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Chapter 57: Cheng Yan, You Have a Sharp Tongue

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Before Cheng Yan could understand the reason for Lin Mo’s sudden mood change, the bodyguard, who had been guarding them, had already arrived. “Lord, His Highness Prince Xian came in. I couldn’t stop him, please punish this one.” The captain of the guard knelt down and pleaded guilty.

“Prince Xian doesn’t have the guts to go against me, who is with him?” Cheng Yan pulled Momo over and warmed his hand.

Hearing the news that he was here, and that he had ordered the area to be guarded, Cheng Yan didn’t think Prince Xian would come in.

“The Prime Minister’s daughter.” The captain replied.

“It’s Su Qingran again. Prince Jing didn’t want to see her so now she’s hooking up with Prince Xian.” An Jinyuan’s heart was more disgusted with her. Maybe now Fifth Brother could see what type of person she was. 

Kneeling on one side, the captain of the guard heard the words of His Highness Jinyuan, his head lowered a little. Why did he have to hear their Highness’ conversation? Would his head fall off? The captain of the guard was suddenly worried.

“A-Yuan, pay attention to your words.” Cheng Yan glanced at him.

“I know, I know…” An JinYuan curled his lips and said, “I’m not happy.”

“To the pear garden or to the mansion?” Cheng Yan looked down at Lin Mo, placing his palm on his husband’s face.

Lin Mo rubbed against the warm palm, which made him feel better.

Cheng Yan was not attracted to Su Qingran.

“Let’s go back to the mansion. Anyway, it’s almost time to go.” Said Lin Mo. Moreover, he didn’t want Cheng Yan to have too much contact with Su Qingran.

“But we promised to have barbecue here at noon. I don’t know what barbecue is. What’s more, she will go if she wants to go. Why should we go?” An JinYuan’s face was a little smooth. Every time he met that woman, it was not a good outcome.

“If it’s barbecue you want, we can go back to the house to eat it.” Lin Mo explained.

“Why do you want to start a dispute between a prince and a lady of the government? Go back and copy Sutras for Imperial Brother. Be quiet.” Cheng Yan led Lin Mo away.

“Fifth Elder Brother, you are still hiding knives in your words. However, why should I copy Buddhist scriptures for Imperial Brother? Does he need it?” An JinYuan quickly followed them.

“So you want to copy it for the queen?” Cheng Yan took Lin Mo’s hand and left without looking back.

“Forget it. It’s better to copy it for Imperial Brother. It’s not impossible to prepare a birthday gift for him in advance.” Copy sutras for the queen? He didn’t have that mind. It was better to copy it for Imperial Brother.

“Imperial Brother is not old enough to receive that type of birthday present, is he?” Lin Mo couldn’t help laughing. Was this the gentle and elegant Prince JinYuan he knew? However, Lin Mo only now knew that Cheng Yan was very venomous. He could say that he had a dispute with Su Qingran to reduce the price.

“So I’ll be prepared ahead of time. I have more than twenty years left. I can write slowly.” An JinYuan followed them and smiled.

The palace maids around them took the basket, followed quickly, and the captain of the guard got up and left quickly, summoning the guards to leave the garden with the Lord.

“Is that right? I’ll tell brother what you said today when I enter the palace.”

“Ah, I know I was wrong. I’ll copy Buddhist scriptures. I’ll meditate. Don’t tell Imperial Brother about these words. I was just angry with that woman. I won’t do it next time.”

Cheng Yan paused and said, “Next time? Stay away from the Prime Minister’s family later… It’s better to endure this period of time, it won’t be too long.” 

“I see.” An JinYuan nodded, and there was no smiley expression on his face.

As long as Imperial brother and Fifth Brother were not affected by Su Qingran, he didn’t care. At best, he just watched her dancing and it affected his mood.

Su Qingran stood aside, and watched the three of them leave without looking at her. She felt uncomfortable. An Jinyuan and Lin Mo were her nemesis, right? It was no good meeting them. However, today, thanks to them, she could see the legendary Prince Cheng. It was true that the rumor was untrustworthy since it was clear that Prince Cheng was really handsome. Who said that he looked fierce?

If An JinYuan knew what she was thinking now, he would turn his eyes at her. Before, she said that Fifth Elder Brother was evil looking. Now, she said that rumors were untrustworthy. He was afraid that she had a bad brain and a bad memory, right?

“Fortunately, Prince Cheng didn’t scold us. Didn’t Ran’er say you wanted to see the old peach tree? I will take you.” Prince Xian said, standing beside her.

“Okay, but is Prince Cheng really terrible? I thought you didn’t want to show up in front of Prince Cheng.” Su Qingran followed him and asked casually.

“As long as you don’t offend An JinYuan, Prince Cheng is not so terrible. However, at present, it’s probably necessary to add Prince Cheng’s husband. As long as nothing happens to them, Prince Cheng won’t look for trouble.” Prince Xian opened his mouth and reminded her.

In addition to the brothers fighting for the throne that were killed by the current Emperor, there were those who had bullied An JinYuan when they were younger. Prince Xian was glad that his concubine mother’s position was low and that he didn’t bully the three brothers when he was a child. Otherwise, he would not have been able to come here to enjoy the peach blossom so leisurely.

As for those who said that they were afraid of Prince Cheng, Prince Xian would not say that he was one of them. However, he felt it was a little strange. What did he do to be so feared? Prince Cheng had just come back.

“Is that right? I think Prince Cheng is also a man of great justice.” Su Qingran said with a smile. Lin Mo was really lucky, he was under Prince Cheng’s wing. She was suddenly jealous…

An JinYuan, walking beside his Fifth Brother, looked back at Su Qingran, who was far away. His eyes were cold. It was better for her to not pester his Fifth Brother, otherwise…

Lin Mo was led out of the garden by Cheng Yan and looked back at A-Yuan. Lin Mo suddenly thought to himself that An JinYuan and Su Qingran had a weird reaction to one another. What was the final result of it in his brother’s previous life?

Packing up the things, Cheng Yan and Lin Mo went back to the house in the carriage.

Cheng Yan took off Lin Mo’s cloak and put it aside. He pulled his hand over him and covered it. Cheng Yan asked, “You hate that woman?” 

Cheng Yan noticed that when Lin Mo saw her, the expression on his face suddenly changed and he didn’t like her very much. In his impression, Momo didn’t think that anyone was a particularly annoying person. Moreover, Momo had been staying in the mansion, and he hadn’t seen the woman very many times, right?

“She’s a little annoying…” Lin Mo mumbled.

Did he think she was disgusting? No… he didn’t even think she was annoying. It was pure hate. Lin Mo lowered his head and the expression in his eyes got deeper.

“Hm, she won’t appear in front of you in the future… However, the reason why A-Yuan dislikes her is because of our brother. What do you dislike her for?” Cheng Yan pinched his face and smiled.

“Of course, it’s because of you. You look so good. I’m afraid she’s eyeing you.” Lin Mo carefully rubbed against Cheng Yan, then got into his arms and held him.

“I’m married. How can she eye me? She’s the Prime Minister’s daughter. She doesn’t want to be a concubine, does she?” Cheng Yan chuckled and thought what Momo said was illogical.

“She would kick me out first and then get on top. She’s ambitious…” It was impossible for her to be a concubine. That woman even dared to dream of the Emperor.

Moreover, her harem of men was so powerful that she may disdain to marry someone and want to do it just to whet her appetite. However, now that Cheng Yan and his brother were wary of the Prime Minister in advance, Su Qingran couldn’t have both of them as before, could she?

“I’ll kick her before she kicks you out. I’m afraid she’s going to bully my Wang Fu.” Cheng Yan put his chin on Lin Mo’s head and chuckled.

“Pay attention to your words, Your Highness Prince Cheng. Didn’t you just say to A-Yuan not to do this?” Lin Mo was amused by him.

Cheng Yan put his palm against Lin Mo’s back and the other hand on his head, as he whispered, “You don’t need to worry about her. Momo just needs to be happy with me, and give me the rest of you, however much it is.” 

Lin Mo heard that, and inexplicably felt his heart swell. His heart felt so warm that he wanted to cry a little. Why was there no Cheng Yan in Eldest Brother’s previous life? Then he could have been treated well in his previous life.

However, fortunately, he now had Cheng Yan.

“Why are you so good to me? Like a little angel… ” Lin Mo buried his face in Cheng Yan’s chest, and his voice was a little nasally.

“How can I not be good to you? Every day after I will be twice as good to you as the day before. What did you call me?”

“…Cutie? Honey?” Lin Mo raised his head with his eyes red, somewhat uncertain.

Cheng Yan: “…”

After the party arrived at the palace, when Lin Mo got off the carriage, An JinYuan hurriedly pulled him into the palace. An JinYuan whispered, “A-Mo, it’s lunch time. I’ve been thinking about the barbecue you mentioned before.” 

However, in front of the servants, he still paid attention to his image as His Highness Jinyuan. Therefore, in the eyes of all people, His Highness Jinyuan, was just holding Wang Fu Cheng and talking in a low voice.

“Mn, come on, why do you think about barbecue so much? You haven’t eaten it, have you?” Lin Mo said.

“Fifth Brother told me it’s delicious. It must be really delicious if Fifth Brother said it’s delicious.”

“Ah, my Second Brother will also have lunch with us. Does A-Yuan mind?” Lin Mo asked in advance when he thought that his Second Brother was also in the house.

“Your Second Brother? Why didn’t you say that before?” An JinYuan doubted.

“It’s a bit complicated. I’ll explain it to you later. My Second Brother came to the Imperial City for the imperial examination and only recently arrived.”

“Oh, that’s okay. It doesn’t matter if there are more people.” An JinYuan said.

Thinking of before when Fifth Elder Brother said he lost one year of memory, he had rushed back to the Imperial City because of an accident that had restored all of his memory. When he came back, he stayed in the mansion for more than half a month. It was said that A-Mo was in a coma. These things were really complicated.

Butler Fu got the news that Prince Cheng, Wang Fu and His Highness Jin Yuan would be at the mansion to have lunch. He asked the people in the dining room to prepare the materials in the morning. When they got back to the house, they immediately moved things to the hall and arranged everything.

Lin Xiu got the news that his younger brother had returned to the mansion and asked him to have a meal. With some doubts in his heart, he still put down the book in his hand. Originally, he thought it would be nice to have lunch whenever he wanted. Now, he didn’t need to any more.

When Lin Xiu came to the hall, he saw his brother and Cheng Yan working on the barbecue. The meat and vegetable skewers on the table had been arranged plate by plate.

“Didn’t you say you were eating with Cheng Yan in the garden? Why are you back? Did you have a good time?” Lin Xiu asked as he went to help.

“I saw a disgusting person and came back because I didn’t want to stay.” Lin Mo replied. Anyway, Second Brother knew who he was talking about. Lin Mo didn’t have to say it.

“Hm, you should take a detour when you see her. It will save you a day’s mood because that person is getting worse.”

“Shouldn’t she have seen me and taken a detour?” Lin Mo laughed.

“A-Mo, it’s hard for you.”

“Pfft… Second Brother, you’re a little black, you know?” There was also poison in his words. Lin Mo couldn’t help laughing.

Indeed, it was hard to hope that Su Qingran, who was completely immersed in her Mary Sue culture and was self-centered, would have a normal person’s three outlooks.

“Fifth Elder Brother, I have changed my clothes. Is the food ready?”

Lin Xiu heard a strange voice and looked over.

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