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Chapter 460: Not a Pastime

Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The one in charge took out the box and Dimensional talisman. After that, they were led to a hidden stone-walled room to open the box.

As they say, ‘don’t show off your riches’, thus to prevent some customers from being noticed by those with malicious intent, the Samsara Tower would not open these items in public. The process was that the Samsara Tower would make an estimate of the worth of the items in Spirit Gems first, then they would select the one with the highest price. Of course, that number would not be announced publicly either.

Once the group entered the hidden room, the elder who had examined You XiaoMo’s magic pills was already inside. This time, he was responsible for the estimation as well.

The one in charge placed the talisman and the box onto the stone desk in front of the elder.

The elder opened the box to take out six cards and especially picked out one to place on the side, then started to give his assessments for the remaining five cards.

It didn’t take long for the appraisal. The elder placed the cards in his hands down and took the one he had initially placed on the side. Then he said, “The final bidder of the Dimensional talisman is You XiaoHa.”

“I can’t accept it!” It was at this point the fatso suddenly cried out.

The elderly replied calmly, “What do you not accept?”

The fat kid said, “The price I gave was close to fifteen million Spirit Gems, how could this person be higher than mine?!”

Without a shift in his expression the elder said, “He gave one high grade level ten magic pill. Not only that, it’s quality and condition was far beyond that of an ordinary level ten magic pill. At such, the base price would be fifteen million and the market price could be as high as twenty. Why couldn’t it be higher than you?”

The fatso felt his face flushed red, but the elder in front of him was from the Samsara Tower, and behind the tower was the shadow of the Mage Guild. No matter how arrogant he could be, he didn’t dare run wild here, however he was unwilling to let them take it just like that.

He had to get the Dimensional talisman since it was a present for his father. It was only with his father’s protection that he had his status today, thus he needed to please him once in a while.

Like a cornered beast, he desperately tried to find a fault, “Elder, you have not seen his magic pill, how can you know that his magic pill is that good?”

“Because that young master just let this elderly one assess his magic pill. Is this answer satisfactory, or are you saying that you doubt my reputation?” The elder said with a serious expression.

“Elder Su, don’t misunderstand, that wasn’t what young master Zhang meant.” The sycophant quickly jumped out to explain, scared that he would get angry but also so that the young master had an excuse.

Elder Su said nothing and instead gave the Dimensional talisman to You XiaoMo, “This is yours.”

You XiaoMo put the Dimensional talisman away in his magic bag and politely excused himself as well as Ling Xiao out of the hidden room. Just as they were at the gate of the Samsara Tower however, behind him appeared a cold shout.


Turning around, it was the fatso carrying a body of fat meat with his sycophant following suit. The two stopped in front of them and the fatso took a quick glance at him and said with disdain, “How many Spirit Gems do you want to hand over that Dimensional talisman?”

You XiaoMo’s gaze paused for a second before replying with a smile, “If you can give me thirty million Spirit Gems then I would hand it over.”

Instantly the fatso’s expression changed, “You dare mock me?”

You XiaoMo smiled as his wiggled his finger, “Wrong, I’m not mocking you, I’m toying with you.”

“You’re asking for it. Do you know who I am?” The fatso was instantaneously angered to the point that his triple chin started to shake, along with an expression of ‘you are so dead’.

“Of course I know, aren’t you young master Zhang of the ShuangYu Hotel? A similar status to Wu Cheng.” You XiaoMo calmly nodded, with them having a conversation that loudly before, it would be difficult to not know.

“You know Wu Cheng?” The fatso’s anger dimmed a moment and his gaze contained a sliver of puzzlement. He hated Wu Cheng since his father always compared him with him.

“I’m pretty familiar with him.” You XiaoMo said.

Hearing this, the fatso’s expression changed to one of ‘up to no good’ and smiled sinisterly, “I see, you’re a friend of Wu Cheng. I changed my mind, leave the Dimensional talisman and offer me ten million Spirit Gems. Since you know of my identity, it’s better if you behave otherwise I’ll make it difficult for you to even live in the Central City.”

You XiaoMo sized him up and then looked around him, other than the sycophant, there wasn’t anyone else.

Where did the fatso get this confidence that with an Imperial one-star level he could threaten them? It was the first time he encountered something like this, you learn something new every day.

“There is no Dimensional talisman, there is no spirit gems, I just have my two fists. Do you want one or both?” You XiaoMo asked with a devious smile.

With a livid roar the fatso shouted, “Beat him for me!”

The sycophant didn’t move.

The fatso angrily turned around to only find that the sycophant was shaking with an expression of fear. “Did you not hear me?”

“Young Master Zhang, they, their power is stronger than ours…”

Although the sycophant wasn’t strong either and couldn’t see You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao’s level, but if they dare speak in a cocky tone after hearing of young master’s title then they must have background too. Or their strength was far beyond theirs. “An-And I feel like I heard their names before.”

“Trash.” The fatso kicked him and said, while pointing at You XiaoMo, “So what if his level is above ours, I don’t think they dare offend the ShuangYu Hotel.”

You XiaoMo stared with both eyes on the finger that wasn’t too far from his nose. His feet felt itchier than his hand, and then he couldn’t hold it in any longer…

Young master Zhang, who was at least a hundred kg, went flying like a withered flower petal, spitting spit the whole way along. Scaring everyone away as they hid somewhere safe since it was gross. Thus the scene suddenly became chaotic.

Young master Zhang was like a big pile of pork, all the fat from his body fell onto the ground and he was stuck, unable to get up. The sycophant was so scared that he fell to the ground. After beating him up, You XiaoMo and Ling Xiao left feeling refreshed and energetic. The fatso was from the ShuangYu Hotel, maybe Wu Cheng would even thank them for it later.

Just fifteen minutes after they left, manager Zhang, who had heard of his son being beaten to the point of being unable to get up, hurried quickly to the scene and brought his people. The anger in him flared up when he saw the terrible condition his son was in.

“Zhao-er, tell your dad, who dared have the guts to do something like this to you? Your dad will definitely make them pay for it.” Manager Zhang knew what kind of a guy his son was, however, regardless of his flaws, he was his flesh and blood. To be beaten in the Central City, clearly someone wasn’t giving him face.

“Daddy! You must avenge your son.” The fatso grabbed onto his dad’s legs with a face full of tears, “The two went way too far, even knowing that I was your son they still dared to hurt me.”

“What happened exactly?” Manager Zhang wanted to pull him up but as if suddenly remembering something, his hands stopped midair and unnaturally pulled back. The fatso didn’t realize.

The fatso complained, “Today I was going to buy you a Dimensional talisman from the Samsara Tower because I heard that, under critical situations, it could be another life, thus I wanted to buy it for you. However, I wasn’t able to win against them, and I politely asked them to sell it to me and explained the situation. But, not only did they not sell it to me, they insulted me and attacked me first. Dad, you have to avenge your son.”

Manager Zhang was so angered that his fingers started shaking, how dare they bully his son so brazenly. Even he knew that his son’s words were not to be fully believed, but the fact that he wanted to buy him a Dimensional talisman should be true.

“Do you know what they are called? Dad will definitely avenge you.”

The fatso wiped the blood and tears from his face, then with a sinister tone said, “There were two of them, one tall and the other one short, but I only know the short one’s name, his is called You XiaoHa.”

“You XiaoHa?” Manager Zhang frowned and thought about it, why did this name sound so familiar, as if he had heard of it before? Then, a flash of lighting appeared in his brain and the manager was dumbfounded. He…He, could he be the young man who had beaten the One Eyed Scarface?

“Dad, what’s wrong?” The fatso looked at his dad confusedly.

Manager Zhang suddenly grabbed his shoulder forcefully, “Zhao-er, are you sure that he was called You XiaoHa and the man beside him, was he tall and very handsome?”

The fatso looked at him, scared and said, “Dad, you’re hurting me.”

“Just tell me!” Manager Zhang yelled.

“Yes, yes, yes, I’m, I’m sure that he’s called You XiaoHa. Dad, if you don’t believe me, you can ask Elder Su on the second floor of the Samsara Tower.”

Fatso didn’t understand why his dad who, a moment ago, was so normal suddenly changed face.

“Idiot, all you do is bring me trouble.” With that Manager Zhang gave a slap to his forehead, unable to restrain his anger. Then, without further care of this stupid son, he hurried away. If that man, because of his son, transferred that anger to the ShuangYu Hotel then he didn’t need to be the manager anymore.

The fatso was slapped stupid by his father and sat on the ground without a reaction.

Behind him, the sycophant, had a flash of understanding as he saw the scene unfold and, in a place, away from sight, he pulled out his Transmitter stone. Then, he went back to being the normal servant-like attitude, pretentiously supporting the fatso up.

At the same time, Wu Cheng walked out of his room with a full blown smile.

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