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Chapter 58: Are You Lin Mo From the End of the World?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Lin Xiu glanced over and then looked away. Lin Mo remembered that he forgot to tell his Second Brother that someone else would come today.

“Second Brother, this is Cheng Yan’s younger brother…” Lin Mo explained to his Second Brother. Before he could get a chance to explain to his Second Brother, Lin Xiu began to address him.

“Your Highness Jinyuan.” Lin Xiu bent down to salute.

As soon as Lin Xiu heard that it was Cheng Yan’s younger brother, he knew his identity. On the way to the capital, as long as he had free time, Lin Xiu would discuss everything with Yu Yange, among which the capital would be mentioned naturally.

Yu Yange was familiar with the capital, so he popularized some things to the like-minded Lin Xiu. In order to prevent him from accidentally provoking some dignitaries after he arrived in the capital, his royal highness and all aristocratic families were also mentioned briefly to him.

Although An Jinyuan was a ger, he had two powerful brothers, the Emperor and the God of War general. His status was dignified. In addition, the Emperor was so fond of his brother that he gave a ger a title.

Although it was only a title, in the royal family of the state of Yu, a ger had never been granted the title of his Royal Highness for several generations, and now he was the only one. In the Princedom of Yu, princes and princesses in the palace were called by birth rank. In addition princes were granted a title and a princess would be given the title. Therefore, the status of An Jinyuan was not unknown to anyone in the Imperial City.

Before, when Prince Xian said that no matter what happened, don’t provoke An Jinyuan, this was the reason.

An Jinyuan coughed softly and asked, “Are you A-Mo’s Second Brother? You don’t have to greet me so formally in the palace.” 

“Yes.” Lin Xiu straightened up.

Lin Mo quietly moved to Cheng Yan’s side and looked at them. He cannot help but whisper, “Cheng Yan, do you think my Second Brother and A-Yuan are not right?”

“Yes?” Cheng Yan looked up at them and asked.

“Can’t you see that? Aren’t they suspicious?” Lin Mo muttered in a low voice.

His Second Brother couldn’t see it, but A-Yuan seemed to be more expensive than usual. The smile on his face was also a proper smile. If Lin Mo had not seen the other side of An Jinyuan at this time, he would have praised him in his heart.

Maybe A-Yuan hasn’t had the experience of eating at the same table with a strange man. He was not used to it. Lin Mo had found a reason for his doubts. Lin Mo’s health was not good. It was definitely not good to have barbecue on the lunch menu. The people in the dining room remembered the Prince’s orders. They had to prepare a medicinal gruel for the Prince’s Wang Fu during each meal.

Some meat could be added to the medicinal gruel, so Lin Mo could also accept it. Besides porridge, he could have soup. Some nourishing materials were added to the soup, which were not repeated every day. Fortunately, there was no taste of traditional Chinese medicine in it, otherwise Lin Mo would not drink it every day.

“Is A-Mo still taking medicine? You’re not in good health yet?” An Jinyuan saw the medicinal porridge and the things in the soup brought up by the servant, and began wondering.

“I don’t take medicine. I just eat some tonics every day.” Lin Mo sat down and moved the porridge Cheng Yan had given him.

After they began to eat, the rest was watched by the servants. The charcoal used for the barbecue was smoke-free, and the seating area would not be filled with smoke as they ate.

When Lin Xiu heard his brother was still sick, he took a look at his brother. His face was obviously ruddier than before and he also knew that Cheng Yan took good care of him.

“Ah Mo, you look a little pale. I have some ginseng. I will bring you some when I come here next time?” An Jinyuan was a little uneasy.

“No, no more than that.” Lin Mo shook his head.

“He’ll take care of it. You can’t hurry getting better.” Lin Xiu said. He was worried that his brother would not eat well if he was fed too much in order to heal himself quickly.

“Yes, Cheng Yan always says that.” Lin Mo nodded and smiled.

After lunch, Lin Xiu left first. After a day of playing, Cheng Yan also asked Lin Mo to go back to his room for a rest. Since then, Lin Mo didn’t go out to play any more. He spent every day with Cheng Yan in his study. Cheng Yan read military books and replied to letters. Lin Mo leaned beside him to read fiction books.

Occasionally, when Cheng Yan wanted to enter the palace, Lin Mo would go to Second Brother’s side to stay, and occasionally make him some tea with spiritual water. Lin Xiu had been reading a little crazily recently. If Yu Yange didn’t go to the teahouse to chat with other students every once in a while, Lin Mo thought that his Second Brother would read books everyday.

However, the number of times An Jinyuan had recently come to the palace had increased. He was basically over everyday for lunch. Sometimes he pestered Lin Mo to go to the garden to enjoy the flowers. Fortunately, it was spring now and many flowers were blooming. Lin Mo was not tired of looking at them.

What made Lin Mo worried was that he hadn’t heard about Su Qingran. However, Lin Mo was shocked by another message brought back by Cheng Yan before he could think of this.

His Majesty was going to marry a husband, two months after he marries Cheng Yan. The Emperor’s marriage could be said to be a major event of the state, which naturally took more time to prepare. However, after finding out His Majesty wanted to marry a ger as his husband, none of the ministers agreed. A ger’s pregnancy rate was too low, and they also know that His Majesty would not accept concubines.

If so, when would there be Royal heirs?

The ministers couldn’t compromise on this matter, and a ger’s life experience was unknown. How can they rest assured that the man would bear a child? Who knows the reason why the ministers of the court objected? They just wanted their daughters to be a concubine in the imperial palace. However, the ministers thought that His Majesty had not been close to women since his accession to the throne because he was focused on national politics. However, His Majesty gave them a surprise. Did His Majesty want to be like the first Emperor?

However, the ministers’ thoughts did not affect An Chenglin. He knew what their reaction would be long before he told the world about his husband-to-be.

“Your Majesty, who is the Emperor’s husband? Who’s the ger?” Lin Mo wondered.

Although, before in the peach blossom forest in the western suburbs, An Jinyuan mentioned to him that Imperial Brother seemed to have a favorite, Lin Mo didn’t expect that within a month, His Majesty announced that he was going to marry his husband.

“I don’t know. I haven’t seen him. But looking at the attitude of Imperial Brother. I think he likes that man very much.” Cheng Yan pulled Lin Mo over using his legs and held him.

“You haven’t seen him…” Lin Mo had some doubts in his mind. It was reasonable to say that the two brothers would be the first to know?

Cheng Yan didn’t know. A-Yuan only guessed. Did that person not want others to know about him?

“He is coming into the palace tonight to have a family dinner. Then you will know.” Cheng Yan gave him a piece of jujube cake.

“Um… Family dinner?” Lin Mo opened his mouth and took a small bite. He looked at Cheng Yan with some doubts in his eyes.

“A small family dinner, just a few of us.” Their three brothers were a family, plus their own husbands.

“Will we stay in the Royal Palace tonight?” Lin Mo’s eyes brightened. Living in the palace was a novel experience for him.

“Mn, I have a bedroom in the Royal Palace.” Cheng Yan nodded. Originally, he wanted to go back earlier. Since Momo wanted to stay in the palace for one night, he was fine with it.

In the evening, when the sun was half set, Lin Mo changed clothes and entered the Royal Palace with Cheng Yan. It had been a long time since he had entered the Royal Palace, and there were some changes.

The flower beds, that could be seen everywhere beside the road, were full of flowers; some of them were red, some were white and some were full of stars. The green grass on the cobblestone path also emerged, and it felt soft when he stepped on it. The small pond also began to have carp swim around.

Obviously, the flowers in the Royal Palace were more spectacular than those in his palace. Lin Mo couldn’t help looking at them more.

“You like them? How about planting them all over the house after you go back?” Cheng Yan took his hand and walked slowly.

“What if mosquitoes come in summer? It’s just new to me.” Lin Mo looked away and laughed.

“Before in Daling village, didn’t you like to plant all kinds of plants around the house?”

“It’s just a habit. In summer, it can disperse the heat in the yard. There are enough plants in the palace. There is no need to plant more.”

After entering the place, it looked a little dark compared to outside. Lin Mo saw a strange ger sitting next to An Chenglin. He looked a little small and could not touch the floor while he was sitting, so he was swinging his legs. His eyes were pure, and he looked like a boy who didn’t know how to deal with the world.

Seeing someone come in, he stopped swinging his legs and sat quietly. An Chenglin, sitting next to him, saw his series of actions, but his eyes were helpless.

“Fifth brother, A-Mo.” An Jinyuan, sitting next to them, greeted them.

Lin Mo smiled at him and walked to the other side with Cheng Yan. But, to Lin Mo’s surprise, the teenager seemed to be staring at him. He even smiled at him when he was noticed. Didn’t he feel embarrassed when he was caught?

It was a family dinner; just a meal and a chat. Lin Mo was not a talkative person, except in front of Cheng Yan and his family, so he didn’t say anything, and he listened to them and made a noise from time to time.

Lin Mo almost knew the basic information of the young man.

His name was Lin Zero One, but he had the same surname as Lin Mo. As for whether it was true or not, Lin Mo was not sure. After dinner, Lin Mo wanted to go to a hot spring with Cheng Yan, but he didn’t expect to be stopped by Lin Zero One.

“I’d like to speak to A-Mo alone, can I?” Zero One looked at Lin Mo and blinked.

“What do you have to say alone?” An Chenglin took his hand and wiped the oil off of it.

“Oh, it’s a secret. It won’t be long. I have something to ask A-Mo.” Zero One was pushing his tongue against his cheek in a coquettish way.

“Then ask A-Mo. I won’t bother you.” An Chenglin poked at his bulging cheek, but smiled.

“Yes, we’ll go to the side hall, let the three brothers chat.” Lin Mo smiled and touched Cheng Yan’s hand when he got up so he didn’t have to worry.

Lin Mo followed Zero One to the side hall, but he was puzzled. They were meeting for the first time. What would Zero One have to say to him alone?

Zero One turned around and looked at Lin Mo and said with a smile, “Mn, there is no one here, and no one will know what we are talking about…” 

But before he finished, Lin Mo had some vigilance in his eyes and stepped back a few steps. “What do you mean by that?”

The words of Zero One were ambiguous. Lin Mo thought it was suspicious.

“Don’t be nervous. I won’t hurt you.” Zero One saw the vigilance in his eyes, and was anxious.

“If you have nothing to say, I’ll go back.” The vigilance in Lin Mo’s eyes did not disappear.

“Ah, I just want to ask, are you the Lin Mo from the end of the world?”


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