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Translated by rook of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Noah’s Ark’s travels to the human world originated accidentally from one of Layton and Gin’s conversations.

In their conversation, Layton added oil and vinegar (1) and recounted in detail Feisha’s ex-girlfriend and his ex-girlfriend’s lover joining forces and looking down on them.

To this, Gin, as Feisha’s colleague, immediately expressed intense resentment. He swore on the spot that if he didn’t avenge Feisha, he would read his name backwards.

Layton stated his support for this and added: “Gin read backwards is still Gin (2). This oath is even safer than a safety helmet.”


Gin obviously didn’t bother with Layton’s trivial attempts to mock him; he only politely hung Layton beside the clock in the cafeteria for a whole night.


Since Gin wanted revenge, he definitely needed allies. So, at a certain meal, Gin very accidentally told Isefel of this story and he used Layton’s version and then edited it with his artistic skills.

In this edition, Feisha transformed and become the innocent Xi-er who was violently oppressed and humiliated by the tyrannical Huang Shiren (3). Not only was Feisha’s name smeared, he was spied on. If Layton wasn’t there, Feisha would surely have been taken to a nameless island, body and heart tortured for a hundred and one times.

That night, Feisha was shocked to discover that the fire of Isefel’s desire was abnormally strong.

The second day, Isefel went to Heaven and presented proposals and appeals for entry into the human world the next time that Noah’s Ark and the human world were connected.

Ten days later, there was a complete lack of response from Heaven.

Thus, Isefel very piously handed in a second letter. The contents of the second letter were very comprehensive and succinct; there was only a single line: after three days, negotiate with Heaven.


Twelve days after the proposals and letters were handed over, Isefel finally received the approval letter. There was only a single sentence in the letter: respect public property, respect nature, respect the human world, and everyone would be happy.

After which, Isefel announced this to everyone.

But given that the human world and Noah’s Ark would be connected for a very short duration, the entire journey would be limited to an hour.

Layton prepared large amounts of gold coins for this.

Gin asked Feisha: “You are sure he can exchange this in the human world?”

Feisha replied: “I’m not sure.”

“Then why don’t you stop him?”

“After he tries, I’ll know for sure.”

“…..” Gin thought very deeply and said, “Is there anything I am going to do that you’re preparing to observe?”

Feisha happily said: “Are you willing to sacrifice yourself for the fruits-and-bats soup experiment?”

“…..” Gin showed his teeth and said, “Don’t forget, I drink blood.”

Feisha replied: “Sharp teeth are not popular now.”


“Because we have straws.”



April first finally arrived at Noah’s Ark.

In the human world, it was April fifteenth.

The weather was neither too hot nor too cold; it was perfect for travelling.

This time, there were only six people in the tour group. Shamal was still in Genesis and had yet to return. Ever since the many obstacles between him and Jesse had been removed, he was like water that had been splashed out. Every time he returned to Noah’s Ark, he acted like he was living in a hotel. Of course, Noah’s Ark really was a hotel.

Originally, Shamal had asked to quit but Isefel heartlessly rejected him.

Only after a very very very long time did Shamal find out the reason. Before he had asked to quit, Locktini had already asked Almedande to be a permanent resident. That was to say, once Shamal left, then the person who would unquestioningly fill in the gap was Locktini.


Feisha stood before the front door, turned around to confirm once again the members of the tour group and their appearances.

Isefel, a white suit, a black shirt.

Feisha firmly said: “Isefel, later, when a living being throws itself at you, no matter what gender, what race, you have to kick it away.”

Isefel asked: “What about you?”

“…..I will stick to your side.”

Gin, a silver swallow-tailed coat, a wheat-yellow shirt.

Feisha said: “Later, do not go to a high class restaurant.”

Gin asked curiously: “Why?”

“Because someone will ask you to take their order.”


Hughes, a wheat-yellow suit, a dark gray shirt.

Feisha gave him a profound look and said: “I understand.”

Hughes smiled: “So long as I do not walk too close to Gin, no one will notice.”

Gin immediately hustled over, “No. We are wearing a couple outfit; we have to walk together!”

Hughes said: “Alright.”

Gin was suspicious: “Why did you agree so quickly?”

Because Hughes is an invisible person, Feisha silently answered.


Antonio, a black suit, a deep red shirt, black bowtie.

Feisha said, astonished: “Your taste is very different from what I imagined.” That deep red shirt was honestly garish.

Antonio loosened his bow tie and said gloomily: “This was given to me by Gin.”

Gin hustled over again, “Because this morning, he was actually getting ready to leave while wearing a chef’s outfit.”

Antonio snorted coldly: “And what’s wrong with a chef’s outfit?”

Feisha said seriously: “If you wear a chef’s outfit and walk on the streets, humans will have one thought.”

“What thought?”

“Selling meat buns with human flesh.”


Layton and Victor leaned against each other.

An extra large, forest green checkered suit and an extra small, dark blue striped suit.

Victor uneasily shrank back and said: “Must I go?”

Gin said: “Layton doesn’t need to go, but you must.”

Layton argued noisily: “Why? I’m the only other person who understands the human world here.”

Gin replied: “Why do you need to understand the human world so thoroughly? Are you planning to elope with Feisha?”


Layton felt Isefel’s gaze move this way and immediately obediently shut his mouth and didn’t make a sound.

Gin told Victor: “This time, we’re going because we’re looking for trouble; someone of your size, height and width is very needed.”

Victor said: “But I’m scared.”

Everyone looked at him wordlessly. The giant who was nearly three meters tall was afraid to go to the human world.

“What are you scared of?” Feisha asked very curiously.

Victor said: “I’m afraid of getting lost.”

Feisha consoled him: “With your size, height and width, even if we lost ten Laytons, we’d still keep you firmly within our sight.”

Layton: “……”

After taking the attendance, Feisha walked at the front with an awe-inspiring presence, waved his hand dramatically and said: “go!” (4)

Because they only had an hour, their time was very tight.

Layton had originally brought a sack of gold coins to exchange them for money at the pawn shop, but he didn’t expect Isefel to merely wave his hand and a huge stack of bills appeared and waited on the floor.

Feisha 囧 and said: “Where did you get this from?”

Isefel replied: “The bank.”

“Let’s find something to carry it with.” They couldn’t possibly carry it all in their hands as they walked. Feisha looked around and saw a supermarket.

Thus, a minute later——

A three meter tall giant pushed two supermarket trolleys, carefully following behind a group of handsome men, each with their own unique style. Two blankets covered the trolleys but when someone crouched down to tie their shoe, they would accidentally see that the trolleys were filled with money.

Feisha asked: “Shall we shop at the computer shop first?”

Isefel shook his head, “There is a more important place I want to go.”


Isefel looked at Layton.

Layton was at that moment making a call using the public phone; after a minute, he ran back and reported: “He is in a branch of MCG doing an inspection.”

Upon hearing ‘MCG’, Feisha immediately grasped the intentions of his comrade-in-arms. “It’s such a rare occasion that we leave Noah’s Ark; don’t you think that going there is a waste of time?” Actually, what he was most afraid of wasn’t wasting time. He was scared that the others would reveal their true forms in a fit of anger or those who liked to act violently would act violently… he could imagine how exciting the human world would become.

Everybody unanimously replied: “I don’t think so.”

“But I want to shop.” Feisha purposely made himself pitiful.

Isefel asked: “Or, I will go with you to the computer shop and the others will go to MCG?”

Wasn’t this the same as giving them free rein?

Feisha looked at the remaining members; just Gin alone was enough to wreak havoc.

“Let’s just go together.” At least there would be someone who would mediate and intervene.

MCG was an abbreviation for a company that imported international high-end brands; it had no relation to the monosodium glutamate that Feisha had imagined.
[T/n: this is a pun Feisha came up with in ch.98]

Although this was only one of the branches of MCG, the lion that was roaring as it arched its head did its best to show the might of a king.

Isefel and Feisha and company walked past.

The lion dejectedly lowered its head.

“Welcome!” MCG’s automatic doors opened and two delicate and pretty shop attendants swarmed over.

“May we help you?” (5) The shop attendant’s eyes lit up like a thousand volt light when she saw them.

Feisha automatically stuck to Isefel’s side.

Layton’s gaze swept inward, saw the target and immediately pulled Gin’s sleeve.

Gin understood at once, took a step forward and said: “Director Shi (6), what kind of vehicle do you need?”

Director Shi?

Feisha gazed at Gin, who was fawning away, and his mouth twitched three times before he said: “Decide as you see fit.”

Gin turned around, high and mighty, and said: “Director Shi wants the most expensive one.”

The shop attendant gaped for a moment and then smiled along: “Do you want to look at its performance?”

“The performance is not a problem.” Gin shook his head. “The price is the problem.”

This was a newly rich upstart, the newly rich upstart among the newly rich upstarts! Feisha’s mouth twitched even more furiously. In the past, he had seen many of these newly rich upstarts at his hotel but although they loved to spend money, they hadn’t been so open and brazen about it.

A man with a crew cut, dressed in a western suit and leather shoes, hurriedly walked out, “I am the sales manager here, Mr. Hu.”

He took out name-cards from his pocket and as he was about to distribute them, Hughes rushed to grab them and said, “Director Shi never touches anything that hasn’t been disinfected and approved.”

Hughes, you actually also……

Feisha was speechless.

Mr. Hu smiled dryly: “Of course, of course. May I know what model of car you are here to buy?” (7)

Right as he finished speaking, the attendant murmured for a long moment in his ear. Mr. Hu’s eyes immediately brightened and emitted light and he said, “This way, please. The newest 2009 model has just been brought here; it is fitting for a king. I think you will definitely like it!”

As he spoke, he eagerly led the way.

Actually, You Pengnan had seen Feisha’s group right from the start. But firstly, he was the CEO of MCG with a certain status and position; secondly, he also wanted to observe his employees working, thus, he didn’t come over. It was only when Feisha walked over that he recognized him.

“Eh? Isn’t this Mr. Shi?” You Pengnan took out his hands from his pockets, stepped forward and held out his hand. “Since the previous time that you left, I had followed your words and searched on the net for news related to Noah’s Ark Hotel for a very long time, but never found anything. Meeting you here is fantastic.”

Hughes took out a pair of tweezers, grabbed his hand and looked it carefully over: “Nails contain filth, palm contains bacteria; it is an F-grade dirty object. Direct contact is not recommended.”

You Pengnan speedily withdrew his hand and asked Feisha: “These are…..”

Hughes said: “I am Director Shi’s business secretary.”

Gin said: “I am Director Shi’s personal life secretary.”

Antonio said: “I am the driver.”

Under Gin’s hinting, Victor said in a small voice: “I am his bodyguard.”

But no matter how small his voice was, it was still as loud as crashing thunder.

You Pengnan stared at Isefel in a daze and then stopped. Gin, Hughes and Antonio were all extraordinarily good-looking but Isefel was so good-looking You Pengnan had never seen someone like him before. Even if he was a man, he was still greatly shaken.

Isefel said indifferently: “I am his lover.”

You Pengnan was in chaos.

Layton pulled Gin’s sleeve and lowered his voice: “How should I introduce myself?”

Gin thought for a while: “Feisha’s friend’s child.”

Layton: “……”


  1. ‘Adding oil and vinegar’ is a Chinese idiom for making up details while telling a story to make it more interesting
  2. In Chinese, Gin’s name is 金Jīn, which is a single character. So reading it backwards makes no difference, whereas in English, he would be Nig or something, lol
  3. This is referencing a Chinese opera, The White-Haired Girl. The main character, Xi-er, is a peasant girl who is exploited and oppressed by her despotic landlord, Huang Shiren
  4. ‘go!’ is written in English in the text
  5. She is speaking very politely throughout the entire conversation
  6. Shi is Feisha’s surname. His full name is Feisha Shi
  7. He is also speaking very politely to Feisha and company
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