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Chapter 40: The Yan and Lin Family

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


After breakfast, the Lin family took their New Year ceremony to the Yan family.

The Yan family and the Lin family had frequent contact in their grandparents’ generation. Although they said that the relationship between Grandfather Lin’s generation had become less, the relationship between the two families had not been broken.

After Lin Lan, the third daughter of the Lin family, married Yan Ningxi, the relationship between the two families became closer.

The Yan family was a big family, divided into the main branch and other branches. Yan Ningxi and their lineage belonged to the main branch. His grandpa didn’t take the exam and become an official according to the arrangement of the family, but chose to do business.

After Yan Ningxi’s grandfather was abandoned by his family, their relationship with the family became very shallow. In addition to important festivals or special days, Yan Ningxi and his family seldom went back to their home. Anyway, they were all said to be out of the business world, and would not be bothered by those people.

The Yan family was not in Mudin County. Yan Ningxi’s grandfather had restaurants all over the country. Zuiyun Plaza in Mudin County was only a part of it. Now it was an industry under Yan Ningxi. This was mainly to let him take over the industry.

However, Lin Lan’s stomach was getting bigger and bigger, and she would give birth in about three months. Yan Ningxi did not dare to take risks at this time, so this year he did not go home with his father, but stayed at home with his wife.

The Yan family household was a little far from where the Lin family lived now. Lin Cheng and Cheng Yan rented three carriages. After sitting for about half an hour, the carriage stopped. Lin Mo, who rested his head on Cheng Yan’s shoulder with his eyes closed, opened his eyes the second after the carriage stopped.

Lin Mo sat up straight, then took Cheng Yan’s scarf and gloves and put them on. Now it was snowing outside. Without these, Lin Mo couldn’t stay outside for long.

When Lin Mo was ready, Cheng Yan got out of the carriage first, and reached out to help him down. After Lin Mo got down, he put his hand in Cheng Yan’s hand and looked at the Yan’s door.

It was hard to imagine that the Lin family and the Yan family were related to each other. Lin Lan and Yan Ningxi were very similar in temperament. It was impossible to see that her family was a bunch of farmers.

But thinking that the Lin family were not real farmers, Lin Mo’s doubts were also explained.

“I don’t know why grandpa suddenly gave up business and became a farmer.” Lin Mo mumbled.

From a businessman who lived all over the world to a farmer, then suddenly moving to the remote country of Mulin. When he thought about it, he felt it was strange.

“Your family used to do business?” Hearing what Lin Mo said, Cheng Yan said in a confused way. Cheng Yan overheard the villagers by chance talk about when the Lin family moved to Daling Village to settle down. Besides this, he didn’t know the situation of the Lin family.

When Cheng Yan knew that the Lin family and the Yan family were family members, he was puzzled. Besides, the people of the Lin family, in addition to Father Lin and Mama Lin who often went to the fields for farming, and the faces of Lin Cheng were a little dark, the others are white, white, tender and young.

Especially when standing with the villagers of Daling village, the contrast was more obvious. In addition to appearance, their temperament was also different from that of ordinary people.

“I think so, Elder Brother told me before.” Lin Mo was a little uncertain.

Lin Mo did not find the memory of Grandfather Lin in his original’s memory, and Father Lin and Mama Lin seldom mentioned his grandfather. In addition to discovering Lin Xiu’s talent in reading, and resolutely letting him complete the scientific examination, Father Lin and Mama Lin spoiled them any way they could.

Cheng Yan nodded and didn’t speak. He and Lin Mo followed them into the Yan house, but thought the Lin family may not be an ordinary family. Their family came to the Yan family today to celebrate the New Year. Lin Cheng told Yan Ningxi yesterday and the servants of the Yan family prepared things at their master’s command early in the morning.

After receiving the news that the owner’s family had arrived, the maid waiting in the kitchen served warm cakes and tea and quickly went out. The warm room of the Yan family was bigger and warmer than that of the Lin family, and the decoration inside was minimal but exquisite. Lin Mo felt the warmth as soon as he walked in. It didn’t take long for his body to warm up.

“Mom and Dad, please come here. I should have gone back with Ningxi.” Lin Lan, who was supported by Yan Ningxi, saw her parents coming in and rushed to meet them.

“Why are you so big? It’s not two, right? Have you seen the doctor?” Mama Lin saw her daughter coming, and hurriedly went to help her, in a nervous way.

Last time they met, Lin Lan had a small stomach. Mama Lin was pregnant with twins and her first daughter-in-law gave birth to twins as well. She naturally knew something about this situation.

“Yes, I do have two. When I saw the doctor in May, I thought it was nothing. I wanted to talk to you before they were born.”

There were two examples of twins in their family. Lin Lan thought it was nothing and didn’t rush to talk to Mama Lin about it. Moreover, as long as she followed the doctor’s advice, there should be no big problem.

“What, nothing? There is a certain danger in giving birth to a child, let alone twins. The midwife must be at home one month before giving birth…”

Mama Lin was here to talk with Lin Lan about some precautions. The others sat down and ate the cake just brought up. Of course, the four children in the family were eating. Lin Mo just tasted a few pieces and didn’t eat more. They came here after breakfast so Lin Mo was not hungry now.

“Fourth Uncle, this!” Lin Xiaoya took some cake in one hand, grabbed a piece in the other hand and handed it to Fourth Uncle who was sitting next to her.

Lin Mo took a bite and asked with a smile, “Do you know what kind of cake it is?” 

“Red bean.” Not waiting for Lin Xiaoya to frown and think, Lin Xiaonan, who was sitting beside them, looked up and said with his mouth still chewing.

“Yes, red bean!” When Lin Xiaoya heard this, she repeated it without thinking about it. What her brother said was right.

“Really? Think again.”

“Why? Isn’t it red bean? Brother…” Lin Xiaoya looked sideways at her brother.

“It’s obviously jujube. Are Xiaoya and Xiaonan stupid?” Lin Xing leaned on the chair, stuffed one piece in, then reached for another piece to continue eating.

“Fifth Uncle is a fool, big fool! Don’t say meanie things about brother.” Lin Xiaoya looked at Lin Xing with round eyes.

“Ah, is Xiaoya angry?” Lin Xing leaned over and poked Xiaoya’s bulging cheeks, laughing.

“A-Xing, what are you doing? Hmm?” Lin Xiu, who was talking with Yan Ningxi, heard what was going on and looked at Lin Xing, who was making trouble, and smiled.

“No… No, I’m playing with Xiaoya.” Lin Xing hurriedly took back his hand and soothed Xiaoya, who was still angry.

Lin Chen, sitting by, suddenly said, “Tell her you’re sorry.” 

Lin Xing soothed Xiaoya and whispered, “Sixth Brother is terribly sorry, okay.” 

“Did Xiaoya hear that? If he bullies you later, tell your uncle…” Lin Chen said.

Xiaoya took the cake that Fifth Uncle gave her and replied without hesitation, “Heard it!” 

“I heard it, too.” Lin Xiaonan nodded.

Lin Xing: …What was this? He just had a little fun. Why did it develop like this?

Lin Mo sat by, eyes bent with a silent smile.

The children were eating and playing. Lin Cheng, Lin Xiu, Cheng Yan and Yan Ningxi were chatting. Lin Xiu sat beside him drinking tea and listening to their discussion about business. Before long, the discussion fell on him.

“Second Brother, are you going to the Imperial City in two months?” Yan Ningxi asked suddenly.

“Mn, the time to take the examination is coming. We are too far away from the Imperial City. We have to leave ahead of time.” Lin Xiu nodded.

“Not long ago, my friend revealed to me that there might be thieves and bandits on the way. If Second Brother is going with the people from the Academy, you tell them to take precautions.” Yan Ningxi said.

Lin Xiu frowned and asked, “Is the news true?” 


Lin Xiu looked at his Elder Brother sitting opposite him, saw him shake his head gently, Lin Xiu lowered his head and fell into deep thought. Since his Eldest Brother shook his head, he indicated that he didn’t know this situation either. That was to say, he didn’t encounter this situation when he went to the Imperial City in his previous life. Why did he have to face this accident now?

“Second Brother, when you go to the Imperial City, I will go with Momo…”

Before Cheng Yan finished speaking, Lin Xiu interrupted him. “What are you going to do in the Imperial City with Fourth Brother? If there was no news, I would have no objection to your going, but now that I know that the road is dangerous…” Lin Xiu frowned and looked at Cheng Yan. He didn’t agree with him.

Cheng Yan thought for a while and said, “Part of my memory has been restored. I plan to go to the Imperial City with Momo. Besides, I know martial arts and won’t let Momo get hurt.”  

“Recovered part of it?”

Lin Xiu and Lin Cheng were naturally aware that Cheng Yan had no previous memory, but they didn’t expect him to recover his memory so soon. What’s more, martial arts? Could he be a Jianghu person?

But when he thought that Cheng Yan had made it clear that he wanted to go to the Imperial City, Lin Xiu ruled this out. Apart from the Jianghu people, Lin Xiu could only think of the people in the general’s mansion, and then thinking about the usual attitude of Cheng Yan…


“Momo is my only love.” Cheng Yan knew what Lin Xiu wanted to say. He didn’t give Lin Xiu a chance to say it. He promised first. He would live for Momo. Even from other people’s mouths, Cheng Yan didn’t want to hear such words as ‘don’t abandon Lin Mo,’ which made him very uncomfortable. Why do they think he would be bad for Momo when he recovered his memory?

“… When the Academy informs me of the departure time, I will come back and go with you.” Lin Xiu was silent for a while, and finally nodded in response.

Lin Cheng glanced at Cheng Yan and tried to recall some details of his previous life.

In the past, he and his father did not meet Cheng Yan, who was injured and unconscious in the mountains. In the past, Mo’ger never married until the end. His Second Brother went to appear for the exam successfully…

The current development was different from that of his previous life. Lin Cheng felt uneasy. Now, he could only hope that the final development would not be the same as that of his previous life.

Lin Cheng looked at his brothers and children who were laughing happily. He only wanted them to be able to laugh and play happily like this for the rest of their lives.

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