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If you cannot see an image on any ch before this, this means you have been reading FAKE TEXT THE ENTIRE TIME.

Translated by Rui

Do you know the best way to catch someone? This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

“Is ice too childish?” Feisha tossed ice cream and shook her with a conspiracy.

It slowly shook his fingers, rubbed the roots out of his mouth and said: “Do you know the difference between a professional and a loved one? This is a lover always has forced a massive purse. Experts are constantly converting because they can be converted to others, which are dirty and rotten unusual [1] ”

Fisha shouted for shock: also saw “Pearl Princess Return”? “He never knew that the vampire was a vampire drama is part of a wide movement.

Ginz uses roses with a smooth circle of sweeping lips: “The purpose of my existence is to constantly find the essence of love and nature.”

“…” Feisha replied: “So, if I can suspect that you do not want Isfelam to help you find love in the first place, in fact it has used me as a laboratory, it’s not It’s it?”

Gina’s expression was very attractive. “I’d like to call it to explore”

Heaven Feihu plays the house gently with you, looking at him for the second, before force him back to the ice cream a second hand. You can go to find outlets “Your brother is not your ID now, so I’m not there in the morning,” said you with you.


Feisha continued: “And also, play has to continue playing time Do not forget to eat a dinner too much ice cream does not eat you well, because it causes a diarrhea …”


When Feisha finished getting up and ready to go, the red rose was dramatic to his vision. The stemps of the stem were sharper than the genius Juan.

“Can I ask you a question?” Feisha stopped her song and saw the mast of the current seriously.


“When you fall just on flowers, do you not know thorns?

Jin was temporarily lost: “I felt them.

“Not so painful?”

“That’s right.


“But” Jin gently looked at the red roses in his hand: “I probably can burn and leave love on the way” How

“… …”

Feisha explored her and found flowers on her lips. “Can I put that table on the flowers before biting flowers?”

Jin was shocked.

“Would you wrap something on the outside of the flower stem?


Feisha knocked his shoulder slowly and lamented that “I should really believe”.

Gina’s eyes illuminated the light and he seized the Feishas push, which suddenly appeared and said: “Haha, do you think I’m pretty stupid to let you go?”

“Yes, I just wanted to experience a bit” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

… .. ..

Jin freezes the ice again and puts it with another hand: “Consider that the main point of ice cream is not the same frost, not a spoon.”

Feisha looked at it, swinging in ice cream, shining flying, and sometimes from left to right: “Is it made of gold?”

“It really gets money.” When he is When a salmon puts a spoon in your mouth and ends up eating with it in your tongue before you take time Jin then bends his eyes and continues, “But this is not an important problem. The main thing is that you need to use a glacial spoon for the people to provide and when you shoot an attractive look at him, your eyes are leaked to be thrown straight before him. ”

At last, it had to waste it as much as possible!

Feisha ice returned to the second hand before cutting the shirt 2 with the right button: “You can die to die.”

Jin shook his head: “I will not die”

He suddenly thought that Feisha said, “I knew strong outside of you and weak things,” as he once again made his button.

“I’ll bite you anywhere.”


Next to the dark blue pool, we continued to go ahead so that the two wrestlers join one another.

Jin looks at Feishas eye rocējot’s hand and if you have something you do not know, you should remember the spoon that you have, to get another chance. Do not you ask for the same time soon in seconds? Do you remember the step? “, Insult him again Please remember the spoon! This is the key!

Feisha turned her head to see her. I felt he had returned to a college entrance exam for that year. As she was asked to remember this paragraph, the phrase and its phrases to him, she checked the year before, and knew that it was made every year before that year. So her mother stood before the exam that had a book. You have to remember! This is the point!

“I want to eat the ceiling that I went home and cold,” Feisha dedicated himself to his memory. It does not matter how big or small tested fried pork was then that her mother did not stop him to eat. It happened very often, so he did not eat pigs after starting work. When the result of the test is returned, every time he saw the food, he remembered, and his ass was as colored as the roast pig, it was the following.

Jin of this dilemma did not know, and if he was in the chest of the very security pieslaucīja, he did not say “No problem. While you can get Isefelu and date, I and a pork fried you Dinner for dinner with a red ring must be created for candle light! ”

… .. ..

Deep fried pig? The reaction of the red wine Feish was one of the chocolates. “How do you know that this combination is delicious?”

Jin replied: “I know that people end up eating.

Feisha, “…”

Suddenly open space of Isfel.

Feisha’s heart was beaten, and he quickly pushed Gin to one side.

  • Splash *

Jin answered, pressed into the water.

Feisha is ready to fight at the door.

For a long time waiting, the door was half open, but there was no movement inside.

The sound is water Jin waved his wet soft fierce vigorously, as he looked up, “Is he here? Is he here?”

I cried suddenly nervously. “He will come.

Jeans shaved in the water.

After a while, Feisha started: “Do not like him …”

Jin played his head carefully.

“Oh!” Feisha suddenly fell.

Jin soon disappeared from the sight.

Feisha said: “I will fly.

“…” Jin got angry, “You really …”

“Oh!” Feisha quickly turned. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

“Do you think it once again reappeared to the same technique?” He admired and shook his head. His look was only happy about Isfer.

The atmosphere stagnated for about 3 seconds.

Jin exploded in a huge smile on my face, I met another person calmly from the water: “I would have thought that I met you in this place, yes, what chance do you agree?

Feisha shone violently in the corner of her eyes. You have found enough excuses that you can use to overcome bad situations. Did you just choose the worst of all?

The face of Issey’s head before Faish.

Feisha immediately presented him a garment and asked: “Do you want to eat a spoon?”

“…” Jin was too lazy to laugh at him.

Izheef saw him dirty and walked halfway before closing the door.

As soon as the door was closed, fasher rushed straight. Jin escaped from the pool and began to embrace him shaking water. He said loudly. “You eat.” You are a “spoon”! ”

Feisha ran while he shouted: “What a match” … “Random”! “Because he was too much a problem, his words were very simple.

Both, but I suddenly remembered that he was a vampire, changed immediately for the tenth floor material, was going to go to the bat, flew in the eyes of other people.

Feisha stopped her as her eyes shone in the light.

Jin returned to the man.

Feisha was very disappointed: “I think, finally, I can win Antonio and try the fruitful blow.

Because he was able to work in the only free one of the time you reach the varieties of Noah, he looks forward to eating art, it is reasonable if the death can be tried was a very cute cuisine.

Jina shook her mouth. “Does Antonio know how to make the fruit of salt salt?”

Feisha swung his saliva and said: “He told me that if I caught the stick, he would do it.

Jin said: “There seems to be only one creature who can be considered a” stick “in the Noah class.

Feisha moved: “Where?”

“Before you”.

Feisha gave him a lift and then started. “When you move the stick, why are you so small?” He is not enough to fill the gap between the teeth.


Ice plan failed. Jeanne accused him to be unsuccessful due to insufficient preparation and easy support.

Feisha was surprised to see him pull a huge tent very far away. “That …”

“The beauty of love must be exploded in the place where this love exists!” Jin pressed the fist. This was the only way that Laide’s large revenues would not be wasted.

Feisha felt a fear: “Under what conditions do the Skies ramp in this place where love could happen?

… .. ..

Jin strained his chin: “It really is a problem”

After 3 hours

Jin told the fascia, who had three times on the kitchen and bed. And I ate seven or eight foods. “Do not you imagine my solution?”

Feisha shook his eyes: “Does it look like someone who could help me track the revenues of people who sold me first?

Jin raised his head: “Do you swear that you never thought of Isfeli?

“Of course I had an idea of ​​him, when I said that the catastrophe cost $ 2000 and food is three thousand, I had a firm idea that he wanted to die”


“When I said I can not make money here, I wanted to give him back to life, and again he will die again.”


“Although I said that I needed to drink the Hokkaido wind and fill the hunger, if I had 5000 dollars in the amount paid …” Feisha fell.

Jin said “What?”

“I thought to finish it and hit me to cause death.

Beautiful jeans jeans: “You do not know about his body at all?


Feish’s heart could not help, but Isefel’s 6 packages were made.

When Fein’s face was reddish, Jin’s eyebrows slowly relaxed.

Icefell’s ideal face appeared at the heart of the festival.

Jin continued. “He is a box of Noah, a godfather of God, the most generous general of Lucifer, do you think of his position? This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Feish’s heart was soon filled with many golden beams.

Jin exclaimed suddenly: “You know, do you have your idea?”

Feisha was afraid and immediately nodded.

“What an idea?” Jin looked at her completely uncomfortable.

Feisha started. “If I have Esfeel, it will be much better.”

Jin: “…” He changed the melody: “Do you still remember what I was threatening to you?

Feisha responded badly: “Every night I listen to human songs from my door at Bel Canto’s opera and kill me anywhere.

Jin continued: “What you remember is a good thing, we will discuss such issues at the moment, are they good suggestions?


“Please give a good summary of what I was threatening to do before I reply again”


“Do you have a good idea?”

Feisha breathed to stop: “Thanks to the hotel, please wait for the dining room at the hotel table.”

“Good!” Jin listened carefully.

“So it just happened that there was not enough tent.

“Well.” It can easily understand this idea easily.

“Two people in one tent”

“Well.” Jean’s eyes cracked so that only small obstacles could be seen.

Feisha saw a gin and lunchy face Gin: “Only in the night tent, it does not give an aphrodisiac, it does not work at all.”

Suddenly he snatched a small bottle out of his pocket.

Feisha feels a bad short term: “What’s this?

Jin laughed coldly: “In the event, killing the package, they are often sold in tents.

Feish’s bad feeling got worse.

“That is … aphrodisiac”.

Feisha became completely stupid.

Besides the personnel that returned to Japan for an annual tour, Noah’s Ark had no advantage for employees. Therefore, the scene was very casual with simple teams and a very strange subject, but still received praise and admiration.

Layton said: “Oh, if Jin did not want a tent, I would not know that the tent was useful.

Asa said: “If the tent is too small, I will leave my way.

Layton answered. “What I’ve given you is already a XXL-size.

Asa asked: “What measurements did you do when you did that?

Layton replied: “Please raise me three times.”

Asa was a fool, “…”

Mr. Hugh said: “Jin is very intelligent, I really hope to go to bed.”

Mr. Jin responded as follows. “By the way, I do not need to be crazy about a tent.

Husse looked at her immediately at the theater. “But the tent is fun when they creep and go out.

“…” Jin grasped the sign: “I think some signs must be drawn on the back.

Shamal was very excited. “I never knew I would never use a tent for Noah’s divorce.

Antonio, “…”

“Antonio, do you want to sleep first?” It is not so comfortable that the one has returned to the story world, but it’s still pretty funny. ”

Antonio said: “Every year the wolf offers the world with tents.

“…” Shamal suddenly sticks meat in the oven’s hands, “Yes, your roasted meat is very tasty!” Critic.

Antonio explained: “It’s a high fat meat, I use the oil extracted to cook as a spice.

Shamal, “…”

Feisha saw Isfel sitting calmly and reading a story started. “My mother really likes to read books.”

ISPER confirmed: “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Feisha invented and said, “What book did you read?”

“The meaning of life and death”.

Feisha asked: “So what does it mean?”

Issefel replied: “You just know after you die.

Feisha was shocked, “oh?”

“It can only be completed after one task completed”

“When did you complete the work?” Feishas could not see her eyes This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.


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