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Chapter 41: I’m Leaving

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


After the New Year, shops in the town began to open one after another, and the food shops of Lin Mo and Cheng Yan also reopened. After Lin Xiu returned to the Academy, Cheng Yan began to prepare things for his trip.

The carriage needed to be specially made. The shock absorber of the ordinary carriage was not good and there would be many bumps on the road. Cheng Yan was worried that Lin Mo couldn’t stand it to even the halfway point.

The temperature wouldn’t increase by early spring so the carriage must be able to keep warm, and thick clothes and cloaks must be prepared. They should also prepare some dry food. Although they could stop to replenish when passing through other counties, they had to take precautions.

Back in from the outside, Cheng Yan entered the food shop, waved to Chen Mu who was entertaining other guests, and went around the counter to Lin Mo.

“Welcome back.” Lin Mo heard the familiar footsteps, looked up, saw Cheng Yan coming, and smiled.

“Have you read all these books?” Cheng Yan sat next to him and put his hand in front of him.

“Mn… It’s just to waste time.” Lin Mo casually poured a cup of hot tea for Cheng Yan.

Lin Mo took apart the pastry bought by Cheng Yan, twisted his fingers together and took a bite. The pastry was soft and buttery, and still warm. Cheng Yan sat by for tea and occasionally checked out the guests. The tea made by Lin Mo had a special taste, and Cheng Yan would always feel refreshed after drinking it. After sitting in the gourmet shop all afternoon, Lin Mo explained to Chen Qing and left with Cheng Yan.

“There’s still a month to go, can you think of anything else?” Lin Mo asked as he walked.

“No, I haven’t had those dreams lately.” Cheng Yan shook his head, even if he dreamt of some small pieces, he would forget them when he woke up, unlike those ones he remembered clearly before.

“Mn… Anyway, there’s still one month left. Don’t worry…” Lin Mo nodded when he heard it, but he deep in thought. Recently, he had given Cheng Yan spiritual water every day. After a month, he still couldn’t remember. Was it ineffective?

“When we go to the Imperial City with your Second Brother, did you tell your parents?” Cheng Yan asked.

“Second Brother told our parents before he went back, but he didn’t tell them that there might be robbers on the way.”

“Better not to make them worry.” Cheng Yan nodded. However, they should try their best to take the official road to the Imperial City. If they really couldn’t take the path, they could also leave only in the daytime.

A month later, Lin Xiu came back from the Academy to pack up and set out. The customized carriage Cheng Yan ordered had been completed several days ago, and all the things needed to be prepared were put into the carriage. Lin Mo’s Gourmet Shop had been handed over to Lin Cheng. Everything was ready and they were going to leave tomorrow.

Since her son was going to take the exam, Mama Lin took her eldest daughter-in-law out to buy food. She planned to make a big dinner tonight.

The three older brothers of the Lin family took advantage of the busy life of the family and quietly hid in a room to talk.

Lin Cheng looked at them and said, “As you’re leaving tomorrow, remember to be careful.” 

Lin Xiu thought for a moment and said, “Mn, when the news of my exam comes back, don’t take our parents to the Imperial City. Wait for a while.” 

According to what Lin Cheng said before, when the news of his previous examination came back, their family moved to the Imperial City, and soon they were forced into a conspiracy. Lin Xiu wanted to see if there would be any accidents in this life when they went off the track of Eldest Brother’s previous life.

Lin Mo heard Second Brother’s words and wanted to talk, but after thinking about it, he shut up. Cheng Yan’s identity was not one hundred percent certain, and his memory was not complete now, and he was also not clear about what happened before his memory loss.

If the Lin family went to the Imperial City, they would probably attract the attention of some people who had hatred with Cheng Yan, besides being framed with the plot from the last generation. They needed to solve the problem of Cheng Yan first before they could get the Lin family to the Imperial City.

Lin Cheng thought about it and said, “I think it’s safer to have our parents stay in Daling Village first, and then have our family move to the Imperial City after all the problems are solved.” 

If they were still involved in those conspiracies in this life, Daling Village was far away from the Imperial City, and the Lin family would not be involved in a short time.

Lin Xiu thought for a moment and nodded, “Then we will do as Eldest Brother says.” Lin Xiu thought of his doubts and hesitated, “Mo’ger, you said that Cheng Yan has recovered some memories. You are going to visit the Imperial City. Where is Cheng Yan from?” 

Lin Mo was stunned when he heard Second Brother’s words and nodded. “The Imperial City.” 

“Then what does he remember? Is he from the general’s house?”

“Um… kind of…” Lin Mo was not sure whether Cheng Yan was indeed the general.

“Then his family… There’s no such thing as a concubine or a ger?” Lin Cheng knew that Lin Mo, in his previous life, hated men with multiple wives and concubines, but he was still worried that Lin Mo now suffered from grievances because he loved Cheng Yan so much.

However, Cheng Yan didn’t take care of a ger in the village before. Lin Cheng thought that there should be no women in Cheng Yan’s family, right?

“I asked him before, and he said no.” Lin Mo shook his head, then he explained, “I’ll tell you when he remembers everything. His identity is a little special. It’s not convenient to say it now.” 

The less people that knew about Cheng Yan, the better. He didn’t know what was going on in the Imperial City, and what the attitudes of the men in the palace were. Lin Mo dared not risk his family’s life now.

However, it had been more than a year, and no one had found the current location of Cheng Yan. Maybe the hidden people didn’t know that Cheng Yan was here.

Lin Mo suddenly remembered what he said to Cheng Yan on the second day of the New Year, looked at Lin Cheng and asked, “By the way, do you know why grandpa suddenly gave up doing business and chose to move to Daling Village?” 

“You ask this? I don’t know. Grandfather died when I was very young. Since then, our parents seldom mention Grandpa.” When Lin Cheng heard Lin Mo’s question, he was stunned and thought about it. Lin Cheng tried to remember, and said, “But what impressed me most was the boxes of books in our family. At that time, grandfather wanted to teach me how to read. But when our parents said that I was not interested in studying, grandfather gave up. At last, the books were taken by Second Brother.” 

“Those books are still in our parents’ room. Mother said that I can’t show them to others or talk about them with anyone.” Lin Xiu said.

“What’s the matter? Is there a problem?” Lin Xiu doubted.

“You don’t think… Do they have anything to hide from us?”

“Mo’ger, come out for dinner, and bring your brothers!” The sound of Mama Lin outside the house suddenly sounded, which startled  the three brothers.

“I know, Mother, I’ll be right there!” Lin Mo responded and shouted out the door.

“So, Elder brother, you look for an opportunity to ask our parents. Maybe our family was not so simple as just doing business before…” Lin Mo whispered.

“If you didn’t tell me, I wouldn’t have considered it before but… I don’t think those books can be found in the Academy…”

“Let’s go out first. We’ll talk about these things later. Our parents have their own secrets.” Lin Cheng whispered.

Lin Mo and Lin Xiu looked at each other, nodded their heads and stopped talking. The three went out.

When all the people arrived, they had dinner.

“Fourth Uncle, when will you be back?” Asked Lin Xiaoya as she chewed her meat. Previously, when Lin Xiu said that the three of them were going to leave for the Imperial City, Lin Xiaoya and the others had been listening. Naturally, Lin Mo would leave tomorrow.

“Er…” Lin Mo paused and said. “The place where Fourth Uncle is going is a little far away. It may take a little longer to come back.” 

“It will take a long time… At that time, Xiaoya will be growing tall. What if Fourth Uncle can’t recognize Xiaoya?” Xiaoya asked nervously.

Xiaonan, who was sitting eating, felt this rattle in his heart and looked up nervously at Fourth Uncle.

“No, Xiaoya and Xiaonan are so lovely. Even when you grow up, I will recognize you at a glance.” Lin Mo said with a smile.

“One year at most… How tall can you grow, Xiaoya?” Lin Xing took a piece of meat and put it into his mouth. His voice was vague.

“Taller than Fifth Uncle!” Lin Xiaoya affirmed.

“…” Well, I’ll wait for you to grow taller than me, child.

Lin Xing didn’t speak. He continued to eat.

After dinner, Lin Xiu, Lin Mo and Cheng Yan were called to talk by Father Lin and Mama Lin respectively. When Cheng Yan came back, it was getting dark. After everything was done, they lay in bed and talked.

“Cheng Yan, do you think our family used to only do simple business?” Lin Mo asked in a low voice.

“You doubt…” Cheng Yan looked down at him, wondering.

“Mn, I didn’t think so before, but I’m a bit confused about so many things that have happened in this period.”

“When I get back to the Imperial City, I’ll have it checked.”

“Mn.” Lin Mo nodded and stopped talking.

Perhaps, the Lin family’s past experience was not as simple as Lin Cheng said, but was implicated. Finally, Lin Mo fell asleep. When Cheng Yan woke up, it was the next morning.

Today, Lin Mo was about to leave. He didn’t stay in bed until Cheng Yan coaxed him to wake up as usual. By the time the two washed, Lin Xiu had already sat down to have breakfast. Mama Lin and sister-in-law Lin got up early to prepare dry food for the three of them.

It was at least a two days’ carriage drive from Mulin County to the next county, and they had to be provided with dry food for several days. Mama Lin also bought some thick clothes for the three of them, especially Lin Xiu.

Cheng Yan and Lin Mo were ready. Mama Lin’s main task was to pack things for her son, Lin Xiu. It was not a small thing if one got cold on the road. Fortunately, Cheng Yan’s carriage was big enough to fit the packed things, and then had enough sitting room for the three of them.

After saying goodbye to his family, Cheng Yan drove away with Lin Mo and Lin Xiu.

Lin Xiaoya took her brother’s hand and stared at the carriage in the distance. When the carriage turned, she still wanted to follow it.

“Mn, the carriage is gone. It’s time for us to go back.” Lin Xing came out and led his nephew and niece into the house hand in hand.

“Fifth Uncle, Xiaoya misses Fourth Uncle…” Lin Xiaoya who was led home said while thinking of looking back.

“Really? But Fourth Uncle just left…” Lin Xing replied.

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