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Translated by Rara of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

You Pengnan looked at Feisha.

Feisha smiled and said: “I only came to buy a car, so I didn’t bring many people with me. Forgive me for my sloppiness.”

“…” You Pengnan dryly laughed, “It’s fine, it’s fine.” He glanced to his side at manager Hu.

Manager Hu understood and stepped up straight away, “Director Shi, how about we go check out our newly arrived Emperor’s Wind. 6.0 Engine, there are only two models in the whole country…”
“So what you are saying is, there might be someone who will use the same car as our Director Shi?” Gin frowned.

Manager Hu was dumbstruck and lost his words. As a matter of fact, MCG only imported two because its domestic market hadn’t fully grown, there should be more outside of the country.

Gin said: “Do you know how much of an insult this is to Director Shi?”
Depressed, Manager Hu thought, Using the same car as someone else is an insult? Then why doesn’t your Director Shi just go use an oxygen tank to breathe in order to avoid inhaling others’ carbon dioxide accidentally and save himself from being disrespected?

Since You Pengnan’s heart had already set on the conclusion, his expression became relaxed, “In this case, why doesn’t Director Shi just buy both cars then?” He intentionally stressed his tone when mentioning the two words Director Shi, his eyes flashed with a trace of smile, yet not a smile.

Without waiting for Feisha to reply, Gin had answered first, “Good idea. One to use, one to smash.”

“…” Feisha was completely taken aback by Gin’s nouveau riche attitude.

You Pengnan, “LuYou will arrive in a moment, so why don’t we sit down and have a chat? I’m really curious about your Noah’s Hotel.”

Hughes looked at the watch and said, “Director Shi has a meeting to attend in half an hour.”

“Eh…” Before Feisha had a chance to say anything, Gin had cut him off, “We have confirmed our meeting with the White House’s west wing several times, there must be no delay.”

White House… West wing?! Feisha shut his mouth.

You Pengnan also stumbled. It was obvious that he didn’t expect they would lie to this extent, “Is the White House also interested in Noah’s Hotel?”

Feisha gave a vague answer, “There is indeed a project needing to be discussed.”

“What is the project? Is it okay to disclose it?” You Pengnan was now more curious at how far they could fabricate.

Gin directly refused, “It’s not.”

The automatic sliding door opened. Qian Luyou walked in with an unchanged expression, she was wearing a light purple business suit.

“Youyou, come and see who is here.” You Pengnan greeted her affectionately.

Qian Luyou was shocked, “Feisha?”

“You should call him Director Shi.” Yu Pengnan hinted at the double meaning in his words.

Feisha peeked at Isefel before saying, “Miss Qian.”

Surprise clearly showed in Qian Luyou’s eyes.

“Let me introduce them.” You Pengnan repeated their introduction exactly the same, word by word, and when he talked about Isefel, he intentionally paused, “This is Director Shi’s…lover.”

“…” Qian Luyou was so shocked she couldn’t utter a thing.

Isefel hugged Feisha with one hand, “Why don’t you introduce her to me?”

Feisha quickly cleared the relationship, “Mr. You’s girlfriend.”

Was it just Mr. You’s girlfriend?

Qian Luyou didn’t understand why but there was a strong feeling of discomfort in her hear. However, she didn’t show it on her face and just smiled back at them, “Are you here to see Pengnan?”

“No, Director Shi came here to buy a car.”

You Pengnan’s perseverance finally helped get Qian Luyou to the main point, “Director Shi?”

“Director of Noah’s Hotel. Did Director Shi not mention it last time?” You Pengnan looked at her tauntingly.

Qian Luyou remembered. After they said goodbye to Feisha that day, You Pengnan also spent half an hour talking about Noah’s Hotel as if this was a self-directed play Feisha made to protect his face.

Hughes said, “Director Shi, you have wasted 50 million.”

Feisha: “…”

Gin explained, “Each minute of Director Shi is worth about 10 million.”

“…” Qian Luyou looked at You pengnan with a lost expression.

You PengNan laughed until his stomach hurt. He had never seen anyone who bragged without script to this extent, “In that case, let me take you to see the Emperor’s Wind first.” He also wanted to see where they could get more than six millions to buy two cars.

The main product for MCG this year was the Emperor’s Wind. From the design, to production, to promotion, everything was arranged with maximum effort.

You Pengnan believed, even when Feisha tried to nitpick afterward, he wouldn’t be able to make a proper comeback. Unless he wanted the four tires and steering wheel.

“This is the car.”

Under the illumination of the eight spot lamps, the two Emperor’s Wind cars, one white, one silver, sparkled with a golden glow like a star.

“This model is our company’s main focus this year, made with the most sincere and detailed care. It…”

“We will take it.” Isefel made a decisive call.

You Pengnan’s face looked like he just swallowed a fly.

Gin asked, “How much?”

“Three hundred and sixty-six thousand, but it is currently on discount…” You Pengnan answered like a robot because the story went to the opposite direction of his imagination.

“We will pay full price.” Even the nouveau riche couldn’t follow Gin’s continuous strike.

You Pengnan: “…”

Manager Hu quickly responded, “Would you like to go for a test drive?”

“No need,” said Gin. “We will buy it now. Victor.”

Victor immediately pushed the two carts to the front. The cover was taken off and underneath were piles of neatly stacked money that immediately blinded You Pengnan, Qian Luyou and manager Hu’s eyes.

“…” They had never seen so much money to be presented this way beside like that of the mafia transaction scene in movies.

You Pengnan’s mouth twitched twice. In fact, he wanted to ask them: Did you just rob a bank?

Feisha coughed, “I’m not used to credit cards.”

You Pengnan tried to regain his composure back and said to Manager Hu, “You go count the money.”

At this moment, Manager Hu felt like that one cannon fodder underling in the midst of the transaction between two gangs.

While manager Hu was busy counting and checking the money in sweat, You Pengnan tried to pry, “Where is Noah’s Ark anyway?”

Feisha answered with a serious tone, “It’s anywhere it wants to appear.”

Wasn’t this how the underworld typically worked? You Pengnan trembled.

Feisha still prefered cars more. The Hell Horse might be very impressive, but they were also very smart, nothing could happen on its ride which let his hopes down every time. Cars were different, just look at the performances on the racetrack of those racers and one would know how fulfilling that feeling of attaining achievement was.

The two Emperor’s Wind were standing side by side.

Gin asked, “Director Shi, which color do you like?”

Feisha compared before saying, “Silver.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he heard a sound of clashing! It was Victor, he dented the white car with his fist.

It wasn’t just You Pengnan and Qian Luyou’s face went pale, even Feisha’s face became a bit darker.

Good or bad, this car was still worth… three million ah! Feisha painfully touched the dent on the car.

Gin said: “Victor, take this window off.”

Victor listened and took down the window.

Gin handed it to Layton. “Well, at least we can still use it as a hat.”

Layton: “…”

Hughes looked at his watch and said, “It’s time for the meeting.”

On Manager Hu’s side, except You Pengnan, every employee of the branch went to help him count the money.

Isefel asked, “Are you done authorizing them?”

Manager Hu gave a nod while he continued counting.

“Is that enough money?”

Manager Hu finally stopped his hand to say, “Yes, and should be over one million extra. We have to recount it again.”

“No need,” Isefel said casually. “Keep it as tips.”

One million in tips? Manager Hu was drowning in happiness.

Feisha said: “Let’s go back.”

Antonio saw that everyone was looking at him.

“Driver…” Gin hinted with his eyes.

“I refuse.” Antonio said. “I hate silver.”

Everyone: “…”

Gin turned to Victor and said, “Smash it.”


Another one down.

You Pengnan didn’t wait to mourn the car, he quickly said, “I just want to say, this car has already been sold to you.”

Gin replied, “We know, after all, the money was originally prepared to buy snacks for Director Shi.”

You Pengnan: “…”

“Let’s go.” Isefel pulled Feisha’s hand. Feisha proudly followed.

You Pengnan and Qian Luyou sent them out all the way.

At the entrance, You Pengnan couldn’t help but ask, “Is it true…the White House West wing?”

“Of course.” Gin quickly took over. “If you don’t believe it, I will arrange it and have Director Shi bring him over to visit next week.”

You Pengnan half doubted and half believed.

After leaving the MCG branch ten meters away, Feisha asked Gin, “Just how can I find someone from the White House to bring now?

Gin, “No need? Before you, there were at least five of them came from there. Just have Layton contact one and all is fine.”

Feisha expressed: Noah’s Ark’s choosing standard was so random.

Layton whispered: “It irks me to see them taking so much money.”

Isefel said: “I will transfer the money back later.”

Others: “……”

Feisha concluded: “The car is still in the showroom, and the money will be returned to the bank. Everyone has nothing to lose, very good.”


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