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SH Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Survey (Part 1)

Translated by Rui
If you know enemies and you know, you do not have to worry about the result of one hundred battles. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Since then, Isefels became indifferent, Feisha left a day that was very trembling.

Why did Isefel come back suddenly on the same day?

Did he hear what he said? Did he not do that?

If he did not listen to him, why did he suddenly go and go?

If he hears that … why does he suddenly turn and go?

It is a question that when Xiao Yue when he left those who gave the gold coins as he hints, he also likes a soap bubble to the point where I do not feel happy, we were in the fulfillment of this brain. In his eyes, Noah’s class in the morning was dark, it was night. But adding dark in the morning and at night, his heart is still stiff.


Jin, when I heard the 160-third look, he could not take it anymore and finally took: “You want to do it, if you can, a sigh sat on my coffin I do not want!”

Feisha heads his head, looking at him with a stubborn expression: “But, if I do not miss the coffin, you go to bed and fall into’ll sleep definitely!”

“Do not be caught!” Jin jumped out of the table, pointing to the big wall clock over him: “Have you ever seen it?

Feisha slowly lifted his head, he only said, “The third number indicated the hour’s hand watching” When it flies, I can not eliminate the heart of confusion, but it’s time unfortunately. ”


“I can spend time thinking, but I can not spend time by sharing answers”.


“I think I wake up, but my tears always lie in nightmare.”


“Can you make a different movement?” Feisha said, “It’s very important that you close your eyes when you are angry”.

Jin leaned against the wall, he felt a great corrupt heart, so one hand was leaned by a fallen head almost on the table. If he knew that this would happen, he did not let Feisha persuade him to sleep in his room. He sent sheep to the entrance of a clean house clearly. And unfortunately, today she was sheep.

“Jin …” Feisha to use the finger to the coffin to a severe skrāptu to prevent sound caurdurējās ear to his sleepiness: forget that you do not forget the people who tried to get rid of the hug when not “brave hesitation Do not forget, do not forget it, you Of course you will not forget … or in some way you discover your criminal conspiracy for DEU that you can not forget anything. Help me to eliminate a strong opponent as King Elf!

Jin said firmly: “I have not forgotten in fact, if you just allow me to spend a good night, I’ll remember it better …”

Feisha caught the table: “Do not you run in the middle of the night to avoid my sweet dream?”

Jin woke up tremendously shaking. “Do I want to do my job again?

“…” Feisha thought about it: “Remember, I use only a couch”!

Jin took a coffin on his shoulder and walked straight out of the room. A fisherman, who was pressed later, turned around Noah’s belly.

The tranquility of the night made the hotel very big.

Feisha went and walked. He suddenly thought of his friend who came closer to heaven. He looked at each other only once, but for some reason he was always relieved.

He walked the unconscious stairs. Before walking alone on the second floor, he saw a giant water barrel shining under golden light.

While a metatrone golden hair was covered over him, because he was gracefully standing in the pool, it seemed that he would not get unexpected Feisha.

“It’s too late, did you not sleep yet?” Feisha greetings.

Metatron came to see him. His eyes are as vibrant as the blue sky, which is hard to understand with smiles. “People need to sleep more”

Feisha sighed and sat in the pool, “I can not sleep”

“For Esfel?”

Feisha saw him in shock: “How did you know?

Metatron is when a little smiled “You meet a stranger, suddenly, when considering something totally unrelated, it is that you are a very important event, the event is, you’re very important and it means being connected to someone.”

Feisha said slowly and slowly: “In fact, this is not really true.

Metatron understood that “I lay before an angel, in particular, I’m guilty”.

“Who are you?”

“What do you know?”

Feisha counted with his fingers: “So Angel, Archie, Exusiai, right … …” he stopped for a while. And “Fallen Angel”.

Metatron lowered the lid: “I am a seraphim.

Does most of the OPs come from all angels?

Feisha felt him very respected. Why do you live here, not heaven? Are you an authorized representative of God?

Metatron laughed humbly: “You … I can say I’m really a holiday”.


“Yes,” Metatron’s face felt full of feeling. “I’m tired.”

Was he displeased because he fought hell?

Feisha has heard that Jin has said heaven and hell had peace with each other while they fought each other. The reason … was customary.

“Well, I will not interrupt you, you will need some time to break as soon as possible.” Then he stood up reasonably.

Not a metatron, he asked calmly that he was not invited to stay “How many months after you came to Noah’s Ark?”

Feisha stopped at his stepstone and responded after a silent moment: “Two months and a half.

Metatron did not say anything, but he had already understood the meaning.

It’s 12 months. He stayed here only for ten months and a half. As you ask him, he named “yes”, if it lasted for nine and a half months, when he first came to Noah’s race. Every day is the same throughout the year. But what he wanted was nine months and half to be eternal. Of course, Issefel was the condition that he could do what he wanted. Even if everything seems empty.

Jin opened the door in the morning and saw Fauna stinging in his room with a big eye. “Why do not you see Isfer’s door?”

Feisha put his finger together and said: “I’m afraid.

Jin angry Feisha could not meet his expectations: “Who fears? This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Feisha raised his head, his eyes were a siphon of night stay: “If he refused to me if he was apathetic if he had an apathetics if he did not indifferent if he was apathetical, speak to me, look at me what I am? Cold attitude …”

When he cried, Jin began to be pulled aside: “I really want to make you a cold salad”

“… Please do not put a coriander. We are not compatible.

– –

Jin’s new plan was ready for action.

Feisha hesitated.

“Love is the most beautiful language in the world! Continue, and flowers are the most beautiful expression of love Muļīgi!” That girls are smooth red roses. “How to look at the vibrant color, it’s mostly translated into the blood of the entire body within it”

Feisha took a bouquet of black flowers in her hand and asked with the formula 囧 囧 of [1]: “… So … my blood was shady and shattered black”

“Humph. You do not really understand a romance, do you know what the black roses mean?”

“I know, the noise of an ex-fianc2ee was revealed,” Love after death ”

“Old style” Jin said: “You are a bad devil, but I want you to belong … it has a meaning!”, Lifted his finger to him and said slowly

Faisijasstūriņi Lipo balanced alongside: “The true reason that you gave me that you did not sell them properly, why?”

Jin replied: “Who do I do?”

“You are not here.” Feisha said seriously: “You are this type of vampire.”

– –

Near the pool.

Jin resumed: “Do not forget that you are brave and strong, you must explain, do you dare say something like a spoon to eat …”

Feisha responded immediately: “And you can repeat it and I do not think I’ll get it with you here, is it not a coincidence?”

“Do not worry, this time you get rid of the speed of lightning.

Suddenly, Feisha caught him: “This is something I think, you should say.


“That night, we’ve made roasting.”


Feishas looked at the roses’ roulette and said constantly: “He heard about it.

“… Have you left anything?

“H, he heard about it.

“Who”, “that?”

“Only” “That!”

Jin despised: “It’s a period or pregnancy, give it straight to me.

“…” Compared to these two, Feisha suddenly thought he had talked about what he did and did not confuse: “I said … and he just listening to it is something.”

“What did you say?”

“Issefels … I will not let it go.”

The door suddenly opened from the interior, and Isfer went out.

Feisha quickly used black roses to block other steps, said with 囧 囧 expression: “You hear, see again, please see”.

Before turning to see Feishu, standing behind flowers, he was shocked “…” Jin 3. He asked from the bottom of his heart: “Do you have an extra space? Can you stand up after you?”

Icefer’s leg approached little by little.

Feisha suddenly ordered the flowers, a spirit said: “Mother is why you are with you, true? Will not give me flowers without any reason”.

Jin certainly certainly did not have a personality: “Yes, why should I make you flourish without a reason?

Creepy Silence.

Feisha smiled and drank. “Well, how are you?”

“It’s fine, I’m not obsessed with them, I’m removed from the warehouse.

Another annoying silence.

Feisha tries to pull her hair and save the situation: “Ah, you’ve done them perfectly.

“Black roses are perfect for cleaning the floor, they are lasting and lasting and often use”.

Feisha’s inspiration disappeared.

Espell approached him.

Jin used his elbow hopelessly to make Feish.

As soon as I found the issue he spoke at last, “Are you now selling a subwear?”

Gin: “…” As expected, there were no restrictions on obscenity. There was always only innovation and invention.

Feisha raised his head to the ground before Isfel.

What I thought was a mind clearly. Your clothes are wonderful, I’d like to buy a couple! Why does his sleep always really misunderstand my ideas correctly and interpret obscene things wrongly?

Jin saw Feish so empathetically. He saw him suffer because of his constant love for a set of jealousy illusions. He swept his throat and began to talk seriously with Espell. “Why will not you sell him?

Feisha: “…”

Eceferz, who was always silent, said: “Do you have coins of 100 yen?

A single sentence criticized him.

Competition Feisha has hidden.

T / N

[1] 囧 Central language version of ORZ This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

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