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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


In this mecha training classroom 07, there was a tense atmosphere at the moment. The student who stood up was Eric’s senior, a fifth-year student named Johnathan, but most of the students in this classroom were fifth- and sixth-graders, as only advanced students could enter the mecha department to begin training.

The only two exceptions were Eric, who was only in his third year, and that’s why he’s called a genius. The other was Baylor, who, although not officially enrolled, was younger than everyone else in the room and would have been a second-year student by age.

When Professor Snow heard Johnathan’s statement, he frowned slightly and explained, “Baylor is a special case, sent here by the military department for exchange study, of course he is not the same as other students, and his presence here in class does not affect you, why is it unfair to you?”

In fact, as a professor, he could have ignored Johnathan and forced the class to proceed, but 1st Imperial Military Academy, as an institution of higher learning with a strong academic atmosphere, the school’s faculty rarely put on a show. When the discussion was also the attitude of equal discussion.

So Johnathan didn’t back down, but argued reasonably, “Of course it’s not fair to us that he’s here, not to the students who couldn’t get into the mecha department because they didn’t pass the selection process, but also to us for our hard work, if the other side can get the results we’ve worked so hard for without any trouble, then what’s the point of our hard work? What is the point of our efforts? Third, our training has been progressing for almost a semester. If he can’t keep up with our learning progress, won’t it delay our training? Is it fair to the partners in his group?”

Of course many of these were dispensable reasons that no one would even care about in normal times, and most importantly, he was unwilling to take a class with someone who might be a spy of the state.

This sentence he did not say, because there was also currently no court finalized, if moved out to say, will certainly be refuted by the professor.

Johnathan’s words were supported by many students, most of whom had also heard rumors about Baylor, and no matter what their previous attitudes towards Baylor were, they were all very repulsed by Baylor now, and one or two were even fans of Baylor in the midst of the examination before.

But that’s how human emotions can be easily manipulated.

“…” Professor Snow was a bit silent, Johnathan’s words also had some truth, which made him a bit difficult.

And in the midst of this silence, Eric stood up sharply, he looked at the professor and said without hesitation, “I think there is nothing unfair, I am willing to team up with him.”

Johnathan looked at Eric with displeasure, very unhappy with his sudden outburst to relieve Baylor.

Professor Snow immediately followed Eric’s words, “Since Eric volunteered to be on the same team as Baylor, there is no problem.”

Johnathan lowered his eyebrows, “Professor, you forget that he is still not qualified-“

“Eligible? Then what qualifications do you think I should ask for?” Baylor, who had been standing in the back aisle in the middle of the classroom, suddenly spoke up, his clear, clear voice line now being pulled flat and straight, with a slightly trailing tone, sounding somewhat lazy and slack. But those who were familiar with Baylor know that his voice like this was actually the beginning of inner impatience.

For example, Super Wolf next to him, at this moment, secretly lowered the front half of his body, making an appearance of preparing for an ambush.

However, Baylor seems to have no interest at all in the qualifications that Johansen was talking about. Without waiting for Johansen’s answer, Baylor’s clear, lake-like eyes narrowed slightly as he gave a mocking laugh, “However, it’s not up to you whether I’m qualified to stand here or not… What, is the school run by your family?”

Baylor’s lazy tone paired with his sarcastic expression was extremely underwhelming, “Too bad, this school doesn’t have your name on it, so you’re not qualified to care if I’m in class here.”

Baylor said as he walked towards the training pod next to Eric. He never took any prisoners, and when Johnathan said he wasn’t qualified to attend classes here, he said the same thing back.

He was allowed to come to class here by the school. Who was this man, does he live by the sea?

When he passed Johnathan, his footsteps were slightly beaten, and his eyes slanted to the side, coldly glancing at Johnathan who had an ugly face at the moment, he laughed softly, “What, I have privileges, so you are jealous?” Without showing any sense of shame, Baylor instead spoke in a high tone, “But on the contrary, I have this privilege.”

Eric, who was not Johnathan, felt a little solid.

Baylor’s mouth can be too poisonous, completely not afraid of people’s hit attitude.

He gritted his teeth, but did not reply to Baylor, but turned to the professor and opened his mouth, ready to say, “Professor, you heard him, he said he has privileges, when did our school become a playground for the privileged class? How else can we get a foothold outside?”

Professor Snow also felt that Baylor’s words were a bit inappropriate, and he also felt some difficulties. He looked at Baylor with some reproach, if Baylor did not say that just now to provoke things, but also do not have such a tense situation.

As a result, without waiting for Professor Snow to say anything, Baylor directly grabbed the right to say, “Of course, it is based on strength, if you can’t get a foothold outside, it has nothing to do with the school, and I can’t be blamed. Foolishness.” Then he added, “Are you a child who only tells on others? Are you tired of calling teachers all the time?”

Baylor’s tone was very unforgiving, “Since you’re looking for trouble with me, don’t take a big turn, I’m standing next to you, why are you looking ahead? What are you looking at?”

This person was so talkative!

Johnathan’s face was blue and white, he never thought Baylor would be so eloquent, he only said a few words, the other side said a bucket of words, and every sentence was extremely harsh, listening to the heart of the fire!

I didn’t think he would become the embarrassed person, he thought a normal person was questioned like this, had a backbone and would directly leave the classroom, but did not want this person to be so faceless and skinless. However, since this was the case, Johnathan was not good enough to continue to find the professor ‘complaint’, he glared directly at Baylor, physically confirming that he was not squinting.

But he still kept his sanity, “I’m not going to argue with you like a city boy, and I’m not looking for trouble, I’m just trying to keep the school in order.”

Baylor sneered, then looked at the time, by now ten minutes had passed since the start of class, “By maintaining order in the school, you mean causing trouble in class and then delaying everyone’s class time?”

He asked very sharply in return, “Do you think that’s fair to the students who are trying to get to class?”

Baylor shook his head in a strange way and then said, “I don’t think it’s fair that other people want to go to class, but you’re here to stir up shit.

Johnathan immediately drew a breath of cold air, and even nearly passed out with a blast of blood in his head.

What’s more, I don’t know if he was affected by Baylor’s words, but his eyes seemed to see impatient and reproachful glances from his classmates.

Professor Snow looked at Johnathan, who was standing there stagnantly, he coughed lightly to break the tension and said, “Okay, we’ll talk about it after class, we’ll start with class.

However, the words sank deep into Johnathan’s chest, because Professor Snow’s urging confirmed what Baylor had said, that he was indeed delaying the class…

The student next to Johnathan tugged at his sleeve.

His face almost turned pig’s liver, Johnathan was ready to sit down, but before he sat down, he said deliberately for his own face, “In order not to delay the class, this matter will be put aside for now, but when the class is over, I will definitely go to the dean to report this matter.”

Baylor sneered and dropped a line, “You’re still looking for a teacher after all, what a kid. But I advise you, don’t look for the dean, go directly to the principal.”

Then, with his pockets in his hand, he walked towards the training cabin next to Eric.

What a boring kid. What’s the point of looking for a teacher, a person should just swing his fist and beat him up, then he can express his appreciation for his courage, and then logically beat the other side up a lot.

Baylor did not succeed in hiding his disdain, and then sat in the training cabin.

Baylor put on his simulated helmet, as well as the sensors on his limbs, and Baylor opened his eyes again and appeared in an abandoned high-rise.

This was the terrain they will use for this training.

At this time, as Baylor’s partner, Eric’s mecha also appeared next to Baylor, and his voice also came out in Baylor’s contact device, “Baylor, can you hear me?”

Baylor returned faintly at this point, “Yeah.”

Although the terrain was different, he was now flying the same type as before, as was Eric.

It was probably a uniform learning experience with the mecha type.

At this point, Eric said, “Actually, normally, Johnathan-senpai wouldn’t be like this.”

Oh, so the annoying person’s name was Johnathan.

Eric said with some concern, “Baylor, right now, maybe the school… There are a lot of people at school who have a problem with you.”

What does that matter to him?

Baylor was going to say that back, but the moment he opened his mouth, he changed his tune, “Why?”

It was true that he didn’t care what people thought of him, but he was still wondering why these people had changed their attitudes towards him so much.

Eric hesitated slightly before explaining, “It was rumored that you were the suspect being harbored by the General on Planet D7, and it seems to have come from one of your contemporaries, saying that you suddenly disappeared from the mission… But I think it’s definitely not you…”

“It’s me.” Baylor replied unconcernedly.

Eric’s tone faltered, “Huh?”

“The suspect.”

Although through the contact, Eric’s shocked backwards voice came through clearly, Baylor thought the radio was really good.

“But I’m not the culprit.” Baylor explained for the benefit of Eric’s heart.

Eric didn’t expect the lead of the big news to be right next to her, “So… That General…”

“He’s not treasonous and collaborating with the enemy either.” Baylor said in an indifferent tone, “These are all rumors.”

Eric did not yet know the relationship between Baylor and Ewan, only some doubts, Baylor’s words sounded like he was very familiar with the General. But at this moment, he was occupied by the worry about his idol, “Then won’t the General be miserable, many people now think he is a traitor…”

“It’s okay.” Ewan had already told him about the general situation yesterday, and this matter was actually planned in Ewan’s mind, and the corresponding preparations had been made. Ewan also told him that he did not have to worry about this matter. So compared to this, he was more concerned about the investigation of the prison side of things.

Eric heard Baylor’s flat answer, immediately felt it was unfair for the General, “How can this be okay? Not to mention how important the reputation among the people, that is the General protection of the nationals, by the people they protect is so suspicious. The General must not feel good inside.”

Baylor at this moment slightly froze, this was what he did not expect, “Will it be so?”

Eric said heavily, “Then of course. Think about it, the country and its people, whom you have given your life and blood to protect, are doubting you… Wouldn’t you feel bad?”

Baylor pondered for a moment, and he thought about it with his eyebrows raised, “It seems a bit.” He murmured in a slightly hesitant tone, “Do I have to be concerned then?”

Eric froze for a moment, not responding, “Concern? Concerned about what?”

“…” Baylor realized that he had just unconsciously said what he was thinking, he was slightly silent, then changed the subject and said, “It’s time to start.”

Eric subconsciously looked up, and sure enough, the display board in front of him had shown that the training program had begun, and then several rocket launchers suddenly appeared above the road in the middle of the city, and then fired at their location.

Eric thought this was Baylor’s first time to participate in training, some worried to look to the side, wanting to remind, but found that there was no one around. Oh no, there was no mecha. Eric: ????

Eric dodged in a panic, then looked left and right at the same time, and was surprised to find Baylor on a platform in front of his left. Eric: ???? When did he run over there?


At this time, in the palace, Julius’s close friend duke Akel sitting next to him, after reading the information in the terminal, he leaned slightly towards Julius, hand on the handle of the wicker chair, said, “The news about the omega is out, but what do you do with an omega? This will divert the attention of the public for no reason at all.”

Julius propped up his face with one hand, his eyes like the sea at the moment, no ripples, he looked in the distance and saw extremely beautiful green trees, next to his ears was recalled yesterday’s teenager gave his answer.

“I would prefer to stand above the court with Ewan than with you.” The teenager’s eyes, like the long summer sky, looked at him coldly, “Reflect on how you are so unattractive.”

Duke Akel also looked at Julius, waiting for his answer. And Julius was not turning his eyes to look at the green tree, this planted evergreen trees, even in the autumn can also be leaves evergreen. Just like the boy, in the silence of autumn was still as if the summer. Such a strong fire, it would be tempting to let someone out.

So Julius said, “Well, try it out.”

Duke Akel was a little confused, was trying to test what? But that’s not the point.

Duke Akel said, “has urged the court side as soon as possible to approve the file investigation, should come down today, as soon as the investigation is approved, then the next thing will be good.”

He now relaxed his body leaned on the rattan chair cushion, “finally, should also let this rash young man to eat suffer, rely on their own General, no one in sight, at the time should not want this kid when the General’s seat, originally thought to support a young, will be good control, but the results do not want to actually raise a vicious wolf. “

This was also to blame for their failure to see Ewan at the time.

At that time, the previous General died due to illness, the Ministry of the Army needs a new General, originally the Ministry of the Army wanted to choose a veteran, but because they want to take advantage of the opportunity to control the Ministry of the Army, they supported Ewan, who had just ascended to the position of admiral.

Without their support, a young grade of admiral, even with a lot of military service, how can easily sit in the General position? The result was that Ewan, this kid actually once the General’s seat, would cross the river to tear down the bridge. Immediately there will be their relationship between the two, and even more determined than the previous General’s attitude.

His daughter liked Ewan, he originally thought that the two families could be married. But he didn’t want to be rejected by Ewan without mercy. Thinking of his own loss of face, Duke Akel’s eyes could not help but show a few fierce lights.

However, at this moment, a message came from the voice that temporarily interrupted Duke Akel’s confession. He frowned slightly and opened his terminal to take a look, as a result, his face immediately sank.

Julius next to him noticed the change in Duke Akel’s face, and he turned his head, “What’s wrong?”

Duke Akel’s face was dark, also reveals a trace of gloom and doubt, he said, “The military department side submitted a request for investigation of your highness, the reason is to suspicion that your highness has colluded with interstellar pirates, which is the real treason and collaboration with an enemy prisoner.”

Julius’s face instantly became iron blue, eyes turned up among the monstrous waves, he steadied his mind, his own expression to hide.

Duke Akel wrinkled his brow and simply said, “They are trying to lead the trouble to you, Your Majesty, hum, we will never let them.”

However, Julius did not have much heart to listen to Duke Akel’s words at this moment, he just stood up first, “You go back today.”

Then he walked towards his palace.


Baylor unexpectedly performed extremely well in the middle of this obstacle avoidance training. Eric originally wanted to take care of Baylor, but found that Baylor did not need his care at all, on the contrary, once or twice he was reminded by Baylor to successfully dodge the flying shells.

This was where Eric once again felt the disparity of the world. He did not understand. He felt that everything was too unconventional.

Finishing his training, Eric asked, “Has the military started mecha training? How long have you been training?”

Baylor looked at Eric and remembered what Sean had said about not showing too much sharpness in front of others, and he silently withdrew that answer for the second time today, then thought about it and said casually, “A month.”


Eric’s eyes widened, and the pupils in his eyes trembled. Mother fucker! One month! One month and you’ve already trained to this level! Eric once again doubted his title of ‘genius’, he looked at the omega in front of him who could only see the lack of physical strength under the training, if he was a genius, then what was this?

After class, Baylor did not care about the hateful gaze cast by Johnathan, but directly took a change of clothes to the bathroom next to the shower. Because trainees tend to sweat, there were bathrooms nearby. After showering, Baylor walked out of the school building all fresh, but at this moment an unexpected person appeared in front of him.

Looking at the svelte officer wearing gold-rimmed glasses, Baylor barely searched his memory for the other man’s name, “Nord?”

Nord froze slightly when he heard Baylor’s voice, not knowing whether he should lament that the teenager in front of him still remembered his name, or whether he should feel a little discomfort because of the detached coldness shown on the other party’s face.

“You came to see me?” Baylor saw that the other party froze and did not speak, simply spoke again and asked. At this moment, Super Wolf followed Baylor’s side, and when it met this man, it came forward and sniffed with care.

This person’s smell was a bit familiar, eh. 

Of course it’s familiar.

Baylor did not care, replied in his mind, he was also on Crusader, and came with you.

Super Wolf did not recall much about this person.

But the smell, he remembered a little.

Nord came back to his senses and said without changing his face, “Yes, there’s something I need to talk to you about on Planet D7.”

Baylor later heard from Ewan that Kana had approached Nord, and then Nord had relayed the information to Ewan, and Ewan had learned about one of the things he had been arrested for.

So Baylor nodded, “Where to?”

Nord hesitated, then said, “Go to my car.”

And at this time, Ewan got Baylor’s information before and then had someone go immediately to pull up the prison surveillance footage at the time. Although the picture was somewhat damaged because of the malfunction of the equipment behind, still under the recovery of the technical department found the picture.

Positioned to the moment Super Wolf entered the prison, the surrounding guards were arranged on the duty list, there was no abnormality. Except that someone unexpected did appear in the vicinity of the cell, and because it was not close to the cell, it did not draw attention to itself at first.

Ewan looked at the name that appeared on that list with a thoughtful expression in his eyes.


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Gossip, rumours and jealousy can ruin anything 🤨

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Johnathan got named Johansen in a para too, in error I think.
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Thanks for translating and editing.

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Baylor to the Prince: “Reflect on how you are so unattractive”. Baylor is vicious and I love him.

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