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Chapter 71: Lin Xiu (Extra 1)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Daling Village was one of the most remote counties in Yulin, which was also the closest to the border. The Lin family moved to Mulin county and lived in Daling Village, but Lin Xiu occasionally learned from his grandfather. Lin Xiu did not have much of an impression of his grandfather. What he remembered most was that he taught him to read.

Grandpa was different from the other grandfathers in the village. The other grandfathers in the village had a sharp back and a dark face. But grandpa’s back was always straight, just like the green bamboo in the forest stream, and his clothes were clean. Although grandpa had a white beard, he was different from the others in the village.

Later, when Lin Xiu grew up, he realized what kind of person grandpa was. Unfortunately, before Lin Xiu grew up, Grandpa was already gone.

Little Lin Xiu and his big brother were kneeling in the side. In their ears were the cries of their father and mother. Their sister was also affected by the cries and wailed. At that time, Lin Xiu was at a loss. He didn’t know why Grandpa couldn’t wake up and why his father and mother cried so desperately.

Until later, when Lin Xiu grew up, became a husband and a father, and his parents were too old to wake up from their sleep, Lin Xiu understood.

Even though he had grown up and was able to be on his own, in front of his parents, he subconsciously thought that he was a child to rely on. And at the moment of his parents’ death, he realized that their support was no longer there. From then on, no matter the road ahead was rough and thorny, he could only walk alone.

After grandpa died, the family also changed.

His father became speechless and went to work in the fields with his brother who had no talent for learning. Every day, he went out early and came back late. Before long, his white face was also tanned. His mother no longer stayed in the house as before, and began to chat with other aunts in the village. Even the rouge and jewelry she wore every day was collected, and the clothes they wore became inferior.

Although, in other people’s eyes, it was good, but Lin Xiu was still sensitive towards the material and his skin would turn red. Lin Xiu knew that all these changes began after grandpa died.

He thought his grandpa used to make him study hard to come back with a top score. Lin Xiu began to read books and endorsements in his room. He wondered if his family would return to its original appearance as long as he got first place in the exam?

In this way, Lin Xiu recited all the books in his grandfather’s box and begged his father to let him go to the Academy. Studying really cost money, but fortunately, their family was not short of money.

However, after Lin Xiu became a scholar, their family’s savings were not much. Lin Xiu had many siblings, Eldest Brother, Third Sister, Fourth Brother and the twins, Fifth and Sixth brother.

Their family spent the most on the pens and paper he bought for studying and the medicine his Fourth Brother needed to take to heal his body. In Lin Xiu’s impression, only Fourth Brother of his family was often ill, much weaker than the ger in the village.

Every day he had to take medicine. Every time he went to see him in his Fourth Brother’s room, Lin Xiu felt that the scent of the traditional Chinese medicine in the room was so strong that it made people sick. Lin Xiu didn’t often live at home, but every time he came back, he would go to see him in his Fourth Brother’s room.

At first, Fourth Brother looked at him carefully.

Lin Xiu and his brother couldn’t be said to be close, but when he saw him, he always had some pity in his eyes, most of which was the intimacy that their mother said was integrated into their blood relationship. Maybe it was to know that the only ger in their family was weak. It was hard to say that he couldn’t sleep any day. Everyone’s attention was always focused on him.

Even the two children of his Eldest Brother, his nephew and niece, when they were a little sensible, were stuck behind his Fourth Brother all day, just like two little tails.

When Lin Xiu got a break for the first month of that summer, he came home to know that Eldest Brother had suffered a serious injury not long ago. Fortunately, Eldest Brother got back his life.

Before Lin Xiu could breathe a sigh of relief, he was pulled into the room by his Eldest Brother to talk. At that time, great changes had taken place in their family.Eldest Brother said that he lived for another life. But in Eldest Brother’s previous life, their family got involved in a conspiracy that killed the whole family after Lin Xiu became the top official in his examination, and no one survived.

When Lin Xiu heard the news, his brain was shocked to a blank, and then he also learnt that his Fourth Brother was not the original one.

Later, Lin Xiu also accepted the new brother.

However, Lin Xiu found that his new brother often looked like he missed someone whenever he looked at him and Eldest Brother. Before he went to the capital to take part in the exam, his family moved to the county under the leadership of his Eldest Brother and Fourth Brother.

Different from his brother’s previous life, there was another, Cheng Yan, in his family.

At first, when Lin Xiu saw Cheng Yan, he knew that he must be extraordinary. Lin Xiu was worried. If Cheng Yan had a wife and children before he lost his memory, what would their brother do?

In Eldest Brother’s words, Lin Xiu also understood his younger brother’s character. After arriving at the Imperial City to learn the real identity of Cheng Yan, Lin Xiu also determined that his brother-in-law’s identity was indeed extraordinary.

His Royal Highness Cheng, who was second only to the Emperor in the kingdom of Yu, still held all the military power of the kingdom of Yu. His Highness Prince Cheng had not had one concubine to serve as his concubine so far. While Lin Xiu was relieved, his heart raised another question.

It was said that His Highness Prince Cheng was violent and moody. Lin Xiu didn’t think it was just talk. But some people had seen soldiers of other countries turn pale when they heard the name of Prince Cheng.

Lin Xiu was worried. Would Cheng Yan be bad to his brother after he recovered his memory?

However, this worry disappeared after seeing Fourth Brother getting along with Cheng Yan.

Cheng Yan did recover his memory, but he also doted on his Fourth Brother more than before.

After all the problems were solved, Lin Xiu began to concentrate on studying.

On the way to the Imperial City, Lin Xiu and his colleague Yu Yange became confidants, and they also knew that there were people outside and there was heaven inside. Lin Xiu felt that the title of the number one scholar might not fall on his head. It was obvious that Yu Yange’s talent was superior to his, and his knowledge was deeper than his.

Also, they were not in the same place. One was the son of a noble family, and the other was a poor student from a remote county. Lin Xiu was in a trance. He vaguely remembered that when he was a child, their clothes were just like Yu Yange’s.

He seemed to have forgotten why things changed back then. After living in the palace for some time, Lin Xiu met a man of noble status one day. Cheng Yan’s younger brother was the highest ranking ger in the country. He had two brothers, one was the current Son of Heaven, and the other was His Highness Prince Cheng.

Lin Xiu thought that there would be no intersection between them. And that his life would be the same as it had been in his Eldest Brother’s previous life. But he did not expect that he would eventually become An Jinyuan’s husband.

Lin Xiu had thought that after becoming an official, he would climb to the highest position and help His Majesty and His Highness Prince Cheng pull the Prime Minister and Prince Jing out of office.

But he didn’t expect that on the second day after his Fourth Brother married Cheng Yan, and while he was preparing for the palace examination, the Prime Minister’s daughter would be arrested and beheaded in prison for collusion with other countries. And Prince Jing, the Regent, was demoted to a poor place, and his descendants would not be able to enter the Imperial City for life.

When hearing the news, Lin Xiu’s head was in a daze. All this was different from what he thought. He hadn’t even participated in the final step of the examination. Why did the Prime Minister and his wife step down?

But Lin Xiu didn’t react until later. Ever since his father and Eldest Brother rescued Cheng Yan and his Fourth Brother married him, their family’s development track deviated from the previous life. All the problems had been solved, and Lin Xiu’s heart string had been loosened.

However, at the thought of An Jinyuan, Lin Xiu was lost.

His Highness Jinyuan would choose a husband among the top three in the examination, which was likely to be the number one scholar. Lin Xiu also heard about this news before. Originally, Lin Xiu didn’t care about this, but after realizing that His Highness JinYuan appeared more and more frequently in his mind, Lin Xiu knew that he was going to die.

He fell in love with An Jinyuan, the most honorable ger in the country. Lin Xiu knew his identity and that it was impossible for him and His Highness JinYuan. However, after learning from his Fourth Brother that An Jinyuan also thought about him, Lin Xiu thought that he and An Jinyuan might be possible.

Sure enough, even though he was only the second, he became the husband of JinYuan.

One month after the Emperor’s canonization ceremony, he and Jinyuan got married.

They were very happy after marriage, and the brothers had their own families.

Everything was different from his brother’s previous life.

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