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Chapter 54: Second Brother Has Arrived

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Lin Mo waited for a long time until his Second Brother arrived in the Imperial City.

An ChengLin also asked people to repair the ancestral house of the Lin family after his brother proposed the idea. In order to solve the problem of the Yu family and the ministers in the imperial court, the Emperor decided to make a decision. He didn’t mean to discuss with the ministers at all. He often did so anyway.

Naturally, the ministers dared not be angry, and they were shocked by the news of the Lin family and their descendants. After receiving the news, the Yu family did not prevent the Emperor from sending people to repair the ancestral house of the Lin family. On the contrary, they also sent special personnel to supervise them, as they were afraid that those who didn’t know what they were doing would tear down or damage something.

The shadow guard sent by Cheng Yan to supervise Second Brother came back to report this to him. After hearing this, Cheng Yan had some changes in his heart to the Yu family. He used to think that the people of the Yu family were stubborn, stereotyped and pedantic. Now it seemed that they really valued love and righteousness.

The Yu family and the Lin family were both literate families, and they were friends several generations ago. When the Lin family was framed, the Yu family stood up for them, which was very rare now.

After all, it was normal for people to want to hide to save themselves.

It wouln’t take long for the Lin’s ancestral home to be renovated. Cheng Yan began to prepare to send someone to pick up Lin Mo’s family. Lin Mo gave a keepsake to Cheng Yan and asked him to let the person who was sent to take them carry it. If it was like this, the Eldest Brother, who had a past life memory, would know whether to trust that person or not and supervise the Lin family’s actions accordingly.

Just after a day outside, Cheng Yan was woken up by Lin Mo, who was tossing around. Without opening his eyes, he reached out and pulled the man into his arms and held him tightly. Cheng Yan opened his eyes slightly and his voice was a little hoarse, “Momo, why did you wake up so early?” 

“Second Brother is coming today.” Lin Mo turned sideways and put his hands on Cheng Yan’s chest.

“I thought in the afternoon?” Cheng Yan put his chin on his head and rubbed gently, whispering.

“Uh… I’m too happy to sleep.” Lin Mo muttered in a low voice.

Knowing that their Lin family were the descendants of the Lin family in the Imperial City, both royal brothers and Cheng Yan had begun to investigate the Prime Minister and Prince Jing secretly. The Lin family had been framed in the past, but now it was easy to break it because of the intervention of the two people who were the highest in the country.

Now, Second Brother, who was gone for more than a month, was about to arrive. Lin Mo was naturally excited to know such good news. Therefore, he kept waking from his sleep all night. Now, just after the light of the day, he had already woken up.

“Sleep a little longer and we will pick up Second Brother at the gate in the afternoon.” Cheng Yan reached out and rubbed circles around his back to make him sleep.

About Lin Mo’s condition last night, Cheng Yan was naturally aware. Now it was a little brighter outside but it was still a cold spring morning. Usually Lin Mo would still be sleeping at this time.

Lin Mo looked out of the window and found that it was not completely bright yet. After thinking about it, he still had to get a good sleep. Lin Mo pulled the quilt up, reached for Cheng Yan, put his forehead on his chest, smelled the familiar scent, and then fell asleep.

All servants of Prince Cheng’s mansion found out that their master didn’t wake up when he normally did to practice martial arts, no matter the wind or the rain. Waiting outside the bedroom, waiting for the Prince and his Wang Fu to wake up, they wanted to go in and dress and comb their master’s hair. It was almost lunchtime when they finally heard the voice of the Lord in the house.

The maids were relieved. They had already prepared everything and didn’t know how many times they had changed the wash basin with warm water.

Because Lin Xiu was worried about his brother, he shortened the time that was originally a month and a half to a month. A month’s running, he finally arrived at the Imperial City.

The son of the Yu family, who was with Lin Xiu, lost more than half of his bodyguards when he was ambushed. Fearing that there would be robbers to kill him on the road, he naturally dared not stay on the road for too long, and also followed Lin Xiu’s team.

On the way, they were ambushed several times. Fortunately, several shadow guards left by Cheng Yan killed the assassins, and a dozen people came behind to protect them in secret. Apart from the tiredness caused by the travelling, no one in their team was injured.

Lin Xiu wanted to ask the shadow guards about his brother’s situation several times, but every time they killed the assassins, they disappeared. Lin Xiu didn’t even have the chance to speak. On the way, he could only comfort himself in his heart. Those shadow guards were Cheng Yan’s. With Cheng Yan, his brother would not have any accidents.

“Thanks for your help, brother Lin, today…” Yu Yange got out of the carriage and went to Lin Xiu’s side. Without Lin Xiu and the shadow guard behind him, Yu Yange was afraid it would have been difficult to return to the Imperial City. But before he finished, he was interrupted.

“Second brother!” Lin Mo, who was waiting for him, saw his Second Brother get off the carriage, and he was very happy. He shouted loudly and quickly walked over.

The bodyguard on the side saw that Wang Fu had passed by and hurried to follow him. Originally, the Prince was going to accompany his husband out today, but he was called into the palace by His Majesty just after lunch.

So today Lin Mo came out with a group of bodyguards. Passers-by were shocked by the scene. After seeing the signs of their clothes, they hurried to the side to give them space. When one saw the people from Prince Cheng’s mansion, it was known that they should try to avoid them.

“Wang Fu! Slow down!” The two maids who were standing next to Wang Fu saw that Wang Fu suddenly rushed to the gate and hurried to catch up.

When Lin Xiu heard the familiar voice, he looked around and found that a familiar ger coming towards him. Lin Xiu took a close look and found that the man was his brother. Lin Xiu said a few words to Yu Yange, and then walked towards Lin Mo.

“Second Brother, you were not hurt on the way, were you?” Lin Mo approached and looked at his Second Brother. He just looked pale, but Lin Mo was not sure.

“I’m okay. The people left by Cheng Yan dealt with all the issues… However, how do you feel? A-Mo, have you become thin?” When Lin Mo came over, Lin Xiu found that he seemed to be much thinner than a month ago, and some flesh on his face was missing.

“Maybe it’s because I just came to the Imperial City, and am not suitable…” Lin Mo didn’t tell the truth to Second Brother. Anyway, he was okay now. He didn’t want to worry Second Brother for nothing.

“Well, Second Brother thought you were ill.” Lin Xiu was relieved. In the past, his brother would fall ill for ten and a half days. And every time, he would turn as thin as a skeleton.

“It’s been such a long way. Let’s go back to rest.”

“Okay, let Second Brother talk to the Dean and take my things along.”

Lin Mo nodded, and ordered the bodyguard behind him to help him get the things.

“Yes, Wang Fu!” Several bodyguards said respectfully, and then walked behind Lin Xiu.

Lin Xiu, who didn’t walk a few steps, heard the bodyguard’s honorific address to his younger brother. After a pause, he didn’t say anything at last. He continued to walk to the Dean. Wang Fu? So Cheng Yan was the Prince Cheng?

On his way to the throne, although An ChengLin was quiet, his brothers began to kill each other in secret. After An ChengLin ascended the throne, there were not many brothers left, so there were not many princes in the Empire of Yu, and they could be counted with one hand.

Lin Xiu had been studying in the Academy since he was little. He had not only studied the four books and five classics, but also studied the national history and political theory of the state. Lin Xiu knew how many princes there were.

And the Prince’s title that matched the name of Cheng Yan was only Prince Cheng, the God of War. Lin Xiu couldn’t imagine that Cheng Yan was the Prince of Cheng who made people tremble with fear. Seeing a group of bodyguards behind his brother, Lin Xiu knew that Cheng Yan had probably recovered his memory.

Would Cheng Yan hurt his younger brother after recovering his memory? Were there any other concubines in the palace? If so, would his younger brother be bullied by them?

Lin Xiu was worried. He found that he didn’t trust the promises that Cheng Yan made to his brother before. Looking now, A-Mo didn’t come out with Cheng Yan. They used to stick together and do everything together.

Cheng Yan, who was discussing the start time with his brother in the palace, suddenly had a cold back.

After Lin Xiu left, the people of the Yu family arrived. The guards of the Yu family packed the things of the young master and invited him to the prepared carriage. As soon as Yu Yange got on the carriage, he saw his father sitting in the carriage. “Why did father come here in person?”

“You were ambushed by thieves on the way?” His father asked.

“Mn, it’s lucky that brother Lin was there to help. But how does father know?” Yu Yange wondered.

“News from His Highness Prince Cheng.” His father put down the curtains and turned around.

“His Highness Prince Cheng?!” Yu Yange was a little surprised. Although he had to go to other places to study because of his family’s reasons, he was still clear about the situation in the imperial city.

“The brother Lin you mentioned should be the brother-in-law of Prince Cheng. And His Highness Prince Cheng said recently that there are still people in the Lin family. His Majesty has ordered people to renovate the ancestral house of the Lin family. Maybe soon, the Lin family will be escorted back to the Imperial City by His Highness Prince Cheng.”

“Father is saying that brother Lin is a descendant of the Lin family?”

“What do you think of his talent?” Father Lin asked instead of answering.

“On a par with me, but I’m not as good at politics.” After Yu Yange finished, he was sure.

He heard about the Lin family when he was a kid. They had to go to a remote place to hide their life experience after escaping from the world. In this way, Lin Xiu’s talent was only slightly inferior to him. Yu Yange believed that if Lin Xiu and he were in the same environment, he was afraid Lin Xiu would be much higher than him.

Lin Xiu told the Dean, his classmates and friends something about his issues, then he took his things and left with Lin Mo. Considering that those people were from Mulin county or friends who had been studying with his Second Brother for several years, Lin Mo asked several bodyguards to take them to the inn.

Thinking that Wang Fu and his brother might have something to talk about with each other, the two maids sat in the other carriage.

“A-Mo, be honest with Second Brother, Cheng Yan… Did he bully you?” Lin Xiu asked after a long struggle.

“No, Second Brother, why do you ask?” Lin Mo doubted. Why did Second Brother think he would be bullied by Cheng Yan?

“But it is said that Prince Cheng…”

“Second Brother, although Cheng Yan has recovered his memory, he still treats me the same as before. And those rumors are not true. Second Brother, don’t believe such rumors.” Lin Mo said.

“Mn, it’s Second Brother who was wrong.”

Now that his brother had said that, Lin Xiu no longer doubted Cheng Yan. Their Eldest Brother told him that their Fourth Younger Brother was different from ordinary ger. If Cheng Yan was really bad to him, his younger brother would not hide it from them.

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