin Xiaoya held a red fruit in one hand and nibbled on one in the other.

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Sadie Woods
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Now I’m very curious to know what happened/might happen again in this life. Lin Cheng should probably confide in Lin Mo as well since it seems he died for the family.

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