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Chapter Fifteen

Sometime during the night, rain began to fall, it was not soft, light rain, but an angry downpour that blanketed everything in a mist of water. Even walking outside would be the same as having an instant shower.

The three adults talked late into the night, closed indoors away from the rain, about everything and anything. They had finished their fresh chicken alfredo pasta a while ago. Misaki was fast asleep on one of the booth seats in the corner of the cafe, a blanket wrapped around him as he sucked on his thumb. Kichirou was sitting across from Shouta, their topic about what Shouta could expect in the coming months from the developing baby.

Jun had his hand wrapped around one of Kichirou’s hands as he chatted with Ren about one of the cases Jun was involved in. Although Ren did not have a lawyer license, he had studied child care and the case Jun was working on involved a child. So Jun wanted Ren’s opinion on what was the best option in the case. Ren had an arm around Shouta’s waist, holding him close to him, connecting them even in that small space.

The sound of the cafe bells chiming jolted all four of them as they whipped their heads toward the front door to see who was entering. Standing there in the sudden downpour was Hana, trembling, her eyes wide on her pale face.

Soaked to the brim from the rain, Hana couldn’t move a step farther into the cafe because her eyes locked onto Ren’s hand quietly resting on Shouta’s waist, holding him near as if he was precious. Suddenly disgusted at herself for believing anything would ever come from the one sided love she had for Ren, she burst into tears on the threshold.

For the last three years she had believed with all her heart that Ren might eventually turn her way and look at her as a lover, not just a child. She had believed that Akira was by her side as a confident, a friend and someone that would never do anything to harm her. But now, where was all of that? It was all lost in this word that was pouring rain.

After Akira’s confession, she had been so stunned that she couldn’t even say anything. Those hands she knew like the back of her own had wrapped around her arms and held her in place. At that moment, Hana had felt something she never had before. Instead of the slight repulsive feeling she always had, her heart had thundered in her chest and she felt like she would do anything to cover that distance between them to feel Akira’s lips against hers.

Due to her trama, this sudden, inexplicable want and desire had floored her. These feelings were something she had never even felt for Ren. Without giving a response, Hana had run away, not even stopping when Akira called out her name.

Running through the rain, Hana had found herself at Ren’s cafe. It was not the sight of Ren holding Shouta so lovingly that had broken her, it was the realisation that those feelings would never go anywhere. They were like a bubble caught in the breeze only to pop before it could reach anything.

Jun was the first of the men to react as he jumped from his seat to run over to his little sister. However, no matter what he said, or how he cajoled her, her tears would not stop and she would not speak. Worried for his sister, Jun, asked Kichirou to pick up Misaki so they could get the girl to their place. Lifting Misaki up into his arms, the boy still sleeping, Kichirou told Shouta, “Text me anytime, I’ll try to respond as fast as I can.”

Ren lent the four two umbrellas and the two watched as the four disappeared into the rainy night.

“I wonder what happened,” Shouta whispered, watching as even the shadows covered all traces of the small family having even been there.

“She’ll be okay with Jun and Kichirou.” Ren reminded Shouta, even as he worried about it himself. He thought of Akira and made a mental note to ask her tomorrow before saying, “We’ve nothing to worry about.”

“You’re right.” Shouta sighed, then his nose scrunched up as if he smelled something bad. “I really need to take a shower.”

“Can I join you?” Ren asked wiggling his eyebrows in an obvious innuendo.

Shouta’s face flushed a bright pink. Laughing, Ren wrapped his arm around Shouta’s shoulder and pulled him into his embrace, locking the front door before he did so.


As Ren woke up, he noticed Shouta was sitting by his side watching him with a slight smile on his face. Shouta’s hair was down, rumpled from sleep, slightly covering those turquoise eyes. He had his hand on one cheek, leaning into it and just lying there on his stomach, his feet swinging lightly in the air. Ren had one eye focussed on Shouta, watching his mate smile happily.

“What are you doing?” Ren mumbled into his pillow before reaching out a hand and dragging Shouta into his warm embrace. Shouta snuggled into Ren’s chest, closing his eyes from the warmth.

“I like to watch you the moment you wake up.” He murmured into Ren’s chest, running his fingers along that bare skin before him.

Ren’s chin was resting a top Shouta’s head so he could feel his throat vibrate with each word. “That’s a stalkerish thing to say.”

Shouta tried to hide his blush by burying his face into Ren even further. Whispering as he explained, “When you open your eyes, those long eyelashes of yours look just like a birds wings. Just like a hawk unfurling its wings before taking flight.”

Ren made a sound low in his throat, his hands rubbing Shouta’s back unconsciously. “I don’t need to fly because I have everything I need here in my arms.”

His blush becoming even more prominent as it spread to the tips of his ears, Shouta hid even further from Ren’s eyes. Feeling Shouta do this beneath him caused Ren to chuckle and made his own desire rise to the surface. He couldn’t even pass it off as a normal morning wood. It was hard, prominent and ready for action.

Feeling Ren’s lust against his side, Shouta held back his own cry of desire, pushing his own lower half to grind against Ren. This action caused Ren to close his eyes in a groan. “Ah, don’t do that.”

Shouta rubbed their lower halves together, even through the clothes, he could feel the hot flesh beneath that cotton rise and rage with unshed passion. Nipping at Ren’s collarbone, Shouta asked, “Why not?”

Ren had his eyes tightly shut, his teeth clenched together as he held back with everything he had. “I don’t want to exhaust you so early in the morning.”

Shouta pulled slightly away and glanced over at the clock on the bedside table before turning back to Ren with a grin on his face, his eyes alight with mischief.

“We’ve got two hours,” came his cheerful reply as he slowly trailed his fingers down Ren’s taut stomach, swirling a finger around that dark belly button before lingering down farther. Ren could not keep his groan from sounding out, his eyes still squeezed shut.

Shouta’s fingers slipped beneath the waistband of Ren’s briefs, his touch light and soft as it idled around the head of his shaft before caressing to the base. Ren bucked his hips beneath that touch, his eyes snapped open. Growling, Ren flipped Shouta on to his back and hovered over him, his erection half escaping, his eyes bright with passion.

“That won’t be long enough.” Ren panted. Shouta’s face was red, his lust showing through with each breath he took. It took a second for Ren to notice the Shouta’s pheromones were leaking out, hitting his senses like a tidal wave. A fierce shudder traveled through Ren’s system.

“I’m okay with that.” Shouta drawled, his own erection bursting the seams of his teal briefs. Loving the view before him, Shouta purred, reaching his hands up and stroking the skin around Ren’s hip bones.

Ren’s eyes narrowed and his iris became mere pinpoints as he recognized another scent mixed in with Shouta’s regular pheromones. “Are you in heat? Your pheromones are incredibly strong.”

Bucking his hips so that his erection bumped into Ren, Shouta responded in a husky voice, “I don’t know. But I do know I want you now.”

Controlled by those leaking pheromones, Ren fiercely took Shouta’s lips with his, biting down at his bottom lip until Shouta opened and accepted all of him. Growling into the kiss, Ren swept his tongue into that hot cavern and plundered, caressing every corner he could reach. Shouta responded in kind, nipping at Ren’s tongue before sucking it deeply into his mouth.

Ren slipped one hand into Shouta’s sleep tousled hair and tugged on those light brown strands, pulling his head to the side so his neck was fully visible and accessible to Ren’s lips and teeth. Shouta shuddered at the tongue that swept along the scar on his nape. His hands yanked and pulled at the only piece of clothing separating them, but because Ren was pushing him down, he was only able to remove Ren’s briefs halfway, his, on the other hand, did not move at all.

This made no difference to Ren as he used his other hand to snake beneath the fabric and touch Shouta’s entrance with soft fingers. Shuddering at the touch, Shouta’s hips bucked and pushed into Ren’s raging erection.

Ren growled before coming back to bite at Shouta’s lower lip. He had enough sanity in him to ask, “Are you sure you’re okay?”

Crying out from the feeling of the pre cum dripping off of his mate, Shouta reached out and curled his fingers into the hair at the back of Ren’s neck before dragging him down into another hot kiss. Panting when they pulled away, his eyes shooting sparks, Shouta hissed, “Just do me already.”

A sound that was close to a snarl escaped from Ren before he reached down, grabbed Shouta’s hips, bending his knees slightly and thrust in deeply to the hilt with one quick move. Ren hadn’t even removed Shouta’s briefs, just moving them down a little to uncover that shuddering entrance. Shouta cried out from the sudden action, his fingers clutching the bed sheets beneath him in obvious pleasure.

Each thrust caused Shouta to cry out, his lust raging and never ebating. He felt himself come close to release only for Ren to back away, his lips capturing his before he thrust in wild passionate strokes, rising Shouta to the tip of his climax again and again. Fed up with the thrusts that did not seem to reach far enough, Shouta wrapped his legs around Ren’s waist, slightly restricted by his briefs, the fabric cutting into his skin. Shouta didn’t care though as he used his legs to push Ren into him as far as was possible.

Both of them let out a cry of pleasure, one feeling complete as it hit his womb and the other sunk in pleasure of being wrapped so tightly in a place that was as warm as an oven. Shouta’s orgasm was on the verge of releasing but he felt Ren pull back, his entire length leaving him. Crying at the empty sensation, Shouta was about to use his legs to bring him back, but Ren thrust in fiercely, hitting every spot of Shouta’s that made him sob in desire.

Thrust after thrust later, the two finally reached their climax, their essence spilling over their clean sheets, drenching them in the blissful aftermath of their lovemaking. The scent of their pheromones filled the air with cinnamon and sugar, sweet tinged with spice.

Collapsing to the side of Shouta, Ren’s breathing was heavy and his heart was thundering in his chest. He couldn’t help but let out a laugh when Shouta muttered, “I’m going to be late, aren’t I?”

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January 30, 2018 1:17 pm

This is so precious <3 Addis thank you for writing it so fast and releasing it so often, you're the best. I love you and all your works ❤❤❤❤❤

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Thank you for writing a wonderful update~ 😁😊

January 30, 2018 4:53 pm

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May 4, 2021 9:28 am

Intense scene! Love the detail! I feel for Hana but I think Hana is now confused with Akira. Maybe the reason she didn’t feel repulsed was because she is her fated mate?

March 16, 2022 3:35 am

love this story and this hot chapter 😍😍🥰🥰

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