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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


“Did you guys see that?” Shiyel, one of Baylor’s contemporaries, greeted his companions and said, “That bracket for the tryouts.”

“Hmm? Did it come out yesterday? What’s wrong? Did you sign up?”

Kana also noticed the movement, stopped her self-training program and walked over with a towel to wipe off her sweat, her ponytail swaying, she came up next to them and listened to them talk.

“Of course I didn’t sign up.” Shiyel hastily opened her terminal and dropped that page, “But Baylor did!”

Kana flinched slightly.

The companions around Shiyel also showed a slightly surprised look, Baylor had been away from the military recently, and there was a sense of surprise to suddenly find out that he was going to compete the day after tomorrow.


“He reported it, his strength, maybe he can still get a ranking.” One person scratched his head, not quite understanding what Shiyel was fussing about, did he think Baylor was a flower vase like everyone else out there?

“Right, let’s go cheer for Baylor then.”

“Yes, yes, yes, there will be a lot of people rushing to Baylor, we need him to hold the stage.”

Shiyel called out anxiously as he zoomed in on Baylor’s page and pointed to the text in the air, “Look carefully, what he’s signed up for!”

Kana looked up and saw the words ‘mecha single combat audition’ and her eyes snapped open, frozen in place.

The rest of the students, too, subconsciously looked at each other in bewilderment and shock, and only after seeing the same expression on each other’s faces did they ask with difficulty, “Baylor? Didn’t we just start training for mecha?”

It had only been a month or so since they had completed the mental strength testing and selected the people who would be able to undergo mecha training, and mecha training had only officially started two weeks ago.

And Baylor was going to compete in a mecha tournament?

“His opponent…. Jon Schwinn, for God’s sake, is a Colonel!”

Kana sniffed and couldn’t help but excitedly peel away the people in front of her, looking closely at the tournament information, and the man Baylor was fighting against had the word ‘Colonel’ written on his rank, and she instantly sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Baylor… did he report for the wrong category?” Someone couldn’t help but ask.

In the past, the military competition selection only allowed soldiers who had been in the military for more than two years to apply, and this year was an exception.

To be honest, it made sense for Baylor to participate in the competition, as he was the honorary newcomer of the class, and had such strong physical and gun fighting skills that he had a good chance of winning in single combat.

But the mecha competition, that was a bit too much.

How could they fight when they were just now getting in touch with the mecha, learning to make it work, and making simple movements?

And it was at this time that one of the contemporaries next to them suddenly shouted, “Look at the internet!”

“What is it again?”

A group of people gathered over, and Kana also stretched her neck to look, and then saw the long article on the screen. She frowned, “What’s this writing? It’s so long, it’s like a thesis.”

“It’s someone reporting Baylor for cheating his way into the War Department and the 1st Imperial Military Academy by using banned drugs and his relationship with the General.”

The man summed up the diatribe, “This person reported that Baylor’s genetic qualification is only F. There is no way he could have that much combat power.”


“F-class omega?!”

Kana also couldn’t help but exclaim, “How is this possible?”

Although the genetic qualification could not completely see a person’s combat power, but it was not bad, D-level was the qualification of ordinary people, C-level or above was possible to enter the military, not because of discrimination, but because people below C-level basically do not have the ability to receive training, and below E-level that was already a body with genetic defects, often difficult to perform most of the work.

“This man really does not lie.” Shiyel said calmly, “Although I don’t know exactly what Baylor’s qualifications are, but how can he be an F-rank with that look?”

“Also, also…”

At that moment, the person who found the article at the beginning raised his hand and said weakly, “He has Baylor’s genetic test report posted in the article, which was tested a year ago, and it is indeed an F grade.”

He slid the page to the bottom, revealing the proof of the F-grade genetic test report.

The genetic qualification test report was difficult to forge, because there was a special anti-counterfeiting system, directly with electronic encrypted message transmission, no matter how to modify the paper, in all electronic devices will only present the original appearance.

So the report in the photo could only be true.

At that moment, everyone’s heart was shaken. How was it possible that Baylor was an F-rank? Could it be that he had really taken some forbidden drugs? Indeed, Baylor’s physical ability was ridiculously weak during his training. could a person really have such superior fighting skills with such weak physical ability?

All sorts of questions surfaced in the minds of the people, once the seeds of doubt fell, they began to germinate, their firm trust in Baylor at this moment became fragile, a poke could be broken. There were too many unusual places in Baylor, places they had never quite understood, and now the possibility that ‘the other side was taking forbidden drugs’ suddenly made sense.

Finally, someone roared, red-necked, with anger and disappointment in his eyes, the man slammed down a water bottle and said, “He tricked us!”

Then he turned around and left the training ground in anger.

Kana could not say anything at this point, she stood there confused, watching one by one people leave. She wanted to defend Baylor, but did not know how to convince them. After a long time, Kana reacted and immediately took out her terminal to contact Baylor, but found that Baylor’s terminal had been disconnected. She could only leave an urgent message, hoping that Baylor would see it and contact her quickly.

How did things come to this?

Not only one person tried to contact Baylor, but the two brothers, Aynor and Eric, also kept trying to contact Baylor. In fact, Aynor started looking for someone a few days ago, trying to apologize for dragging him into a whirlwind of public opinion himself, but he could not be reached.

Baylor, however, had been unaware that the terminal was running out of power and needed to be recharged because he hadn’t been using it. He spent his days immersed in mecha training, mainly because he had too much homework to catch up on as the competition drew closer.

But Ewan soon learned of this one, and Weifield contacted Ewan the first time the diatribe appeared, and Ewan frowned at the genetic test report in the photo. This report was indeed true, it was a year ago, the real Baylor to do the test.

But when he went to the testing center, he had already deleted Baylor’s past test results from the system, so why would this person have this report?

Who was this person? The recent public opinion was too heavily pointed, an Aynor thing maybe because that film emperor was accidentally photographed, but this diatribe could definitely not be an accident.

“Delete the article, and then immediately have someone track the IP to find out who the author of this article is.” Ewan immediately said, “Once you find out, have your lawyer prosecute for disinformation.”

Weifield was stunned, “In whose name?”

Ewan lowered his eyes, his voice indifferent, “General of the military, Ewan.”

Weifield immediately understood that the General was not prepared to be good, he had thought that the General would carry out some public relations measures, but apparently the General did not want to be false with people. And in the name of the General of the military, then it seems that the charge of slandering the military department will not be lessened.

This was still the first time the General prosecuted someone using his name. That person was really a graveyard bouncer, in favor of slandering the General’s tip of the heart.

“Understood, General, I’ll have someone take care of it.”

Super Wolf next to him was teasing Lightning, it was getting bolder and bolder lately, and after finding out that Lightning doesn’t seem to be that repulsed by his proximity, he was thinking of ways to get closer to Lightning.

Now he was carrying Lightning on his head and running around the house.

Lightning tucked away its wings, still looking like an old monk sitting down.

Baylor trained for seven hours, again dragging the body like mud from the training cabin, the last few days of training had made his body overwhelmed, all the muscles were sore, and there was a kind of feeling like when he had just crossed to this body, a little body exercise no longer has this feeling.

After the shower, Baylor was lying on the bed like a corpse, lying like this, his fingertips were trembling slightly, his body like it was run over by a car, every inch of muscle was wailing, his brain was blank, his nerves were throbbing, he couldn’t think of anything.

The water on his hair stained the bedding, but Baylor could not care less, just now the shower was already gritting his teeth and hanging on to his last breath. He closed his eyes, just like his dead terminal, shutting down all at once, without even a little transition time.

I don’t know how long it took, but he suddenly felt a clear, cold breath wrapping around him, that familiar pheromone soothing the exhaustion and headache of his overuse of mental energy. This made him subconsciously move a little closer to the person next to him. Then he felt a hand rubbing up his waist, rubbing the muscles that had clumped together from overuse with force.

The irritating soreness caused Baylor to fall from heaven to hell in an instant, and he snapped his eyes open to reveal a fierce gaze, glaring at Ewan next to him, irritated, “Don’t touch me!”

Looking like he was about to bite.

Ewan didn’t let go, but used his other hand to knock Baylor directly on the head, knocking his somewhat chaotic thoughts into understanding, “One moment of not watching you, and you gave yourself two hours of extra training, do you really consider yourself a mecha and think you’re made of steel?”

Ewan’s voice was faint, but it was like a cold wind, making Baylor suddenly awake. Baylor gritted his teeth to endure the soreness of the massage, and gave himself up, burying his head in the blanket, his voice muffled and deep as he grunted a few times. Then he said unconvincingly, “But two hours, a few more hours I also – ow!”

Ewan’s hand became stronger, Baylor screamed, and then lifted himself up to glare at Ewan, “Shit! You did that on purpose!”

The twist was so sudden that it tugged at the muscles in his back, and Baylor fell back onto the bed with a whimper. He didn’t understand, mecha training, he sat there and didn’t move much, how come his body was so sore?

At this point Ewan said nonchalantly, “Mn, on purpose. You can’t remember the lesson if it doesn’t hurt.”

Five hours of training was already the limit of training after measuring Baylor’s ability in all aspects today. With these results, he did not expect Baylor to adapt for several days. Today when he was not paying attention, Baylor directly added another two hours to his own training.

When Ewan saw the training time on the training pod, he only had one thought, in the future, Baylor could not go near the training room without him beside.

This person really does not know the degree at all.

Baylor knew he was in the wrong, grunting half a day, simply did not retort, lying flat to let Ewan massage him.

Ewan’s hand was very strong, wide palms roaming across the sore muscles, and because of a little punishment, the action was not gentle. He vented his anger for a while and watched Baylor bury his head and bite his teeth without saying a word. Ewan sighed gently, but still lightened his strength in his hands. But lighter was not light, after all, if the force was too light, it could not stretch the tense muscles and tomorrow Baylor might be unable to move.

Pressing the shoulder, Ewan’s hand traveled along the shoulder blade to the neck. Baylor hadn’t worn a barrier since that day, and now he pressed his fingers against the gland, moving gently.

Then he said, “Next time you do this, I’ll really make you feel like you can’t get out of bed.”

The action was very light, the tone was very light, but Baylor didn’t know if he was affected by the action, he really had a feeling of a small animal being grabbed by the back of the neck. Baylor scowled, turned his face sideways, looked at Ewan through the gap with suspicion, and then he said seriously, “Don’t exaggerate your abilities.” 

Keeping him in bed? Who were you trying to scare?

Ewan: …

Ewan took a deep breath, and then his voice was flat, “You’ll know if you try.”


The author has something to say: eh heh heh.


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