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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat



This is a wonderful branch of multiple histories. It appears in a moment, and then it disappears in a moment. Almost no one observes its existence.

Except for you, who are reading this report.


Joseph Chester is a wizard who runs a magic item store in Diagon Alley.

His brother is a dummy and runs a clinic in the muggle world. Not long ago there was a fire in the clinic, the family was buried in the fire, only the young nephew survived. This day Joseph came to the poor house to take his little nephew home.

On the way, he was thinking about how to explain everything about the magical world to the child who grew up in the muggle world. The boy would be terrified if he knew that his own uncle was a wizard.

After meeting his little nephew, however, Joseph realized that he had thought too much.

The young nephew sat in the middle of a group of children, holding a square piece of wood in his hand, and heaved a slap on the table: “When Harry Potter grabbed the Golden Snitch from Draco Malfoy, was seen by Professor McGonagall, joined the Quidditch team, and took the position of the Seeker. Draco saw Potter’s life was more beautiful, and his face was distorted…”

Joseph Chester, “…”

…How do you explain to this kid that life in the Wizarding World isn’t really that exciting?


Shortly after taking my little nephew home, the acceptance letter from Hogwarts came in the mail.

The little nephew hugged the owl and bawled his eyes out. (The owl later developed childhood PTSD and refused to deliver further acceptance letters to Hogwarts.)

Joseph knows that children are happy when they receive an acceptance letter, but his little nephew was overjoyed…

“You don’t understand, Uncle!” The little nephew was in tears. “This notice is many years late!”

After that, the little nephew asked for a picture frame, framed the notice and hung it in the bedroom to enjoy every day.

…Uncle I really do not understand it. Joseph thought to himself.


September 1st. London, King’s Cross Station. The Nine and three quarters platform.

The wizards who came to take the children to school found a strange child.

He kept jumping into the platform, jumping out again, jumping in again, jumping out again… After jumping across the wall so many times, a man, furious, picked him up by his collar and dragged him to the train.

“Why are you jumping across the platform repeatedly?” Joseph asked through gritted teeth. “Do you know that it is easy to attract the attention of muggles?

“Uncle, please do some calculations,” The young nephew said to him with a serious face. “I have to go to school at Hogwarts for seven years, once a year, and then once again at Christmas, so I can use the station four times a school year, seven years is twenty-eight times. Such a magical station, only twenty-eight times! Even if it’s once a day, it’s not enough for a month! That’s why I have to go in and out more times! Play enough!”

Joseph: “…but no one said that no people other than students can enter this station. After you graduate, just pretend to be the parent of a student who was sent the station to muddle in on the line.”

Little nephew was shocked, “Right! Oh Uncle, you are so smart!”

I always feel that our uncle and nephew’s brain circuits are a little abnormal.


Duan FeiZhou was able to board the Hogwarts Express as he wished.

This train was all good, there was a stewardess aunt pushing a cart to ask if anyone wanted snacks.

He just doesn’t understand how a train could leave from London at 11:00 in the morning, and the sky was almost dark before it arrived in Scotland. How could the speed of the train after a century be without the slightest improvement? How do you have the courage to call yourself an express train?


The first thing Duan FeiZhou did after boarding the train was to take out his notebook and go from car to car asking, “Is there one of you named Dumbledore?”

He has already checked the information, it is now 1893, and Dumbledore was enrolled in 1892, should now be in the second year, and is his senior.

Come to Hogwarts you have to study, but definitely not skip collecting autographs!

(Yeats on another world line: so love will disappear right?)


When asked to the last carriage, a hand was raised: “I am Dumbledore.”

It was a dark-haired teenager.

“My name is Leopold Chester.” Duan FeiZhou was friendly to the teenager and held out his hand. “Can you give me an autograph?”

“I’m afraid my signature isn’t worth much.”

Duan FeiZhou patted him hard on the shoulder, “One day your signature will be worth a fortune! I know! One day you will be so famous that your portrait will be printed on a chocolate frog picture!”

“Is that something glorious?”

“Of course.” Duan FeiZhou intoned. “Who does the world belong to, my friend? It belongs to the children. The children may not know the names of the past Ministers of Magic, but they must eat chocolate frogs. Tell me, is it more honorable to be the Minister of Magic, or is it more honorable to be a chocolate frog picture?”

The teenager across the table, his body shook. “Seems to make sense…”

“Can I have your autograph now?”

Dumbledore autograph-get!


Branch ceremony.

Duan FeiZhou put on the branch hat.

“Ah, I can see that. You’re Joseph Chester’s nephew, aren’t you? Every student I remember. Your uncle was sorted into Ravenclaw, so you too…”

Duan FeiZhou interrupted him, “Do I look like a schoolboy?”

Branch Hat, “I’ve rarely seen a kid who is so self-aware!”

Duan FeiZhou, “…are you polite?”

Branch Hat: “But Ravenclaw sometimes takes in weird people with strange and out-of-the-ordinary temperaments, so…”

“You are a really rude hat!”

The two’s tug of war went on for five minutes, until finally Duan FeiZhou was assigned to Gryffindor, and had the honor of being a difficult student in the current session of the branch.

Later, when he told people that, “the house hat almost put me in Ravenclaw,” they would look at him with admiration. You must have a very smart mind!

Well, it’s just because the House Hat thought he was a strange kid!


The teacher of the transformation class was a black-haired, yellow-eyed man named Xenophon Throfet. He was an Animagus.

The first class he showed the students how to turn into ravens. So shape-shifting immediately became the most popular lesson among the students.

Before the end of the class, Mr. Throfet assigned homework, “Please go back to write a “Sherlock Holmes” series for reading.”

The students, “???”

This has a fucking thing to do with your class?


The next year, Professor Throfet was transferred to teach a Muggle Studies class.

Professor Throfet felt that “reading a thousand books is better than traveling a thousand miles,” and often took his students to observe the customs of muggle life in the field.

The professor himself was very happy. The students were happy too. The only ones who weren’t so happy were probably the muggles.

But no one cared about their opinions.


Professor Throfet was transferred and a new teacher came in to teach the subject of Transfiguration.

The new teacher is a young woman, wearing glasses and a meticulous bun, surnamed Acheson.

Because the teacher was too young, the students were a little disconcerted by her and often disrupted her class.

After putting up with it for half a semester, Professor Acheson decided to put up with it no more.

She directly transformed her typewriter into a Gatling machine gun in one class and strafed the sky, which destroyed half the classroom.

No one dared to disrupt her class after that.

No one.


One of the students in the same dormitory as Duan FeiZhou is a guy named Pai Mo. He looks like a groundhog. He was also a bit like a groundhog with his frightening personality.

One night, he approached Duan FeiZhou. “You know that all third-year students and above can go to Hogsmeade, right?”

Duan FeiZhou yawned. “Right. But what does that have to do with us? We’re not going to be in third grade until next year.”

Pymo shook his fist in anger. “Don’t you think that’s unfair? Why shouldn’t first and second year students be able to go to Hogsmeade? I’m going to change this injustice!”

“Are you going to protest to the principal?”

“No.” Pai Mo was righteous. “I’m going to dig a secret passage to Hogsmeade.”

Duan FeiZhou, “…But that would take a long time to dig, wouldn’t it?”

Pai Mo, “There is nothing difficult in the world, only people who have a heart! We can dig a little bit every night, as long as there is perseverance and persistence, sooner or later you can dig to Hogsmeade! Do you want to join the gang?”

Duan FeiZhou, “…”

Help! Why do I feel that the plot is starting to develop in the direction of “The Shawshank Redemption”?


It’s time for the third years to start choosing electives.

As a crossover, Duan FeiZhou, of course, has to choose the divination class that allows him to play hard to get!

After the first class, Duan FeiZhou strutted back to the common room with a mysterious expression, as if he had penetrated the heavens.

“With all due respect, I think the divination class is completely made-up, hypothetical speculation.” Dumbledore said.

Duan FeiZhou looked at him with a high smile, “You will meet a blond teenager in the summer of your graduation year. Never mind all that. Just beat him up.”

Dumbledore, “Why should I properly beat up a stranger I’m meeting for the first time?”

Duan FeiZhou, “For the sake of world peace.”

Dumbledore’s prejudice against the divination class deepened.


Many years later, Dumbledore really met a blond teenager.

He immediately recalled the old classmate’s inarticulate prophecy.

…can’t be true, right?

He hesitated for a few seconds, then punched the blond boy in the face.

But things didn’t go as he thought they would. The blond boy rubbed the bruises on his face and smiled, “It’s the first time I’ve met someone who dares to punch me. Good, you got my attention.”

Dumbledore, ????

Because this punch did not bring world peace, from then on Dumbledore’s prejudice against the subject of divination became more and more deep.


Out of respect for the scar-headed wizard, Duan FeiZhou also chose the protect magical animals class.

The teacher who taught this class was named Simon Marlowe. In a sense, he was more magical than the animals he taught.

Because he never talks in class, he only sings.

No matter what he teaches, he sings.

When he sings, there will be a tree protector and other magical creatures such as ropan around him singing and dancing.

It is said that this is because he had a weird curse that caused him to be unable to speak properly, so he could only sing.

Duan FeiZhou. I get it. This curse is called “Disney Princess”, right?


In the fifth year, the school conducted career counseling. Each student had an interview with the dean of their college.

“So, what kind of career do you plan to pursue in the future?” The dean asked as he looked over Duan FeiZhou’s report card.

“I’m going to inherit the family business,” Duan FeiZhou said as a matter of course.

“Well…that’s fine, I guess.”

I always felt that this child was very lacking in ambition, the dean thought sadly. Not at all like our Gryffindor students.

“I remember your uncle opened a magic item store in Diagon Alley? It wouldn’t be a bad idea for you to be his assistant. I suggest you continue your studies in magecraft and shapeshifting, it will help you identify magical items. Also the history of magic is important, many magical items are antiques related to history. When you go up to the sixth year, if enough people take the course, the school will also open an additional alchemy course, you can go back and discuss with your classmate Dumbledore if you are interested, he intends to pull a group of people to sign up…”

After the interview, Duan FeiZhou walked out of the dean’s office, and unexpectedly saw a silver-haired man at the corner of the corridor.

He had never seen such a beautiful person…Once he saw him, Duan FeiZhou couldn’t even move his eyes.

The silver-haired man was talking to Professor Throfett, and the two seemed to be talking about something interesting. Professor Throfet’s shoulders shook, and the silver-haired man raised his lips.

Duan FeiZhou grabbed Pamo who was about to enter the dean’s office, “Who is that?”

“Do you not even know him? Do you usually read the newspaper or not?…That’s Zeno Xenia, the Director of Aurore’s office.”

“What’s he doing here?”

Pamo shrugged. “Probably answering some employment queries.”

Got it. It’s like a big corporation coming to a school for a job fair!

“He knows Professor Throfet?” he asked again.

Pymo gave him a blank look. “Professor Throfet was an Aurore too! What exactly did you go to school for five years here for…”

Duan FeiZhou pushed Pamo away and went back to the dean’s office.

Seeing the student return, the dean raised his eyebrows in surprise: “Why are you back?”

“I changed my mind, professor.” Duan FeiZhou cut to the chase. “I want to be an Aurore.”

Dean, “…”

Ambition comes too soon!!!


Hearing that a student was interested in becoming an Aurore, Z wanted to meet with him.

“You know, we never admit any but the most outstanding students.” Z sized up the teenager in front of him. The other had beautiful golden-green eyes that reminded Z of a cat, or the ghostly light that streamed down from between the branches of a tree in a summer forest.

“Not only do you need to get excellent grades, you must also undergo a year-long special training in Aurore, and if you fail the test, we will not hire you.”

Duan FeiZhou asked, “Is the test hard? Is it as hard as the civil service exam?”

Z was stunned, “What is a civil service test?”

Duan FeiZhou. “As the name implies, it’s an exam for muggle hiring civil servants.”

Z, “I think it should be much more difficult than that.”

Duan FeiZhou sneered. “I don’t think so. Otherwise, please answer this: assume that Hogwarts offers four elective courses of class A and three elective courses of class B. You choose four courses from them, and if you are required to choose at least one course from each of the two categories, how many ways are there to choose?”

Z, “…”

Muggle exams, scary as hell!


Z was sitting in the teachers’ lounge, meditating on that muggle civil service exam question he had just asked.

At that moment, Professor Acheson walked in. Professor Acheson used to be an Aurore, but later resigned to become a teacher because Hogwarts was really short of teachers.

Z intended to test Professor Acheson with the question he heard just now.

“I think it’s 34 kinds.” Professor Acheson said carelessly.

Z was shocked: “How do you know?”

Professor Acheson shrugged: “Isn’t that a simple permutation problem?”

Z was silent for a long time and finally decided to nominate her as the next director of the Aurore Office after his retirement (or death in action).


Joseph Chester was quite surprised to hear that his nephew was planning to become an Aurore.

“Is it because your parents died in an accident that you intend to become a partner in justice?” This was the only reason Joseph could think of.

“No, I just saw the color,” Duan FeiZhou was righteous.

Joseph, “…”

I always think this kid will either be in the Ministry of Magic, or Azkaban in the future!


Duan FeiZhou graduated the year Pai Mo finally dug the tunnel to Hogsmeade.

“….only now digging is no good. What is the use?” Duan FeiZhou couldn’t help but ask.

“Of course it’s useful! This is called ‘merit in the present time, benefit in a thousand years’!” Pai Mo said excitedly. “All the mischievous students in future generations will sing my great name, and I, Pai Mo, will be known for centuries!”

The next year, the passage was discovered by the superintendent and blocked up.

Pai Mo’s dream of being immortalized was dashed.


In the end, Duan FeiZhou passed the exam with excellent grades and entered the Aurore office as he wished.

Duan FeiZhou once suspected that he had gone through the back door, or that Aurore had seen his hole-digging skills and intended to use him as a special worker.

All newcomers underwent a year-long training program.

On the first day of training, the new trainees stood in a row in Aurore’s special training room, with their chests raised, to be inspected by their officers.

Z passed in front of them with his hands behind his back.

“Alright, newcomers, first lesson of training, let me meet your daemons.” Z said in a hushed voice, “There shouldn’t be anyone who doesn’t know this spell, right?”

A silver-white eagle leapt out of the tip of the wand and circled several times in the air before landing on Z’s shoulder.

“It’s your turn.” He said.

All at once, an assortment of daemon animals filled the room, bouncing around below the ceiling.

Another newcomer took one look at Duan FeiZhou’s daemon and gave a mocking smile, “A cute little bunny, huh?”

A silvery bunny lay at Duan FeiZhou’s feet.

“I heard that a daemon is a symbol of the soul. Are you so cute that you can be an Aurore?”

The other trainees couldn’t help but laugh.

Suddenly, the little rabbit grew four amazingly long legs and instantly pulled itself up, then disappeared behind Duan FeiZhou with its long legs.

The students, “???”

What the hell? So strange, take a look again!

Duan FeiZhou pointed his wand at the new cadet’s head: “If you were a black wizard, the time it took to take that one look just now would have been enough for me to blow you to pieces.”

The crowd, “?”

So your daemon is a decoy used to distract the enemy?!


One very bad thing about becoming a wizard is that you have absolutely no way to hide your love affair.

The reason is that after you fall in love with someone, the daemon becomes very similar to them, even identical.

At one point in the action, the Aurores were surprised to find that their little newcomer with the golden-green eyes had summoned a daemon that was no longer a strange rabbit, but a big, majestic bird.

Z looked grave.

After the action was over, he called Duan FeiZhou to his office and asked word-for-word.

“Are you …… fond of Xenophon?”


Duan FeiZhou was angry.

So he pressed Z’s head and kissed him.

Z’s eyes widened, but he didn’t refuse.

He had never known that kissing someone else felt so good.


One day, the Aurores noticed that their boss had an extra ring on his hand.

The newcomer also had an identical one on his hand.

Xenophon, who witnessed this scene, later wrote in his diary.

Recently the Ministry of Magic has a popular ring. But I cannot buy the same type of ring. I seem to be out of date, woo woo…


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