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Chapter 68: Fifth World (9)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Samuel’s residence was located in the center of the Holy Church, adjacent to the Pope’s palace, and the environment was naturally the best.

Unlike the rest of the Holy Church, which was solemn, holy and almost inhuman, Samuel’s palace was covered by green trees, rippling with green waves, full of natural harmony and beauty. As a result of bathing in the holy light, the vegetation here was particularly lush, and even the flowers were much more magnificent than the outside, competing for splendor and fragrance. From time to time, Bai Duan could also see elegant and graceful deer walking in the shade, staring at the passers-by with clear and gentle black eyes; the colorful birds flew from treetop to treetop, emitting a pleasant song, flapping their wings and playing.

Bai Duan, who grew up in Black Street since childhood, had never seen such beautiful scenery and immediately fell in love with it. His eyes glowed with unparalleled brilliance.

Seeing his reaction, Hope was happy, “No wonder that the last time His Highness, the Son of God returned to the Holy Church after being injured, he suddenly sent people to rebuild his residence. It was because you like this type of environment?”

Bai Duan was stunned, “I really like it…but it has nothing to do with me.”

After all, he had just ‘met’ Samuel at that time. How could the other party know his preferences? Even Bai Duan didn’t know before that he liked the green trees and animals so much.

However, Hope didn’t believe Bai Duan’s answer at all. “If it’s not for you, why did His Highness make a decision after meeting you? What’s more, His Highness, the Son of God has always been reluctant to change his residence. He thought it was unnecessary work and waste of money. He has been used to the previous living environment for a long time, and would never change it without reason.”

Hope’s argument was well founded. Bai Duan was speechless. Fortunately, Hope didn’t get entangled in this aspect. Seeing Bai Duan accept his statement, he changed the topic. He just didn’t want to see Bai Duan ignore the Son of God’s attitude toward him.

Taking Bai Duan around for a turn, Hope led Bai Duan into the palace and began to teach him the functions of each room and the responsibilities to be performed as an attendant.

“His Highness has never had a personal attendant of his own, so I am responsible for all the affairs in the palace… In the future, this is your job.” With regret and nostalgia, Hope obviously didn’t want to give his work to others. However, his instructions for Bai Duan were comprehensive and meticulous, and he really told him all the details, without a bit of negligence.

The rules of the Holy Church were very strict. In addition to Hope’s business, Bai Duan only felt himself become dizzy. He didn’t feel very good and his eyes were full of confusion.

Seeing Bai Duan’s condition, Hope sighed and clapped him on the shoulder, “The job of an attendant sounds simple, but it’s actually quite trivial and complicated. It’s normal that you won’t get used to it now. Just study slowly. His Highness, the Son of God is gentle and kind. Even if you don’t do it well, he won’t blame you.” After a pause, his tone became stern again. “Of course, you can’t rely on His Highness’s favor to be arrogant and avoid work!”

Bai Duan nodded repeatedly and swore to take good care of Samuel. Hope relaxed his face and smiled.

Having basically understood his work, Bai Duan turned around and asked about other aspects, “Apart from His Highness, the Son of God, can you tell me something about other adults in the Holy Church? I just came here, I don’t know anything…” 

For such a common and necessary question, Hope did not hide anything. He told Bai Duan about a lot of internal news about the papacy.

Most bishops didn’t regard servants of such low status as Hope as people, and they seldom pretended to be saintly in front of them. Occasionally, it was inevitable that their true nature would be revealed. As an attendant, it had become their survival instinct to observe the personality habits of all adults, which made them learn a lot of trivial but secret information over time. Once integrated, it might play a crucial role no matter when, these little ‘insignificant’ people could not be looked down upon.

As Bai Duan was Samuel’s servant, Hope was very worried that he would offend the other and cause trouble for Samuel because of his ignorance. So he let Bai Duan know all the information he knew.

Which person had a severe personality; which one had a peculiar hobby; which one had a unique habit… Although Hope didn’t dare to tell the secrets of everyone, Bai Duan, who grew up in Dark Street, was very good at deciphering words. He easily found the hidden key points from Hope’s words and kept them in his mind.

By the time Samuel returned to his residence, Bai Duan had already roughly learned the situation within the Holy Church. Seeing Samuel’s figure, Hope quickly dropped the topic, stood up and bowed to salute. Bai Duan also saluted with him, and then was stabbed in the waist by Hope with an elbow.

Bai Duan almost stumbled since he was unprepared. He looked at Hope in disbelief, but saw that he squeezed his eyes towards himself, as if he was eager to hint something. Bai Duan was at a loss for a moment, and finally realized what Hope meant. He hurriedly walked towards Samuel and helped him to take off his robe.

Samuel smiled and accepted Bai Duan’s attentive service. He thanked him mildly. But when he saw that Bai Duan wanted to kneel on the ground and take off his boots, he quickly bent down to grab Bai Duan’s arm and lifted him up. Before, Bai Duan helped him take off his clothes, but that was when he could be regarded as a husband. After he got home, his husband was attentive but it was too much to kneel down and take off his boots. It was a bit of humiliating and Samuel couldn’t bear it.

“I’ll do it myself in the future.” Samuel pulled Bai Duan up, gently brushing off his shirt.

Bai Duan naturally didn’t like such a humble practice. He pretended to struggle for a moment and then agreed with Samuel’s insistence. He gave him a sweet and grateful smile, and he was somewhat satisfied with ‘calculating the understanding’.

Samuel looked into Bai Duan’s eyes, and raised his hand to rub his head.

Looking at the interaction between the two, Hope was full of envy, and wanted to throw Bai Duan aside and replace him. Soon, however, he was not even qualified to watch.

Samuel couldn’t wait to be alone with his little servant. Naturally, he didn’t want a redundant third party to watch. After a sweet interaction with Bai Duan, Samuel looked at Hope and with a gentle voice, said, “Thank you for taking care of Bai Duan. Now that I’m back, I won’t bother you. If you have something to do, go ahead and do it.”

Hope really wanted to say ‘I’m not busy at all’. However, when His Highness, the Son of God, spoke like this, he couldn’t not go. He could only turn around and walk away slowly, sadly.

When Hope’s figure disappeared, Samuel’s face suddenly changed, showing a wicked spirit.

Bai Duan took a step back subconsciously, but he still couldn’t avoid Samuel’s quick action. He was directly dragged into his arms by the other side and held up by his butt.

Bai Duan’s body was shaking, and he had to hold Samuel’s neck to keep balance. He tightened his arms in revenge and gave Samuel a fierce look, “What are you going to do?!”

“What am I doing?” Samuel chuckled, “Hope didn’t teach you what else I need to do when I come back, besides changing clothes and taking off my shoes?”

Bai Duan recollected for a moment, then fell silent.

“It looked like you remember.” Samuel raised his mouth with satisfaction. “You may think you don’t have anything else to do, but you have to do it. I’ve taught you before, haven’t you?”

Bai Duan was covered in a blush, but without any resistance, he was carried into the bathroom and placed directly into the bath by Samuel. His clothes were scattered and floated in the water, but he was not wet at all. However, Bai Duan himself was suddenly wet, and Samuel took several mouthfuls of his tender tofu.

“No. Do you want me to help wash you?” Bai Duan grabbed Samuel’s hungry claws in a hurry, and his tone was sharp.

Samuel raised his eyebrows and said, “Oh? Did you learn?”

“Yes, yes!” Bai Duan nodded in a hurry for fear of the other continuing.

Narrowed his eyes slightly, Samuel smiled and let go of his hand, leaving Bai Duan scurrying to the other side. “Don’t you want to help me with my bath? How can you wash me when you are so far away?” 

As he said this, he took off his clothes, stretched himself comfortably, and waved to Bai Duan.

Bai Duan bit his lip, struggled for a moment, then leaned over slowly. It was better for him to move closer to Samuel… Did he know what to do?

This world’s Bai Duan was still too naive. Although he tried to control himself and wanted to take it as a simple bath, when Samuel was smiling and full of desire, his eyes fixed on him, Bai Duan could not control his heart rate. His hands touching Samuel’s body were slightly trembling.

Samuel’s body was strong and smooth. When he put on his clothes, he was gentle and elegant, but when he took off his clothes, he was full of male aggression. It was embarrassing to watch, let alone touch.

It was clear that Samuel was rarely so ‘clever’ and displayed no provocative actions, but Bai Duan was still flushed and his heart was drumming. But he couldn’t help being perfunctory. Whenever he wanted to ignore a part, he was reminded by Samuel to pay attention seriously. He had to clean every inch of Samuel’s body, even his lower abdomen.

Of course, although Samuel was hard as iron, Bai Duan did not have a ‘good heart’ to provide him with ‘special services’ as Samuel did before. After rubbing Samuel’s little brother up and down, Bai Duan didn’t pay attention to the hot desire of the other side at all. He quickly released his hand and let out a long sigh of relief, “Okay, it’s done!”

Samuel picked up his eyebrows, grabbed Bai Duan, who wanted to escape, and dragged him back to his arms. “There’s another thing I forgot to teach you last time, but it’s not too late today.”

Bai Duan was stiff and didn’t want to ask what it was, because Samuel’s fingers had already touched his hips. Samuel pinched vaguely, and tried to touch the closed acupoint and mouth on his backside with his fingers.

Bai Duan’s brain was in a mess. He leaned in Samuel’s arms and didn’t know whether he should resist or just let go for a while. He was aroused by the ‘bath’ just now. Now, desire was overflowing through his body, and Samuel’s action made him ready to let go.

Black Street people had always been honest about lust and sex. Bai Duan previously rejected and hated it, but he didn’t meet anyone who could make him feel lust or burn with a fire from the inside. But now that the man was near, why should he feel aggrieved and restrained?

Thus persuading himself and finding excuses for his connivance, Bai Duan silently indulged in Samuel’s temptation, only biting on his neck when he reached up to a knuckle.

Samuel’s body was already strained to the limit. Once he was bitten by Bai Duan, it became more and more difficult to control, and the movement of his invading finger became more and more forceful and urgent. Undoubtedly, Bai Duan’s body was slowly opened, and it was easy to find the point that could make his lover lose control in an instant.

Bai Duan’s body suddenly trembled, and the force of biting Samuel’s neck became fiercer, but even so, the hoarse and intolerable moan still flowed out uncontrollably, which made Bai Duan unable to control himself as he became paralyzed in Samuel’s arms. He was then confused with his own movements.

He never knew that there was such a sensitive part in his body. Just being poked and rubbed, he went crisp and soft, felt immoral lust, as if he was dying and unable to stop feeling the sensations.

Samuel stared at Bai Duan’s blushing cheeks, hugged his delicate and beautiful body, and enjoyed touching his skin. Although his body was almost going to explode, his pride in controlling his lover with a single movement was extremely satisfying. Gently kissing the side of Bai Duan’s face, with his hair wet, he buried his face in his neck. Samuel’s voice was hoarse, “How was that? Are you okay?”

Bai Duan didn’t say a word, just gripped the piece of flesh in his mouth and ground down on it with discontent and haste.

Samuel hissed, and could not bear it any longer. He took out his fingers buried in Bai Duan’s body and put himself into the heat he had been waiting for for a long time. With the help of the lubrication of the pool water, he rushed straight with savage lust.

Bai Duan let out a moan mixed with pain and pleasure. He couldn’t help opening his mouth and raising his neck. While Samuel was thrusting his waist and embedding himself deeper into Bai Duan, he raised his hand and grabbed the back of Bai Duan’s neck, bit his Adam’s apple and sucked it.

Bai Duan was extremely sensitive to this kind of fatal parts in all lifetimes. When his body was subconsciously stretched, he held Samuel even tighter inside him. Samuel almost came, and hurriedly pulled himself out before trusting back in. He kissed Bai Duan, attracting his attention, “Look… that place needs to be cleaned up most, you see, now isn’t it much cleaner?”

Bai Duan was almost turned upside down by Samuel. He glared at his bad hearted master, but his eyes were crimson and charming because of his his desire. Samuel wanted to do more. However, even though the coquetry in his expression was greater than the annoyance, the response from his mouth was extremely cruel, without any charming taste, “Is it? Then, the next time I bathe you, I will remember to use the same method and clean that place for you!”

When Samuel froze, the part buried in Bai Duan’s body almost softened.

Just as the saying goes, ‘you can’t live by doing your own evil deeds’, it seems that… Samuel was so pleased that he said the wrong thing. →_→

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