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SH Chapter 48

Chapter 48 Skirts (Part 2)

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After taking his pocket scarf, Feisha sleeps to solve a small problem.

He praised the heart, pulling his back from his position behind the fuse. Now he could find a fuse even if he did not see it. Rejoicing his work, Jin resumed his marker and crossed the figure of Feisha. “What’s wrong?” He whispered.

Feisha slipped her handkerchief. “How was it meant?”

He took his head to the portrait flower with a handkerchief. “What is used for bleeding, is it from the nose, is it there?

Gin was afraid of Gin’s words. “… Refusal?”

She replied, “Do you want us to worse, can you go to Isle?”


“So, it looks like this – do you think you can win the Leighton fight?

Feisha robbed a little man who was sitting next to Asai and overheard. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

“Killed soldiers can reach enemies more than 100 meters away using a ax,” said Jin Fisch in terms of piles. “Do you think that you can still beat the Layton fight?

Layton’s small silhouette has grown twice as big. Feisha grabbed. “It seems to me that we are at least 100 meters from now on”

“In any case, telling morality is unlikely to think about the fact that everyone is linked here.

“… you know, I still did not consider that I am yet.

Gin looked at her. “You did it?”

“Do you think I have the opportunity to succeed?

Sending to Isafer’s stereographic photo, Jin pulls her fist. “We have to believe in plausible aphrodisiacs!”

Feisha now shook the bloody image as if coming from her nose and pulling her neck. “Maybe you probably chew me.

“I never bump you”

“…” Feisha stopped breathing and waited for a worse sentence.

It was not disappointed. “I remove your bones from the body, and you descend it wherever it looks.

“As you knocked your head should be the border,” Fischa said.

“If you try to keep these words, I promise you can enjoy this border!” Gin laughed and sang.

Borders? The only limited case here is Gene’s morale.

Feisha raised her head gloomy before healing.

“What’s wrong?”

“To look for”

Outside the lobby I saw wearing the guests, pressing the face against the glass.

“… Do you invite them?” Finally Feisha asked. At the end of the day, these beasts were the guests, looking at the top, he made me feel guilty. He did not know if it was light but dragged on my eyes that I was shining green with this proposal.

Jins looked at her and pushed. “Do you want a green eyebrow tent to share with Yeppel?

Feisha looked at slaves. Yes, their eyes are green. “Please never forget what you said before.”

Jin catch the pepper jar from the inside of the pocket and make a rigorous look around them before holding it. “Here I mixed a little gout and do not forget to sprinkle it with Issefra’s meal.

The corner looked at Fischer’s corner. This apparently did not bite and it came in her hand. “In addition,” he said, “Please do not put it yourself.

Feisha saw Peper’s hand. I’m sorry that your talent has disappeared in Noah’s box, “he was surprised.

Gine smiled her golden key funny. “Do you think so?”

Feisha fell to the palm of the thigh. “Why can not you determine a brush?”


Feisha was collected on Issefel’s feet. It was a good punch.

Isefer moved from a few centimeters away from the book’s view, sat down in a standing posture, descended herself, looked at the fascia that grabbed the corner of the bell pepper. “I found some spices,” he said. “How about a barbecue?” There were four separate fires nearby.

Asa and Layton were the weakest, probably thanks to Asa’s network. On the other hand, Antonio and Shamal were very angry – as had been expected by Noah’s drawer, some Antonio slices of meat had already used a soft flavor. Hughes and Jin will release fever if the vampire persecution does not follow.

The fire near them was burned in the way they shot each other.

“Do you want to fish instead?” Feisha asked if Isfels did not answer.

Isefer drew attention to the Chair of the Presidency, who joined Antonio. “Meat”

Feisha shook the line of meat with firewood. The fire burns a soft bottle and releases a soft scent.

He smiled at the meal. “I am very happy.


“Um.” Fries froze on the face, Feisha exploded jars. They still melt quite well, but one side completely burnt with carbon.

Isfels turned a page from her book.

“I just warmed up!” Feisha nervously laughed, squeezing another row of meat straight to the fire.

Half an hour later, before Feisha, a small mountain of expensive meat was accumulated. On the second side of the camping, Shamal received a plate after Antonio entered the plate of food until he got into the contents. Asa and Layton both thought about their business by eating and eating with pleasure. No Gin at Hughes was especially good at cooking meat, but still managed to create something to eat, feeding each other upright disgusting sappiness.

Feisha dropped thousands of jars while fishing around a basket that is now empty of meat. “I really do not cook meat,” he took with a little voice, “would you like to eat fish instead?”

Issefel wore his clock from the book on a clean lava fish basket. After a reflection period, he said positive.

“OK good!” Feisha threw her sleeves. “Just sit and wait for the food!”

Feisha finally managed to meet her pledge hour later.

“Wait for food.” Just waiting because it does not eat.

He kept the basket to Isfel with a strong smile. “Can anything be eaten?”

Issefels did not even recommend. “Can something be prepared?”

Feisha thought about his preparation again. It was not that he could not cook them, it was more than he made them a little bit better. “You guys have terrible teams. We all use charcoal to make this back home, what kind of grilles up.” He rejects by hand; This fire was too strong and burned everything that needed a little more kitchens. “Do not worry, I’m learning fast. There will be a completely cooked barbucon in no time! Well, you do not want to wait a bit or not?” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Isaacs’ face did not change, but Feisha could feel her breath. “Not”

Feisha was deepening, involving the banana at the end of his loop. Of course, he probably will not get a banana if he shakes it a little. It does not like the bananas, which should first be cooked.

And so, after nearly one hour worth the hard work, Feish’s first successful plaque was created. He holds a banana on one side and a pipronan mug for the other, asking for relief: “How many peppers you want on your banana?” His smile was perfect, but his peppery hand trembled like it was not tomorrow.

The eyes of Isfel are placed between the powers of banana and pepper. “I do not have pepper.”

“Are you sure?” However, Feish’s arms are detached as if they were preventing accidental explosions.

Isfels took his hand.

Feisha quickly put a skeletal banana in the hand of Isfel, who caught him and began to eat slowly.

“Psssssst.” Behind him, Gin could listen to call him in a low tone. Feisha grabbed, moved to the vampire.

“How will this happen?” Gin asked, eyes closed at Isfel.

“Do you eat pepper sprayed banana?”

Jin freeze “Are you sure that it is a real food, not a penalty?”

“But this banana was the only thing that was not burnt.”

“…” Gin draws his eyes on the coal mass. “So, did you put the pepper on a banana or not?”

“Are you seriously asking me this question?”

Gin gave him an insight into ineffective fraud before he disappeared.

What was the waste he was thinking of Feisha, looking at his occupied place. He did not need to immediately kill himself, even if he was guilty. And even if he decided to kill himself immediately, at least he would do it in a place where Feisha might look.

Unfortunately, Gin appeared again before he manually completed this thought with meat. “Use this here!”

What was it really barbecue! Feisha could feel her tears in her eyes.

“Do not forget to bake peppers,” Gin reminded her.

“Uh huh,” Feisha said in the absence of gulping on the smell of food.

“And,” said Gin, suddenly faced with her, “make sure you do not eat it. I do not know if Issefel can test her motivation, but if he can and you can not …” He went away, but Feisha could I imagine

“Wait, I have a question,” Feisha stamped. “What if he can not?”

Gut shook his shoulder at the same time. “Make sure you’ve washed this place.”


“You could always go to Asa if you do not want Issef,” he added, seeing insecure about Feisha.


“If nothing else, at least think about the size.”

Feisha looked at the guilty figure of Asa, breaking the cold sweat.

Gin poured his dudes. “Good luck!”

Sin debauching the garbage owner. Despite his thoughts, Feisha could not try to escape his fate when he returned to Isfel. Maybe he really …

… Do you expect this before? This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.


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Chapter 48: Seduction (Part 2)

There’s a professional way of seducing someone, you know?

Taking the offered handkerchief, Feisha slinked off to the side to resolve his little problem.

Gin leaned back from his position behind Hughes, admiring the hearts he had drawn onto his back. Now he could find Hughes even if he turned invisible. Satisfied with his handiwork, Gin recapped his marker and made his way over to Feisha’s sulking figure. “How’d it go?” he whispered.

Feisha held out his handkerchief. “How’d you think it went?”

Gin shook his head at the bloom of crimson on the handkerchief. “What use is bleeding if it’s from your nose? Is it going to fit up there? You should’ve used it anyway.”

Gin’s words shocked Feisha. “…Bleeding?”

“No shit,” Gin retorted, “you want Isefel to bleed instead? You think you can top Isefel?”


“Ok, look at it this way – do you think you’d be able to beat Layton in a fight?”

Feisha measured up the small figure sitting next to Asa, nodding hesitantly.

“Dwarf warriors can use an axe to strike an enemy over a hundred metres away,” Gin added at Feisha’s paling expression. “Do you still think you can beat Layton in a fight?”

Layton’s small silhouette immediately grew to twice its size. Feisha gulped. “I think I’m going keep a distance of at least one hundred and one meters between us from now on.”

“Anyway, moral of the story is that you probably shouldn’t think about topping anyone here.”

“…You know, I haven’t actually thought that far yet.”

Gin stared at him. “Huh?!”

“Do you think I…that there’s any possibility of me succeeding?”

Gaze drawn to Isefel’s stoic side portrait, Gin tightened his fist. “We have to believe in the strength of the aphrodisiac!”

Feisha shuddered at the imagery of blood dripping like it was from his nose right now and pulled down his collar. “Maybe you should just bite me everywhere after all.”

“I’m not going to bite you everywhere.”

“…” Feisha held his breath and waited for a worse suggestion.

Gin didn’t disappoint. “I’m going to pull your bones out of your body and bite it everywhere while you watch.”

“There has got to be a limit to how fucked in the head you are,” Feisha muttered.

“I promise you’ll get to experience that limit if you keep trying to go back on your word like this!” Gin sang with a smile.

Limit, huh? The only limited thing around here were Gin’s morals.

Feisha lifted his head in sorrow before freezing.

“What’s wrong?”

“Look up.”

Above the lobby, a crowd of werewolf guests stared longingly down at them with their faces pressed against the glass.

“…Do you want to invite them down?” Feisha finally asked, softening. At the end of the day these werewolves were their guests, and making them watch from above made him feel guilty. He didn’t know if it was the light, however, but it almost seemed like the werewolves’ eyes shined with a shade of green as he made this suggestion.

Gin looked at him, unimpressed. “Are you sure you want a few green-eyed werewolves in the tent you share with Isefel?”

Feisha looked back up at the werewolves. Yeah, their eyes were definitely glowing green. “Nevermind, forget what I said before.”

Gin cast a sneaky look around them before fishing a pepper shaker out of his pocket and holding it out. “Here, I mixed some aphrodisiac in. Remember to sprinkle it onto Isefel’s food.”

A corner of Feisha’s eye twitched. Gin evidently didn’t give a shit, pushing it into his hands. “Also,” he nagged, “do not eat it yourself.”

Feisha stared down at the pepper shaker in his hands. “I feel like your talents are wasted here in Noah’s Ark,” he sighed reproachfully.

Gin humbly flicked his golden locks with a smile. “You think so too?”

Feisha brought a hand down onto his thigh in distraught. “Why aren’t you running a brothel?”


Feisha landed in a heap at Isefel’s feet. That was a good punch.

Isefel moved the book a few inches away from his vision and looked down at Feisha, who crawled up to a standing position, dusted himself off and held out a pepper shaker. “I found some spices,” he said, suppressing his grin. “How about a barbeque?” There were four separate bonfires around them.

Asa and Layton’s was the weakest, but it was probably because of Asa’s spit. Antonio and Shamal’s on the other hand was blazing with fervor – as expected of the chef of Noah’s Ark, Antonio’s few slices of meat were already giving off a mouthwatering aroma. Hughes and Gin’s was crackling with warmth, if one ignored the periodic harassment from the vampire.

The fire closest to them was burning calmly, much like the look they shot each other.

“Do you want fish instead?” Feisha asked as Isefel didn’t respond.

Isefel turned his eyes to the basket of pre-prepared ingredients Antonio put together. “Meat.”

Feisha skewered a row of meat with a grin, placing it on the fire. The bonfire lit up the tender skewers, likewise emitting a mouthwatering aroma.

He sniffed the food. “It smells so good.”

“Flip it.”

“Um.” Grin frozen on his face, Feisha flipped the skewers over. They still smelt pretty good but one side was completely burnt into charcoal.

Isefel turned a page of his book.

“I was just warming up!” Feisha laughed nervously, resolutely skewering another row of meat to place onto the fire.

Half an hour later, a small mountain of charred meat had amassed before Feisha. On the other side of the camp, Shamal was being handed plate after plate of food by Antonio as he burped in content. Asa and Layton were both minding their own business, cooking and eating with joy. Neither Gin nor Hughes were particularly good at cooking meat but nevertheless managed to produce something edible, feeding each other in a show of disgusting sappiness.

Feisha put down the thousandth skewer, fishing around the basket now empty of meat. “I’m not great at cooking meat,” he admitted in a small voice, “would you mind eating fish instead?”

Isefel dragged his gaze away from the book to the cleanly washed fish in the basket. After a period of consideration, he hummed an affirmative.

“Alright!” Feisha pushed up his sleeves. “Just sit tight and wait for the food!”

Feisha finally managed to fulfill his promise an hour later.

“Wait for the food.” Just waiting, because there was no food.

He held the basket up to Isefel with a tight smile. “Is there anything you’d like to eat?”

Isefel didn’t even look up. “Is there anything you can cook?”

Feisha turned back consideringly at his cooking. It wasn’t that he couldn’t cook them, it was more like he cooked them a bit too well. “You guys just have terrible equipment. We all use coal to do this stuff back home, the kind with a wire rack on top.” He gestured with his hands; this fire was too strong and burned everything that needed a bit more cooking. “Don’t worry, I’m a fast learner. There’ll be perfectly-cooked barbeque out in no time! Uh, you wouldn’t mind waiting a bit, would you?”

Isefel’s face didn’t change but Feisha could feel his exasperation. “No.”

Feisha took in a deep breath, impaling a banana on the end of his skewer. Surely, surely he wouldn’t burn a banana if he waved it around a bit. It’s not like bananas needed cooking in the first place.

And so, after nearly an hour’s worth of hard work, Feisha’s first successful dish was created. He held the banana in one hand and the pepper shaker in the other, asking eagerly, “How much pepper do you want on your banana?” His smile was perfect but his pepper shaker hand trembled like there was no tomorrow.

Isefel’s eyes darted between the banana and the pepper shaker. “I don’t need pepper.”

“Are you sure?” Despite saying so, Feisha’s hands drew apart as if to prevent any accidental spillages.

Isefel reached out a hand.

Feisha quickly put the skewered banana into Isefel’s hand, who peeled it and began to eat slowly.

Psssssst.” Behind him, Gin could be heard calling to him softly. Feisha crouched over, shimmying his way over to the vampire.

“How’d it go?” Gin asked, eyes locked on Isefel.

“Would you eat pepper-sprinkled banana?”

Gin frowned. “Are you sure that’s actual food and not a punishment game?”

“But that banana was the only thing I didn’t burn.”

“…” Gin drew his eyes to the pile of charcoal. “So did you put pepper on the banana or not?”

“Are you seriously asking me that question?”

Gin shot him a look of wordless disappointment before vanishing.

What a waste, Feisha thought, staring at the space he occupied. He didn’t need to commit suicide straight away even if he was guilty. And even if he decided to commit suicide straight away, at least he should do it in a place where Feisha could watch.

Unfortunately, Gin reappeared before he could finish that thought with a meat skewer in his hand. “Here, use this!”

Whoa, this was actual barbeque! Feisha could feel tears welling up in his eyes.

“Don’t forget to sprinkle the pepper,” Gin reminded.

“Uh huh,” Feisha said absently, gulping at the smell of edible food.

“And,” said Gin, suddenly facing him, “make sure you do not eat this. I don’t know if Isefel can control his urges, but if he can and you can’t…” He trailed off, but Feisha could imagine.

“Wait, I have a question,” Feisha piped up. “What if he can’t?”

Gin patted his shoulder solemnly. “Make sure you wash that place.”


“You could always go for Asa if you’d rather not with Isefel,” he added, seeing Feisha’s hesitation.


“If nothing else, at least think about the size.”

Feisha looked at Asa’s hulking figure, breaking into cold sweat.

Gin pumped his fist. “Good luck!”

Fucking debauching brothel owner. Despite his thoughts, Feisha couldn’t bring himself to attempt to escape his fate as he walked back to Isefel. Could be that he was actually…

…Kind of looking forward to this?


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