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Chapter 59: What Lin Mo Doesn’t Know

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Are you the Lin Mo from the end of the world?!

Lin Mo’s pupils shrank and his body seemed to fall into an ice cave, which made his heart cold.

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about. Maybe you’ve got the wrong person. I’m from Daling Village.” Lin Mo found his voice and held his hands, which were covered by his broad sleeves, pretending to be calm.

“Wrong person? It’s impossible. How can I recognize the wrong person….? Your Eldest Brother’s name is Lin YuanCheng, later changed to Lin Cheng. Your Second Brother is Lin MoXiu. Later he was renamed Lin Xiu. Am I right?” Zero One asked.

It was clear that the fluctuations of his soul were the same. How could he, Zero One, recognize the wrong person?

He even knew Lin Mo’s Second Eldest Brother’s original name?!

Lin Mo suddenly looked up and stared at him. A scarlet color in the bottom of his eyes slowly emerged. Zero One was stunned by the changes. This was totally different from the situation described by his former master. Wasn’t the little master supposed to be soft and shy? Wasn’t this man before him completely black?!

However, Zero One thought that something about Lin Mo was not right at this time. Before Zero One could say anything, Lin Mo opened his mouth and snapped him out of his thoughts. Lin Mo twisted his wrist, smiled and said, with his scarlet pupils glowing,  “Who are you? How do you know my Eldest Brother and Second Brother?” 

Zero One refused to tell him, “You’re not Lin Mo!” 

“Huh? Why am I not him? I’ve always been Lin Mo. Just because I came later, you also want to deny my existence?” Lin Mo’s face was obviously unhappy. In the next second, he moved to Zero One and put his hand on his neck. The speed caught Zero One off guard. Lin Mo got closer and tightened his hand around his neck. “Say, who are you?. No more lies. Don’t blame me for being rude.” 

Zero One rolled his eyes. Did he really think it was that easy to control him? If it wasn’t for little master’s body, he would have thrown him over his shoulder. Zero One said in a helpless way, “Are you trying to kill me? Cough… What do you want me to say?” 

His body was real and even his senses were one hundred percent imitated. He could always replace his body a few days later if he lost today’s body.

All the blame would be on Lin Mo and his beautiful colored pupils, how was he the original person! “Go back and let Lin Mo come out. Although you two are half integrated, I still don’t want to talk to you.” Zero One replied.

“Now it’s you who are below me, cut the crap!” Lin Mo tightened his hand again, impatiently.

Tsk tsk, I’ve talked with you in a good voice, but you still don’t listen to me. Don’t think you can use violence and then this system won’t work. I will not tell you. Anyway, you are not the little master, and the system does not need to give you face.

Zero One used his only skill now to press down this man into the deepest part of Lin Mo’s body, so that he would not appear again in a short time. Seeing the scarlet in Lin Mo’s eyes fade away, Zero One was relieved.

After relaxing, Zero One began to feel sad again. This omnipotent skill was acquired from the system with golden fingers, which he plundered not long ago. It could only be used five times. He exchanged it with his ability of permanent shape and for the energy stone that could keep his system running. He had just used the skill twice now.

Zero One, because of entering a space and time warp by mistake, caused most of his system capabilities to be grayed out and unusable. Even if it could be used, the energy to maintain his operation system was not enough, Zero One found it not easy to use.

Finally, he met a woman who was wearing a halo of wisdom. At the risk of being forced to shut down, he took away the golden fingers which had disturbed the order of time and space. It was hard to use it to get five universal skills from the mall. Now there were only three times left.

Fortunately, he found his little master, but he was heartbroken! Universal skills could only be given once. He should probe the woman from the different time and space next time to see if she had any other golden fingers that could disturb the world order.

He saw Lin Mo waking up and asked, “Do you know that there is another consciousness in your body?” 

“…” Lin Mo, who had just come to his senses, heard Zero One reveal another secret before he opened his mouth.

“You and he are half integrated. Do you want me to help you get rid of him? Don’t worry. There won’t be any sequelae. It will be solved in a few minutes.” Zero One didn’t hear Lin Mo speak, thought he didn’t believe him and opened his mouth to promise a way. Although it would consume his skill once again, Zero One was willing to help his little master remove a potential danger.

“No, he’s part of me, too.” Lin Mo stepped back and looked at him warily.

To get rid of his sharp and hard protective shell, was he stupid or something?

“Ah? You know that he exists? Yes, he knows of your existence, and you know of him. That is why you are not surprised.”

“You haven’t said who you are and why you know my Second Eldest Brother?” Lin Mo again, with some hostility in his voice.

“Well, let me introduce myself…” Zero One tightened his face and looked straight at Lin Mo.

“System Zero One, surnamed Lin, No. lxy01, comes from star year 3019. Created by Dr. Wen, provided by Lin Xuanyan. System task: Go to the end of the world to find Lin Mo, Lin Yuancheng and Lin MoXiu, and protect them from the end of the world. Mandatory task: Lin Mo is the main task.”

The voice of Zero One, that shifted to the mechanical sound of the system, read out loud. The eyes of the innocent youth also became the cold quality of a machine in an instant. After that, he blinked again. He had not converted into a system mode for several years, and it was not suitable for a while.

However, when he found the little master, he would follow him. What about Lin Mo?

“Star year… System… Provided by Lin Xuanyan… ” Lin Mo trembled and whispered as he repeated what he just heard, but his body trembled ceaselessly, and big tears rolled down his eyes.

That was… his father…

All this… What was going on?

“Ah? Why are you crying, little master?” Zero One hurriedly ran to his side, his face tight.

Did he say something wrong?

“What does ‘provided’ mean?” Lin Mo held on to Zero One’s clothes until his knuckles turned white.

“Half of his mental power was provided as the fixed point of system Zero One to cross the space-time medium. Without this medium, Zero One would have had a 0.1% chance of finding the little master.” Zero One explained.

“Is mental power soul power…” Lin Mo’s lips were slightly quivering.

“Not usually, but in the state of the master at that time, it was almost the same as taking half of his spiritual power and losing half of his soul.” 

“What was his state then?”

“In the capacity of my current knowledge, the former master should have been in the form of spiritual force, which means that he had no physical body. But Dr. Wen was very powerful. He put the former master’s mental power into a container, so the former master wouldn’t dissipate easily. “

“Since you say Dr. Wen helped him survive, why did he want to create you with half his mental power?” Since Dad could go to the interstellar age, why split up half of his spiritual force?

Wasn’t it better to live well? Lin Mo only felt the pain of his heart, which made him unable to breathe.

“Dr. Wen told me that Lin Xuanyan would rather delay the end of the world. Even if more people died, he would not want to end the world at the cost of his son’s life. Dr. Wen agreed with him very much, so he created me. The letter in front of the system number is the abbreviation of the former owner’s name… “

Lin Mo couldn’t hear any more of Zero One’s words when he heard this line. He raised his hand and covered his mouth tightly so that he wouldn’t cry out. The tears flowed down and soaked the back of his hand.

Lin Mo thought that during the period of suffering in the Research Institute, he was the only one to bear it silently. In order to escape to find his family members as his goal, he bore with the pain of flesh and blood being divided, the healing and continuous circulation. But he didn’t expect that it wasn’t just him, but also his big brother and dad who worked hard to find their family.

The Eldest Brother became a zombie and his father lost his body. In order to find him, big brother rescued him, and finally had his crystal core dug out. In order to turn around the three endings of the brothers, their father separated half of his mental strength and ended up in a desperate situation.

“That… Don’t cry, little master. The former master was smiling before he left. He certainly didn’t want you to be so sad… ” Zero One said. He felt that the place where his energy core was stored was slowing down, which made it difficult for him to breathe.

Lin Mo raised his hand to wipe away the tears and said in a hoarse voice, “What else do you know? Say it all.” 

“Well, if I explain, little master, don’t cry anymore.” Seeing him cry, he felt sad.

In the interstellar age school, among the history courses students needed to learn, there was the end of human evolution. From that time on, human beings began to possess various powers. It was recorded in the history books that there were several powerful people who established the new era of human beings, the crown Prince of Light, the Zombie King, and Lin Mo, the saint who died for human beings.

However, these were all on the human side. On the other hand, the historical records of the zombie empire were contrary to that, which was just the grandeur of human beings. For these two kinds of history, people in the interstellar had different views. Some people thought that human beings were right. The Zombie Empire was just to smear human beings. There were also those who supported the history of the Zombie Empire, such as Dr. Wen.

What Lin Mo knew was different from the course of the end of the world period. Among them, there was one thing that shocked him.

One of the most mysterious and powerful men with erosive powers stole the crystal nucleus of Zombie Emperor Lin. Half a year later, humans found that there was another Zombie Emperor within the zombies they thought they had wiped out.

After that, the zombies began to spread rapidly, and finally, the number was the same as that of human ability users.

Lin Mo sat aside, raised his head and put his hand over his eyes, his voice hoarse, “The Zombie Emperor… What was his name?” 

Zero One stopped, answered, “… Lin MoXiu.” 

“Sure enough…” Lin Mo’s lips were slightly raised, and warm liquid seeped out of his palm and the tears flowed to his neck.

What he understood was that his family had been killed. Maybe… They lied to him. If his Second Brother died, how could he possibly become a strong man? But why would his Second Brother come back as a zombie, standing on the opposite side of mankind?

Lin Mo knew the reason, 1 but he couldn’t accept it. He would rather have his Second Brother alive…

Unfortunately, all of them died in the end.

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Translator Notes:

  1. For those who haven’t realized the reason, it’s because the humans killed Lin Mo and his Eldest Brother (the original Zombie Emperor) and 2nd Bro wanted revenge.


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