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Chapter 31: My Wife is Clingy and Coquettish

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


In the morning, Cheng Yan was tired of lying in bed until noon. In the afternoon, he cleaned up the yard and accompanied Lin Mo to enjoy the coolness under the shade of the tree. This was the first day spent by the newly married husband and wife.

The sun towards the evening was not so bright, and it’s rays cascaded on the ground. Lin Mo slept with his eyes closed beside Cheng Yan. The afterglow of dusk made his body warm and there was also a reassuring atmosphere around him. Lin Mo slept more deeply.

For a long time, even after the sun had set halfway, Lin Mo showed no sign of waking up. Cheng Yan was confused. Lin Mo was weak, and was tossed throughout the night last night, Cheng Yan felt a little bad.

Cheng Yan carefully picked up Lin Mo, and got up to walk into the room. Lin Mo seemed to stir. But under the steady steps of Cheng Yan, he soon fell back asleep.

Putting Lin Mo on the bed, Cheng Yan covered him up, and then walked out of the room. After Cheng Yan left for a few minutes, Lin Mo, who had been sleeping peacefully, suddenly frowned, and his hand resting on the quilt unconsciously fumbled beside him, as if to confirm something.

After fumbling for a long time, Lin Mo, with his eyes closed, frowned even tighter. It took a second and Lin Mo painstakingly opened his eyes. He felt that his eyelids were very heavy and the vision in front of him was blurry.

“Brother…” Lin Mo’s eyelashes trembled slightly, and he finally opened his eyes, a little confused.

Lin Mo dreamt of his brother. He was back before the end of the world. Their family picked and frolicked in their orchard. In his dream, his brothers were still fifteen to sixteen years old. Lin Mo was held high by his brothers, which was what he expected most when he was a child. On one side, his parents picked fruit for them while laughing at them.

Lin Mo hadn’t dreamt of their family together before the end of the world for a long time. He laughed happily in his dream, but Lin Mo woke up in tears.

Lin Mo forced the tears back from his eyes and got out of bed. He slept more than he normally did and woke up confused. Lin Mo was a little weak.

“Cheng Yan…” Lin Mo mumbled and walked out of the room.

Cheng Yan was cooking dinner and heard Lin Mo calling his name. He looked around and saw Lin Mo coming.

“Why are you here? When did you wake up?” Cheng Yan put water into the pot and covered it with a lid. He wiped his hands with an old cloth, and then walked quickly to him.

“As soon as I woke up, I didn’t see you…” Lin Mo looked up at him.

Seeing his reddish eyes, Cheng Yan felt a little soft in his heart. His wife was so sticky that when he woke up and couldn’t find him, he cried until his eyes turned red.

“Is there any discomfort in your body?” Cheng Yan sighed in his heart, held the man in his arms and touched his head to comfort him.

“No.” After depressing the abnormal emotions, Lin Mo, who had returned to normal, wondered why Cheng Yan would take the initiative to hold him.

Being held in Cheng Yan’s arms, Lin Mo reached out his hand and hugged his neck. The whole person was hanging on him, and his body weight was pressed against Cheng Yan. His disorderly hair stuck up and he rubbed his arms. In other people’s eyes, he was like a coquettish general.

Sure enough, his wife was clingy and coquettish.

“I cooked bone soup for you. Is there anything else you want?” Cheng Yan asked.

“I can eat whatever you make, I won’t be picky.”

A man like Cheng Yan looked like he couldn’t cook very well. Lin Mo’s requirements were not high. Anyway, he himself could cook well.

Cheng Yan touched his head and pulled them apart. “Go to the hall and sit down. It will be ready soon.” Cheng Yan went behind him, untied his belt, carefully helped him straighten his hair with his hands, and then tied it up. Lin Mo stood still the entire time.

After that, Cheng Yan asked him to wait in the hall, and then went back to the kitchen to continue cooking. After it was finished, Cheng Yan brought the dishes into the hall. As soon as he wanted to sit down to eat, he heard knocking at the door, and then the voice of Father Lin came from outside.

“You eat. I’ll open the door.” Cheng Yan and Lin Mo finished talking, got up and walked to the gate.

Cheng Yan opened the door. Outside stood Father Lin and Big Brother Lin. Father Lin was carrying a basket of chicken and duck eggs, while Lin Cheng was carrying a big bag of food. Cheng Yan helped to move it into the warehouse before, so he knew what was in the bag.

“Father, Elder Brother, you are here… Why did you bring these…”

Father Lin waved to stop him. “Mn, don’t say that. There’s a lot of food in the family, and you don’t need to spend money to buy them.” 

Looking at his eyes, Father Lin knows what Cheng Yan wanted to say, but he had just finished building the house, and the two became close again. Even if Cheng Yan had money before, he would not spend it. Besides, there were many places to spend money in the future. Moreover, even if Cheng Yan suffered from hardship, Father Lin was reluctant to let his son follow him.

Father Lin walked in with something and Lin Cheng followed him to the kitchen. Cheng Yan closed the door and followed them.

“I went to the mountains before.” So he was really rich.

“…It’s all here. You want Father and I to carry this back?”

Before they got far, Lin Mo walked over.

Lin Mo walked over and wondered, “Father, what did you bring?” 

“Your mother picked some chicken and duck eggs for you. They were all laid by our chickens and ducks. Remember to eat one to mend your body every day.” Father Lin explained. His son had been in bad health since childhood. He had to drink a bowl of egg porridge every day to make up for it, but recently he hadn’t eaten any.

“It was all for Xiaoya and Xiaonan. I don’t need it now.” Lin Mo refused to say that he couldn’t use all this for his body care. It was also a white tonic and was better to keep it for the children at home.

“If father takes it back now, your mother will bring it back tomorrow. Isn’t it a little time-consuming to go back and forth?” Father Lin questioned. When Lin Cheng walked out, Father Lin handed him the basket. Lin Cheng took it and put it in the kitchen.

“Father, would you like to have dinner together?” Lin Mo offered.

“No, you two can eat by yourself… Remember to pick vegetables at home before planting them well.” Father Lin said.

“Mn.” Lin Mo stood aside and nodded.

“Mother and I have separated your share of the field…” While saying this, Father Lin took out a title deed from his bosom. This was a decision made by Father Lin and Mama Lin before Lin Mo and Cheng Yan got married.

Cheng Yan didn’t have any fields. He couldn’t grow vegetables but it was also a big expense to buy food all the time. It was better to grow and eat it. Before Father Lin finished, Lin Mo pushed back the title deed he handed over. Lin Mo didn’t plant land, and Cheng Yan didn’t know how to farm, so it was useless to divide the land among them.

“Father, neither Cheng Yan nor I can farm. It’s no use giving it to us.” Lin Mo shook his head and refused.

“Cheng Yan will be able to learn. Didn’t he do well before?” Father Lin disagreed.

“Father, it’s the same with Mo’ger that you distribute the grain you get back.” When planting or harvesting, Cheng Yan would go to help. It was also a division method, and it didn’t need to be so troublesome.

Lin Cheng also knows that Cheng Yan had no talent for farming, so he could divide it out and plant it for them. He still didn’t know how much could be recovered in harvest season. It was better for them to plant together at the beginning and then divide it later.

“Cheng Yan and I are going to open a small shop in town. We don’t have time to grow it even if we share it.” Lin Mo shook his head.

Finally, Father Lin went back with Lin Cheng, and the title deed was taken back with them. Just now, Lin Mo had been talking with his big brother for a few minutes, and he also knew that big brother had started to publicize the shop.

After they left, Lin Mo and Cheng Yan sat down for dinner, and Cheng Yan helped him to pick up some dishes from time to time.

“In a few days, I’ll go to the mountains to find out what kind of climbing flowers are there, and what kind of trees do I want to plant?” Cheng Yan asked.

Their yard was big enough to plant five or six trees. Cheng Yan had no opinion on what kind of tree to plant, he was mainly following his wife’s idea.

Lin Mo thought about it and said, “Plant persimmon and plum trees. Plant some grapes in the corner of the fence. I’ll go with you that day.”

In fact, Lin Mo wanted to plant some peach trees and pear trees. The flowers of these two trees were very beautiful, especially when the petals were rustling down, it felt like petal rain. At that time, the yard was covered with pink and white petals, which would be very nice.

But Lin Mo dismissed the thought that the moral of these two trees in the yard seemed bad. He didn’t believe in these theories before, but since he was reborn here, Lin Mo couldn’t ignore them completely. It was good to be careful.

“It’s not safe on the mountain. Stay at home and I’ll be back soon.” Cheng Yan rejected Lin Mo’s offer to go with him. Cheng Yan’s own safety in the mountain could be guaranteed, but if he wanted to take Lin Mo with him, he was afraid that his negligence would cause his wife to be hurt by something.

“There are often snakes climbing over the trees in the mountains. If you don’t notice, they will fall in front of you and bite you. Many snakes are poisonous. There are also all kinds of insects, which will stink or itch when they touch you, and ants that will hurt when they bite people…”

It was hard for Cheng Yan to say so much at one time in order to keep Lin Mo away. Of course, these things were in the deepest part of the mountain, where the sun didn’t shine.

Lin Mo listened to Cheng Yan’s words, and his brain automatically completed the picture, and his body shook. Lin Mo’s face turned white with the pictures in his head. He was afraid of mollusks, especially snakes and caterpillars, since he was a child.

“What’s the matter?” Cheng Yan was worried when he saw that Lin Mo’s face was white again. Cheng Yan had some regrets in his heart. He shouldn’t be so terrible. He forgot that gers were afraid of insects.

“Nothing.” Lin Mo shook his head. Finally, Lin Mo gave up his plan to follow him to the mountains.

On the side of the Lin family, they also planned to go to talk about the handling of fruit in the fruit orchards of other villagers. The production of fruit wine needed a lot of fruit, and their village fruit orchard was the perfect source to supply it.

The Lin family bought the fruit from the village’s fruit orchards, solved the problem of supply source by itself, and also allowed the villagers to make money by using their nearly abandoned fruit orchard. This kind of opportunity could be said to be free to make money, and not many people would refuse the offer.

Later, Father Lin and Lin Cheng went to talk about it in detail with Li Zheng. Li Zheng gathered the villagers to talk about it. Other villagers’ reactions were the same as Lin Mo expected.

Moreover, the reputation of the Lin family in Daling Village was even stronger. First, the Lin family’s scholar son passed the local examination, and now he was the master of the whole family, which also made the other people in Daling Village appear more brilliant. Now the Lin family had brought them opportunities to make money. The villagers were more enthusiastic about the Lin family.

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Really? Mollusks include snakes and caterpillars?! Please please please fix this sentence! It is just SO WRONG that I can’t stand it – saying that snakes and caterpillars are the same as clams is just too much. Amphibians and Insects, ok. Shelled sea dwellers they are not.

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