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SH Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Conflict of Understanding (Part 1)

What’s worse than bad friends? The result. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

At the point of contact, Feisha’s hearts came to his neck and waited when he jumped with a slight movement. Confidential, Isefer did not do the following. Instead, he replaced his eyes, switched to the lamp, sat on the couch and dug a book in front of him.

The only thing in the world was like a book in hand. Feisha thought he would rise, he would be temporarily searching for it.

It exploded gently for a few seconds.

The room was somewhat calm, but it seemed that the sound of the page completely failed to reach. The worst part was that he was naked and naked, lying on his face and ignoring the only passenger in the room. His body is not cold, but his heart is clear.

As if reading the mind, on his bed sloped thin sheet. What is the use of pages? The internal grinding surface, Feisha wanted to see his expression and showed his best face Isefel. In turn, what he saw was a beautiful feature of Isafer with a relaxing warmth. My head was shoulder to shoulder. The light of light reduced the overall expression of expression and gave him a near-random shine.

Feisha could not go far.

Silence in silence slowly escaped to peace and took away Feish’s protected consciousness. Room color, watercolor, mixed, weave, flush …

The other side of the bed suddenly collapsed on its side. Damaged discomfort, discomfort when he woke up in his chest. Everything he saw was black and black.

The pages that the body contained was torn, but they were not moved any more. It seemed that nothing had happened. Feisha did not want more than turn on the buttocks and give someone some kind of heart to others, but unfortunately she left and was forced to return to bed.

The next morning after he awoke, Feisha discovered that he could move again. Apparently it is. He seems to have been tortured in the same way as protesting a heavy, heavy and powerful element. It lasted 30 minutes to allow the blood to circulate in the veins and finally sit down.

Isfel was no longer in the room, but, judging from the leaves, it was possible last night. The self-circulation of blood back, the unconteable ability of Feish’s garbage to deceive his thoughts – what do you think of Isfel when he walked the first night? Is Feisha Too Fat?

People thought about belly fat. He shot a bit when he arrived, so he should work. He also laughed at his face.

His business was small? Upon raising the blanket, he insisted that Feisha was fully satisfied with one of his heights. There were angels dead?

He must stop this melancholic thought train. The lack of ABS is still melancholic. The shape is improved with leeks and borders. Feisha throws her hand blanket, piercing her and striking it. “God, I will die for shame!

“Empty and leaves 8 hundred dollars.”

The frozen figurine tried to sit and level the bed. “Why not hit?”

“I have the key,” answered Issell.

Oh, this was just Issefera’s room. Feisha sat up to remind him that he was actually deprived. “I’m sorry tonight.


Thank you for your courtesy. Feisha laughed slowly. “To be fair, it was not my fault …” He said the event of the previous day, leaving details such as Jin and Antonio’s reasons for doing what they did. Essentially in his version of Story Gin shark and he sent the fat to Antonio senmanaj the sheep to do what he said was fat was unpleasant – his criticism of Antonio to avoid bad karma, I caught a little on my head. At the same time, Shamal was watching a arcade hanging drama that would laugh at the victims. Feisha was more angry, thinking he picked up pink rays, emphasized his name in the list, emphasizing more than others.

The Antichrist’s report to Isafer was anti-Christ “ah.”

“I’m sure you noticed, but I’m usually not without trousers.

Isefer smiled his eyebrows. So Feisha finally noticed the moisture I received on Isfel skin. He was swimming “I am – it does not mean that it’s bald, nothing wrong, nothing – naked if I have not done it yet … but I’m a big bore!” “Naked” After a repeat of 30, he suddenly perceived Feishu that his mouth, although he supported it in half of his life, he failed.

Thank you, Isefel has been suspended. “Someone wasting you witch”

“Yes, they did!” Feisha nodded enthusiastically.


“Oh, is not it more pleasing to it?” Feiss glanced down and suddenly grabbed. “Wait, can you destroy this spelling?

Something shake in the eyes of Issefar. “Yes”.

“Why did not you do it?” So Isfels had a gift, as he thought, was not a victim? She had four poor people last night, not three? Feisha saw the appearance of Isafer, who saw pure despair in this cruel world, not Iselphe, Antonio and even Jin. Good people are just myths?

Feisha a little bit of a blanket. He will become a beggar if he knows that it will happen. Maybe he will do some landscape scenes in the eastern landscape, will satisfy the mountain monks and will spend his disciples at all times.

Isseferam was the only sentence that justified her reason. “You do not often say” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

It could get worse. Feish’s lips shook a little. “I could do this before I lay.

“And are you naked?”

“… You alone do not know if you can lend me a little dress?

ISELFEL finally said the truth. “Not”

Feisha completely resigned and lay. Otherwise, he was wrong. “Can I borrow a blanket?”



“Because I need to use them”

Feisha used his fingers to keep her tight smile. “How about the curtains?”



“For the same reason.”

Even the fingers can not stop the smile from being destroyed. He looked at the fabric through Ishfel’s body. “So, I want my fabric.” Before Issefer objected, he added: “If you do not give it, I will write” use Iselphe. “As he climbed, Isefer came with him. It was not the only person who knew this trick! Feisha forgot her and yelled at Isfel.

“… where is the pen?” Isefer asked for a moment of silence.


Regardless of the actual process, the final result is that now Feish has cloths that are courtesy of Isfel and a short trip to his bathroom.

“What can I do with these rights?”

Unfortunately, it was too small to cover the round trip.

“It’s enough to cover your face.”

The sad thing is that it is a decisive thought that this is not the ark of Noah. Because it was the ark of Noah, if you look at his height in a unique form, Asa disappears. I’ll see her hair again and remove Jin, Hughes, Shamal and Antonio. Finally, I will turn off Isfel even if I see his abs absis. Of course, the black wolf wolf was forced, but Feisha was not so brave.

As he wanted, he was not unique.

“Oh,” I could handle my annual salary, shouting Feisha coaching, I think, “said Isfel.

Was it just him or Isfels looked terrible like an old leader?

“Well, I’ll use your blood cloth,” Feisha made the cloth cut to his own crust. He turned to the wall and shook his side, stopping for a moment before Icefer leveled his eyes.

These jaws were probably quite sharp in order to reduce diamonds, we believe that Feisha is not. Before Isfeel opened his mouth to express his uncertainty, Feisha threw Isfel’s handkerchief and went to the door. He pushed a rigid arm around his center and did not even do it at the pool before he came half way through the ground.

“The drop of an angel should be beautiful,” Feisha took a breath and adored sleeves. “Why can not I put it in my body?” Spongey lifted his head before the end of the sentence, bent his line of sight and was tight to cover the boat.

Icefel stood up to the 30th floor, and the wings were expanded as an air parachute. Feisha was not afraid, but he was afraid to see the fabric cloth and spent all the diving trying to bend his hip together. Only when the handkerchief stopped knocking, he discovered that his legs were planted on the base.

“Oh,” he said, repeating the cloth. He leaked his lips and hit Isefer with his thumb. “You’re pretty expert.”

Click to resonate in the hallway. Duras jumped to Feish’s room, and Gin’s wing at the door was like a wild cat. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

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March 31, 2018 12:22 am

LOL what an awesome chapter…and not what I’d want someone (especially the evilly perverted Gin) to hear me say under the circumstances. Could definitely be misconstrued. Bwahahahaha

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