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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


1. Mr. N wants to return the rent

This is a story that happened three months after the Battle of Perlilla.

When Mr. N. was awakened for the fourth time at night by the sound of exploding glass, he decided to quit the rent tomorrow and take the train overnight to escape from this hellhole with his luggage.

Cursing, he got up, took out his broom and dustpan and went to clean up. This time it was a glass in the dining room on the first floor that exploded. It was one of his favorite glasses! He had bought it on a trip to Spain!

And now, just like that, it was in pieces!

Mr. N was so angry that he wanted to curse.

Since the two kids upstairs discovered that the world exists to get each other to the top was so interesting, and began to enjoy it, every night to do such an interesting thing, and often a do was three or four times.

The physical strength of young people was also too good…

Mr. N. began to worry about the kidney function of his nephew. However, they completely failed to notice that when an occult practitioner was out of control emotionally, his power tended to be out of control as well. The result was that whenever his nephew ‘surrendered’, the uncontrolled power would blow up everything nearby.

The victims were often the things in Mr. N’s store.

The store couldn’t be opened. It wouldn’t have made much money, and now it was losing money every day.

Originally Mr. N planned to close the restaurant, and travel around the world or something. So closing the store wasn’t difficult for him.

But the problem was…the upstairs pair didn’t know how to write the word “moderation.” A young couple, there should be someone to remind them.

His nephew was now only twenty years old, not yet the peak age of the occult practitioner, and he was so out of control that the top of a few glasses were blown off. However, his power was growing. Especially after the battle of Perlilla Manor, that power grew simply day by day.

Through the floor, Mr. N could faintly feel the pressure of the pure energy coming from upstairs. Imagine, if his nephew reached the peak age of an occult master, what would blow up?

Maybe by then he would have learned how to control his power during moments of high chaos. Maybe by that time the Tower of London will be blown up by him.

Of course, Mr. N felt that this kind of thing couldn’t be blamed on his nephew alone. After all, a slap on the wrist does not ring. Z was also responsible. And also responsible for the big head.

Mr. N thought that Z looked well-dressed and calm on the outside, but his inner desire to be exclusive and controlling was terrible. The jealousy often resulted in the lover’s ears hearing murmured beautiful words of love, while on the other side of the fierce penetration, until the other side couldn’t do more than cry and admit their fault.

I’m afraid my nephew will suffer a lot with him (in the physical sense)… Of course, from the number of exploding glasses, it is not getting less sweet.

Mr. N decided to find some time to have a good talk with Z, in the capacity of an elder.

…Well, he was actually not as old as Z.

One day his nephew went on a business trip, and left Z alone in London. It was reasonable to say that Z should now not be able to leave him. Z’s heart needed to be supplied with energy at all times. However, his nephew cleverly modified Z’s heart, and changed the original location where the Ether crystals were placed into a piece of energy storage metal. It could automatically release energy to maintain the operation of Z’s heart. That way, even if he left for a while, Z could live alone.

(After all, those two people couldn’t live their whole lives as if they were Siamese twins.)

Mr. N invited his former boss to the restaurant for dinner and politely mentioned their nightly affairs. He thought Z would be ashamed or simply angry, but Z listened as calmly as if they had just discussed the weather.

“I get it.” Z said in a calm tone. “I’m not really a particularly indulgent person.”

Mr. N was horrified. “What exactly is ‘indulgence’ in your perception? Seven times a night?”

“You don’t understand, N.” Z took a sip from his glass and turned his gaze away, as if remembering something far away. “It’s not that I have too much. It’s that he’s so bad.”

…I really don’t want to get it at all! Don’t talk about my nephew like that in front of his uncle! Mr. N held his head. Anyway, he said what he needed to say. As for what happens to the two youngsters afterwards, that’s up to them.

Therefore, he decided to go on a trip. Even if they blow up something again, it’s none of his business. That was something for the next tenant to worry about. (Mr. N wished them well from the bottom of his heart.)

Also, he hoped London would be okay.


2. There was some minor deviation

Duan FeiZhou went on a business trip, and came back to find that Z was a little off.

It wasn’t like he hadn’t been on a business trip before. After the Battle of Perlilla Manor, the official attitude towards occult practitioners changed. Many secret practitioners were willing to disclose their identities, yet some secret practitioners still believed that this was the police Nightmen’s fishing. There was an unprecedented increase in crimes committed by and against occult practitioners. The police nightmen had to run around the country to solve the endless new cases, as well as the historical problems caused by the former strict official attitude.

However, Z used to greet him with extra warmth when he returned from his business trips.

Almost as soon as he entered the house, he was pressed against the wall for a kiss before he could even put down his luggage. The duration and intensity of the kiss was directly proportional to the time he was away.

What happened afterwards was proportional to the intensity of the kiss.

He remembered returning from his last trip and not going home, but reporting to Scotland Yard first. He didn’t think Z would do anything out of the ordinary in the office.

However, he was too naive.

Duan FeiZhou still remembered the bright lights in the file room, which were blindingly bright as they wavered overhead. The special smell of old paper mixed with the faint perfume of Z’s body as he invaded his body like an overwhelming tide.

Afterwards the two had to return to the office fully clothed, and pretend that nothing had happened.

Let’s just say it’s a good thing that surveillance hasn’t been invented in this era.

Otherwise, they both may be sitting directly under the jail.

(Duan FeiZhou has no doubt that Z would get a clear view of the dead end in the first place, and then…)

This time Duan FeiZhou was out for work for several days. He thought he would be greeted with a stormy and warm welcome when he got home. He was ready to get out of bed the next day. He even wrote a leave of absence in advance!

But to his surprise, when he entered the house, Z just came over and took his bags, then lowered his head and gave him a peck on the cheek.

Didn’t even kiss him on the lips.

Duan FeiZhou felt like a stupid submarine fish with his beak.

He thought to himself, Z must be bluffing. It’s called the calm before the storm.

This guy, how nice to call him a bad little thing. Sheesh.

Throughout the night, he waited with trepidation for Z to show his true colors. It was like waiting for the other boot to drop.

At dinner, Z asked him in an unmistakably calm tone if he had run into any trouble on his business trip.

After the meal, Z sat on the sofa reading Rousseau’s Confessions with unmistakable dignity.

When taking a shower, Duan FeiZhou was all ready for Z to rush into the bathroom. He didn’t believe that Z could endure to such an extent.

However…nothing happened.

Like a Sword of Damocles hanging overhead, there was absolutely no way to know when it would fall down. The more you wait, the more anxious you are.

Duan FeiZhou wiped himself clean, tried to calm the fire in his own body and cursed.

Z must have done it on purpose. The big bad thing.

Come on, he’s ready!

He laid down directly on the bed, and raised his chin towards Z. They were already so familiar with each other that they didn’t need words. Just a look or even a gesture to understand each other’s feelings.

Z put down Confessions and came towards him.

The light of the lamp made his figure slender and attractive with only a shirt on.

Duan FeiZhou couldn’t help but gulp.

Z leaned down and gave him a kiss on the forehead.

Then got under the covers, and lay down beside him.

Wrapped his arms around his waist, and rubbed him into his arms.

And so he slept.

Duan FeiZhou felt that something was wrong with the situation.

“That…did you forget something?” He tried carefully.

Z sat up and carelessly lifted the silver hair that was draped over his shoulders.

Duan FeiZhou tensed his body, waiting for Z to lock his wrists with his mechanical prosthetics as usual.

But Z just walked back into the living room, turned off all the lights, checked the doors and windows, and then wandered slowly back in.

“No.” He said. Then he climbed into bed, lay down next to Duan FeiZhou, and went to sleep.

Duan FeiZhou began to panic.

He didn’t know if Z slept well that night, but he certainly hadn’t.

Z loved to toss him around, but the wonderful thing was that he had never been hurt.

Even if he was injured, with his ability to heal himself, he would recover quickly. So when he first got together with Z, he thought for a while that Z would rely on his ability to act recklessly but on instinct.

The two liked playing a game with unspoken rules. The game required both players to trust each other absolutely and to entrust their bodies and minds to each other in order to proceed.

Z liked to bully him, but he knew that Z would never hurt him.

The best thing that Z could give him was always the best.

Duan FeiZhou thought everything that happened today was just another prelude to the game.

He even took his pants off and this was the result?

…big bad thing!


3. Poetry recital

For the sake of world peace and the safety of people’s lives and property, Z decided to ban sex.

In fact, he did not have to. Z thoguht he did not have a strong sexual desire. It’s just that…tossing that bad little thing was so much fun.

The bad little thing cheated him so hard, this was a little…small punishment.

Besides, he knew that the little bad thing actually liked it.

That guy was going to be an occult practitioner. If he didn’t want to, he could immediately use the occult arts to counter him or escape the house. He couldn’t stop the secret arts. However, that has never happened once.

Only the next morning was there hanging on his neck as he grumbled, and complained that he did too much last night. Or a revenge-like bite on his neck, stamping him with an exclusive poke.

It was simply pouting.

Z knew where his little lover’s bottom line was. As long as the line wasn’t touched, the lover will tolerate him – even indulge him in his misbehavior.

It was almost an invitation. Since the other party was so generous, Z wouldn’t be pleased. But, well…Z considered himself a socially responsible person. He never knew that his occult practitioner mystic accidentally blow up things when he lost control.

Mr. N said most of the occult practitioners were trained from childhood to know how to control the power, so that rarely happened. It was only those halfway decent practitioners who lack control themselves who do it. Z expressed his regret and sympathy for his financial loss, and assured him that he would help his lover control the power.

Z decided to abstain from sex until his young lover learned self-control. He had been doing this for so many years anyway, it didn’t matter for a while longer.

His lover, while bad in some ways, wasn’t that bad so he hated to punish him severely. He was also amazingly good in others, making him want nothing more than to take him into his arms and love him in the most tender way possible.

The Nightmen worked so hard and had to travel from time to time. Just let him rest well when he returns. It just didn’t occur to him that the one who couldn’t resist first wasn’t him.

The second weekend after the young lover returned from his business trip, he was invited to a poetry recital.

What the hell is that…? Z has never attended one in his life.

The first time he looked at the tickets he was even more furious, it was actually a poetry reading by the “poet friend.”

Z has long been dissatisfied with the poet friend. It was reasonable to say that they were colleagues, so he shouldn’t hold a grudge against the poet, but he just couldn’t stand him.

His lover worshiped the poet so much that he framed his signature and hung it in his house. Every time he passed under the frame, Z hated it with a passion.

I want to smash the frame, but I’m more afraid of making my lover sad. So I have to put up with it.

Z was willing to cut his heart out, so what was the point of putting up with a signature? Now it was a good thing that he was invited to a poetry reading.

How can there be such people in the world? That’s bad.

He should be punished. He should be punished severely, until his tears are dried up and he can’t even make a plea for mercy.

Z had no idea about poetry, he applauded along with everyone else at the recital. The bad little thing, however, looked like he knew a lot about poetry and was moved to tears.

After the recital, he also gave flowers to the poet.

Z was so angry that he gritted his teeth, and secretly broke off one from the bouquet and hid it in his pocket.

Afterwards they went home by carriage. The bad little thing was in a good mood and kept humming as he held his arm.

Z could hear him really well, he was humming not a slang ditty at all, but the poet friend’s poem with a strange melody.

–He was singing the poet’s poem in front of him!

When he got home, Z couldn’t take it anymore. He threw open the door, grabbed his lover’s shoulders, pinned him to the door and kissed him fiercely.

He thought it was punishment, but in between kisses, the bad little thing actually laughed.

“What are you laughing at?” Z frowned.

“Finally can’t hold back, huh?” The young blonde man hooked his neck, his pretty golden-green eyes shining with a sly light. “I’m wondering why you changed your nature once you came back after just one trip? What the hell were you thinking?”

Z suddenly understood. This guy was doing it on purpose. Inviting him to a poetry reading, making out with the poet in front of him, in order to make him jealous, and then…

“I didn’t put up with it on purpose,” he said. “It’s because you’re always accidentally blowing up other people’s stuff.”

“I didn’t!”

“Mr. N said that things in his store always explode somehow, all because of you. It’s because you can’t control your power when you’re in an emotional state. Just like you did when you first started practicing the occult arts.” He relayed what Mr. N said truthfully, and the young lover puffed out his cheeks sullenly after hearing it.

“It’s not like I did it on purpose,” he grunted. “And just because of that, you…won’t touch me?”

“I don’t want the neighborhood to explode every day either,” Z said.

“Then you’re at fault too! I can blame me for blowing up once a night, but three or four times? I’ll learn how to control the power properly, so…” the young lover stammered.

Z felt a little funny. “Can’t you just say it if you want it?”

The lover hung his head down, but his reddened ears betrayed his mind.

See, you are really a bad little thing with a heart of gold.

Z’s mind suddenly came up with a plan on how to practice controlling his power. Although he didn’t know the occult arts, he often dealt with occult masters, so he more or less knew some things.

If you let the bad little thing stay on top while letting him use the occult arts, wouldn’t it be possible to gradually exercise his control over his power?

It was worth a try. Z decided to start tonight. However, before the official practice could begin, he had something else to do. When he was undressing, he touched the folded rose in his pocket. The bad little thing had dared to set him up, and should be punished.

I wonder which part of this guy’s body is the best place to insert a delicate rose?


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Z is cruel, where is he going to insert this rose, it’s very funny to leave thoughts open, they always go to the most evil side. Laughing a lot with these two. I will miss this novel. Thanks for the extra!

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