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Translated by Uncle Roro of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Shamal did return.

At least, when Gin came to Noah’s Arc’s front desk to pick him up, he confirmed that it was indeed his body. However…

“Why does he look like he just got possessed?”

Hughes said, “Maybe he is still tired from the long journey.”
Gin wanted to say something, but was stopped by the look Hughes gave him.

After Shamal had walked upstairs looking like a ghost, Hughes whispered, “The Fairy King said physically Shamal is fine, just not mentally.”

Gin furrowed his eyebrows, “Why did he only tell you but not me?”
Hughes remained quiet and gave him a smile but not smile.

Gin immediately recalled those three days with Dea, so he quickly returned his smile, “What I mean is, for such a matter, he should just send me word and not bother you ah.”

Hughes smiled, “Really?”

“Of course, of course.” Seeing him giving no reaction, Gin immediately understood and shut his mouth. However, inside he was all puzzled and anxious. Did Almedande know about what happened that day between him and Dea? Wine in, truth out, cat is out of bag. Who knew if Dea spilled everything while drunk again.

The more he thought about it, the more uneasy he was. He mumbled to himself, “Shi Feisha, you better come back fast.”

“Yeah.” It was rare to see Hughes back up his word.
“Ah? You think so too?” Gin’s eyes widened.
Hughes nodded. “Maybe Feisha can help Shamal sort out his mind.”

Gin softly sighed in relief.

“What did you think it was?” Hughes narrowed his eyes.

“Hehe, I also think the same as you, same as you.” Gin held his waist, “I haven’t been active lately, how about you accompany me?”

“Okay.” Hughes straightforwardly agreed

Gin’s eyes were glowing.
Three minutes later –

Gin was sitting on the side while mopping the floor as he depressingly asked: “Can I choose another type of workout?”

“Yes. Wipe windows, fold blankets, clean the toilet, you choose it.” Hughes answered affectionately while holding a cleaning rag.

“…” Gin bowed his head and continued mopping the floor.

After a string of an unforeseen events, business on Noah’s arc finally began to develop in a good direction. First was the return of Isefel.

Looking at his pair of raven black wings, Gin lamented: “Black is still the best to suit the eyes ah. No wonder Shi Feisha bought a whole bottle of feather dye.”

The consequence of this sentence was that he got dragged to the front desk by Isefel and was beaten for three days and three nights.

During their entire battle, except for Antonio who came to deliver food and Shamal who provided medical care, no one paid any attention to them. Hughes was observing their fight at first, but after seeing how “safe” they played, he just didn’t care anymore.

After the 58th treatment, he finally raised his hand to surrender, “I was wrong I was wrong. I won’t mention the three words Shi Feisha again.”

So he was sent to treatment for the 59th time.

Since then, the name Shi Feisha was taboo for half a year. It wasn’t until the entrance finally opened at the same time the sun shone in, a human came in gasping with a bunch of luggages and complained, “Shouldn’t you be helping me instead of smiling?”


The happy sunshine finally decided to stay in Noah’s Ark and never leave again. It was such a pity that despite how warm the sun was, in the end it still couldn’t reach every corner Noah’s Ark.
For instance, Shamal.

Although that sentence of Feisha “You fell in love with him” brought him an unprecedented emotion and gradually woke him up from the confusion, however, his feet were still deep in the mud, unable to free himself. There were no ropes nor branches around. He simply didn’t know how to escape.

Perhaps he needed help. Thinking this way, his feet unconsciously led him to the 30th floor.

The blue water of the swimming pool was reflected on the ceiling. Feisha and Isefel were leaning against each other, naked. Isefel was looking down, so his expression couldn’t be seen. And Feisha’s head was looking up as he moaned nonstop, “Ah, gentle….Ngh, this place ah, wait, slow down a bit…Ah, so good…”


Shamal turned around and went downstairs quietly.


“Feeling good?” Isefel dropped his hand.


Shi Feisha waved his feet back and forth, happily saying, “Yeah, the cramps have gone. Let’s have another rematch, but you have to give me half a lap first! I don’t believe I can’t win against you with this advantage, but let me tell you first, don’t you dare use the wings.”

Isefel said, “I can give you three quarters of a lap.”

“…Then I won’t excuse myself.” Shi Feisha said as he swam shamelessly to the three quarters position of the lap.

Shamal went downstairs and saw Gin was holding a large bouquet of red roses in front of Hughes.

Victor was standing on the other side, his hand was covering his mouth as he whispered softly, “Dear, I miss you too.”

Shamal continued heading down.

Gin said, “Give it a sniff and tell me, is it just me or do they smell really terrible?”

Hughes sniffed and frowned, “It smells like sweet osmanthus.”

Gin complained, “I hate the scent of sweet osmanthus.”

“Is it because the red roses have been in the greenhouse for too long that they evolved?”

Gin was upset, “Is there any way to devolve them back?”

Hughes thought for a moment, “Give them less nutrients?”

“The greenhouse has automatic distribution.”

“How about you go check on the sweet osmanthus, maybe they have the rose scent now.”


Shamal went to the dining hall and saw Layton was arguing with Amantha in a low voice.

In Noah’s Ark, Layton was part of the weak group. Even Feisha, a human being, would often flex in front of him. Of course, even since Feisha and Isefel got together, it was not just flex anymore anymore but almost arrogance.
Shamal took a few steps closer.

Layton suddenly jumped up and slammed the table. His eyebrows were almost overlapping as the anger on his face became more and more obvious.

Amantha was stunned, scared.

Shamal stopped and thought whether he should come forward and save the damsel in distress.

Suddenly, Amantha also got up and rushed over.

Layton instinctively dodged, but his movements were still not as fast as Amantha.

Amantha reached out her hand and directly hugged his body, tiptoed and put her lips on his.

The two small heads were stuck together like a magnet.


Shamal turned his head and went into the kitchen.


In front of the stove was Antonio’s tall silhouette. He was a quiet type, mature and not good with his words, he gave a very safe and reliable feeling.

The person he likes should be like this! – Shamal tried to persuade and deceive himself.

“Stupid.” Antonio suddenly scolded him.

Shamal was taken aback, but as he was about to ask which part him was stupid, Antonio continued, “I warn you, if you run away, I will definitely make you unable to get out of the bed!”


Shamal realized that Antonio wasn’t talking to him, but was summoning someone else for an interrogation.

“You better wait! I will be back in a few days. You are not allowed to leave! I am absolutely forbid you to leave!”

“…” Shamal was panic-stricken. Why did these words sound like deja vu? Just like after his first time with Jesse, Jesse also said the same thing when he was weeping and wanting to leave.

His heart became colder and colder as Antonio’s back gradually drifted away in his eyes while his feet slowly left the room.

Layton and Amantha had finished kissing. They sat quietly by the window with eyes on each other. Shamal could almost see the small pink bubbles floating above their heads.


This was no place for him to stay!

Shamal angrily turned away and walked out.

From the kitchen came the roar of Antonio: “Cavill, I warn you! If you dare run away, I will definitely find you even if you are a rotten corpse! You better wish that I won’t ever find you, otherwise I will definitely break your leg to pieces! Unless you give back Mita the money. I really detest people who don’t return what they borrow! Dammit, why did I guarantee such a person like you!”

Shamal hugged his legs while sitting at the front desk.

Looking at the boundless darkness, he felt so lonely inside that he wanted to cry. He hated swimming pools, hated red roses, hated kissing, hated the kitchen, hated Noah’s Ark… He hated Jesse!

Shamal finally collapsed. He finally realized he hated Jesse because Jesse let go of his hand.

When he left the Genesis Realm, he was afraid. He was afraid, he hated, but everything was built on a certain thought, which was, Jesse would come to find him. Whether it was love or hate, he believed that Jesse wouldn’t not let go of his hand.

So he escaped with peace of mind, and then watched Jesse go crazy for him.

Seeing Jesse search for him, he felt fear and sadness at the same time, but he had to admit that in the deepest corner of his heart, he was at ease. Because it meant Jesse still cared about him and did not abandon him.
But now… his capriciousness finally paid the price.
Jesse decided to say goodbye.

Leaving Lion, leaving him, and leaving their past.

Probably soon enough, he would meet a new Lion, a Lion who wouldn’t make him sad… A new relationship would start again, someone who could take on Jesse’s gentle domineering, Jesse’s sweet words, Jesse’s embrace and kiss…

Those were originally belonged solely to him! He buried his head in his arms and cried as much as he could until his voice was hoarse.


In front of the floor window of the dining hall.

Hughes couldn’t bear it. “I want to help him.”

Gin looked at Feisha.

Feisha raised his eyebrows and showed a very vulgar smile. Isefel was standing behind him.

Gin smiled, “This kind of matter needs wisdom and I can only think of one person.”

Feisha said, “Noah’s Ark only has one person like that.”

Gin replied, “And I mean it.”

Feisha asked Isefel, “What do you think?”

Isefel said, “I will go and make a report. If I get approval, I can go to the Genesis Realm to bring Jesse back.”

Therefore, if God agreed to let Isefel go to Genesis Realm, then Jesse would soon become the wife of a brigand chief?

Feisha’s lips twitched as he said, “I think we should just use a more direct method.”

“What?” Gin and Hughes asked in unison.

Feisha smiled and said: “Bride kidnapping.”

Shamal didn’t know how long he had been crying. He only knew that when Feisha came to him, his eyes were so swollen that they could only open a small slit.

“Shamal.” Feisha gave him a serious look. “What I am about to say is very… very unexpected and shocking, but you must be calm!”

Shamal’s mind was still drowning in tears.

“It’s about Jesse.”

Shamal’s eyes became a little bigger.

Shi Feisha sighed, “I just received a tip, Jesse is getting married.”

Shamal didn’t pay attention to the first sentence because his head was completely knocked over by the last sentence “Jesse is getting married.”

“You have to be calm.” Shi Feisha grabbed his arm. “Don’t faint! There is no suitable person to give you a CPR right now, so you must hold it.”

Shamal’s lips trembled. “Who is it?”


“Who is the bride?”

“…I heard that the person is from a foreign country. Ehm, to connect the family.”

“Political marriage?”


No wonder he wanted him to leave, no wonder he said goodbye to him, turned out it was because…

Shamal felt like his body was inside a icehouse, shiveringly cold.

Did he go into shock from being overly provoked? But there was only one wet nurse here, and that was Feisha. If he went into shock…There were no stand-in dolls available right now…

“Stay with me and hold it in. The suffering is only temporary, before dawn will always be the darkest, Aaron Kwok is also filthy rich…” Feisha had already had no idea what he was saying.

“If you don’t want to lose, you should fight for it.” Isefel’s calm voice came from behind.

Feisha was relieved. He almost blurted out that Jacky Cheung had lots of classmates.

T/n: Aaron Kwok (郭富城) or Guo FuCheng, Fu in his name mean rich. Jacky Cheung(张学友), or Zhang XueYou, Xueyou means classmate, schoolmate. Basically he already lost it and just making nonsense sentences related to their name lol

“If you don’t want to lose, you should fight for it?” Shamal softly repeated, the swollen eyes finally opened again as tears couldn’t stop coming out, “But, I am no longer… qualified…”

“Who said that you are not qualified?” Feisha yelled, “If he dares to talk back, then you threaten him! If he is not afraid, then you go and threaten his family! If his family is not afraid, then threaten his whole clan!”

Shamal was like a drowning man who managed to grab the straw, “Is it ok?”

“Of course. Don’t forget, behind your back is the huge military power of the Fairy Realm and the huge network of the Nine Realm alliances!” Shi Feisha patted his chest.

Although… he had no say in the human world.

Gin drove the hell horse over and stopped in front of them, “Everything has been prepared.”

Shi Feisha and Hughes directly pushed the person onto the carriage. When Shamal had finally sat down, Victor also found himself being carried up to the carriage. However, he was carried by Gin, Hughes, Feisha and Layton.

“I’m going too?” Victor asked in confusion.

Shi Feisha answered with a serious look, “Cinderella needs a driver.”

The speed of the Hell Horse was top notch. When it finally set foot in the Genesis Realm, it continued turning into a raging fire and roared directly into the sky. So when they arrived in the Warlock clan, everyone was stretching out their necks to look.

Shamal’s emotional state and determination had finally become clear and firm after a long way of adjustment. He walked down from the carriage and ignored everyone’s gaze and kept heading toward the direction to Jesse’s room.

“He is in the medicine garden.” Elder Gul was standing behind and reminded him with good intentions.

Shamal’s footsteps immediately turned and went toward the medicine garden.

Victor wanted to follow, but he was stopped by Elder Gul. “You should bring the carriage to where it should be first.”

Jesse’s hand gently stroked the tangerine-colored petals with a sweet smile. This scene fell into Shamal’s eyes and in an instance, he felt like he had turned into a groom who was intoxicated with his new marriage.

“I won’t allow!” He said loudly.

Jesse turned his head, his eyes widened from surprise.

Shamal rushed in front of him. He picked up his courage and remembered Feisha’s teaching before leaving, and said loudly, “I am the third prince of the Fairy Realm. I have decided to marry you, and I won’t allow you to refuse! If you dare to refuse, I will kill your family!”

“There is only me in my family.” Jesse regained his composure and looked at him with a blank expression.

“Then I will kill you entire clan! I…”Shamal continued regardless, “Not only do I have the enormous military power of the Fairy Realm behind my back, but the nine realm representatives at my back. Therefore, you can’t refuse me.”

“So, I must marry you?”

“En!” Shamal nodded firmly.

Jesse touched his nose, “I can’t refuse?”

Shamal’s heart suddenly tightened, he grit his teeth and nodded, “No!”

“Ok then.”

Shamal looked up with eyes full of disbelief.

Jesse gave him a light peck, then hugged him and laughed, “My plan was to plant this honey tangerine orchid with my own hands first before proposing to you. But since you have taken the initiative and so…It’s hard to refuse, so I have no other choice but to obey my fate.”

“Honey tangerine orchid?” Shamal remembered, wasn’t this a custom of the Fairy Realm that a groom and bride must drink wine during the wedding night?

“The honey tangerine orchid wine is made from this flower. In the warlock clan, it’s a flower of courtship.” Jesse let go of him and said jokingly, “Did you know ah?”

“So…” Shamal looked down at the flowers. “Are you going to give them to me?”

“You said it?”

“So you don’t want to marry an outsider?”

Jesse said, “You’re the only outsider.”

So, from beginning to end, he was deceived by Feisha?!

“Shamal.” Jesse’s voice suddenly deepened.


“Never leave me again.”

“En.” He didn’t want to suffer this pain any more. Shamal stroked his eyes that were so swollen he couldn’t fully open the.

“Otherwise I’ll will make you unable to get out of bed.”


Feisha sneezed. He rubbed his nose and looked out of the window. This was the first time his lie was so convincing it became the truth.

Outsiders, marriages… Didn’t they all fit Shamal?

HaHah, he really became more and more honest and considerate.

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