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SH Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Status (Part 2)

Translated by Rui

Happiness can be much more interesting than emotional intelligence, do you know? This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

The brutal persecution obviously had little effect on Antonio. He was still holding a barbecue with an iron knob and a poker face in front of the fire.

A fisherman who fled from the tent of Layton and Asa, full of honest anger. He did not expect him to lift his head with a big step, he screamed angry. “You went too far!

Antonio saw him with a bit embarrassing expression.

Feisha’s hard HID anger seems to be able to cope with “like Shamal! You that he adored you not to worship?” Conscience as you are God is waste your effort now. You are too despicable and shy. ”

“…” Antony had many questions in his face.

“Do you know the wrong thing?” Feisha looked at her with deep hatred and anger and quietly thought her head: Of course, you still do not know. I’m talking to you. So, how did you know it before?

Antonio yelled: “If you have something to say, hurry!

“Do you know the pain suffered by Shamal?


“And yet,” Feisha pointed her nose and said, “Do you really deny him that he denies it?”

Antonio went: “Did not Jim take her?

The second surprising factor, Feisha soon found the objection, the only one: “You have not seen how he returns to God? Do not you know what is Gin? How will Shamal have a heart to follow God’s steps?”

Antonio replied: “Are you promoting the way Gin deals with God?”

“…” Feisha almost drowned: “You can not duplicate, can I end what I say in one breath?

Antonio said: “You have a lot of breath.

Feisha saw him. How can you say that this boy was a moon before very early?

Layton hid behind him and secretly encouraged. “Fight, fight!

“Well, we especially put everything on the other side. Now Shamal is your dish, eating everything, getting bad. Do you have anything to do with the plan?” Feisha takes away the sad and cowardly attitude It was.

More precisely Antonio’s bracelet: “What’s wrong?”

“Spring Fever.” Feisha slowly said in the tone.

Antonio was shocked. Find out from him that food has been poisoned with food, diarrhea, stomach and tooth … but he has never heard of those who get fountain fever.

Feisha, after dropping a big ball, he moves into a much more delicate tone of happening, “But in this world, you must also realize that there are a lot of things that go awry and imagine a lot, as it is not necessary, he blows the power source. Why are you looking for? All you have to think about is how to solve this problem.

Antonio on the cooked cabbage steak. Although he did not always want it, the meat looked soft and juicy. It can attract the person you want.

“So, how do you propose to solve this problem?”

He usually has eyes on Feisha As I have said, people have fascinated the biseedo as “in the tent. It is necessary to wash it just to go and cold water. Well, I have to keep you the pie of a gift, you can go now.”

Antonio searched for Feish. He quietly filled his freshly baked items with freshly baked items and went to Feisha.

Layton · Even Fisch’s eyes gently awake emotionally. “The fact that he gave you a horseshoe shows that he still relies on you.

Antonio took me to Shamal, Shamal was so red that it looked like a boiled apple and immediately left the event. In addition, Laya left Fais. Asa, who was very worried about how both were sleeping in this little tent, was finally satisfied. The lower part of the leg was still seized.

Fish saw that Feisha was not eating anything all night, and Hughes was glad that Gin shared more than half of his “amuĉmanĝo”. When he shared the meal, Jin took over his chances for Faisha. The exact conversation was as follows: This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

“Have you heard the word” poor family children immediately manage domain work “?

“… for me it is”

“Do you know what that means?”

“Well, that means kids in poor families … will soon be managing domain affairs”


Feisha turned away my head automatically.

Mr Jin said deeply. “It shows us that the internal potential is broken in the absence of external assistance”

Feisha seems to have realized this idea slowly.

When I step into the shoulder, “so you should use what you have”

Feisha asked for a “sweet word”? To confirm.

Gin hit his teeth, “Temptation!”


Finally, Faisha returned to the camp and shared half of the food that he received with Isafer. The unfortunate thing was that, thanks to the love of the Champaign for Chamomile, aphrodisiacs are kept indefinitely. After thinking about it many times, the only way they left is Gin.

Darkest night.

Despite the fact that the sky was still dark above the table, the wind blowing forward and backward became stronger.

Feisha used this opportunity to convince Isfeli, who was absorbed when he read his books: “It’s too late, why are we sleeping?”

After he finished speaking, “us” he used was considered too awkward!

“What are you laughing at?” Isefer closed the book and saw him.

Feisha rigoris and the flatamente smile said: “Well, I’m drowsy when I first go to bed, I thought about sleep, I felt so happy”, this member, then this member, obediently, took him as he crashed to 10 tons and slept

After a half, Isefer also arrived.

If Asa and 10 tons of Layton had a living room, Jin, Hughes, Isfel and Feisha had a bathroom, it was like a bathroom where the toilet was nothing.

Feisha did everything possible to move the body to the side.

Issefar hesitated before saying a lie.

As soon as he slept, he discovered that Feish’s body had resigned. The other person euphemiski called the behavior “I’m looking for a fever,” as if it were.

Seeing Feish and Isfel, Gin turned and said to Hughes: “We need to get a bit …”.

Hughes’s outfit was scattered on the floor.

It suddenly pushed forward.

Hugs screamed violently.

It hid that her body was observed, but it was a very smooth and gentle feeling, even if it touched it. “Do not worry, I like it too.”

Hughes asked incredibly. “How can I see me?”

He turned his back and saved his back. “Do you think that nothing is worthy of two hearts?”

Asa and Leighton conscientiously fill theirs and sleep.

In any case, Layton closed the tent with a ribbon and exhaled before bed.

Asa saw the corner of the tent, but it was very thick, standing up and down. “Is it too big?”

Layton answered. “Never too much, not much less.

Asa said, “It’s also my ribbon.”

“You do not need this.” He lifted his head and saw another great figure. “Please do not send the wind.”

The breath of the skies was very gentle. So it’s so soft that you do not know if the other person is sleeping.

Feisha saw the tent over a chaotic line of thought.

Usually in this situation, the best way to love florecy, according to the many years of television viewing experience, is the place where there is a lack of sleep when you roll, to the body of other people, I would appear to be in my legs.

He constantly simulated this scene at his own end and calculated the angle and the place where the foot should go. I think he shook my leg, but I also thought he was waving his hand or not. For some time in the simulation and countless years, he suddenly thought about the problem. He did not know if Issefer’s morning temperament was bad.

He knew the enormous power of morning temperament, if something else … he would not love his deadly fight.

Feisha imagined that the image of the tent was exploding, and he was flying the best of the sky.

Should I delay the plan after I receive the information?

Feisha’s legs, which were reoccupied, fell again.

* Snode * * Snore * I started Asa wild spores.

Isefel moved a little.


Is that so?

Maybe he’ll go to bed?

Feish’s heart began to beat the air gap again.

If Isfels had not slept, it means that this is not the way to wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Without the morning brain, he did nothing, even if his legs waved and others felt dissatisfied. Most of it, Isefer will return to his feet. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Feisha secretly urged herself. It does not matter if you saw it or not, it was all around life.

His legs are ready to act again.

Isefer had reached out.

He did not need to close his eyes to think about other facial features … and this abs.

Luston became an impulsive person.

He had already put his hands and his whole body in the hands of Isafer before he knew what had happened.

* Bar dump * * Bar dump * * Bar dumped * …..

His heart is as beautiful as a wild horse, since the entire fray has shot his weapon.

His face was pressed against Isafer’s chest. Another breast enlarged a bit.

Icefel’s hand suddenly leaned against her pocket …

Feisha felt shocked, did he throw him away?

Only then sudden and intense impulse fell on fire.

The tent felt that it was cleared from the razor as if it had been turned to the right.

The box suddenly rose and took him outside the tent.

Although Feisha’s heart was still in her arms, she had a sterile template in front of her, as well as a 10-tonne poor, but very fast. It happened.

Huzz said that Gin forced him and pulled out a blanket, which he asked in a low voice: “Where is the tent?

It started to burn. “It was blown away from the wind”

Asa rubbed her loose eyes. He placed Leighton in his hand on the ground and complained that “your tape did not go away.”

Layton was too lightweight if Asa did not catch it, he was blown away. He had a good shock and responded with trembling shocks. “Oh my god, what’s up?”

Gin saw Issefel. “The cold was powerful, but the Inferno Updraft”.

I cried slowly.

However, the Inferno update is only available at the entrance to the hell, which will appear 100 years ago. Jin’s face was important: “How do you see you here?”

“With refraction.” He stopped for a while. “Today is 100 years old.

“Does that mean what someone thought?”

I did not reply.

Asa spoke uncertainly: “Eh maybe the person behind you, you ate barbeque, felt like we were looking at us?”

The path that appeared in the upper window for an invisible event, which happened just because of the causes, all came together and knocked at the window.

Gin said angry, “The inferno was not updated and it was refren, I could perceive a lot of people who can do both of these things on my fingers in nine countries around the world.”

Layton suddenly said, “Release the resistance?

… ….

The black landscape outside Noah’s box seems extraordinary.

No tent camp had to end. Everyone just returned to his room and lay.

Gin walked away, but Faisia ​​saw a head that hung on the ground when he shook his head.

“Do not miss out?”

Feisha, unfortunately, answered “Yes” with a chin in her hand.

Gin saw him uncontrollably and her heart became miserable. He could not help or encourage others. “I want to stay in the dead world!


Oh, I hope it’s dead in the world, not the difference between dimensions. [1]

He suddenly shouted that he was riding to stand and received: “Issefel …. let me do it!” [2] “After his mood, she quickly shone and called. He returned to the building, but he only took two steps before the whole body was shocked.

At the computer’s entrance, Isfels saw him in a rigid face.

T / N (maybe you need to read the line spacing)

[1] Wanted man, indecent, cosmic child.

People basically mean the world of the deceased and the human world. However, it can also mean “between” people (feet).

Literally the space between the size / space is meant.

So, in essence, Gin says that by finally doing so, they wanted to do something between the actual legs and then doing it without the guilty hands (in the middle of the air or worse …)

[2] About us

In other words, this word means doing what I want. However, it usually means “I will do it” because I’m dissatisfied with sexuality. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

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