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Translated by rook of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

As they say, one makes trouble out of nothing. When one has nothing to do, that’s the best time to provoke trouble. After a few times where his explicit and indirect hints about traveling were ignored by Isefel, Feisha decided to try using logic.

From Gin, Hughes, Layton, Antonio and Victor to the just-returned Shamal, none of them escaped easily. After the employees of the hotel silently endured for a few months, they finally couldn’t take it anymore and took the chance to strongly protest to Isefel while Feisha was showering.

“He keeps appearing at places he isn’t supposed to appear at!” Gin had the intense suspicion that if this continued, he would likely be obstructed on a certain field.

“When the Pineapple Binoculars were invented, he borrowed them because he wanted to survey things from a high place. When the second set of binoculars were invented, he borrowed it again. If you connect the two, you might see further.” Layton was grasping his sleeve tightly to prevent losing his grip on his emotions. “But creating ten whole sets of binoculars…”

“All borrowed by him?” Gin placed emphasis on ‘borrow’.

Layton twisted his mouth, “The third time, it wasn’t borrowing.”

“Then what is it?” Gin asked curiously.

“Completely unscrupulous.” Layton looked like he didn’t want to remember.

To this, Shamal had strong feelings. He only came back to Noah’s Ark for appearance’s sake but ended up suffering absolutely absurd disasters. Just because faeries were God’s favorite, so Feisha kept dragging him to discourse until he wanted to hide his ears and tell him, actually he was a human in disguise!

Antonio and Victor both didn’t like to complain, but the fact that they were in this room was already demonstrating something.

Layton lowered his head and lightly wiped his eyes with his sleeve and then lifted his head to look at Isefel and say: “So, Lord Isefel…”

Isefel gazed at him.

“Please…” Layton gathered all his courage, “Bring him out for a few rounds.”

Everyone else immediately agreed.

Isefel said: “Are you here to be lobbyists?”

Gin groaned: “Will you use family violence to prevent further crimes from happening?”

Isefel lifted an eyebrow.

Gin sighed and said: “Yes, we are as here as lobbyists.”

Six minutes later, Feisha was wrapped in a towel, wiping his hair, mumbling as he walked out.

Isefel sat by himself on the sofa, reading a book.

“Looking at traveling recommendations?” Feisha’s eyes emitted light.

“No.” Isefel lifted his head.

Feisha was unwilling to give up and he said: “Are you preparing to look at things related to traveling recommendations?”

“Not preparing.” Isefel’s answer was very direct.

Feisha dejectedly prepared to sleep.

Isefel lifted his head and said: “Just now Gin and the others came over.”

Feisha turned around and gazed innocently at him.

Isefel said tonelessly: “Your plan has worked.”

“Oh yes!” (1) Feisha fell backward making a big word on the bed. Because under his robe he wasn’t wearing anything, so from Isefel’s perspective, he could see right through it and he could see everything.

The book lying on his thigh was moved to the side; he stood up and looked down at Feisha, who was immersed in happiness.

“Where are we going?” Feisha placed his hands on his chest, piously longing for a future where he was traveling. “But no matter where we go, we have to bring beach shorts. This way, we can show off how fashionable we are, like we’re following the trends! Ah! What are you doing?” He lifted his head to see two hands cupping his face and an Isefel that was staring at him fixedly.

“Doing what I want to do.” (2) Isefel lowered his head and slowly licked Feisha.

Feisha tried to struggle free while becoming addicted.

Undoubtedly, when it came to researching and studying passion, Isefel was absolutely the superior in all nine worlds; this was obvious from his increasingly skillful ways of flirting.

“When are we leaving?” Feisha managed to keep his wits with enormous difficulty.

Isefel’s movements were smooth as water. Even as he was answering, his hands didn’t pause, “Tomorrow.”

“Ah!” Feisha felt a slight pain at his neck. He didn’t even need to look to know that there would be a big red mark on his neck. He hurriedly pushed him away and said, “You can’t, I need to wear beach shorts!”

Isefel reached out and grabbed his wrist, gently putting it on his own waist and while he was hesitating, he flipped them over swiftly.

Feisha stared at the extremely beautiful face beneath him in shock. The same face, usually so cold and indifferent and high above him, was softer with more emotions and charm, when it was under him. It was as if every part of his body was pulled forward, making him arch upward.

“…..” Unless Isefel wanted to try out another type of role? Unless the countless dreams he’d experienced at midnight were about to immediately turn into reality?

Every pore on Feisha’s body expanded and he was so excited he was beside himself.

Isefel’s eyelashes lowered, both hands going to Feisha’s waist and then slowly sliding to his buttocks and lastly stopping at a position.

Feisha’s excitement receded. Why were things developing in a way different from what he’d imagined? This thought had just arose when the familiarity of it entered his body. …..not just ‘different from what he’d imagined’, it was completely different!

Feisha’s intelligence was still protesting but his body had already willingly went along with it and his legs fell open.

“Come.” Isefel’s hand propped his arm up.

Feisha’s feelings were stirred. At this moment, it was like the arrow was on the bow but unable to be released. He couldn’t be bothered about what was up or down and relied on his arms to move.

After it was over, Feisha concluded to himself: although it was a joyous occasion that was in vain, it still felt good.

After the night was over, Feisha concluded to himself again: goddammit, even in dreams, he couldn’t come up with what had happened before!

As for Feisha and Isefel’s imminent second honeymoon, every single person on Noah’s Ark expressed intense enthusiasm, each of them lining up in a row to send them off, their formation comparable to a formation sending off the highest VIP. (3)

Feisha was wearing a high-collar sweater on his top half and beach shorts on his bottom half, standing delightedly on the platform and waving to everyone, as though he was an important general going to a campaign.

Gin asked Isefel in a very small voice, “This outfit is acceptable?

Isefel raised an eyebrow.

Gin snapped his fingers. “Gotcha.”

Feisha squeezed over, “Gotcha what?”

Gin mimicked Isefel and raised an eyebrow.

Feisha suddenly understood and said: “Gotcha.”

Gin asked curiously: “Gotcha what?”

Feisha also raised his eyebrow.

Gin: “…..”

Feisha raised both his hands and said excitedly: “Let’s go.”

Isefel carried him up from behind him and, in front of everyone, slowly stretched out his wings and flew into the air.

In the instant that they were leaving Noah’s Ark’s perimeter, firecrackers set off. Layton couldn’t be blamed for being so enthusiastic. In reality, Noah’s Ark hadn’t held a celebration in a long time.

Everyone joined the group to set off firecrackers and fireworks in high spirits. Even the usually quiet Hughes couldn’t help but snatch the firecrackers from Victor’s hands.

The crazy celebrations lasted for half an hour. Layton’s inventory was used up entirely.

Gin had not enjoyed himself to the fullest and licked his lips: “Okay, let’s go.” He grabbed Hughes’ waist and blinked ambiguously.

Hughes smiled and answered silently.

Layton stretched lazily. He rarely went bankrupt so happily. “Prepare to make the tenth Pineapple Binoculars.”

Shamal said: “My wishes are very simple. I just want a good nap.”

Victor said: “Sleep is very important.”

Gin’s smile suddenly froze and his footsteps stopped. “Wait a minute.”

Everyone else also stopped walking and looked worriedly at his rapidly-changing face. Gin abruptly turned back and looked into the dark sky. Not long later, two familiar silhouettes appeared from the darkness and confidently landed on the platform.


Layton was astonished: “Did you forget something?”

Feisha was very shocked and looked back at Isefel: “Yes, what did you forget?”

Isefel replied: “The trip is over.” He ignored everyone else’s stupefied expressions and walked off by himself.


Everyone looked at each other in dismay and their gazes fell on Feisha.

Feisha coughed dryly turned and looked at him and smiled: “Any new inventions recently?”

Layton: “……”

‘Oh yes’ was in English
‘Do’ in Chinese is also the same word for ‘fuck’
VIP was in English

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May 30, 2019 12:20 pm

Isefel rules!!!
This was the best.

RenTheWitch (@RenTheWitch1)
May 30, 2019 5:10 pm

So short lol poor Feisha, the shortest trip ever

May 30, 2019 5:43 pm

I didn’t get why the trip was so short… ^_^;

May 30, 2019 9:50 pm

Isefel raised an eyebrow.

Gin snapped his fingers. “Gotcha.”

Feisha squeezed over, “Gotcha what?”

Gin mimicked Isefel and raised an eyebrow.

Feisha suddenly understood and said: “Gotcha.”

Gin asked curiously: “Gotcha what?”

Feisha also raised his eyebrow.

Gin: “…..”

after reading this little ditty. i was done, lol

thank you for the chapter

October 16, 2019 9:49 am

Cunning and sly Isefel.. 😈

May 7, 2021 11:03 am

Isefel literally just took Feisha out and flew around. Hahahahahah
Legendary! 🤣

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