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Chapter 55: Courtesy Must Not Be Abolished

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


When Lin Mo got the news that his Second Brother was about to arrive at the Imperial City from the mouth of Cheng Yan, he asked people to tidy up the other courtyards in the royal palace. After washing and changing his clothes, Lin Xiu wanted to find his younger brother, and the boy who was waiting by hurriedly showed him the way.

“Why did Second Brother come here? Don’t you want to take a break?” Lin Mo, who was in charge of the flowers and plants in the yard, saw his Second Brother coming and got up and asked.

“It’s okay. I’ve come to talk to you.” Lin Xiu came over and smiled.

A maid waiting by heard and walked over to Wang Fu to help wipe his hands, she took the handkerchief and went away. She stood in the place where she could see Wang Fu but couldn’t hear their conversation, so as to avoid the situation where Wang Fu had to call them but nobody was around to respond.

“It’s still cold now. Why are you the one doing the pruning?” When Lin Xiu approached, he frowned slightly. He didn’t agree with him.

“It’s just that I’m bored. I’m not a servant.” Lin Mo took the small stove on the stone table and went to the pavilion with his Second Brother.

“His Highness is very busy at ordinary times?” Lin Xiu sat down and poured his brother a cup of hot tea.

Having known the identity of Cheng Yan, Lin Xiu couldn’t call his name at will. This was the Imperial City. There were some people who had little thoughts. Besides, he was still a candidate in the Imperial City. He has to be careful in everything.

When Lin Mo heard his Second Brother acting unfamiliar with Cheng Yan, he frowned. But thinking about it, Second Brother was being cautious. There were many maids around them. He didn’t want to discuss these small matters.

“Mn, Cheng Yan and His Majesty have begun to investigate the conspiracy behind the Prime Minister, but I think they also know about the Prime Minister’s plot.” Said Lin Mo in a low voice.

When Lin Xiu heard this, he clucked in his heart and glanced around. “Don’t say these things outside. Be careful not to be heard.”

“Second Brother, you don’t have to be so nervous. Everyone here is Cheng Yan’s people, and they are all standing so far away that they won’t hear you.” Lin Mo had no choice but to say thia. Why was his Second Brother being too cautious?

Not to mention that Cheng Yan never concealed anything from him, even if he was heard by the servants, no one would dare to disclose it. People who could enter the palace of Prince Cheng were naturally carefully selected.

An ChengLin still attached great importance to the safety of his two younger brothers. The people in the palace of Prince Cheng to the eunuchs in the palace of An JinYuan were all selected.

Lin Xiu said nothing more. Anyway, Cheng Yan kept a watch over everything.

At last, Lin Mo took his Second Brother back to the room to talk with him. What he said behind him couldn’t be heard, just in case.

“Second Brother, do you know about the Lin family in the Imperial City?” Asked Lin Mo.

“I know something. What’s the matter? Why do you suddenly ask this?” Lin Xiu wondered.

Lin Xiu, of course, knew something about the Lin family in the Imperial City, but they were said to have been convicted of treason in the previous dynasty. Both the Lin family and the Yu family were literate families, but now they were only names. However, when Lin Xiu thought of this, what flashed in his mind was that when they left the county, Lin Mo told them that something was wrong with their family.

“You mean…” Lin Xiu looked at Lin Mo in shock, not able to say it.

“Mn, we are the descendants of the Lin family. It should be a lie that grandpa moved to Daling Village as a merchant. Cheng Yan and His Majesty the Emperor are now renovating the ancestral house of the Lin family. It is estimated that our parents can live in it when they arrive.” Lin Mo explained.

“No, Cheng Yan has sent someone to pick up our parents?” Lin Xiu looked worried. Lin Xiu said with a deep breath and a low voice. “A-Mo, have you ever thought that when our brother said that our family was framed, maybe it’s not just because of the Prime Minister’s conspiracy?” 

Now they had taken the house, wasn’t that exposing their family to those people in advance?

“Second Brother, do you think so? When I learned about the Lin family in the Imperial City, I thought it was no accident that our family had been forced into a conspiracy in the past.” Said Lin Mo.

In their brother’s previous life, he and their father didn’t save Cheng Yan. Eldest Brother also didn’t say anything about the Lin family in the Imperial City, that was to say, the previous Emperor didn’t find out about these things at all.

After that, it might have been discovered by someone who was interested in it. That person might have been the Prime Minister or Prince Jing. In order to succeed in the conspiracy, except the descendants of the Lin family, they were involved in a conspiracy.

What about Su Qingran? What was the role of the woman? In the past, he could kill Su Qingran. Maybe, she was just a chess piece in Prince Jing’s hand. Otherwise, Lin Mo did not believe that he could have been able to kill Su Qingran in his previous life.

“Didn’t you talk to big brother before? We’ll pick up mom and dad when we’ve solved all the problems. ” Lin Xiu felt helpless. Now the plan had been completely disrupted.

“Cheng Yan and His Majesty are here, and the crimes of the Lin family have been reversed. Those people should not dare to fight against our family again. However, in order to prevent accidents, we have to expose the Prime Minister’s conspiracy in advance.” Lin Mo said.

“Is there anyone behind the Prime Minister?” Lin Xiu asked.

In case of rebellion, either collusion with other countries or someone behind them, or the Prime Minister himself would be the Emperor? The old Emperor hadn’t even been dead for two years. 

“It should be Prince Jing.”

“Cheng Yan and His Majesty also know about this?”

“Mn. But they should still be looking.” Lin Mo nodded.

“Now I have a period of time before the test. According to Eldest Brother, in his previous life, I didn’t come to the palace for the test until one month after the meeting. The Prime Minister’s plan would not have come into action not so fast. We still have time. Brother will come later. Don’t act without permission.” Lin Xiu said uneasily.

As soon as Lin Xiu thought of what Eldest Brother had said, how Lin Mo died with those people in order to get revenge, his heart went sour.

“I know, but Second Brother, you can’t be obsessed with the Prime Minister’s daughter this time. She is not a good person. I heard that she only likes good-looking men.” Lin Mo suddenly thought of Su Qingran, the Prime Minister’s daughter, and then thought of what Eldest Brother had told them. He quickly reminded him.

Although he knew that Second Brother definitely didn’t like the woman now, he was still worried that Second Brother would be affected by the Mary Sue halo.

“Second Brother knows.” As soon as Lin Xiu heard about the woman, he felt sick in his stomach. How could he have been fascinated by that woman? However, thinking of what Eldest Brother said, that Prime Minister’s legitimate daughter had some evil tricks, and now his vigilance was heavier.

If he met her by accident, he may have to find a way to avoid it.

The maid at the gate of the yard saw the Lord coming and hurried to salute.

“Why are you here?” Cheng Yan frowned.

“The Prince’s husband asked his servants to stand away.” The maid replied respectfully.

“Is Wang Fu’s brother here?”


Cheng Yan didn’t say anything when he heard it. He raised his hand to let the people behind him wait there and walked in by himself. If Second Brother was in, he could understand Momo. It was because they didn’t want the servants to hear their conversation. However, Cheng Yan was confused. What did they have to say to avoid the servants?

Before Cheng Yan came to the door, the door was opened. Lin Mo came out first, followed by Lin Xiu.

“Cheng Yan, you are back!” Lin Mo saw Cheng Yan, his eyebrows were slightly bent, and walked quickly over.

Second Brother had arrived at the Imperial City safely. He and Second Brother just made some of their thoughts clear. The big stone in his heart was finally removed, and Lin Mo was very relieved.

“Mn.” Cheng Yan saw that he was obviously in a better mood, and his face, which had just been stretched, was also loose. He reached out and rubbed his head.

Lin Xiu stood by and watched. Cheng Yan’s clothes and cool temperament were different from those before. However, seeing that Cheng Yan was still as good to his brother as before, Lin Xiu was relieved. “Your Highness Prince Cheng.”

“Second Brother, this name is strange to me coming from you.”

“I said Cheng Yan would not mind…” Lin Mo stood beside Cheng Yan and looked at his Second Brother and mumbled.

“The ceremony must not be abandoned.”

“If there are no outsiders or we are in the Royal Palace, Second Brother should address me as before, otherwise Momo will be angry with me again.” Cheng Yan shook his head.

“When did I do that?” Lin Mo stared at him. At best, it was just that he was not comfortable. Had he ever had a fight with him?

Cheng Yan held Lin Mo in one hand and didn’t let him move. He looked at Lin Xiu and said, “Let’s go and rest first. I’ll send someone to call Second Brother at dinner time.” 

“Then I’ll leave first.” Lin Xiu nodded and walked out of the yard. The young man waiting by saw him come out and hurried to follow him.

“There are some books in my study. You can ask Second Brother if he wants to read them.” Cheng Yan took Lin Mo’s waist and entered the room.

“Study? In addition to the books of war, there are some idle books. Let Second Brother read them?” Lin Mo glanced at him.

“That’s my office. I haven’t let anyone in except you. The study is in another place. The books in it are suitable for Second Brother.” Cheng Yan pinched his face and smiled. “I don’t need to go into the palace these days. Do you want to go out with me?”

“What can I do with you? Didn’t we go around before?” Lin Mo shook his head to say that he didn’t want to go. He was not interested in wandering for another time. It was better to stay in the house with Cheng Yan.

“The peach and pear flowers in the western suburb are already in bloom. Don’t you want to go have a look?” Cheng Yan sat down, held the man in his arms, and said with a low smile. He was really busy recently. In addition to going out with Momo once before, Momo could only stay in the house alone. It was not like he stayed with Momo every day when he was living in Daling Village before he recovered his memory.

“Western suburbs? Then we should go and have a look.” Lin Mo thought about it and nodded.

A large area of peach and pear blossoms must be very beautiful.

“Can I pick some more petals to make peach blossom wine?” Lin Mo looked at him, his eyes were bright.

“Mn, you can pick more and even make some peach blossom cakes.” Cheng Yan touched his eyes and looked at him with a smile.

Lin Mo didn’t know that the light in his eyes at this time were like the stars in the night, which fascinated the man in front of him.

“If Xiaonan and Xiaoya were here, the first thing they would think about is cake.” Every time they went to Cheng Yan’s house, the cake was a peach blossom cake.

“Miss them?”

“Mn.” Lin Mo hugged Cheng Yan and nestled in his arms, feeling a little lost.

He wanted to hear Xiaonan and Xiaoya call him Fourth Uncle. He missed the mutual love between his two brothers from time to time and the care of his family. Lin Mo found that it was not difficult for him to accept his family. It turned out that he was used to their existence.

“Someone has been sent to pick them up. They can arrive in two months at most, just in time for us to get married.” Cheng Yan hugged his husband tightly, sighed in his heart, and coaxed.

Momo, inadvertently, could make his heart ache.

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