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Chapter 33: He Understood the Hint

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Lin Mo stayed with Xiaonan and Xiaoya until it was almost noon and went back. Before going back, Mama Lin picked a basket of vegetables for him. Cheng Yan told him last night that he would be back at noon. Lin Mo was going to go back to cook; Cheng Yan would probably be back once he was done.

When he got home, Lin Mo washed the rice and put it in the pot. Then he put firewood down and began to cook. Lin Mo took out the vegetables in the basket and cleaned them. He took out a piece of bacon from the storage area, soaked it in warm water, washed and sliced it, and put it in the pot.

Then he cut some side dishes and prepared them. Everything was ready and Lin Mo added a handful of wood to the cooking stove, and then started to cook. After using the ancient kitchen for several months, Lin Mo was now quite skilled. Lin Mo dripped a few drops of spiritual water into the pot.

Lin Mo had seen the knife and sword wounds on Cheng Yan. There were many scars on his chest and back. It seemed that he had had them for a long time, but there were still some newer ones. Lin Mo knew that Cheng Yan had lost his previous memory. He had told him before.

Thinking of Lin Cheng again, Lin Mo remembered that he didn’t have a Cheng Yan in his previous life. In his previous life, Father Lin and Lin Cheng didn’t save anyone in the mountains.

Lin Mo suspected that Cheng Yan should have been a soldier in the army before he lost his memory. This side of Daling Village was close to the borders of several countries, and years of fighting also affected them. Cheng Yan was probably seriously injured and then fell down the cliff. Later, he was accidentally rescued by Father Lin.

Of course, Lin Mo thought that he may be General Cheng at the beginning, but seeing his injuries, he denied the idea. There were several injuries on Cheng Yan’s body and just by looking at the wounds, he could see how dangerous the situation was.

If he was a general, he would not have so many injuries. After all, the force value of the general must be very high, and there were so many soldiers around him. Even if he was injured in any way, it would not be as serious as Cheng Yan’s wounds.

If there was a wound on his body, there must be an old disease in the body. Lin Mo planned to use the spring water to slowly remove the dark wounds on Cheng Yan’s body. He wanted to live forever with Cheng Yan, and didn’t want his old wounds to recur and cause him premature senility.

Lin Mo put a small amount of spiritual water in their daily food to let him recover slowly.

When Cheng Yan came back with his things on his shoulders, he smelled the food floating out of the kitchen as soon as he entered the yard. At this moment, Cheng Yan realized that he had a home. When he came back, someone had already cooked him a meal. At night, he was sleeping with his husband. Cheng Yan piled up his things by the wall, washed his hands and went back to the room to change out of his clothes covered with sweat, then came out to the kitchen.

“I’m back.” Cheng Yan walked in and hugged Lin Mo from behind. He soon let go.

“Let’s take the dishes out. We can have dinner.” Lin Mo pointed to the dishes on the stove and laughed. Of course, he knew that Cheng Yan was back. He guessed from the sound of the yard door being opened.

Cheng Yan brought the rice and dishes to the hall, Lin Mo washed the dishes and took them in, and they sat down for dinner. The taste of the food made by Lin Mo was delicious, and the flavor of the rice was completely volatilized. Unlike Cheng Yan’s own cooking, it was either cooked as a raw meal or he put in too much water.

Cheng Yan could cook, but he could only make some simple things, such as porridge, which was what he was good at. Other things were really out of his reach.

After dinner, Cheng Yan accompanied Lin Mo back to the house for a nap. He didn’t know why Lin Mo slept so much every day, but as long as it was good for Lin Mo, Cheng Yan didn’t mind doing it.

Before the marriage with Lin Mo, when Cheng Yan was alone with him, he felt that he looked a little depressed. It should be caused by not enough rest, but it could not be seen from his face. However, after the marriage, Cheng Yan couldn’t feel it. He guessed that it was related to Lin Mo sleeping so much every day.

Cheng Yan was lying on his side, holding Lin Mo in his arms and patting his back regularly with his right hand. Nestled in Cheng Yan’s arms, Lin Mo’s sense of awareness gradually blurred and he finally fell into a deep sleep.

When the man in arms fell asleep, Cheng Yan also closed his eyes to rest. Although he couldn’t sleep, he was willing to stay in bed with his husband.

One hour later, it was time to get up. Cheng Yan opened his eyes, lowered his head, reached down and rubbed the head of the person in his arms. His voice was full of the meaning of cajoling as he woke Lin Mo.

“Mn…” Lin Mo, who was awakened, opened his eyes in bewilderment, and arched his head on Cheng Yan’s chest with some annoyance, with a nasal sound in his voice. In the eyes of Cheng Yan, Lin Mo at this time was totally coquettish to him.

Cheng Yan got out of bed, picked up Lin Mo, who didn’t want to get out of bed, and helped him to put on his clothes. After wearing the clothes, Lin Mo was fully awake. He took the hair ribbon in Cheng Yan’s hand and tied up his hair into a ponytail.

It was not advisable to take a long nap, otherwise it would be hard to fall asleep at night. Of course, Cheng Yan didn’t know the real situation for Lin Mo at present, so he didn’t know whether Lin Mo was sleeping for long or not.

Cheng Yan also knew that when he was not around, Lin Mo simply slept but would call out for him. In case he woke up to see no one, his mood would become low again.

“I’ve found the climbing flowers. You can come pick where they are going to be planted.” After Cheng Yan was dressed, he moved out of the room with Lin Mo.

Cheng Yan searched all morning and finally found what he wanted. What he was looking for was a climbing rattan palm that could drive away insects. They could plant it in the yard if they planted plants that would attract insects. Climbing rattan palms would grow on the wall of the house. When they grew well, they would climb all over the wall and when they bloomed, they would look good.

After that, Cheng Yan went to the bottom of the cliff to fold some vines and plant them at the corner of the wall. They renovated part of the yard and planted vegetables. Persimmon and plum trees were dug from the fruit orchard.

It took Lin Mo and Cheng Yan a few days to get the yard in order. In order to prevent the roots of the fruit trees from dying, Lin Mo diluted several drops of spiritual water and poured it over them. After that, he ignored them and watered them occasionally.

A few days after the yard was sorted out, Lin Cheng brought news that Yan Ningxi had helped them find a good shop and they could go see where it was tomorrow.

“What we ordered at the old carpenter’s should be ready, and we’ll pick it up tomorrow along the way.” Cheng Yan put a piece of meat in Lin Mo bowl.

“Mn…” Lin Mo chewed the meat in his mouth and mumbled his words.

“Have some soup.” Cheng Yan ladled a bowl of soup and put it in front of him.

After eating and washing, Lin Mo quickly climbed into the bed and lay down, then stared at the door without blinking. When Cheng Yan came in and saw him, he walked past without any change in his expression.

Lin Mo watched Cheng Yan come in, and looked at him with his eyes blinking. His lips were slightly raised. Lin Mo was looking forward to the night, because he had a whole night to sleep at ease, and would not be woken up by Cheng Yan before noon.

“Come on up.” Lin Mo saw him approaching and quickly pulled the quilt open for him.

Cheng Yan looked at Lin Mo’s series of actions, stepped forward again, and his ears, half covered by his hair, colored a suspicious red.

Was his husband too active? Or was he too old-fashioned?

Cheng Yan took off his shoes and got into bed. Before he could even lie down, Lin Mo couldn’t wait to roll into his arms. Then he hugged his waist and rubbed his face against his chest.

Mn, Cheng Yan still understood his suggestion.

Cheng Yan turned them both over and pressed on Lin Mo with his hands on both sides of his head, but he still didn’t press down completely. Lin Mo was shocked by Cheng Yan’s sudden move. When did he take the initiative? Before Lin Mo said anything, Cheng Yan’s face suddenly magnified in front of his eyes, and then the touch on his lips made his body numb and soft.

“You… Um…” Lin Mo put his hands on his chest, and when he wanted to speak, he was taken advantage of by his husband. Lin Mo could only bear it passively.

Lin Mo, who was so confused by the kiss, had only one thought left in his mind. He must have done something to make Cheng Yan misunderstand. Otherwise, Cheng Yan wouldn’t…cough… kiss him so directly.

After that, Lin Mo fell asleep slowly under the comfort of Cheng Yan. At last, he couldn’t ask what he did to make Cheng Yan misunderstand.

When he woke up the next morning, Cheng Yan lay on the bed with his husband in his arms and did not open his eyes. Cheng Yan thought that he may have started to recover his memory.

Cheng Yan still remembered the scene in his dream last night. In the vast wasteland, the two generals and soldiers stood silent, and Cheng Yan could feel the solemnity of the scene. Then after a while, they moved. As soon as the scene changed, Cheng Yan saw a general wearing a silver mask mercilessly reaping the life of the enemy general.

The scene changed again. The general with the silver mask won the battle and returned to the camp. Just as Cheng Yan was about to see the general take off his mask, he woke up.

Cheng Yan hugged the man in his arms with his eyelids slightly closed. He felt that the masked general in his dream had a sense of familiarity. Was it someone he had known before? Cheng Yan didn’t know what opportunities there would be when his memory recovered. However, he didn’t have any special expectation for the recovery of his memories. He would still live with his husband anyway.

After clearing his mind, Cheng Yan opened his eyes, raised his hand to touch the person in his arms and woke him up quietly. “Momo, get up. We have to go to town today…”

Lin Mo heard the familiar voice ringing in his ear, which annoyed him. Lin Mo’s eyebrows were slightly wrinkled. He subconsciously grabbed the blanket and tried to cover his ears by drilling his head hard into the person beside him.

Seeing his childish side, Cheng Yan couldn’t help laughing. Although he had seen it several times, Cheng Yan still felt that Lin Mo’s coquettish behavior could soften his heart.

Lin Mo was upset by the chest agitation caused by the low laughter. He could only open his mouth and take a bite. He closed his eyes and murmured, “Don’t move…” 

Cheng Yan was bitten to the core by his wife. Finally, he decided to sleep with him for a while. He also had to eliminate the sudden anger.

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hahaha, LM got more than he bargained for with that little hint. Will be interesting to see what happens as CY slowly gets his memories back and the affect it will have on them both. Will it change the destiny of the family?

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Ahhh~ all of these fluffiness is making me happy! I hope CY will be okay when he recover his memories back.

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March 27, 2020 9:41 pm

Hahaha Lin Mo bites Cheng Yan! And the wrong hint reading is just so cute. LM just eager to sleep soundly, but CY think differently. You cannot blame him for miss reading it though. 😂

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Because of Zombies?

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This novel hits all the right spots for me.

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Does Momo mean peach like it does in Chinese?


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