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Translated by rook of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Shamal’s gaze became more and more blurred and sounds seemed further and further away, as if they came from another world. In a daze, he felt himself being carried into the air, as though he was floating amongst clouds, a cool breeze blew gently, slowly leaning in a direction.

After a while, the clouds flew away. He landed on the ground, but it was a very soft landing.

“Lion…” He heard Jesse’s murmuring call by his ear.

Shamal opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but his tongue was twisted in knots and he couldn’t make a sound. Right after, something soft entered and played with his tongue. His heart was ticklish, as though there was a feather repeatedly caressing him. The softness came fast and left fast. The sudden emptiness in his mouth made him open his mouth unhappily. He heard a low laugh by his ear, a laugh that made him want to sink into unconsciousness.

“Lion.” The voice called unceasingly by his ear.

Shamal’s chest felt cold as his clothes were methodically removed from his body.

“Jes…se?” He lifted his hand and grabbed empty air. He felt that his hand was raised very high, but in Jesse’s eyes, the angle he had lifted it was less than three centimeters.

Jesse grabbed his hand, put it beside his mouth and gently nibbled for a while, “In your dreams, is it also me?” His other hand nimbly removed the rest of Shamal’s clothes.

The snow white and smooth body nakedly appeared before him. His eyes became increasingly dark. This was not the first time he saw Shamal’s body, but it caused his feelings to surge.


His finger traced down his neck, caressing him again and again. Maybe because it was itchy or because he was cold, Shamal wriggled. A hint of laughter flashed through Jesse’s eyes. He bent and his white hair spread across Shamal’s chest and then he used his two legs to slowly rub against him.

He knew very well how sensitive Shamal was, and also knew very well how much pressure he should exert to seduce Shamal. As expected. He didn’t need to wait long before Shamal became erect.

Jesse’s finger let go of Shamal’s hand and, leaning over, he used a single hand to remove his own clothes, his finger slowly rubbing him.

A thousand years of desire made Shamal’s body intensely sensitive. The slightest provocation was enough to make him helplessly pant, rubbing both legs.

Jesse’s finger didn’t stop, working hard at teasing him. The effects of the alcohol quickly made Shamal come. Jesse let go and sucked on Shamal’s ear, nibbling bit by bit and then his right hand slowly entered the heaven that he had thirsted for for a long time.

Shamal lifted his legs, subconsciously obliging Jesse by opening them.

Jesse smiled in satisfaction, finger going deeper. The fiery and tight feeling made his lower body tense. As though he wanted to relieve the pressure, the strength with which he bit Shamal’s ear became bigger.

“Mn…” Shamal protested with a frown.

“You still haven’t changed.” Jesse abruptly flipped around and pressed down on Shamal.

Shamal suddenly opened his eyes and stared blankly at him.

Jesse’s light voice said lowly by his ear, “No matter how despicable my methods, I just want to have you one more time.”

Shamal became a little more conscious, “Jesse…”

“Your answer is correct.” Jesse smiled and let himself enter that heaven that he had thirsted for for a long time.

“Ah.” Shamal’s head arched back slightly, his arms involuntarily grasping Jesse’s arms.

“This habit hasn’t…changed.” Jesse slowly moved.

They had been strangers for a thousand years, but right now, obviously they needed even more exploring before they could once again become accustomed to each other.

“Ah…” Shamal’s head arched in one direction, pressing into the pillow. Was he still unable to escape from him?

He couldn’t tell if the waves in his heart in this moment were waves of annoyance or shame. But very quickly, he didn’t have the attention to think about this because Jesse had swept him even deeper into the waves!

He didn’t know how many times he was wanted (1), he only knew that when he woke up, his legs and waist felt paralyzed. The last time this had happened was his first time. He opened his eyes a crack, stealthily glancing to the side. The pillow was empty and so was the room.

Did Jesse actually just eat his fill and run away?

Shamal’s eyes widened disbelievingly. In the past, every time it was over, Jesse would eagerly (2) bring lots of good food to seduce him so as to obtain the next benefit. Or was it…

Bits and pieces of yesterday night came boiling forth, crystal clear, from his mind.

—I wish you a safe journey.

—No matter how despicable my methods, I just want to have you one more time.

He said, ‘one more time’.

I just want to have you one more time.

He resisted the aching pain with great difficulty, wore his clothes, and quickly left.

Elder Gul stood at the entrance to the house. Seeing Shamal leave, he smiled kindly (3), “Oh, Lord Jesse has told you already? Is everything ready?”

“Ready? Told me?” Shamal’s eyes stared unblinkingly at him, as though if he said said a single word that didn’t suit his mood, he would rush forward and strangle him.

Elder Gul was unfazed by the naked anger in his eyes, taking his time as he said, “Lord Jesse asked me to send you to the Crystal City today. The faerie king, His Majesty Almedande, and Prince Locktini are waiting for you there.”

The refreshing breeze of the morning was slowly blowing sense into Shamal’s mind, “Jesse said this?”

“Of course.” Elder Gul scratched his ear, “Although I am old, I haven’t become hard of hearing.”

Shamal was silent for a moment, “I want to see Jesse.”

“Ah, about that…” Elder Gul hesitated.

“I want to see Jesse.” Shamal stubbornly repeated.

Elder Gul suddenly smiled and revealed his teeth, “Of course you can. The Clan Leader is in the medicinal herb garden.”

He had not even finished speaking and Shamal was already limping towards the herb garden.

Elder Gul watched his back and shook his head, smiling, “What a vigorous young man.”


Today, the medicinal herb garden was exceptionally quiet. Nikola and the others were not there, only Jesse was there, squatting before the flowerbed that Shamal had taken care of by himself, slowly planting saffron flowers.

“Jesse!” Shamal rushed over.

Jesse turned around and watched him tranquilly. The words Shamal had been choking back the whole way suddenly disappeared. Under this scrutiny that was as peaceful as glass, Shamal realized that the way he had run here was laughable.

Didn’t he wholeheartedly want to return to the faerie world? Didn’t he desperately want to grow wings so he could escape from Jesse? Now that his wishes were granted, shouldn’t he be overjoyed?

Even if, even if yesterday night, he… but this wasn’t the first time that this had happened. The first time he left, he had clearly left with confidence and ease. He had clearly… silently promised to never turn back.

Shamal’s body was shaking slightly and his hands were clenched desperately into fists.

Jesse’s gaze moved from his face to his fists and he smiled, “Are you here to say goodbye?”

Shamal’s throat felt like it was choked with seventeen or eighteen rolls of cotton, his throat worked a couple of times, but he still couldn’t make an ‘Mmn’ sound of agreement.

Jesse dusted off the dirt from his body and stood up, “Honestly, I have always wanted to say goodbye to you properly.” Shamal lifted his head. “You left too quickly the last time.” Jesse’s voice seemed to come from the clouds, faint and distant. “I really thought you were taken by bandits so I was so anxious I was going crazy. Actually, once I knew you were the third prince of the faeries, my first reaction was to rejoice. Rejoicing because you left yourself and not because something had happened and you couldn’t come back. Rejoicing because you wanted to leave me and not that I failed to protect you…”

Shamal’s head slowly tilted down. The sun today was blazing, blazing so much that he couldn’t look straight at Jesse.

“I was always full of regret that I didn’t say goodbye to Lion properly.” Jesse stood there, slowly opening his arms, “So, let us say goodbye properly.”

Shamal’s eyes were locked on the ground. The dirt was suddenly full of a lot of water droplets.

Was it raining? He thought blindly. But the herb garden had awnings, why would rain fall here?

Jesse looked at the utterly frozen Shamal and put down his hands, smiling lightly, “Since Lion has said goodbye, then I should now say… I’m very happy to have known you, Shamal.”

Was he Shamal? Did they only know each other? (4) So did he mean that… from now on, there would never be a Lion in this world?

Shamal breathed with great effort.

This should be a good thing. This meant that he could throw the past behind him, start anew again. This meant that he was finally walking free from the fetters named ‘Jesse’. This meant that he could make a clean break from the past and then chase Antonio with an easy mind…

It was obviously a good thing, then why… Did his heart hurt so much he couldn’t breathe?

“Shamal…” Jesse softly called him.

Shamal remembered clearly, yesterday night, he was also calling like that, but at that time, the one he was calling was — Lion!

He suddenly turned around and savagely walked back in the direction of where he’d come from. He was afraid that if he stayed for another minute, he would break down. He was very afraid of death, but he was even more afraid of breaking down in front of that person. He would lose everything, even his dignity!

The herb garden was quiet for a long time. Elder Gul walked in with both hands pulled behind his back, “You have really decided to do this?”

Jesse’s smile slowly collapsed. The confidence and calm just now vanished completely.

“This time, after he leaves, if you want to find him again, it will be very difficult. After all, there aren’t many silly ones like Mani.” Elder Gul made a last kindly reminder.

“I am the leader of the Witch Clan. Leading the Witch Clan against the faerie world is not the reasonable decision of a clan leader.”

Elder Gul said, “But watching helplessly while one’s beloved leaves one’s world is also not the reasonable decision of a man.”

Jesse turned around and looked at the scenery outside of the window for a long time before sighing and he sai, “This is the last way I know to love him.”

For the first time, Elder Gul couldn’t smile.

“I remember I seemed to beg you to send him away.” Jesse said tonelessly.

“You did say such a thing, but when I walked over just now, he didn’t even look at me, so I thought, maybe he wasn’t so anxious (5).” Elder Gul shrugged.

But no matter how anxious, Elder Gul still sent him back that day.

Shamal stayed quiet the entire way.

Elder Gul sighed deeply in his heart: just how many strikes of thunder from heaven do these two destined lovers need before all the messy hindrances and misgivings are finally struck dead, so that they can be together properly?

Upon reaching the Crystal City, to protect his old life from being destroyed by the faerie king’s magic, Elder Gul commanded the carriage to return to the Witch Clan at lightning speed the minute he saw a crowd of sharp-eared faeries leaving the front entrance.

Almedande and Locktini obviously were not in the mood to pursue this. In their view, being able to snatch Shamal back, whole and unharmed, was already a big cause for celebration. After all, they knew very well that what their own little brother had done all those years ago was hardly glorious.

“Shamal.” Almedande gave a long look to the dumb-as-a-wooden-chicken Shamal and his handsome face revealed worry. “Are you alright?”

Shamal stood there and didn’t move, unspeaking and he didn’t even lift his head.

Murderous intent suddenly blazed in Locktini’s eyes, “I heard the Witch Clan magic has various ways of controlling another’s heart and turning others into puppets. Don’t tell me Jesse…”

Hearing Jesse’s name, Shamal’s head lifted abruptly. All the faeries were startled by the mourning on his face.

“What’s wrong?” Almedande frowned. Why did his expression look so…

Shamal stared at them in a daze for a very long time and then forcefully revealed a smile, “I’m back.”

Are you really back? Almedande and Locktini’s minds were filled with this question.


The word is actually 索求, ‘demanded’, so the sentence is actually: he didn’t know how many times Jesse demanded from him.
屁颠屁颠 is used and it means something like ‘eagerly, in a grovelling manner, smugly’
The word here is actually 慈爱, which means something like ‘in a benevolent manner/lovingly’ (especially towards children)
The ‘know’ in ‘I’m very happy to have known you’ and ‘Did they only know each other’ is 认识 which usually refers to acquaintances.
It’s implied that: ‘maybe he wasn’t so anxious to leave’.

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