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Chapter 4: Eldest Brother’s Accident

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo

Lin Mo used to be a young master of the Lin family in his previous world. The Lin family had access to a lot of information since it had lasted for more than ten generations. Although they began to decline in Lin Mo’s generation, a thin camel was still bigger than a horse.

In the past, the Lin family was not the most powerful in Shangjing, but they were able to achieve mutual checks and balances. There were many industries the Lin family were involved in, but there was no doubt that they were the leaders in wine. They were the most famous for their winemaking ability. The Lin family had a vineyard where all kinds of grapes were planted. Lin Mo often played there with his Second Brother when he was a child.

However, his Elder Brother would pick grapes to eat, while Lin Mo was more interested in planting grapes and making wine. Lin Mo liked eating, so he was interested in cooking and the production process behind the food. So when he chose a major in University, he chose a major in food production regardless of the opposition of his family.

For this reason, Lin Mo also made a fire in the Shangjing circle.

After knowing that there was a large orchard his family-owned and that it was abandoned, Lin Mo thought of making money using the fruit. At present, he wanted to pound the fruit into wine first. After all, he was good at it.

He didn’t know how to tell his family since it was impossible for Lin Mo to do it alone. He had to find a way to tell them when he went back. Lin Mo was thinking about this while picking grapes.

Lin Mo, immersed in the excitement of preparing to make money, had a trace of vitality and youth.

After picking a basketful of grapes, the three went back home. Before leaving, Lin Mo asked his two younger brothers to dig up the chilies and colored peppers they had found before, as well as several kinds of plants that could be used as seasonings when wandering in the fruit orchard. These plants would be grown in his own garden.

The tomato vine tree was too big to move back. Lin Mo could only cut off a few branches and throw them into his spiritual space. Although he knew that his tomato planting method was not correct, Lin Mo still wanted to try the effect of spiritual water on plants.

“Fourth Brother, let me carry it.” Lin Xing was worried.

They still didn’t know the condition of their Fourth Brother’s body. What’s more, he had a serious illness just a few days ago. Now he must be very weak after recovering. They kept looking at Fourth Brother’s face.

“I’m okay. Only half a basket is not heavy. Let’s go back quickly.” Lin Mo shook his head and took the lead.

The three of them left in the morning, and what fruit they ate at noon was not filling, so Lin Mo was starving and suffering. Lin Mo tried to ignore the discomfort and continued on his way.

The original owner hadn’t been hungry often. This feeling of hunger made his stomach ache, and Lin Mo felt a little lost. The body was weak, and Lin Mo still wanted to exercise, but he couldn’t bear to walk for a few steps without breathing hard. This weak chicken would not live long at the end of the world.

Fortunately, Lin Mo drank spiritual water this morning. After a day, his physical fitness had improved a little.

“Fourth Brother, give Fifth Brother and me some of the things in your basket.” After walking for half a mile, Lin Chen watched his Fourth Brother’s steps slow down, and his face grew paler and paler. He was worried. His mother had said she wanted them to watch him before.

“Ah, can you still carry it?” Lin Mo stopped, wiped the sweat off his face, and gasped.

Lin Mo underestimated his level of weakness. His intake of spiritual water needed to be increased.

“I have room in my basket.” Lin Xing turned around and asked Lin Chen to move the things in their Fourth Brother’s basket to their baskets. Lin Mo saw that both of their baskets were full and pursed his lips.

Lin Xing saw that his Fourth Brother was unhappy and so he comforted him quickly. “Fourth Brother’s strength is much smaller than that of a man. Don’t be unhappy, Fourth Brother.”

“Fourth Brother is the only ger in our family and is frail. Second Brother said that Fourth Brother is used to being spoiled.” Lin Chen said with a smile, his ears were red, and he was a little embarrassed.

If it was not for Lin Mo’s illness, he could go out for a walk, but Mama Lin wouldn’t let him go out far. Lin Mo’s heart trembled, and his eyelashes covered the emotion in his eyes. Once, his Eldest Brother and Second Brother said the same thing, but after the end of the world, no one spoiled him.

But weren’t they all men? Why was everything divided into brother and man? 1 Was it according to the strength of the body? It seemed that there were a lot of strange things in these ancient times, which must be made clear as soon as possible.

Lin Mo guessed part of it right. It was true that a man could be distinguished by his physical strength, but that was not the essence of the distinction.

The three came home with baskets on their backs before dark. Lin Mo asked them to put the baskets of grapes in place and go into the room to change their clothes. Lin Mo’s back was wet. If he didn’t change, he would catch a cold easily and wouldn’t be able to get out of bed and walk. Lin Mo didn’t want to lie in bed again.

Lin Xing and Lin Chen planted the plants in the garden and picked a handful of vegetables along the way. Lin Mo had just changed his clothes to go out, but he heard a noise coming in from outside, including the panicked voice from Mama Lin, who he was familiar with.

Lin Mo hurriedly opened the door and stepped out of the room. All the noises rushed into his ears and disturbed his brain.

“What’s the matter? My God! Why is Cheng’er so badly hurt?” Mama Lin was shocked when she saw so many people coming into her house, but when she saw her eldest son coming back with his back covered in blood, her face turned white. 

“Come on, move to the house first. Has someone gone to get the doctor?”

“The doctor was already asked to come. Go and get hot water ready.” Father Lin gave orders and walked in quickly.

A strong man walked into the room with Lin Cheng, the eldest brother of the Lin family, on his back. 

Lin Mo was standing at the door of the room, looking at all the things in front of him without any expression on his face. Mama Lin was at a loss. She talked intermittently and was obviously frightened by this situation.

The two little guys sat in the yard and cried loudly. There were many villagers standing in the yard, some of them obviously came to see the bustle, and many of them kept pouring in from outside. The crying of the children, the look of the family at a loss, the loud voices of the villagers, all of these poured into Lin Mo’s brain.

Lin Mo was in a trance for a moment because of the bloody appearance of Lin Cheng, and his brain was screaming with pain. Lin Mo only felt that his head was about to explode. Lin Mo bit the tip of his tongue, swallowed the sweetness in his mouth and walked over with his stiff legs.

“Lin Xing, go to the doctor. Lin Chen, boil hot water. Mother, you and your sister-in-law make those people leave our house first. It’s too noisy and messy.” Lin Mo’s quiet voice seemed to give them backbone. Lin Xing nodded as he wiped away his tears and ran out of the door quickly. Lin Chen walked into the kitchen with a pale face and red eyes.

“Brother Mo, your eldest brother, is going to be okay. isn’t he?” Mama Lin’s lips trembled, and her face was pale.

“It will be okay. Make the villagers go back first. Sister-in-law, go in and see if you can help.”

They were obedient to their respective posts, Lin Mo also went to pick up the crying children and sat on a stool. Lin Mo consoled, “Don’t cry, your father will be  okay.” 

The two children sat on Lin Mo’s lap, one on each knee, holding Lin Mo’s clothes in their hands and crying, their faces turning red.

“Fourth Uncle… Hiccup… Daddy… Blood…” Lin Xiaoya cried as she hiccuped.

“Dad is… is about to die…” Lin Xiaonan cried, his eyes full of fear.

“Waaa Daddy… Hiccup… Don’t die…”

“Your dad won’t die. Don’t cry.” Lin Mo bowed his head and comforted them with no expression. His pupils were dark and obscure.

It wasn’t long before Lin Xing led the doctor inside. As soon as Mama Lin saw the doctor had arrived, she hurried him into the room. Everyone else went in, and Lin Mo and the two children were left in the yard.

The two children cried until they fell asleep. Lin Mo comforted them mechanically.

After the doctor came out, Father Lin also left to buy medicine. Lin Mo asked Lin Xing and Lin Chen to take the two children to sleep in the room and then went into the kitchen to cook. The Lin family was not in the mood to cook, but they couldn’t be hungry at this time. Lin Mo could only do it himself. Fortunately, there was still fire from heating up the hot water.

After Lin Mo finished cooking, it was completely dark, and Father Lin, who went to get the medicine, came back.

Lin Mo entered the room and saw Lin Cheng lying on the bed with no blood on his face. His breath stopped for a moment, and his white lips were pursed.

“Eat first.” Lin Mo said in a low voice.

“Cheng Yan, stay for dinner. Thanks for your help today.”

“No trouble, I’ll go back first.” The young man, who was called Cheng Yan, shook his head and refused.

“It’s so late. You have to cook your own food when you go back. It’s already done here.” Mama Lin said with a forced smile, though she was pale.

“Mother, make the others go back and change clothes. It’s time you come over to eat dinner.” He said this without expression. Lin Mo glanced at the man standing aside. The blood on his clothes was dry. Cheng Yan glanced at Lin Mo, nodded to them and left.

The other people left the room to eat. Sister-in-law Lin was really not in the mood to eat. She went to the kitchen to cook the medicine. Everyone except Lin Mo ate the food, feeling that it was tasteless.

According to Father Lin, he and Lin Cheng went hunting in the mountains. Unfortunately, they met a boar. Boars were a dangerous thing even in modern times, let alone in ancient times with backward weapons.

Even though Lin Cheng was one of the best hunters in the village, he was injured in the end, with a bloody hole in his stomach, and his head was swollen because he hit a tree. Lin Mo estimated that he had a blood clot in his head.

Fortunately, Lin Cheng was carried back in time after he met Cheng Yan, who often hunted in the mountains, and avoided excessive blood loss and death.

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Translator Notes:

  1. He’s wondering why everyone calls him Mo’ger, which ger means boy/brother. And even though he is a teenager, they won’t call him a man, but a boy.


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