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Chapter 123 (END) : Interview diary with Suyoubing: The couple’s sexual life

Translated by Rara of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Questions 1 to 50 have been removed by author.


【51 】

Suyoubing: Can I ask who is gong, who is shou?

Feisha: … Why don’t you think before asking?

Suyoubing giggled.

Isefel looked at Feisha: Are you dissatisfied?

Feisha’s eyes glowed: Can we switch?

Isefel: I can do you until you’re satisfied.

Feisha: … I’m satisfied.


【52 】

Suyoubing: How did you two reach this decision?

Feisha: …

Suyoubing: Let’s move on.


【53 】

Suyoubing: Are you happy with the current situation?

Feisha: Is it a must to ask one question in past, present and future tense?

Suyoubing: I was just following the format?

Feisha: Do you even know how to improvise?

Suyoubing: Antonym of constipation?

Feisha: …


【54 】

Suyoubing: Where was your first H take place?

Feisha: The pool

Suyoubing: Why is it always you who answers?

Feisha turned to look at Isefel.

Isefel flipped the book page.


【55 】

Suyoubing: Your feelings at that time?

Feisha: Pleasure!

Suyoubing: … Very outspoken of you.


【56 】

Suyoubing: How did your partner look like at that time?

Feisha: Did you think he turned into Ultraman while we were doing it? Of course he looked the same.

Suyoubing: …

Isefel: Red, his whole body turned red.

Feisha: … Just go read your book.


【57 】

Suyoubing: What was the first thing you said the morning after?

Feisha blushed: Cough cough, please read [Happily ever after part 1] for details.


【58 】

Suyoubing: How many times per week do you H?

Feisha counted his finger: Who knows.

Isefel: Depends on the mood.

Feisha: … Seriously, you don’t have to be in a good mood every single day.

Isefel: How do you know I won’t do you when I’m in a bad mood?

Feisha: …

【59 】

Suyoubing: How many times per week is the best ideal?

Feisha: Every two weeks is fine.

Suyoubing: … Is there a difference to now?

Feisha: The number of rounds per night.


【60 】

Suyoubing: If so, how do you two do it?

Feisha smiled: Do you want to see it?

Suyoubing: Do you?

Feisha: Nah.

Suyoubing: …

Feisha: I just want to see your disappointed face.

Suyoubing: This is despair.


【61 】

Suyoubing: Your most sensitive place?

Feisha: Earlobe?

Isefel: The same everywhere.


【62 】

Suyoubing: Your partner’s most sensitive place?

Feisha excited: Abs!

Isefel: Whole body.


【63 】

Suyoubing: Describe your partner during H with one sentence.

Feisha: So handsome!

Isefel: Tastes good.


【64 】

Suyoubing: Answer truthfully, do you like H?

Feisha: Seven times per week, what do you think?

Isefel: We do more in reality.


【65 】

Suyoubing: Where do you generally do H?

Feisha: Bed.

Suyoubing: I thought you’d say the pool.

Feisha sighed: Where guests would come.


【66 】

Suyoubing: Which location would you want to try having H at?

Feisha: Anywhere is fine, the person is what matters.

Isefel gave a warm look.


【67 】

Suyoubing: Shower before or after H?

Feisha: You asked too trivial a question.

Suyoubing: So none then?

Feisha: …Depends on each circumstance.


【68 】

Suyoubing: Do you make any agreement for H?

Feisha: En, before going in, he has to make an appointment for vacancies first.

Isefel’s face darkened.

Feisha laughed dryly: I’m joking.


【69 】

Suyoubing: Have you ever had sex with someone other than your lover?

Isefel: No.

Feisha lowered his head.

Isefel’s eyes got colder.

Feisha’s head got even lower.

Suyoubing sighed: You should have captured him to the Noah’s Arc as a baby and started grooming early.


【70 】

Suyoubing: Do you agree or disagree with the idea “if you can’t get the heart, you must at least get the body”?

Feisha covetous looked at Isefel’s abs: I agree.

Isefel looked back indifferently.

Feisha smiled apologetically: It means that I love you so deeply ah!

Suyoubing asked Isefel: And you?

Isefel: His inside is more valuable.

Feisha comforted himself: This is a praise, this is a praise.


【71 】

Suyoubing: If your partner got raped, what will you do?

Feisha asked Isefel: Can Baal even manage?

Isefel shook his head.

Feisha: Then I’m relieved.

Suyoubing asked Isefel: How about you?

Isefel: No chance that it will happen.


【72 】

Suyoubing: Do you feel embarrassed before H? Or after?

Isefel: No.

Feisha: Not now.

Suyoubing: The thickness of the skin is such a wonderful thing, very contagious.


【73 】

Suyoubing: If your good friend said this to you “I’m so lonely, just for tonight, please…” to ask for H, what will you do?

Both Feisha and Isefel thought of one person.

Feisha gritted his teeth: Kill Gin after!


【74 】

Suyoubing: Do you think you are good at H?

Feisha: Of course, one stroke and it’s alive.

Isefel: I can make him moan even livelier.


【75 】

Suyoubing: And what about your partner?

Isefel: Lively moan.

Feisha: …


【76 】

Suyoubing: What do you want your partner to say during H?

Isefel: One more.

Feisha: … are you tired, let’s take a break.


【77 】

Suyoubing: Which expression would you like your partner to show during H?

Isefel: Enjoyment.

Feisha: Fully focused.

Suyoubing: Does Isefel often get distracted?

Feisha: Ek.

Isefel: Someone enjoys too much that he fails to notice the other’s expression.


【78 】

Suyoubing: Do you think having H with people other than your lover is ok?

Isefel glanced at Feisha.

Feisha made a resolute statement: Not even with death!


【79 】

Suyoubing: Are you interested in SM?

Feisha: Absolutely not!

Isefel refused to give opinion.


【80 】

Suyoubing: If one day your partner stopped craving for your body, what would you do?

Feisha: I can always top.

Isefel: Hypothesis will always be hypothesis.

Feisha took in Isefel’s “calm” eyes: En, it will always be a hypothesis.


【81 】

Suyoubing: How do you view rape?

Feisha: With eyes ah. Oh, but I will stop it.

Suyoubing: //sweating. I don’t mean it.


【82 】

Suyoubing: What is the most painful thing about H?

Feisha: At the beginning it feels like reverse constipation.


【83 】

Suyoubing: Which H location gave you the most thrill?

Feisha: The pool.

Suyoubing: Because it was the opening to the new region/because it was your first time?

Feisha: …


【84 】

Suyoubing: Has the shou ever taken the initiative to seduce?

Isefel looked at Feisha.

Feisha looked at the sky.


【85 】

Suyoubing: And the gong’s expression at that time?

Feisha pointed: Blank.


【86 】

Suyoubing: Has the gong ever acted violently?

Feisha: Useless.

Isefel curled his index finger.

Feisha lowered his head: I’m going over.

(Jump to 88. )


【88 】

Suyoubing: For you, what makes an ideal H partner?

Feisha: Already beyond ideal.

Isefel was satisfied.

( Directly jump to 90. )


【90 】

Suyoubing: Do you use any toys during H?

Isefel pondered.

Feisha clenched his teeth: Stop giving him dirty ideas!

(Directly jump to 93. )

【93 】

Suyoubing: Where do you like to be kissed most?

Feisha: Everywhere is ok.

Isefel: Same.


【94 】

Suyoubing: Where do you like to kiss your partner most?

Feisha answered loudly: Abs.

Isefel: Lips.

Feisha blushed: I have soft lips.

Isefel: It is finally quiet.

Feisha: …


【95 】

Suyoubing: How do you please your partner during H?

Isefel: Work hard.

Feisha: Cooperate.

Suyoubing: What do you mean by cooperate?

Feisha: Turn and twist ah.

Suyoubing: …


【96 】

Suyoubing: What is on your mind during H?

Feisha: This matter requires the bestest of concentration and effort! There is no time to think.


【97 】

Suyoubing: How many rounds per night?

Feisha’s lip was trembling.

Isefel: No definite number. Depends on how much he can take.

Suyoubing sympathized with Feisha


【98 】

Suyoubing: During H, do you take your clothes off by yourself, or with the help of partner?

Feisha: He helps me. It’s faster this way.


【99 】

Suyoubing: To you, what is H?

Isefel: A way to communicate.

Suyoubing: Love communication? You mean confessing your love?

Isefel looked down to his book.

Feisha smirked.


【100 】

Suyoubing: Please say a word to your lover.

Feisha: If one day your books and I fall into the sea, who will you save?

Suyoubing: … Don’t you think this sentence a bit too cliche and childish?

Isefel: Drain the sea dry.


【101 】

Suyoubing: New Year is coming, please send your best wishes to all the readers.

Feisha: Eat well, sleep well and Happy New Year. Also don’t look for friends with blond hair and long fangs!

Isefel: Read more, exercise more.

Feisha whispered: Is this even new year’s wish? This is clearly a primary school teacher who gives out homework during winter vacation.
Isefel: … To be both smart and strong.

Suyoubing: If you had only enough time to do one thing, would you choose to exercise or read a book?

Isefel, Feisha: Reading while exercising.

(1)This is a well known 100 questions format among authors. The first 50 questions are SFW questions about personal informations like name, age, gender, personal interest and such, and the last 50 questions are NSFW. Author chose to only do the latter part.
(2)Author skipped question 87, 89, 91, 92 because of the relation to the previous answer.
Q86: Have gong ever acted violently?
-> Q87: How did shou react to it?
Q88: For you, what make an ideal H partner?
-> Q89: Is your current lover the ideal partner?
Q91: When was your first time?
->Q92: Was your first time with your current lover?

SH Chapter 122
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