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Chapter 56: Peach Blossoms

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Lin Mo started to pack things early in the morning, but he didn’t need to do it himself. He just ordered the servants to.

“Second Brother, you really don’t want to go with us?” Lin Mo asked again.

“Second Brother is going to read books in the mansion. Just go and play. Remember to put on more clothes and don’t get cold.” Lin Xiu looked at him and smiled softly, but he was still a little uneasy.

The two husbands went out to play, he still didn’t follow.

“Read? Well, if Second Brother wants to go to his classmates for a chat, please bring some bodyguards.” The trouble with the Prime Minister had not been solved yet. Lin Mo was not sure and wanted him to take the guards in case.

“Momo, are you ready?” Cheng Yan came from a distance and asked.

“Cheng Yan is calling for you. Go ahead and have a good time.”

“Mn.” Lin Mo nodded and turned to Cheng Yan.

Cheng Yan stopped and waited for Lin Mo to come over. He put the cloak on him that was in his hand and said, “He doesn’t want to go?”

“Second Brother said he would like to read, so he won’t go. By the way, is A-Yuan going too?” Lin Mo put his hand on Cheng Yan’s arm and asked as he walked.

“He has been so bored in the palace that he pestered me to let him also go for a long time.” Cheng Yan said.

“A-Yuan is very dependent on you.”

“Mn, when he was bullied, he came to me crying. Obviously, compared with Imperial Brother, he finds me more comforting…”

“Maybe… You look more secure.” Lin Mo finished and couldn’t help laughing.

Second Brother seemed to be more comforting than Eldest Brother, but Lin Mo couldn’t help imagining when he was tortured. In the next second, Eldest Brother appeared to rescue him. However, in the end, as he thought about it, big brother had come to save him, but they missed each other. They didn’t even see one another before they died.

As soon as Lin Mo got out of the carriage, he heard An JinYuan’s voice.

“Fifth Brother, A-Mo.” An JinYuan came down from the side of the carriage and happened to see Fifth Brother and his husband. He hurried to go there.

Today, Lin Mo found that the smile on An JinYuan’s face was deeper than usual. Usually it was a light smile. If one didn’t look carefully, they couldn’t see it. Of course, that was only in the eyes of outsiders.

Cheng Yan helped Momo get his cloak ready, looked at his brother coming over and frowned, “You’re using such few clothes?” 

“I just got out of the carriage.” An JinYuan saw that Fifth Elder Brother’ expression was wrong, and, instead of laughing, gave a quick smile.

Lin Mo stood by the side and couldn’t help laughing. These three brothers had different sides in front of outsiders and their families.

“His Highness Prince Cheng, Prince Cheng Fu.” The maid with a fluffy cloak in her hand came quickly and saluted respectfully.


The maid got up and hurriedly went to His Highness and tied his cloak.

“Is today’s lunch here? Fifth Elder Brother said that we will have barbecue today? What is barbecue?” An JinYuan followed them.

“You’ll know by noon. You should like the sauce I prepared specially.” Lin Mo blinked and laughed.

“Mn, let’s go inside and have a look. The peach blossoms over there are almost blooming.” An JinYuan pulled Lin Mo and trotted to the front.

“Your Highness Prince Cheng…” Originally, the palace maid, who was with His Highness Jinyuan, ran to catch up with her master before she returned to her mind, but there was also His Highness Cheng, so she hesitated.

“Keep up with them, just keep close to them.”

“Yes, Your Highness Prince Cheng.” The palace maid finished saying then quickened her steps to follow. 

“Guard this area and don’t let anyone in.” Cheng Yan ordered the bodyguard behind him.

“Yes, my Lord.”

Cheng Yan looked up at the two people who were laughing happily not far away, and took a step forward.

The peach blossom and pear blossoms in the west suburb were planted separately. Peach blossoms were planted in the East and pear blossoms were planted in the West. There were three kinds of peach flowers: light pink, snow white and red, but there was also a tree with red and white.

Looking up, Lin Mo saw the pink peach blossoms. The flowers on the branch were clustered one by one, and a thin circle of petals were scattered around the bottom of the tree. From time to time, the spring breeze blew, and the petals on the branches fell slowly in circles.

“Look at it. I was brought here by the Emperor before. In fact, it’s a little early now. If we wait another month when all the peach blossoms are in full bloom, it’s more beautiful here.” An JinYuan reached out and folded a branch, and when he had seen enough, he handed it to the maid behind him.

“It does look good, but what do you want to do with the branch?” Lin Mo thought that the palace maid behind him had a big handful in her hands.

“I’m going to take it back to the palace and give it to the Emperor. He asked for it. Who knows why he wants it? He used to dislike it. ” An JinYuan curled his lips.

“It may be useful.” Lin Mo thought with the Emperor’s mind, who knows.

“A-Mo, I’ll tell you that I think Imperial Brother may have someone he likes.” An JinYuan thought about it and shared his speculation with Lin Mo.

Lin Mo pondered for a few seconds and said, “Mn… It’s normal to have someone you like.” 

“Normal? Mn, I want to make a fuss.” An Jinyuan paused for a moment, held the petals on the peach blossom branch in his hand.

Lin Mo, seeing this, didn’t know how to open his mouth. He felt that An JinYuan was in a bit of a loss. But Lin Mo thought about it. If his Eldest Brother and Second Brother had someone they liked, maybe he would too.

When his brothers had people they liked, it meant that the love they used to give to him would now be given to the sister-in-law. Maybe in a short time, his brothers’ attention towards him would gradually decrease.

“Mn… You can also find someone you like too.” Lin Mo advised him.

“It’s not as easy as you say… But it’s also happening too fast. Imperial Brother wants me to choose a husband from the top three imperial examination scorers.”

Lin Mo heard that, he was a little surprised. He thought of his Second Brother and then looked at An JinYuan. Lin Mo suddenly felt that A-Yuan and his Second Brother would be a good match. However, if this was the case, the seniority between them would be a bit disordered, how could he say anything?

“What’s the matter? What kind of thing are you thinking of?” An JinYuan asked, shaking the peach blossom branch in front of him.

“It’s okay. Let’s go to other places.” Lin Mo came back to his senses and forgot what he just thought. Anyway, it was not determined yet. Maybe A-Yuan wouldn’t like Second Brother. He’d think about it later.

“I’ll take you to a place that Imperial Brother and I go to whenever we come here.” An JinYuan blinked at him and said with a smile.

Lin Mo followed An JinYuan and finally stopped after a long walk.

“This peach tree is so big.” Lin Mo looked up and felt like he was seeing something incredible. The trunk was thick and strong. It would take several people to hold it together to form a circle. It was totally different from other peach trees, as if it was a variation.

It was tall and thick and the petals were in full bloom, so when he looked up, he felt as if the whole world was a sea of flowers. 

“This is the oldest one. No one knows how long it has lived. It even blooms earlier than others. Look, as soon as the wind blows, a lot of petals fall down.” An JinYuan raised his head and held out his hand to catch the falling petals. He looked at Lin Mo and smiled.

“Very beautiful…”

An JinYuan glanced at Lin Mo, who was looking up and marveling, and then looked at Fifth Brother standing not far away from them. He walked away and beckoned him to come over. Originally he pestered Fifth Elder Brother to come, now his mood had changed. He had to give A-Mo back to Fifth Elder Brother.

Cheng Yan walked over and stopped a few steps away. Looking at Lin Mo under the peach blossom tree, his lips were slightly hooked, and his eyes were dazzling.

When Lin Mo returned to his mind, he found that An JinYuan, who was standing beside him, was gone. Lin Mo wanted to look for him, but as soon as he turned around, he saw the man standing behind him.

“Cheng Yan!” Lin Mo’s eyebrows and eyes were slightly bent, walking towards him. Lin Mo stopped, looked up at him and laughed. “Why didn’t I see you just now? Where have you been?” 

“I’ve been watching. It’s good to see you two having a good time.” Cheng Yan reached out and took the petals off his head and stroked them off his shoulders.

“By the way, where is A-Yuan?”

“He went to the other side. Didn’t you want to pick the petals before? Want to do it now?” Cheng Yan asked.

“Ah, where are we going?”

There were no outsiders here so Lin Mo took Cheng Yan’s hand and walked with him. From time to time, he swung his arm back and forth, just like he used to swing his arm around with his Second Brother when he was a child.

“Very happy?” Cheng Yan asked, holding Lin Mo’s hand in his own.

“Mn, after my parents come here, do you think we can come here with Xiaoya and Xiaonan?” Lin Mo turned to him and seemed to look forward to it. Lin Mo could now imagine the children here, they would have looks of amazement on their faces, which would make Lin Mo happy.


Although the peach blossoms would almost be gone at that time, the biggest one would still be blooming.

The maid behind them was holding a bamboo basket, in which the petals were already full.

“Cheng Yan!”

Cheng Yan, who was picking the petals, heard Momo calling him, turned around and saw a handful of scattered petals flying in front of him. Cheng Yan quickly raised his hand to block his eyes.

“Ah? I want to try it too!” An JinYuan saw Lin Mo throwing petals at Fifth Elder Brother, and his face was eager to try. In the past, Fifth Elder Brother was as serious as their grandfather. Now that he had figured out his Fifth Elder Brother’s temperament, An JinYuan felt a little excited.

An JinYuan reached out and grabbed a handful of petals from the bamboo basket, and ran to throw them on his brother’s head. When the petals were thrown into the air, they were scattered. Cheng Yan put his hand down and had no choice but to accept it.

“If you two are almost done, pick the petals after throwing them.”

However, the two people, who were playing around like crazy, did not listen to Cheng Yan. Seeing that His Highness was covered with petals and smiling helplessly, all the maids standing by covered their mouths and sniggered.

They felt that as long as Wang Fu Cheng was around, His Highness would not have a cold face. Even the rumors that all people thought that His Highness Prince Cheng would not laugh were evaporating.

When Lin Mo and An JinYuan thew all the petals in the basket, they stopped. But seeing what Cheng Yan looked like now, they covered their mouths and chuckled.

“You think it’s funny?” Cheng Yan said in a low voice, his face slumped.

“A-Mo, is Fifth Elder Brother angry?” An JinYuan saw no expression on Fifth Elder Brother’s face, and thought that he didn’t like their joke.

“Hmm… I’ll go and coax him?” Lin Mo was a little uncertain.

“Go, go, it’s up to you.” An JinYuan pushed him to his Fifth Elder Brother.

“Angry?” Lin Mo leaned over, chuckling.

“Do you think I dare to be angry with you?” He was too busy watching his husband smile, how could he be angry?

“Hm, I’ll help you…” Lin Mo raised his hand and removed the petals on his clothes. However, he was not tall enough to reach the petals on his head. 

While Lin Mo was busy helping Cheng Yan clean up. An JinYuan saw Su Qingran and a strange man standing nearby.

“Su Qingran, why are you here?” An JinYuan frowned tightly, a little unhappy.

Lin Mo heard him, looked over, and saw that Su Qingran, who was not far away, staring at them, and the smile on his face faded instantly. Lin Mo looked at Su Qingran coldly and held Cheng Yan’s hand tightly.

The woman was staring at Cheng Yan?!

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