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Hey everyone, translator here with a message.

I’ve been getting a lot of messages and comments from people saying that they don’t understand the plot of RL (AT). There are several of these coming from readers who MTL’d ahead, so let me say this, do not MTL ahead with this novel, it will become too confusing to understand.

But for those reading the translation on our site, please do not skim through it and read it slowly. If you read it too quickly, you will not understand either. There are a lot of people complaining about the story being too convoluted but I think it ties up nicely in the scheme of things as long as you remember that the author is trying to explain the existence of transmigration as a whole.

This novel is not one that has a simple and jaunty plot. It’s one of the reasons why I like this novel so much; because it has so much going for it. The author makes you use your brain to fill in plot points she wanted readers to guess at. A lot of it will be explained by the end of the novel, but she leaves some things up to the imagination of the readers which is part of the fun of reading a novel. If everything is laid out bare, it makes the novel become boring in my opinion.

So for those who are still confused about the novel at this point in time, Sulo and I created a quick summary as things will get even more “plotty” from this point forward. If you already know what’s going on and do not want to read the summary, please feel free to skip to the chapter. But for those of you who are confused, please stop and read this.

Lin Mo lived in a modern parallel world that entered a zombie apocalypse. He was caught by scientists and tortured due to the fact that his Elder brother was the Zombie Emperor and he had his space. After dying, his soul goes to an ancient parallel world where his brothers’ souls had arrived before him after dying in the apocalyptic world.

In the future of the ancient parallel world, Elder Brother Lin dies and then returns to the present timeline where the story is currently at. This is why he knows most of what happens in the future. But things are different now because, while Lin Mo was also in the future that Elder Brother Lin lived in, Chang Yan was not… Elder Brother Lin told Lin Mo that the reason for the downfall of their family, in the future he lived, was due to the Prime Ministers’ daughter. But because of the addition of Chang Yan, the life Elder Brother Lin lived, may not match up to the current one.

Chang Yan has no previous lives or dreams of the future, just amnesia. He has never faked anything in the novel. His personality is very calm and introverted at this point in the novel, but once he gets his memories back, of course, he will change back into his original personality. It’s not a sudden change, but gradual, and explainable.

As you read on, please remember that the author is trying to explain every plot she has put in the novel. Even if you don’t agree with her plot points, just try to think of WHY she added a certain plot point. If you guys still have more questions, please feel free to comment and I will try to answer any question to the best of my ability without spoiling the novel.  And now to the chapter, enjoy.

Chapter 32: Cheng Yan Belongs Only to Him

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


At night, the room was gradually filled with the sound of low moans. Lin Mo lay on Cheng Yan’s body, breathing a little fast, with pink cheeks pressed against the other’s chest. Cheng Yan stroked his lover’s back and pulled the quilt up with one hand. Under the comfort of Cheng Yan, Lin Mo’s breathing gradually calmed down, and his sleepiness came with it.

Cheng Yan, with one hand stroking his hair, whispered, “I’ll go to the mountain tomorrow. If it’s boring to stay at home, you can go to your parents to find Xiaoya and Xiaonan.” 

Lin Mo hadn’t gone back to the Lin home in two days. Cheng Yan thought Lin Mo would miss them, after all, he had never left home or his parents before. Lin Mo, half asleep, was woken up by the vibrations from Cheng Yan’s chest as he talked. Lin Mo rubbed his face against Cheng Yan’s chest, gave a low response, and then went to sleep again.

The next morning, Cheng Yan woke up and saw that the man in his arms was still sleeping. The person clung to his arms, and his pale face finally has some ruddy color. Cheng Yan stayed in bed with him for a while. Soon after, it was almost time to leave for the mountains. He raised Lin Mo’s head carefully with one hand and moved his arm that had been used as a pillow. After getting out of bed and covering Lin Mo, he walked out of the room without waking him up.

After Cheng Yan left the room, he washed quickly, and then went into the kitchen to make breakfast. Then, he put the pot on the stove to warm it with the fire.

During these two days of observation, Cheng Yan also learned that Lin Mo usually slept until noon. If he left it off of the fire, the porridge would be cold when he woke up. The breakfast left for Lin Mo had to be put in the pot since Mama Lin specially told him that Lin Mo couldn’t eat cold food.

After finishing his share, Cheng Yan took his things and left.

Lin Mo, who was lying in bed, realized vaguely that Cheng Yan had gotten up and gone out. He turned over and curled up. Lin Mo’s head was tucked into the quilt, and only half of it was exposed. Feeling the residual body temperature and familiar scent of his husband left behind on the quilt, Lin Mo gradually went back to sleep.

In fact, Cheng Yan was wrong. Lin Mo could only sleep until noon these days because he was accompanied by Cheng Yan. If Cheng Yan left, Lin Mo would wake up by himself without anyone else calling for him.

The smell of Cheng Yan in the quilt dissipated slowly, and Lin Mo’s eyebrows slightly wrinkled when in his sleep. Before long, Lin Mo opened his eyes. Cheng Yan was not in the bed. This was the first message to Lin Mo’s brain after waking up.

Lin Mo turned over and there was a sense of restlessness in his heart. His frown caused his eyes to close slightly. He wanted to sleep more, but the absence of his husband made his sleepiness completely disappear.

The next second, Lin Mo flung off the quilt and sat up abruptly. He was a little fidgety and pulled his hair. Before long, his originally soft hair was thrown into disorder by him.

“I’m so tired…” Lin Mo gave up and lay on the quilt, muttering this in a low voice.

Lin Mo hadn’t slept well for a long time. No, he hasn’t slept for a long time. He didn’t know when it had started, maybe it was during the end of the world, when his status suddenly fell into the dust. The world had become an apocalyptic purgatory, and no one could trust anyone else. Since his spatial abnormality was detected, Lin Mo started to flee by himself, so he didn’t dare to sleep and didn’t have time to sleep.

He originally wanted to rest in his space, but since he was ambushed by others, Lin Mo did not dare to stay in his space for too long. The only drawback of his spiritual space was that when he exited, he would reappear at the same place he entered. Running alone, Lin Mo dared not sleep, but relied on the spring water to support his body. But he knew that if he continued like this, his spirit would one day reach the critical point of collapse, so he wanted to find his Second Brother.

In this way, Lin Mo couldn’t sleep until later. He could only drink spiritual water every day to relax his spirit for a short time. After he was arrested and sent to the Institute of Eschatology, Lin Mo could not sleep because he was tortured every day.

Lin Mo’s constitution began to change due to drinking too much spring water. Even if he was attacked by a zombie accidentally, the wound would disappear in a few days, and he would not transform into one. The change of physique was the reason why he was arrested and sent to the Research Institute. Lin Mo knew what he was going to face. Then, they took his blood and skin, and he was injected with different liquids every day. Even though Lin Mo had now gotten rid of the Research Institute and that world, he still dare not recall what happened to him at that time.

The mental tension would cause nightmare-like scenes to emerge in his brain if he dared close his eyes. So Lin Mo didn’t sleep for more than twenty-four hours in the past few months until he married Cheng Yan.

Lin Mo was first interested in Cheng Yan. When they met for the second time, he almost fell into the water when he went to the river, but was caught by Cheng Yan in time. He did not reject Cheng Yan’s touch, and his aura had even relieved his tense nerves. From that moment on, Lin Mo began to pay attention to Cheng Yan. The man said little and seemed to be shy. Of course, only in front of him.

Then Lin Mo found out that there was a gender called ger in this world. When Mama Lin told him that ger had to get married, in fact, the first person in Lin Mo’s mind was Cheng Yan. He was shocked at his own thought. But, at that time, he didn’t say it, nor did he show it on his face.

After a series of things happened, Lin Mo accidentally heard the conversation between Lin Cheng and Lin Xiu, and knew that Lin Cheng had been reborn. And he had been present in Lin Cheng’s previous life as well, but his family ended up getting destroyed.

Lin Mo’s first reaction to the news was that his family was destroyed because of him, although Lin Cheng told him that it had nothing to do with him. But later Lin Mo told them that he was not their brother.

Sure enough, Lin Xiu’s reaction after hearing that was exactly the same as he thought it would be. They were not his family, Lin Cheng was not his Eldest Brother, and Lin Xiu was not his Second Brother. All things here were not his, those belonged to the dead person whose body he had taken over.

Only Cheng Yan really belonged to him. It took Lin Mo some time to realize that Cheng Yan liked him, not the original owner, before his heart really opened to him.

In the back of his mind, Lin Mo also knew that Elder Brother was good to him, and could tell which Lin Mo he was. Second Brother went back to the Academy and three days before his marriage, Lin Xiu accepted Lin Mo as his new brother.

As for Lin Mo’s thoughts at that time… In fact, Lin Mo had no deep obsession with the Lin family. Whoever treated him well would be treated well by him. The only thing Lin Mo cared about was Lin Cheng and Lin Xiu, who were similar to his real brothers.

Lin Mo lay on the quilt, his already far away consciousness gradually came back, and he got out of bed with no emotion on his face. After combing his hair and getting dressed, he left the room to wash.

Lin Mo took a bowl of porridge from the pot and sat down at the table for breakfast. The congee was still warm, and Lin Mo’s eyes finally had a little fluctuation. After breakfast, Lin Mo cleaned up a little, closed the door and went to the Lin’s house. There were several aunts and ger who greeted him on the way. Lin Mo looked at them, nodded and continued on.

When Lin Mo walked a good distance away, the ger who just greeted twisted his mouth, and his face tensed a little bit. “He just married brother Cheng but has only said hello once. He’s not polite at all.”

One aunt patted him and scolded, “You are such a kid. Don’t know that the Lin’s ger is introverted. Do you think it’s polite for him to hold your hand and chat with you?” 

“Er…” Let’s forget it. The ger really couldn’t think of Lin Mo being enthusiastic.

“Don’t talk about him behind his back with other ger, I think he and Cheng Yan are suitable for each other. Besides, the Lin family has made money for our villagers recently. Don’t screw it up because of something stupid.” An aunt didn’t mind telling him.

“I know. I’m not a wooden head like my brother.” The ger turned his head and his mouth. He was not a ger with a long tongue. How could he talk about Lin Mo behind his back?

After walking for five or six minutes, Lin Mo finally got home. The door was open and Lin Mo could see Xiaoya and Xiaonan squatting in the yard, feeding the bunny and puppy. He didn’t see Lin Xing and Lin Chen and wondered if they had gone to the Academy in town.

Squatting down to feed his dog, Lin Xiaonan looked up and saw Lin Mo coming in. He stood up in surprise and forgot about what he had been doing.

“Fourth Uncle!” Lin Xiaonan stood up, raised his feet to walk past, but he hesitated and froze in place for a while.

Lin Xiaoya didn’t think so much like her brother. When she saw her brother standing up and looking behind, and heard him call out Fourth Uncle, Lin Xiaoya also looked over and saw that it was true. She got up and ran to Lin mo.

“Fourth Uncle, you’re back!” Lin Xiaoya ran to hold Lin Mo’s thigh, raised her head and smiled brightly.

When Lin Xiaonan saw his sister running by, he followed her. Then he held Lin Mo’s other thigh and looked up at him with blinking eyes.

“Mn, Fourth Uncle is back.” Lin Mo touched their heads and said with a smile.

Mama Lin, who was busy in the room, heard the voice of her granddaughter in the courtyard. She walked out to see Mo’ger and was surprised.

“Mo’ger, you’re back. Have you had breakfast? Mother will make it for you.” Mama Lin walked over and laughed.

“I ate already. Did dad and big brother go to town again?” Lin Mo asked, taking the two children to the hall hand in hand.

“The shop has been opened and they are busy there. A-Xing and A-Chen were also sent to the Academy in town to study. They have lunch with them in town at noon and come back at night.” Mama Lin replied.

“Yes, father and mother go out every morning, and come back at night.” Lin Xiaoya shriveled her mouth and said with some unhappiness.

“Fifth and Sixth Uncle are not at home either.” Lin Xiaonan said.

“Even Fourth Uncle went to Uncle Cheng’s house to sleep, and only came home today.” Lin Xiaoya’s childish voice complained.

“It’s just me and sister and grandma.” Lin Xiaonan added.

“You two…” Mama Lin didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. They were so cute and obedient in front of her but now they were complaining to Mo’ger.

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September 3, 2020 9:21 pm

I’m glad to hear that the MC brothers in the parallel world are still his very own brothers.

November 18, 2020 9:18 pm

“In fact, Cheng Yan was wrong. Lin Mo could only sleep until noon these days because he was accompanied by Cheng Yan.“

I know it’s because of all the torment Lin Mo went through makes him unable to sleep, but can I please find a man that makes me feel this way?

March 24, 2021 6:17 pm

Wait so the brothers are his old life brothers? Is this something we learn later on cause I don’t remember reading that. As for following the plot other than the brother thing it has been pretty straightforward. I’ve had no issue keeping track. 🤔

November 20, 2022 7:45 pm

Their domestic relationship is so peaceful to read

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Matcha Au Lait
January 6, 2023 3:39 am

Thank you for this chapter!

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