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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


At the same time, London. 

In a luxurious mansion, Secretary Carter stood in front of a floor-to-ceiling window, as he held a glass of Bordeaux wine. He slowly swirled the glass, and sampled the fragrance of the wine.

“I just received a telegram from the Wellington. Simon’s mission has failed. His corpse is not recoverable.” When Carter mentioned Simon, his tone was cold and smooth, as if Simon hadn’t been a living teenager, but just a name. “Naturally, the Leviathan wasn’t brought back. We won’t get the Ether crystals inside it.”

Deep in the shadows of the room sat a young woman, half hidden in the darkness.

“That’s too bad,” the woman said delicately. “According to your calculation, another ton of Ether crystals will need to be consumed to complete the plan, but there are enough deposits under Perlilla Manor. Why go to the trouble of finding some Arctic monster?”

“When we made the plan, we didn’t know that the mineral deposits under Perlilla Manor were so rich.” Carter was a little impatient, “That’s why we focused on the Leviathan and trained Simon for that purpose. Who knew he was so useless.”

“Ah, ah. That boy worshiped you. That hurts you.”

“Hmph. It’s just a dog I raised. Worshiping his master is the standard of entry for a good dog.” The boy was a good dog,” Carter said. “I took a chance on Simon because Lord Perlilla wouldn’t sell me the mine, however another of our pawns succeeded.”

The woman tilted her head. “The foreign spy you mentioned earlier who infiltrated the airship?”

“Yes. In fact, I found him a long time ago, but I deliberately didn’t say anything, and reassigned him to the Wellington. He must have thought that he was selected for the Wellington because his undercover skills were good enough.”

“Wasn’t it dangerous to have a foreign spy infiltrate the Wellington?”

“I wanted it to be dangerous. Better if the ship had been destroyed. It would be best if the whole ship was taken. How do you think Her Majesty would react if she learned that she had a spy from among another country’s occult practitioners mixed into her fleet that nearly destroyed her most advanced flagship?”

The woman thought for a moment, “Probably panic?”

“She would fear the power of foreign countries, and then hope that her own country’s military won’t lose. At this point, if I were to propose to her to build an undead army for her, do you think she would agree?”

The woman let out a silvery laugh. “That’s brilliant, Sir Carter. Her Majesty has always disagreed with the immortal army plan, but now she probably has to change her mind. If she were to buy the Perlilla mines in the name of the royal family, then the Lord wouldn’t refuse, right? It’s all for the sale anyway, might as well sell it to the biggest patron.”

“Then we can quickly consume that ton of ore and release that One…” Carter took a sip of wine and smacked his lips. “Only, your help is still needed, madame. I think that as soon as Her Majesty has seen the undead soldiers you made, plus the impact of the ‘foreign spy’ incident, she will be eager to ask us to make more soldiers. And if I smoothly offer to buy Perlilla Manor in the name of the royal family…”

“My soldiers are at your disposal, Your Excellency,” the woman said.

“Very well, then. It is a great honor to meet you, madame, otherwise our plans would not have gone so well. I think that if there are gods in the world, perhaps the gods also want the plan to succeed, so they are secretly pushing it!”

“But there are no gods in the world. OInly the occult practitioners who are closest to God.”

Carter laughed, “Then those occult practitioners themselves want the plan to succeed.”

He drank the wine.


A few hours later, the airship Wellington arrived in London and landed at the airport reserved for the air force. The Leviathan dived into the sea halfway and didn’t return to London with them. Otherwise its arrival would have caused a worldwide sensation, and become a major topic in the world’s newspapers for the next year.

Colonel Freeman felt a little regret. With such a powerful monster, if they become a battle force, wouldn’t their army then be invincible? However, Mr. Xenia of the Royal Academy said that the Leviathan wasn’t anyone’s pet, it was a creature with self-awareness and freedom. No one could tame it.

It was just a pity about the tamer boy who died in the Arctic. Colonel Freeman decided to keep the animals on the ship as they had become good friends with the crew. The airship often had to sail to foreign countries on long-term missions. If the ship had cute little animals, the crew would also find things less stressful, right?

The colonel didn’t want to admit that he wanted to pet the birds, fox and squirrel, so he let them stay behind. He ordered someone to sort through the teenager’s belongings and found a box stuffed with various little toys and snacks. He originally thought that these were things the teenager bought to play with himself, but the box came with a long list of names, and each name was followed by a note for note for a small toy or snack.

After he inquired, he learned that the teenager was from a poor home. The things on this list were his gifts to the little ones.

What a pity, poor and sad, thought Colonel Freeman. What a nice young man, who died so pointlessly in the Arctic. He could have shone elsewhere, but instead it was for such a whimsical mission that he died.

The two gentlemen scholars from the Royal Academy promised to take the small gifts to the poor home as a tribute to Simon. Colonel Freeman had a vague suspicion about them, but he didn’t dare to voice it. If he looked around the country, there were only a few people capable of placing two civilians on board the Air Force’s most advanced airship.

Once off the ship, Duan FeiZhou saw Carter was waiting for them. The proud secretary ordered them into the vehicle, and dragged them to the manor where they had last seen the Queen, where they made their way to the audience hall. This time Carter didn’t make Duan FeiZhou bathe and dress, perhaps because Duan FeiZhou had bathed many times.

The Queen was waiting for them in the audience hall as usual. They saluted. The Queen put down a telegram in her hand, and looked up. “I have received a telegram from Colonel Freeman. What a thrilling journey. Very hard work for you all.”

“It was our honor to share Your Majesty’s worries.” Carter flattered.

Duan FeiZhou stared at him unhappily. He wasn’t the one who died, so why did he share in the worries? It was a good thing he didn’t just settle the score with him!

“We have failed in our mission, Your Majesty,” Z said respectfully. “We failed to tame the beast, and the boy who was to tame it was killed in action.”

“A small failure, no harm done.” The Queen waved her hand, very broad-minded. “You uncovered a sinister and cunning spy, and protected the Wellington. That is already a great achievement.”

“It was not much of a feat.” Z continued to be modest.

“What reward do you want?”

“Her Majesty’s esteem is the greatest reward for me.”

“Don’t be polite to me. I hate people who talk in a roundabout way.”

Z responded, “Then allow me to ask for a reward for the dead Simon Marlowe. He was an orphan, and died in the North Pole. We weren’t even able to bring back his bones, it’s so pitiful.”

The Queen closed her eyes, and nodded slightly. “Then make him a knight, posthumously, and give him a state funeral. In addition, make a donation to the poorhouse in London in his name. Is that all right?”

Z bowed deeply, indicating that he was satisfied, and dared not ask for more rewards.

Duan FeiZhou, on the other hand, sighed. A posthumous title and a state funeral. That was an unimaginable honor for ordinary people now. However, he still felt that kind of reward was far from enough for Simon. There was no reward that could bring back a young and fresh life.

“Why do you sigh?” The Queen stared at him. “You think my reward is not enough?”

“No, no…” Duan FeiZhou stammered.

“I still have to reward you, otherwise people will say that I can’t reward and punish evenly.” The Queen picked up a bell on the table, and shook it twice with force.

Immediately a servant entered the door.

“Go. Bring a cushion, and bring me my sword.”

Duan FeiZhou was stunned. What kind of reward was this? To give him a sword and a cushion? The sword was fine. A sword was given to the hero or something. However, why should he be given a cushion? Did the queen know that his buttocks were painful?

The servant quickly fetched the cushion and the sword. He placed the cushion at the Queen’s feet, and respectfully presented the sword to the Queen with both hands.

The Queen took the sword, nodded at the cushion, and said to Duan FeiZhou, “Kneel down.”

Duan FeiZhou, “???”

Carter looked shocked. “Your Majesty, isn’t this too much?”

“He was born and almost died for me. I don’t think it’s too much.” The queen said firmly. “Kneel down quickly.”

Z pushed Duan FeiZhou. The latter was uncertain, but since even Z didn’t think it was anything bad, he might as well obey. He knelt on the cushion and looked blankly at the Queen.

“Bow your head,” the Queen said.

He stared at the Queen’s shoe and pretended to admire the jewel on it.

The Queen rested her sword on his left shoulder, “I ennoble you as a knight. From this day forward, you are my knight, and you will serve me until death.”

She moved the sword to his right shoulder, tapped it lightly, then tossed it to the servant. “Later on, I will write the official enthronement edict for you. It will also be announced in the newspaper.”

Carter said grimly, “Congratulations, Sir Leopold.”

Duan FeiZhou blinked. He had just been…knighted by the Queen? Although the ceremony was extremely simple (or perfunctory), since the Queen herself acknowledged it, and there was a royal decree to prove it…He was now a noble?

This was really…What an unexpected pleasure. The last time he saw the Queen, he was a prisoner of Scotland Yard. This time, he had become a man of the people. Life’s karmic encounters were unexpected.

“So, Your Majesty.” He tilted his head. “Does your ennoblement of me mean that my crimes are also canceled?”

“Crimes?” The queen frowned slightly. “Oh, you mean how you defected before? Anyway, it didn’t work out, so I’ll let it go.”

“It’s not just that.” Duan FeiZhou squeezed his fingers nervously.

The Queen gave him a sharp look, “Have you committed other crimes?”

“I mean if…” Duan FeiZhou glanced at Z.

The Queen noticed his movement, pondered for a moment, then turned to Z. “I have already ennobled him, so whatever his previous convictions, let’s write them off.”

Z pursed his lips. This meant that the concealment of his identity couldn’t be pursued. To use the Queen’s Grace to exonerate himself…he really was a little bad thing. He should be punished. He should be punished severely.

“As ordered.” That was all he could say.

Duan FeiZhou couldn’t hide his smile anymore, and he grinned smugly.

“You are all the pillars of the country. The backbone of my country, I hope that you will continue to build your careers in the future.” The Queen skillfully said the set words. “Go down.”

Duan FeiZhou stood up, saluted the Queen together with Z, and then exited the audience hall.

Carter put them in the carriage, and asked where they were going. Z said Scotland Yard, and Carter waved sarcastically. “Goodbye, Sir.”

When the carriage was gone, Carter straightened his collar and returned to the audience room.

The Queen was reading a telegram. He bowed, then walked quickly to the Queen’s side and lowered his voice, “Your Majesty, about the proposal I mentioned last time…”

“Immortal soldiers?” The Queen’s eyes drifted into the distance. “A long time ago, an army officer also proposed the same program, but because the result was too shocking, it was vetoed. That man’s son was just now at the door.”

“The immortal soldier I am talking about is not about transforming living people into machines, but to create completely mechanical soldiers. That way there will be no need to worry about moral and ethical issues.” Carter paused, eyes clear. “I have a female occult practitioner on my staff who has piloted the production of an undead soldier. I can bring it to you to view.”

The Queen stared at the telegram on the table. Her eyes lingered long on the line describing the spy. “All right. Make it as you say, and bring it to me.”


As they returned to Scotland Yard again, Duan FeiZhou’s whole mood was different. He left the place as a prisoner, but when he came back, he was a nobleman! No one would dare to put him in the dungeon anymore!

He was so proud of himself!

He walked into the Abnormal Case Investigation Unit with a confident stride. The nightmen who were working at their desks looked up, saw him, and all took a tense breath.

“Occult practitioners have entered Scotland Yard!” Mr. R nervously drew his gun, and pointed it at Duan FeiZhou’s nose.

Z followed suit and came into the office, frowning at the gun, “What for? Rebellion?”

Mr. R looked embarrassed, and put away his gun.

Xenophon threw away the newspaper in his hand, and rose flatteringly. “Welcome back, boss! The mission was hard work! We’ll throw you a reception banquet later!” He pulled out a set of keys from behind his back. “I’ll help you put this kid in the dungeon.”

Z stared at the ceiling, and said reluctantly. “He’s been pardoned.”


“He’s been pardoned for all his crimes. It is an order from Her Majesty. From now on, you can no longer call him ‘this boy’ and ‘kid’. You are to refer to him as…Sir.”


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Carter is a horrible, dishonest, calculating person. I liked the reward DFZ deserves to be forgiven! Thanks for the chapter!

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That people in high places can be so easily manipulated and lied to is disturbing. And to make a snap decision without extensive discussion?

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