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ARC 6: Omegaverse; “Rival” Lover

Chapter 77: Sixth World (1)
Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“Hey, Jamie, what are they looking for?” Bai Duan was standing at the corner of the street. He was very curious to see groups of tall and strong Alphas passing by.

“Not sure.” Jamie shook his head, spread out his hands and shrugged his shoulders. “Look at the badge on their clothes. They should be guards of the O’dean family. It seems like they are looking for something.”

“The O’dean family?” Bai Duan thought for a moment, “Is that the family who just had the wedding?”

“It’s them.” Jamie blinked and joked casually, “He just got married, but didn’t go on a honeymoon with his Omega partner or do some bed exercise or have a baby. Instead, he sent guards to look for his partner with a lot of fuss. Did he lose his partner?”

Hearing Jamie’s joke, Bai Duan also smiled. But soon, the whispers between them were detected by the intelligent and sensitive Alpha, who glared at them fiercely and touched the handle of his gun as a warning.

The two Beta teenagers were startled. They stopped talking and ran away in a dejected way until they were far away from Alpha’s line of sight.

“You are so open-minded that you dare make fun of those Alpha aristocrats. Be careful of getting into trouble!” Bai Duan sighed and advised his friend.

Jamie also knew that it was dangerous to do so, but when it came to it, he couldn’t control his mouth. He turned his eyes at Bai Duan angrily, “What right do you have to lecture me? Didn’t you laugh just now too?”

Bai Duan choked a bit, he was unable to refute, and changed the subject.

Both Jamie and Bai Duan thought it was just a casual joke, but they didn’t expect what they joked about to be true. Moreover, Bai Duan didn’t think that he would get involved in this dangerous and troublesome thing very soon.

After saying goodbye to Jamie, Bai Duan walked to his house with light steps.

He was a Beta, and his parents were Betas as well. It could be said that they were the most ordinary family. In this society, Alphas were the rulers, they were powerful and superior, while Omegas were their most important treasures. Those treasures were kept in luxurious and exquisite cages, serving as their charming Nightingale and fertility tools.

As for Betas, they were led by the leaders and they were often workers. Even though they shouldered most of the work in the society and maintained the operation of the whole society. Due to the large population base and weak per capita strength, Betas enjoyed the lowest social status and poorest treatment in society. For example, Bai Duan’s parents had worked in the factory for many years and seldom had the time to go home all year round.

However, such hard work also pays off. At least their children enjoyed higher education and had no worries about food and clothing. If their children worked hard, they should be able to find better jobs and live a better life. When he got back home and stood at the front door, Bai Duan stopped and sniffed. He sensed a very attractive odor, one that was even better than the fruit cakes made by the most expensive cake shops on the corner — sweet, fresh and refreshing.

Because he was near his home, Bai Duan felt braver. Driven by curiosity, he followed the fragrance and soon found a small crouching figure in the bushes behind his house. The fragrance seemed to come from this person.

Bai Duan hid in the shadows and peered carefully at the figure, he became even more confused.

Alphas and Omegas both emitted pheromones, which attracted each other and induced each other’s desire to mate. However, a Beta’s glands and receptors had no such effects, so those glands were mostly degenerated. Compared with Alphas and Omegas, the pheromone secreted by Betas was very mild, the difference was comparable to wine versus water. Similarly, the effect pheromones had on Betas could be ignored completely. At least, Bai Duan had never noticed the ‘obvious’ pheromones from any Alphas or Omegas. However, he had been influenced by the pheromones in some ways, making him subconsciously fear Alphas and to show affection and to take care of Omegas.

But the person not far away was totally different. The smell of the person constantly tempted Bai Duan to move over. So he slowly went to the other and squatted down. He also saw that there was some damaged and dirty male clothes on the person.

The young man obviously felt Bai Duan’s approach, and his body seemed to slightly shrink. Then, he secretly showed his eyes and looked at Bai Duan uneasily. Those eyes were so beautiful. His purple eyes were like the most clear amethyst, bewitching the world and showcasing his noble blood.

Purple eyes were only present in the Flynn family. Someone from the Flynn family and the O’dean family had just got married, plus the O’dean family guards were coming and going on the streets recently. A bold and incredible idea quickly took shape in Bai Duan’s mind.

“… Are those people in the street looking for you?” Bai Duan opened his mouth in a low voice, noticed that there was a deep fear, panic and supplication in the eyes of the other party, and then he quickly said, “Don’t worry, I won’t hand you over!”

His words did seem to placate the little boy in front of him. The boy seemed relieved, raised his head completely, opened his mouth and uttered a weak and tender, “Thank you.” But as soon as the voice fell, he looked a little annoyed again and closed his mouth tightly.

The young man’s face was very exquisite, just like a beautiful doll. His eyes were misty, his nose was small, his lips were delicate, and his face was round and moist. Although there were a few plasters on the white and tender cheeks, and the natural curly blonde hair was also a little untidy, he didn’t appear to be dirty at all. On the contrary, it made the youth look like a naughty cat, which was more tender and lovely.

Bai Duan liked lovely and beautiful things ever since he was a child. At this time, the young man in front of him almost stabbed all his cute spots, and his love poured out irresistibly, even though he knew that the other person was big trouble, he still invited him, “Are you escaping? There’s no place to stay now, is there? Do you want to come home with me?”

Bai Duan reached his hand out, but the boy subconsciously hid and backed away. Even the most wild animals were less vigilant then he was. In fact, Bai Duan was very popular among animals.

The young man was silent for a moment. He gave Bai Duan a very complicated look, nodded slowly at last, grasped the hand stretched out by Bai Duan, and stood up with his help. In the moment when he was caught by the teenager, Bai Duan felt the soft and warm palm of his hand, and couldn’t help savoring it.

To be honest, Bai Duan never liked Omegas. He felt that they only relied on Alphas, not like human beings or independent individuals at all. The worst thing was that Omegas were willing to live a life without freedom and human rights. They even thought that being able to rely on Alphas was something to be proud of and despised the self-reliant Betas. They didn’t stop to think that once they left the Alphas, they couldn’t even compete with a Beta.

Of course, in addition to an Omega, Bai Duan’s perception of most Alphas was also bad. It was only that they were chauvinist pigs and arrogant people, and their desire to control their Omega was totally unreasonable. However, when he saw the Omega teenager in front of him, Bai Duan’s outlook of more than ten years was completely destroyed in a flash, and he even had some feelings like an Alpha.

If Bai Duan was an Alpha, he would definitely want to mark the youth at first sight, pay him all his tenderness and patience, meet all his requirements and hopes, and then tie him firmly to his side, and even go out to show others.

It was a little scary. Even Bai Duan himself was shocked. He never realized that he was such a dangerous person. Fortunately, Bai Duan’s self-control had always been excellent. He soon suppressed this inexplicable and dangerous idea, and gently holding the young man, led him to enter his house through the back door, and settled down on the sofa.

The young man seemed to have been on the run for a long time, and his whole body was paralyzed in fear. Bai Duan was so upset that he quickly brought warm water and nutrients to him.

The young man took the water cup, took a sip, and then took another sip. His movements were extremely elegant, and his every move was full of rigid aristocratic etiquette. Even at this moment, he was hungry, thirsty and swallowing much faster, but he didn’t look like he was in a hurry at all.

After drinking a glass of water, the young man shook his head and refused Bai Duan’s inquiry of whether to pour another glass of water for him, then picked up the nutrition supplement on the table.

As soon as the nutriment was taken in, the boy could not help frowning. Bai Duan said, “I’m sorry, this nutrient is much worse than what you are used to eating, isn’t it?”

“… It doesn’t matter. ” The voice of the young man after he spoke again was much lower than before, and he felt a little less soft.

Bai Duan licked his lips and regretted that he had to pay for all kinds of instruments before, and didn’t leave a little to improve his food. Although he couldn’t buy the natural organic food for the delicate Omega, he could improve the taste of the nutrition a little!

Thinking silently about whether he should take another job to earn some money, Bai Duan stood up and proposed softly, “You… Do you want to take a bath? I have clean clothes in my closet for you to wear for the time being.”

The boy hesitated for a moment and nodded.

With the boy’s permission, Bai Duan quickly ran to the bedroom and picked out the most comfortable clothes from the closet. It was bought by Bai Duan’s parents after he was admitted to the Royal Academy of Delmo. It was extremely expensive — at least for their Beta families — and Bai Duan was reluctant to wear it, but now he took it out without hesitation.

Bai Duan was very excited at the thought that the clothes he had worn would cover the whole youth. He repressed the abnormal mood, arranged his expression, and then went to the bathroom door and handed the clothes to the teenager.

The young man said thanks in a soft voice, took his clothes and closed the bathroom door. Then the timid and uneasy expression on his face faded like the tide. The rest was numb with anger.
He went to the mirror and looked at the reflection of the boy who was almost tender enough to squeeze water out of the mirror. The boy bit his teeth involuntarily.

In the last life, he fell down in front of Bai Duan, covered with bruises and blood, but his lover was afraid and escaped from him. In this life, he just squatted in front of the back door of Bai Duan’s home, then he was immediately served good food to eat and drink. Although it was a good thing to finally fulfill the long cherished wish of ‘being saved by the hero’ and to be able to live with his lover smoothly, but…he was not happy at all!

What did this different attitude mean!? His little lover liked this body more? It was clear that his strong legs and his chest with eight abs was more attractive, wasn’t it!?

He was indignant in his heart. Although he complained a lot about his sweetheart, he still held Bai Duan’s clothes honestly and buried his head into it. He took a deep breath like a pervert.

Although Bai Duan didn’t wear these very often, the young man still captured the light pheromone belonging to Bai Duan with great accuracy — it was a light but sweet taste, a little like sweet tea, and a little like the fragrance of grass and flowers, which made the body of the young man heat up faintly.

He cursed this world that was filled with pheromones that were even stronger than the best aphrodisiacs. The youth reluctantly put the clothes up on the shelf, then quietly turned on the shower nozzle, and set the switch to adjust the water temperature to ‘cold.’

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